Friday, July 22, 2016


 Hey everybody!

We as quilters are some of the most generous human beings on the planet.......
at least that is MY opinion.

As you all know, I LOVE giving quilts to people!

Quilts of Valor............

Anniversary Quilts.............

Memory Quilts........

Quilts for special occasions...........

The list goes on and on!

I LOVE sharing my art with others!

However, how does one who gives quilts, receive a quilt?


I literally was thrilled to death when my quilting buddy Bev gifted me
with her recent finish of Bonnie Hunter's 
Tumalo Trail!

This is my housewarming present from her!
It is beyond beautiful!
How fitting!
A beautiful quilt, from quilting friend to quilting friend!

This quilt shall be used and cherished the rest of my days!
Thanks Bev!!!!
You KNOW I love it!

Most quilters have heard of Dusty Farrell?
He is an amazing quilter with several accolades behind his name!
My friend Ann of  Attic Threads & Quilts recently hosted him
for several workshops with quilters from around our area.
Ann was nice enough to invite me over to meet him and
I was given a personal trunk show of his work.  He even 
showed me some of his work on the machine.  
Here he is quilting on some leather duds
for a biker babe!

Dusty and his wife Stephanie own
and attend virtually every major quilt show across the United States.
Here Stephanie is showing our group some of the 
templates she uses for domestic machine quilting.
The templates were really great too!

At the most recent meeting of Perky Piecers in Troy, Missouri, we had
our Officer's Luncheon.  And, along with it, we had our show and share
of the mystery quilt most of us participated in.
This was the quilt named after your's truly!

I think it is so cool to see all of the variations of the same pattern.
Please enjoy the following quilt show!

 Marcia's version........

 Helen's version.......

 Dot's version.........

 Susan's version.........
You may be asking yourself why Susan is holding a photo of her version.......
regrettably, Susan's quilt studio caught on fire, and it was a complete loss.
Could you imagine losing your entire quilting studio?
It boggles my mind how lost I would feel!
Susan has handled it with such class and grace though.
I really admire her!

 Judy's version..........

 Loretta's version.......


Lou's version!

They are all so different, but, yet they are they same.

For those of you who have contacted me concerning the Southwest system shut down, yes, I was involved in it.  After hours of delays, and a day of standing in line to get home, I finally was able to rest in my own bed, in my own home last night.  Was it frustrating?  Of course, but, things could be worse.......

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, July 10, 2016

WINNER!......and more............

Here's hoping you ALL had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

Thank you ALL for the beautiful comments you shared about "Red, White, and Blue" along with your favorite ways to spend the 4th of July!

I will be sharing my 4th of July celebration with everyone in just a moment........

BUT FIRST............

I want to thank Travis of 

for offering the wonderful fat quarter bundle giveaway in my last post.

 Since ole' Uncle Kevin here is technologically illiterate,
I did the drawing the old fashioned way!
I placed all of the names in a plastic container......

And drew a name at random.........

The lucky winner is........

Randy of Barrister's Block!

Travis and I congratulate you Randy, and hope you enjoy your new fat quarter bundle!
(I have sent you an e-mail so your fabric can be on it's way to you!)

Thanks again to EVERYONE for playing!

Now, how about a photographic view of my most recent activities?

I typically spend the 4th of July with my family.
My sister hosts a nice summer dinner, and then my niece and nephew, 
along with their father and his brother shoot off fireworks for all to see.
This year's show was a stunner as usual.  However, getting good shots of 
fireworks didn't pan out as I had planned.

While visiting the family, we were reminiscing about my Meemaw who taught me how
to sew, and quilt.  You all KNOW how influential she was to me and my
eventual love of quilting.  Her favorite quilt to sew was "Trip Around the World."
She had a particular quilt that she used daily, and spread across the back of her
couch, that I thought had been lost long ago........

 Lo and behold, my sister has it!
This is a very humble quilt made of double knit polyester!
It will last FOREVER!
I am just happy to know that it has remained in the family
and will continue to do so!

After viewing the fireworks, I brought my niece and nephew 
home with me to stay for a few days.
They know I will do whatever they want to do and
take them wherever they want to go.
Uncles are allowed to spoil their nieces and nephews a little!

The kiddos wanted to play miniature golf.
Something I am admittedly not very good at!
So usually, the game consists of the kids laughing at me!

They also wanted to go to the St. Louis Zoo.
I have to admit, I love going to the zoo as St. Louis has 
one of the best zoos in the country!

We decided to have a look alike contest with the great apes!

Clearly, I look nothing like these wonderful mammals!

I think Holly needs sunglasses on her head to
see the true resemblance to Hannah?

Hmmm.......Curtis is looking a lot like this gorilla!

The winner of the look a like contest this day was my friend Mike!
Don't you agree???? LOLOL

And, before you think the zoo and quilts have nothing in common......

Here is Curtis in the Insecterium with
the bug quilt!

I had a wonderful visit with the kiddos, and all too soon it was over.
Back home they went, and I went back to quilting........

I received this from the Missouri Star Quilt Company
unexpectedly, and thought someone was trying to surprise me?

It contained these goodies!
I called MSQC to see if I could find out if I had 
ordered something inadvertently or if someone had
surprised me?  They said that several of these were
sent out as a thank you to random customers.

I am still thinning out those strings and crumbs with a few new projects!
These new projects will be shared soon, I promise......and have made for
very easy sewing while I am flying!
 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Accuquilt Studio!

Perhaps you all remember the smaller group I am a part of
called Perky Piecers, and the Friendship Triangle Exchange we
participated in all of last year?  Each month we made half square triangles
in a different color to represent that month's birthstone color.
Well, all of the triangles have been sorted thanks to the help of my
friend Kim, and will be going to their new homes this week!
I can't WAIT to see what the members create with their
half square triangles!

And, I am very happy to say that the chickens are
FINALLY earning their keep!
The first egg is always so exciting to find!
When first laying, the eggs are not the prettiest, but, this egg
proves the gal that laid it will eventually be providing 
wonderful eggs!
At a little over 4 months, I am VERY surprised to already start
receiving an egg here and there.  However, it is not unheard of.
I think the ladies are very happy with their new home and are 
showing their appreciation!

And for those of you who made comments about what type
of barn quilt I should make for the chicken barn.......
I think I have made my decision.......

"Hen & Chicks" is beyond appropriate and doable!
These are some photos I found on google images that
helped solidify my decision!

Thanks to all of you who stop by for a visit!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!! 

OK, so I am a couple of days early?!?!
Isn't that a nice change from me for once???? LOL

I truly am thankful for many things this 4th of July holiday here in the U.S.A.!
My family, my new home, and especially all of you, my  friends and allies in promoting the art of


I thought it might be nice to celebrate this Independence Day with a reveal, AND a giveaway?
More about the giveaway in a moment.

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America........"
I know all computer monitors and phone and other digital devices are different, 
but, this is "The Pledge of Allegiance" quilted in a portion of the work I am about to reveal.

Before I moved out of my home last fall, I had completed this quilt top with intentions of
it becoming a Quilt of Valor.  With many recent speaking engagements, I have had the pleasure
of  sharing my philosophy of using any and all forms of scraps, and this is just one of the ways I do it.

Crumb piecing!!!

 It is so relaxing for me.  And hopefully you will be able to tell, the results are sometimes
very unexpected.

I approached my extremely talented quilting friend, Susan, of Farm Quilter,
and asked if she would be interested in quilting this top for me.
I was so pleased when she said yes!
Again, this quilt will eventually be a awarded to a U.S. Veteran
when I complete my speaking engagements.

Without further adieu.......

I would like to present to you.......

"Red, White, and Blue"

No, this is not stained glass, but, it sure looks like it to me?
Does it you?

The red, white, and blue panel sections are completely pieced from crumbs.
No foundation was used, just piece by piece, straight edge to straight edge of fabric.
The gold borders are various widths, but, trimmed to size, as are the silver corner stones.

(This photo is minus the binding, as it is on it's way to me. During my move,
I thought I had more of the dark brown, but,.....SURPRISE, I didn't.)

Let's take a closer look at some of Susan's quilting, shall we?

Such texture in those sashings!

Very dense quilting gives a quilt the body and heft I love.

Truly, just like stained glass!

A U.S. Veteran is sure to enjoy this one..........I hope!

I can't thank Susan enough for the beautiful job she did quilting "Red, White, and Blue."
She has a blog post about her end of the quilting 

Please go visit to see her insights into quilting this beauty.

So, how about a giveaway to celebrate our freedoms?

I met Travis of "The Barr Spool" from the Quilting Men Facebook Page.
He does some really wonderful work, and has been a cheerleader for me.
It is time for me to be his cheerleader as he is becoming an entrepreneur.

Here is a little about Travis......

"I started The Barr Spool in March 2013, after I discovered how much I love quilting and everything that comes along with it. I try to find fabrics that are interesting to a wide range of quilters tastes and that can be used in many different projects. I currently carry Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Quilting Treasures, and Clothworks and I constantly try to increase my inventory."

What are we giving away here?

Travis has generously offered a Fat Quarter Bundle of Santoro Mirabelle.
This bundle offers 12 fat quarters.

Who wouldn't love a free fat quarter bundle?  Right????

What do you need to do to win?

First, I would like for you to leave a comment about your favorite thing about the 4th of July
here on my blog.
The Second thing you need to do in order to win is to follow
The Barr Spool's Facebook page at:

Travis offers discounts all of the time, and he has a GREAT selection of fabrics at
very reasonable prices!  You can check out what he offers in his online store at:

Once again, please comment on my blog, and start following The Barr Spool on Facebook in order to win.  Please help spread the word!
(My apologies to my international quilting friends, but,
this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.)

We will leave the give away open until July 9, 2016.

However you celebrate this Independence Day, make it a great one!
I sure do appreciate each and every one of you out there in blogland!
Perhaps I have inspired you to do some crumb piecing of your own?
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Goings on at the Quilt Cave......

20 days..........


I really don't know what to say folks.........

I can't believe how time flies!

Please allow me to share with you some of the things that have transpired at the Quilt Cave since my last check in with you all!



And these things...............

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot of me and the family.......
where were we?????

At the wedding of my beautiful cousin, Meredith!
Congrats to her and her groom Steven!
Their wedding and reception were gorgeous!

(As you can see, I am sporting a "Summer Haircut" as it is referred to by my
blogging friend P of The Way I Sew It.

The "Scrap Club" at O'Sewpersonal
is in full swing as we had our first meeting discussing the history
and making of a log cabin block.
Almost 50 quilters have joined in this time around, and I LOVE
hosting this very talented group of quilters!
Stay tuned for inspiration from the various works these quilters
are making!

I was invited to speak at the Pike-Lin Quilt Guild in Clarksville, Missouri.
I was able to award these 2 veterans their very own Quilt of Valor
thanks to you all who contributed blocks for the block drive.
I NEVER tire of doing this on behalf of you all that sent in blocks!

On another note, my calendar is filling up with speaking engagements this year.
If you or your guild would be interested in having me present some Quilts of Valor,
along with my scrappy trunk show and lecture, please let me know ASAP!
And, YES!  I DO travel! LOL
Just contact me via my email in the upper right corner of the blog.

I am in the middle of a particular project that I can't show right now,
but, was in need of some recycled shirts and plaids which are red in color.
I made a plea via Facebook, and look what happened.....
From left to right,
My friends Linda, Cherie of Quilted Jonquil, and Alycia of Alycia Quilts,
all bombarded their stashes and sent me these delicious
red plaids! 
Quilters are simply the best people!
Thanks to these ladies, I can now finish my project.......and hopefully share it with you all soon!

You all KNOW I spent Father's Day with.....
Father Huffman!
I can't brag on my parents enough.
I thank God every day for the parents He gave me.
Me and my sister (at the piano) were able to sing a song in church while my
dad played along with his bass guitar (front left) on Father's Day.
My dad had me and my sister singing from a very young age.
My earliest memories are of my sister playing the piano (yes she started young and was taught by our paternal Grandmother), my dad playing the guitar, and everyone singing along.  My sister, cousin, and I even traveled around singing gospel music at various churches.  And, although we don't get together as much as we would like to, it is always nice to be able to sing in harmony with my sister and dad.
There's a little known fact for you all! LOL

My blogging friend Julie of Quilt Diva Julie 
has had astounding success with her new book, Build-a-Barn.
I am eagerly awaiting a signed copy from her and can't wait to 
play with her technique......however, in the meantime......

I have built my OWN barn......well, umm, I suppose it is the 
Chicken's barn....but, you know what I mean!
A fresh coat of paint has done wonders for this little shed, ummmmm, BARN!

You can see the before photos IN THIS POST.

which quilt block shall I place on the side of it??????
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM........decisions, decisions.....
Any suggestions from you all out there????
Hint! Hint!

And, Lil Bubs would LOVE to introduce you to some of the occupants of 
this new barn.......

My favorite hen, Sweetie Pie, loves to ride on your shoulder.
Sweetie Pie is a Light Brahma chicken.

And here is Lex, an Old English Blue Bantam rooster.
I LOVE his grey/blue coloring!

Next up, is Ricardo the Rooster.
This guy's name really suits him perfectly.
He is a White Faced, Black Spanish bantam rooster.
He is extremely rico, suave!

And last, but, not least is Little Bit.
He is a Red Crested Polish bantam rooster.
When his plumage comes in full force, he will be quite the spectacle!

I will share with you the other residents of the chicken barn as time goes by.
They certainly are pampered birds with their very own babysitter!
Little Sophia Annabella LOVEs watching her chickens!

Remember, give me some ideas for which quilt block to place on the side of my newly
renovated/ recycled barn!
Post a reply to this blog post.

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Thanks for all of your input!
Thanks for flying...........ummmm....I am not even going there! LOL
Keep on Quilting!!!!!!
Kevin the Quilter