Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quilts of Valor........and more.......

It seems as though several quilters are responding to Alycia's call for QOV block donations in her:

She has posted several donation blocks on her blog already!

Look at P go at:

A little bird told me that Dar is getting in on the fun!
I also have a feeling TLC, and Nina may be in on this too??????


For those of you who are unaware, Judy at Patchwork Times is encouraging quilters to
go ALL out and make at least 20 blocks by hosting:

The blocks are really fun, and easy to make, and will create a quilt to honor a current or former member of our US military with a beautiful keepsake.  There are two pattern designs to choose from:


Just think of the satisfaction you will have in donating an hour or so of your time making 5 blocks?  If you do make 5 blocks, there are some WONDERFUL prizes that may have your name on them?   But, besides the prizes, take a look at some of THESE photos of soldiers receiving their Quilt of Valor. (Note: The following quilts are NOT made from the patterns listed.  These quilts were made and hand quilted by Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri.)

WWII Veteran receiving his QOV from Jackie with Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri.

Another WWII Veteran receiving his QOV from Jackie with Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri.

A Vietnam Veteran receiving his QOV from Jackie with Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri. 

This WWII Veteran is seated with his wife who also served at the Pentagon during that time.

This WWII Veteran is quite the "ladies man" from what I understand?

This Vietnam Veteran was able to share this day with his 96 year old mother, and his young granddaughter.  (His daughter was also present, but, is not in this photo. 4 generations!)

Perhaps you don't have time right now in your busy schedule to make donation blocks, but, maybe you have an unfinished quilt hanging around that is begging to be donated?  Do what my friend Donna did.....donate them to Quilts of Valor!  Make sure the quilt meets these:

Here are the lovely quilts Donna donated:

Panels work great for QOV's!

These "Vanna Whites" are parading the recently donated quilts around the work area to be seen by all!

Here comes another quilt in the parade!

I DO hope you will consider donating to this worthy cause!
If you ARE interested, please do NOT hesitate to message me!
(Donated quilt tops do NOT have to be made in patriotic colors.)

In other sewing news:

Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Bumble Beans  recently sent out a request for:

Click on the link I provided to learn more of why she needs these blocks, and what they are going to make.  She also provided a free tutorial on how to make the blocks.  They are A LOT of fun to make!

Never say never!  I sewed on a label BY HAND at the QOV meeting.
Thanks Dar!........I think???? LOL

Until next time!  Honor a Veteran!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Thanks again, Kevin, for the heads up on this effort for QOV blocks. It is wonderful to see pictures of these being presented. Also nice mention for Victoria's anvil blocks too. Mine went in the mail today, but since the QOV drive goes on until the end of October, there may be another wave of block making in the weeks ahead.

  2. Great post, Kevin! Thanks for the pictures and the for mentioning me...and you're right, I mailed some blocks out during my recent Post Office adventure. I stopped at 15, but maybe I should do five more and get in on that other incentive! I'm going to try some anvil blocks, I hope, although we have a busy September ahead of us.

  3. Such a great reason for quilting!!! And you are a wonderful cheerleader for this worthy effort my friend! Keep up the great work :*) And don't prick your finger LOL!!!

  4. Sew wonderful. I just finished 3 quilt tops (and another one a week ago) for our QoV chapter. I have another one that just needs a border. I wish QoV had been around when my grandfathers (both WWII vets) were alive.

  5. Hi Kev! I love that you're so involved!! And that you're sewing labels by hand. I really dislike sewing by hand. ;) You rock! I need to check out these links.

  6. GREAT JOB! Thanks for posting. I sent Bonnie a comment. Maybe you could nudge her to link with Alycia too.

  7. Good on you for supporting such great causes. AND...well done trying out new labels. Always good to keep learning something new.

  8. Kevin, Thanks for taking such good pictures of the QOV recipients and their quilts. BTW, you look like a pro sewing those labels on by hand. You did a great job and I can promise you that sewing bindings by hand is much easier than sewing through those tough computer printed labels. That little bird was right about making blocks for Alycia's drive. I just finished block #10 and counting.

  9. What fun photos from the QOV presentation. I'm hoping to have my first QOV ready for donation in October. I do hope to find some time to make a few donation blocks, but looking at the calender, they are going to be just in time kinda deal.