Sunday, May 24, 2015

Talkin' about "Talkin' Turkey"........

Greetings dear blog readers and friends!

I guess one address is as good as the other because I consider all of you who read the ole' blog a friend!

Let's see..........

What has happened since I last made a blog entry.........

Mother's Day was spent with my beautiful Momma and family!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that woman!
I thank God every day for the parents He gave me!

My little Momma is pretty dog gone happy when she gets to be with all of her family!
I am too for that matter!
 I was able to harass my beautiful yet dingy sis on Mother's Day as well!
Just one of the many joys of being a baby brother!

A new computer was purchased.  The old one gave up the ghost!
ALL photos were lost......thank goodness I have them on disks!
One of the reasons I missed out on some blogging......grrrrrrr!!!!!

I have been helping out at O'Sewpersonal!
I have really enjoyed it!  It is so different from flying!
I get to play with fabric and visit with quilters!
The shop is gearing up for the "Row by Row" experience and
is joining in the "Farm Girl Vintage" craze that is sweeping the nation!
You can find out more about "Farm Girl Vintage by visiting
Lori Holt's blog at Bee in my Bonnet.

You may remember me showing you all a peek of this quilt in this post?
This is a 'techniques" sample I made for my friend Kelly at 
O'Sewpersonal.  It is really unlike anything I typically make.  However, it was made
with "tween" girls in mind.  She has asked me to demonstrate for some beginning quilters how to use her Accuquilt Studio to make strips and how to paper foundation string piece.
I am really excited about this opportunity!

And, remember me talking about a "Friendship Triangle Exchange?"
Well, my little group that I joined showed great interest in participating in one!
We are doing a color each month for a year.
April's color was brown, and for May it is green.
I can't wait to see how this turns out!

For those of you who follow Lori at Humble Quilts,
you will know she is hosting a Doll Quilt Swap.
I have really wanted to step out of my comfort zone as of late, and with Lori's
encouraging words, I joined in.  I have NEVER made a doll quilt, nor worked with
miniatures.  I did like the thought of playing with reproduction fabrics, and went to work
creating this quilt for my swap partner.  A LOT was learned during the process, and I truly hope
my partner will like the little quilt I made for her.

I will reveal the whole quilt after everyone has received their quilt and Lori hosts
the show and share linky party on her blog.  I realize it wasn't a "challenge," but, for me, it WAS!

Now..........let's talk about "Talkin' Turkey!"
"Talkin' Turkey" is a design by none other than Quiltaholic, Bonnie Hunter.

The pattern appears in her book:
"String Fling"
Available for purchase in her online store here.

I have had an obsession to make this quilt, well, since I first saw it!
I have a TON of red strings as well.
After seeing my blogging friends Andee and Rhoda having fun with the pattern, I put 2 and 2 together and decided it was time to make "Talkin' Turkey!"
I worked on cutting the quilt out for a couple of days and
my friend Bev and I had a sew day together to make the string blocks for the quilt.

 My friend Mike even helped take the foundation papers off!
He said it was really relaxing!  I concur!

So, here is my take on this design.......

A work in progress still.........

I am using GREEN for the NEUTRALS and I am going to 
make MYSELF a CHRISTMAS quilt!
Can you believe it?  I am actually making a quilt for me??????!!!!!!
This idea has been in the back of my mind for a while now.
I am thoroughly LOVING using up so many small scraps in my
green and red bins!  Did I mention how much cutting is involved????

I made the 9 patches and was digging it.......
Bev and I made the string blocks and I was loving that.......


Not completely sewn together as I am following the way Bonnie tells us
to make it in the book.  But, I just had to lay out the test block with some sashing!
Santa will truly be able to find me this year as I sleep under this quilt!
I hope he won't steal it away from me?????

And before I sign off, please thank a Veteran this Memorial Day!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, May 8, 2015

Wego Quiltn'.........

Wego Quiltn'......

What a WONDERFUL name for a quilt guild, don't you think?

My blogging friend Cheryl of Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting invited me to Oswego, Illinois on behalf of her guild "Wego Quiltn'" to do some Quilt of Valor presentations and to talk about some of my work making scrappy quilts.

I was incredibly excited to meet Cheryl as she has a tremendous knowledge of vintage sewing machines!  She was kind enough to offer her expertise to me concerning my maternal grandmother's Singer 127, my paternal grandmother's Spartan, as well as my Singer Featherweight.

Here are photos from the absolutely wonderful time I had while in Illinois!

I took the road less traveled and really enjoyed the sights along the way.......

Barn Quilts!!!!!

Beautiful courthouses.....

 Antique quilts in an antique mall with a make-do mentality.....

 Beautiful hand quilted quilts......

After some very enjoyable driving for several hours.....(remember I am a flight attendant, so I enjoy a good road trip from time to time)........I made it to my destination.

My extremely hospitable hosts, Cheryl and John.
They had a wonderfully delicious dinner ready when I arrived!

Ratchet greeted me!

As did Katie!
For some reason, I didn't get a photo of their son Chris, but, he was a super nice guy too!

After dinner, Cheryl gave me a tour of their lovely home, her studio and vintage machines, and some of her antique quilts! This quilt is very special to her as it is a family heirloom.  She told me how she remembered playing on it as a child using the red sashing as streets for toy cars.

The next morning it was time to get to work on the vintage machines I had brought along.
This photo gives you an idea of how dirty my grandma's treadle was!
About 40 years of sitting in a cabinet will do that to you!

Cheryl took her time explaining things to me.
I feel like I have a much better grasp on how to maintain these machines now.

Some decals have been worn off due to this machine being used so much.
My grandmother raised 10 children, and sewing clothes and quilts for them gave this machine a work out!  I am BEYOND pleased with the way she turned out after her face lift!

I am so happy to call these machines MINE!

I know I said it a million times while I was there, but, I can't thank Cheryl enough!
I now have the confidence to work on my own machines and maintain them
the way they need to be maintained!


I was able to visit Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe!
Some money may have been spent by Cheryl and me here!
This shop carries a wide variety of Civil War reproductions, and that was what I was looking for!Stay tuned to see what I am working on with the fabrics bought here!

It was then time to award some Quilts of Valor!
These U.S. Army vets were both very grateful to receive their QOV!
The quilt on the left was pieced and quilted by my friend Vernie.
The quilt on the right was pieced by my blogging friend Tracey
and quilted by Rhonda in Ohio.

The vets and their families even stayed to see my talk about my scrappy quilts.
The vet on the right said he has an interest in making quilts now and has dabbled
with it before!  I hope and pray I am able to inspire those who see my work.

Cheryl has some really great blog posts about my visit, the QOV presentations,
and some highlights of my talk on her blog.
Here are the links:
Part I    Part II    Part III

Thanks again to Cheryl and her family, as well as the Wego Quiltn' Quilt Guild!
Thanks for all of the memories!
I had a WONDERFUL time!

And my trip to the Chicago area wouldn't have been complete without some
Chicago deep dish pizza by Giordano's!

On my drive back home I was able to meet Wanda of Exuberant Color.
It was an absolute treat meeting her, seeing some of her quilts, and touring her studios.
There is a reason why her blog is called "Exuberant Color!"
She has the most EXUBERANT, vivacious, and compelling personality!
Although my time with her was short, I learned many things.
I was honored to be the recipient of some of her scraps!
These scraps have been appointed by me to make a quilt ala Exuberant Color style!
Thanks Wanda!  It was a pleasure meeting you!

ON a side note, Wanda's blog has been nominated for the best all around quilting blog in the 
National Quilter's Circle Blogger Awards.
Go HERE to vote!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and stories!
If your guild needs a speaker, don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail on the blog!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Giving Quilts......

Giving Quilts.......

It's one of my most favorite parts of quilting......

My cousin Marcia and the "Blue Ridge Beauty" quilt I made her for the lovely gift of our grandmother's treadle sewing machine she gave me.
The design is by Bonnie Hunter.
My friend Dar quilted it, and I was able to give it to her during my time in Paducah.

I think she loved the back better than the front!
She is HUGE University of Kentucky fan!

I was also able to give "Apple Crisp" to my cousins Eugene and Paula.
Made and quilted by me!
Thanks Eugene for taking my mom flower shopping in Amish country!
And, thanks for letting me crash at your house during Paducah!

Remember in my last blog post where I talked about thanking my cousin Phyllis?
Well, here is "Second Hand Clothes" by Red Crinoline designs.
This is the quilt I gave my cousins Jerry and Phyllis.
Pieced by me and quilted by my friend Kim.
Thanks Phyllis for being my partner in crime in Paducah, and for taking such good care of my
mom and dad.  And Thanks Jerry for babysitting my dad!  If you all only knew how much my dad and Jerry are alike!  I always say, Jerry is the son my dad always wanted! LOL JK


I love making quilts with good friends too!
Here is Bev with her version of "Second Hand Clothes" along with my version.
We HAD to have our photo made with our quilts!
Thanks Bev for sharing the pattern with me!

I will be on the road to Oswego, IL to give some Quilt of Valor presentations and share with the Wego Quiltn' Quilt Guild tomorrow.  I also get to meet my blogging friend Cheryl of Cheryl's Teapots to Quilting.  I can't wait for her to give me a master class in maintaining vintage sewing machines!

Hope you all have a great week!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Monday, April 27, 2015

Padcuah in Pictures.....

Greetings to all of you wonderful Quilters out there!

Thanks to everyone who commented and left their opinion of which binding to use on my collaborative QOV quilt with Alycia!

Binding Choice #1 was the undisputed winner!

I returned from Paducah full of joy!  The show was spectacular, and I had SO MUCH FUN meeting so many of you while there!  Thanks to the many followers who came up to me and introduced themselves!  There are too many of you to list, but, please know, I enjoyed meeting every single one of you!  I also enjoyed meeting several people viewing "Radar."  It was fun being able to talk to those interested about his inception and the inspiration behind him.

I would like to make this disclaimer if I may?  I am in NO WAY upset or have any sour grapes over "Radar" not placing.  He was in some WONDERFUL company in Paducah, and for that matter, every show he has been in.  I appreciate everyone's concern, but, there was nothing to be concerned about.  As a matter of fact, I found it very interesting that quilts that won in Houston didn't place in Paducah.  When you enter quilt shows, they are subjective.  It's just like any other type of judged contest you enter.  Different day, different set of judges, different air you are breathing, water you are drinking and so on, and so on.  I am just beyond HONORED "Radar" has been so well received this year.

OK, off my soap box, and onto......

The show was absolutely mobbed......that's a good thing!  However, in my haste to obtain some photos, I didn't get the best picture, and I apologize for that!  Please enjoy the show through my eyes for some of you who may not have been able to be there.  Which quilt is your favorite?

Paducah sits on the banks of the Ohio River.

Many murals, and this train sit along the banks of the river.
That's my Dad inspecting the train.....anything with a motor or wheels, and he is there!

Here is the Luther F. Cox Four Rivers Center
where the Awards are held.

Me, Mom and Dad at the awards.

A selfie of Ann and me at the Awards.

Stage of the Awards Ceremony.

I was able to introduce my parents to my very good quilting friends Bev and Vernie over
breakfast at our hotel in Marion, IL.

Then it was on to the show!
I hope my dad doesn't get overly excited!
Just kidding, he wasn't ready for this photo!

Did you all wanna see some quilts??????
Well, here ya go!

Shout out to Anne who was at the quilt show and took this photo for us!


Backing of BEST OF SHOW!

Time for some lunch in between the show!
They sure do make some big corn dogs in Paducah!
If you are a fan of corn dogs, these are the BEST I have ever tasted!

And now, back to the quilts in the show!

The next 3 images are of the same quilt!

I was so pleased to be able to have some
It was great meeting fellow blogger extraordinaire, Barb!

I was also able to meet and chat with one of my quilting crushes....Edyta Sitar of
She even gave me an autographed journal!

The National Quilt Museum had some amazing quilts on display!
No photography was allowed in the museum.

My cousin Phyllis and I had a BALL visiting Hancocks of Paducah!
We may or may not have spent some money here!

I would like to thank my cousin Phyllis for her genuine hospitality for me
and my parents during our time in Paducah.  More on my thanks to her
and some other family members coming up in a future post!

And here are my many purchases from Paducah!
Backing fabrics, batik neturals, patterns, and panels with scripture.

What a wonderful time me and my parents had!
Why can't Paducah Quilt Week be all year long?!?!?!
Thanks for ALL of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter