Friday, March 20, 2020

Trying Times.........

Hey Quilting Friends!

2020 has been a monster of a year thus far for me....and we are only 3 months in!
We have recently entered some very trying times.
I want to thank those of you who have personally reached out to me,
checking on my well being.  I am so thankful for you all!
I don't know what I would do without friends like you!
I am safe from the corona virus as of this post.  Air travel is
such a mess right now.  I truly feel it would be in the best interest
of everyone, to discontinue domestic air travel for a short period of time.  Please understand,
that's my opinion.  I promise you all a "ketchup" post as soon as I am able.
Most of my speaking and teaching engagements over the next few months will be cancelled due to the CDC guidelines for social gatherings at this time.  Anything we can
do to curb this virus is a good thing.  I promise we will make up dates as soon as can be determined.
Thanks for your continued patience.  I truly haven't meant to go so long between
posts.  Life happens.  You ALL are so important to me.  I want you all to remain safe and prudent
during these unprecedented times.  And, most of all......
Keep on Quilting!

Love to you all!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Blog Abandonment.......At last, a reference from Kevin the Quilter!

It's been quite a while since last I posted here.
I promise you I am not a redneck that leaves his Christmas lights up
all year round.  Now.....if you do that......that's your business......I don't.

When my blogging pal Joy emailed me about abandoning my blog....
well, I suppose that was the jolt I needed to sit down (with what little time I have)
and post something!  Thanks Joy!

Big news!
Come visit me at Quilt Con in Austin!
I will be working in booth 404,
the Homestead Hearth/Sara J Designs booth!
I would love to meet you!

Christmas Recap 

I thank God for my family!
We had a wonderful Christmas together!

These little girls did too!
It wasn't the same without
Sophia opening up her presents this year.

Momma and Daddy are like little kids on Christmas morning!

Sis and her delicious Red Velvet Cake!

I was so happy to be able to visit my Aunt Flossie Sue
in her nursing home.

I gave her this flannel quilt I had made
and she absolutely loved it!
Giving quilts at Christmas time is so joyful.

As you all know, I take the last part of the year off using my vacation time.
When January rolls around, I am back at it.......but, this year......
after being based in Chicago for 19 years, I changed my base to Denver!
My seniority moved up quite and bit, and I am being reunited with old
flight attendant friends.

 Runway ready.......Airport runway that is.....

 Commuting friends......

Seriously, how could you not like this smiley guy!

I hadn't seen this gal in at least 15 years!
I am surprised we recognized each other!

You never know what you will find when
cleaning the plane..........YUCK!

My friend Sam and I completed another
year of recurrent we are good
to fly another year now.

On a sad note.....I did lose a very good flight attendant
friend.  Many of my flight attendant friends and I 
attended his services and placed roses on his casket.
So very sad.

February is birthday 
month around here!

Mom got some chocolate covered strawberries
from my friend Mike.  She LOVES these things!

Bubs is 16!
How can that be?
Mom is still 29 and holding......
It's so awesome they share the same birthday!

I can't believe how big he is getting.......he has always
wanted to be as tall as me......and he is almost there!

And Sugar Doll is interviewing at Veterinary Schools!
She has done so well with her studies.
Her birthday is later this month........

Some sewing.......

There has been a lot of hotel sewing for me.....
especially with the piecing of blocks for
Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery

This was pretty intense piecing.

 Her quilts are always so nice and scrappy!

Catching you all up!
Hope to do a better job blogging!
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Blessed Christmas Greetings
to one and all,
from Kevin the Quilter!
Keep on Quilting in 2020!

Friday, December 20, 2019

My Stop for the Holiday Favorites Blog Hop....

To all Quilters in all corners of the world!

And, a big ole' Merry Christmas from
East Central Missouri in the Heartland
of the United States of America!
Home of Kevin the Quilter,
and the Quilt Cave.

Welcome one and all
to my blog and 
to the final stop,
 my stop,
during the......

Special thanks specifically to my friend Lori of
Humble Quilts for organizing this event,
and to all of the wonderful bloggers
who have contributed
to this
festive read throughout
the Christmas season.
I know I have enjoyed reading each and every blog
post from the following bloggers:

Truthfully, there is nothing I can share
with you all that my fellow bloggers
haven't already shared
in their own
beautiful way.

However, in retrospect,
I have come up with some of my
own personal Holiday Favorites
that I would like to share with you all.

My family has ALWAYS been
close and celebrated Christmas
This photo is of a 2-3 year old
Kevin the Quilter
along with my sis
and my maternal Grandma.
Notice the tinsel tree?

Music has ALWAYS been a huge part
of the Christmas season 
for me and my family.
Listening to old records,
singing in Church,
performing in Christmas plays
and Handel's Messiah,
music is ALWAYS present
during this time of year.
I know several people who don't
like listening to Christmas music
 for various reasons.
As for me, I think it is some of the
happiest, and most beautiful music
ever made.  I would gladly listen to it
at most any point in the year!  LOL

And, my beautiful mother always
sings a song she made up....
"Christmastime is secret time...."
She has sang this to my
family for years, or
any time she goes shopping
or starts wrapping presents.
It's always fun taking my
parents (on the right)
 Christmas shopping.
This year, we ran into
my aunt and uncle
on the left.
Can you believe my
mom and uncle are twins?

As for decorating here at
the Quilt Cave......

I used to be quite elaborate.....
This was at the old house,
circa 2014.

 I still decorate to an extent.

The nativity is a huge part of my
Christmas Celebration.

As far as decorating with quilts....
well, that has been happening
in my family for quite some time.
As most of you know,
I come from a family of quilters.

Giving and receiving quilts at
Christmastime is a part of my heritage.

I received this beautiful quilt for
Christmas when I was
12 years old in 1986 from my
Aunt Mae.  She had a profound influence
upon me in the quilting and cooking
I certainly didn't receive my "scrappy"
quilt gene from her though and you
can tell that from this gorgeous quilt

"I came from a time when we had to
make due with EVERYTHING,
and if I don't HAVE to now,
Ima notta gonna!" Aunt Mae
She always told me this when
we talked about her quilt
making adventures.

This is the
 guest room at the Quilt Cave.
I love decorating with this quilt
as it reads more "winter" than

Even if a quilt is not necessarily
classified as a "Christmas quilt,"
simply by adding jolly
pillows, and a
jolly pup.....
et voila.......
instant Christmas cheer!

This quilt hung over
the railing
has special meaning
as it is the very first quilt
I ever made for myself!
I used Bonnie Hunter's
"Talkin' Turkey" pattern, and
Bonnie herself signed the label
for me!

Mr. and Mrs. Chicken
keep watch over the
Christmas trees while
sitting atop a piece of an antique
quilt a friend gave to me.
It is sized perfectly for this table.
The sleigh at the bottom
has been used to keep
Christmas cards as
they are received
for many years now.

Vintage Santa salt and pepper
shakers that were my Aunt Mae's,
adorn the table this time of year.
I also love sending and receiving
vintage Christmas cards.

Baking while decorating
and wrapping gifts occur
 this time of year.
This is fresh Apple Danish
made the easy way with
refrigerator crescent rolls
and fresh, homemade
apple butter.

Cooking hearty, savory meals
with rosemary fills the house
with the aroma of hearth
and home.

A quilted tree skirt courtesy
of a good quilting friend
is the perfect finishing touch
for this Christmas tree.

Over sized ornaments
hung on door knobs
dress up even the most
over looked yet regularly
used objects.

Thanks to Cousin Phyllis,
my grandma's treadle sewing
machine is decorated this
(The treadle belonged to my
maternal grandmother who is
pictured with me and my sis
when we were small children above.)

A woolen stocking
atop antique quilts
on a quilt rack proclaims
"Christmas is near!"

Old wreaths hung in place
with twine from hay bales
are in various locations
around the outdoors here
at the Quilt Cave.

As for Christmas Eve....
we must hear Dad read the
true Christmas story to us.

As for Christmas Day....
It is NEVER complete
without a slice of
homemade Red Velvet Cake.
Boxed cake mix will NEVER do!
This is genuine homemade
all the way...usually
by my Sis.

And, Christmas Day
is definitely not
complete without

And, nothing.......
can ever replace my favorite 
holiday memories I have in my
heart this time of year.

In closing, I would like to share with you
one of my more popular tutorials....... 
"Oh, Christmas Tree"
Mini Quilt

I am going to share the pattern I came up with
for these great little holiday presents.
I hope you enjoy it, and make some for your
friends this Christmas season.
They are quick, easy, AND.....
they use up the smallest of bits in your scraps!

You can create a mini quilt like I have or
you could insert some insulbright to make them into potholders.
There are a ton of different ways to embellish
or display them.

I hope you enjoy this mini tutorial
and whip some up for your quilty friends this

You all KNOW I am NOT high tech!
Fortunately, this little project isn't either.
There is no pdf,
so, just jot down the measurements.

For each "Oh, Christmas Tree"
mini quilt
you will need the following.....
working from your smallest bits of scraps......

For the Christmas tree.....
1: 1.5" square of yellow (star)
1:  1.5" square of brown (trunk)
14: 1.5" squares of green (branches)

For the background.....
I used neutrals, but, you can use any color...
(I probably wouldn't use green though! LOL)
2: 1.5" x 8.5" strips
4:  1.5" x 4" strips
2:  1.5" x 3.5" strips
2:  1.5" x 3" strips
2:  1.5" x 2.5" strips
2:  1.5" x 2" strips

Each tree block will be roughly 
8.5" wide x 8.25" height
before quilting.
Lay out block before assembling. 


These are your top and bottom rows.

2nd row from top.....the star

3rd row

4th row......isn't this fun?

5th row

6th row using up all those bits of green

7th row.....the trunk

You can strip piece 1.5" strips if you would like.
I just enjoyed working from the very
bottom of the scrap chain using 
little bits.
Do what works best for you, but, 
use variety!

Sew strips together in the proper order.
Here I sewed two strips together at a time.....

And before long.......

A cute litte Christmas tree block you can have fun with.

To finish mine, I cut a 10" square of backing fabric,
and a 10" square of batting
then I stitched in the ditch on each of them.

Squared them up, and then
I used 1: 2.25" strip width of fabric to 
bind each little quilt.

Merry Christmas!
Let me know if you make some!
Thanks for visiting me during the
Holiday Favorites
Blog Hop!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter