Thursday, June 20, 2019

Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt!

Hey all you scrap quilters!

How many of you all like things that are simple?

Do you like things that are sensational?

What about you all like the season that is upon us?

And, how do you all feel about Scrap Quilts???????

If you said yes or loved any of the questions above, I implore you to join me and the quilters of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter in the..........

Thanks to my good friend Alycia of Alycia Quilts
and her son, Little Bit, for the cool badge!
Feel free to add it to your blog
and help spread the word!

Scrap quilting means different things to different quilters.
For me, it is about using a huge variety of fabrics in one quilt.
Although I do LOVE utilizing the smallest of scraps in my
quilt making endeavors, I will definitely cut from larger pieces
of fabric such as fat quarters and yardage to enhance
that variety.  Variety is the spice of life, and it is the same
for me in my quilting artistry.  I hope you will consider
doing the same during this mystery/sew along.

Let's get some of the particulars out of the way, 
concerning this mystery/sew-a-long shall we?

The Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt is
based on an antique quilt in my personal collection.
It measures approximately 69"x 82".
However, YOU will be able to determine
if you would like your version to be
a little larger, or a little smaller
in our first clue!
This quilt embodies simple, traditional quilt making 
techniques, which is something I love.

When I say this is going to be simple.....

Clues will be posted here on my blog
 on the 4th Thursday during the months of
Yep!  You read that correctly!
3 EASY clues that will help you create a very
striking quilt and help you "dent" that
scrap/stash!  Notice, I didn't say bust! LOLOL
PDFs will be added as they become available.

(My apologies for all of the confusion!)

Consider this an easy pallet cleanser that you can do
in between other piecing this summer.
No specialty rulers needed!
Did I mention it is some super easy sewing???

Perhaps you are seeking an easy design to
use your scraps in making a donation quilt?
Maybe you have always wanted to step out
of your comfort zone and try something new?
I would like to encourage you to participate and consider
donating this quilt to a charity, philanthropic organization,
or church in your area.

You are probably asking yourself at this point....
is he going to give us a color pallet to go off of???
What about yardage requirements????
this is designed to be a 2 color quilt, so what I want you to
do is...... analyze your scraps/stash.....

go on......
I will wait........

Find 2 colors that you have A LOT of
and that have 
We will be working with
lights, mediums, and darks 
in each of the 2 colors you choose.
We will also be exploring color saturation.
Trust me......if you are a scrap quilter
 like me, you will have
MORE than enough
fabrics (yardage requirements) to work with.
Don't stress......just take delight
in using up some fabrics.

I personally challenged myself to visit one of my 
fabric bins
that rarely if ever gets peeked into.....
My batiks scrap/stash bin.

I selected to work with brown batiks.
In the photo above you will see
red browns, gold browns, green browns, light browns, 
medium browns and
dark browns.....
I am working from pre-cut strips, irregular scraps, as well as 
fat quarters and yardage.

All are batiks in my version of this quilt.

 I am working with.....
neutral batiks.
These range from very light, to mediums,
to darker gray tones and beige,......
you can see above
there is quite a variety in the neutrals.
The one important aspect is that these 
contrast against the browns.

You can choose to work with any 2 colors
you would like to!
Some options might be:
Blue - Red
Red - Green
Neutral - Black
Black - Gold
Brown - Yellow
Again, the choice is yours.....
just make sure you have a lot of 
scraps/stash in the 2 colors you choose
and that the 2 colors have

This quilt truly is too easy
NOT to do!

It reminds me of the good ole' summer time
when I was a kid, sewing with my
2 great aunts!
I hope you will choose to join me in this
fun quilt along mystery.

And......enjoy what summer brings......

yellow crook neck squash and zucchini from my garden
already being harvested here at the
Quilt Cave.

I turned the squash into...

this scrumptious casserole.

is the link to this
delicious, cheesy squash casserole I made.

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Thursday, June 6, 2019

2019 Spring Session of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

Hey Quilters!
I want to thank all of you for the lovely comments you have left concerning my super amazing cat, Valentino.  You all are the best!

As usual, I want to share with you the wonderful final reveal we had recently at the 2019 Spring Session of Scrap Club, hosted by Kevin the Quilter.

This session the quilters had the freedom to do any type of quilt they wanted.  Pieced, applique, modern, traditional, art quilt and so on.  This gave each artist an opportunity to represent who they are as a quilter.

You know, they did NOT let me down!

Noooooooooooooooooo sir-eeeeeeee!

I never cease to be amazed by the talented quilters of this group that assembles in O'Fallon, MO.

We had 2 divisions for prizes, over 40"x40" and under 40"x40".
The only rule was, your project had to include a tree.
I realize this is going to be a super ginormous post.
And, I want you all to realize, I have very limited time in between flying and
other life duties that prevent me from having as much time as I would like to
make posts on the blog.  So please, just enjoy the beautiful works you are about to see.
I promise you, it will be well worth your time to scroll though all of the photos.
It is impossible for me to list patterns used, because I wasn't given that information.
Also, the tree inspired projects did NOT have to be quilted due to time constraints.

Come along for the Final Reveal of Scrap Club's "Tree Inspired" projects.

  The lovely check in ladies!

 The freebie table!

  Welcome Quilters!

  Thanking my quilters that help
make Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

 Work it for the runway Colleen!
Sporting her new
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

 Surprise prizes were given throughout the evening
in the photos above and below!
  Tammy's "Round Tuit"
UFO challenge was completed!

  Fun games......

 and, more prizes!

And then it was time to see all of the quilts/tops
in the under 40"x40" category!


(1 quilt by Pat Z was not photographed regrettably!)

  Helen B. won the drawing for the under 40" category!
She was the lucky winner of a 
$100 gift certificate to

 More prizes above and below!

And then it was time for the quilts from the over 40"

 My sister and brother in law's
25th Wedding Anniversary quilt.
This is "Tree Farm" by
Edyta Sitar.

  And the winner of the over 40" category,
recipient of a $150 gift certificate from
is Sharon N!

  From the bottom of my heart,
I want to thank ALL of the quilters
of Scrap Club, hosted by Kevin the Quilter
for letting me be a part of such
a talented group of artists.

Stay tuned for a very SPECIAL
announcement concerning an exciting
opportunity for you all
to participate along with
Scrap Club this summer!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter