Sunday, September 10, 2017


How's that surprise clue coming along Scrap Quilters????

I hope you all are enjoying the process of going through your scraps and stash
while making something that I hope you all find as wonderful as I do?

Have you figured this mystery out yet?  I have heard from a few of you from near and far
expressing your frustration confusion.................isn't that what a mystery is all about?? LOL

When I have played along with mysteries, I have always tried to figure it out to no avail.
That's when it's a good mystery!

The Eclectic Abuela has been playing along and sharing her "Ruby Stars" version, and I can't wait
to see how this turns out!  She has even dedicated some pieces in the quilt to the form of chicken fabric! LOLOLOL  Sharon at Vroomans Quilts expressed that she enjoyed working with the smaller pieces with this latest clue.  I have to agree Sharon.....I love working with tiny pieces......but, then again, I like working with medium and larger pieces...............OHHHHHHHHHHHH
who am I kidding here, I LOVE working with ALL sizes of scraps! LOLOLOLOL  But, I especially feel good when I am able to utilize every last inch of a scrap.  And, I can honestly say I have done a lot of that with my personal version of Sapphire Stars.

In other news...........

Have you thought about having me host a workshop with a quilt group or guild you belong to?  I have thoroughly been enjoying hosting workshops here in my personal studio, The Quilt Cave. However, I have a sewing machine, and will travel!  Please do not hesitate to contact me for various workshops and prices.  They are always FUN! FUN! FUN!

"Crazy Crumb Stars"

This is one of my most favorite and FUN workshops to host.

Seeing the students have "aha" moments with some
brainless sewing does my heart good!

A nice lunch prepared with eggs from my chickies
is included here at the Quilt Cave!

It's a blessing to have a large design wall so students can
play with their recently made blocks.

"Selfie" time quilters!
I sure do appreciate the help of Miss Hollywood
in the back wearing sunglasses
She has offered to assist with classes here.

Class size is limited here at the Quilt Cave,
the FUN is not!

And you can usually find me on the couch with
Lilly Mae snoozing after so much FUN has been had
with quilters in my studio space.

I have received several requests to show some of
my poultry flock, so I am going to try to start
doing some videos featuring the guys and gals
of the coop.
They are so entertaining,and bless me with
delicious eggs.
Please enjoy the short video below!

Chickens at the Quilt Cave!

At this point, I would love to make a shout out to
who graciously sent me a box of 
mouth watering scraps!
My most sincere apologies for not getting a photo.....
I dug into them too quickly!
Mari has an excellent tutorial on scrap organization 

In closing......I have to share a story that happened recently.

I continue to believe that Quilters are some of the most
benevolent beings on this earth.

By a chance encounter between a neighbor of mine up the road and
 students that got turned around while trying to find the Quilt Cave,
I made a new quilting friend, and received an 
amazing gift.

 Meet Sue, my quilting neighbor I didn't know I had!
Look at her beautiful quilt hanging behind us!

When the students stopped by Sue's home, thinking it was mine, 
they met Sue, and found out that she is a quilter!
Sue happened to be looking for a quilter that would
be interested in................

The binders contain HUNDREDS of magazines
organized by date and year!!!!!
There is a standing hoop frame, as well as 
a superabundance of various quilting books!

My students told her about me,
so, her son in law, Brett, looked me up via my blog
and contacted me!
Isn't that something????
So cool!

All of the magazines are magnificently pristine
in these binders marked by year and date.

Thanks to Sue, I will be able to read while I fly
for a long time to come!
I am looking forward to a visit from Sue
here at the Quilt Cave!
Thanks so much Sue for your generous offering!
There will be no lack of inspiration around here now!

And to all of my Florida friends......
please remain safe in the midst of Hurricane Irma!
Prayers to all of you, as well as my Texas and Louisiana friends!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sapphire Stars Surprise Clue!!!!

There's no time to rest!

Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!
Wake up you sleepy head!!!!!

Now, that's more like it!
Sophia Annabella is working on......

It's time to get busy on the

Are you ready??????

If you are still working on Clue #3, continue to do so.
I promise you can handle this surprise clue
with no problems!

Please allow some time for the PDF to be completed for this surprise clue.
Heather didn't even know when this clue was coming!
Thanks for all you have done for this mystery

As always, I trust you will make these units
the way you are most comfortable with.

Let's begin shall we?

For the surprise clue, you will need to cut the following:
6 Sets of 5(qty) 2.5" squares of Bright/Royal Blue
10(qty) random 2.5" squares of Bright/Royal Blue
68(qty) 1.5" squares of neutral
34(qty) 1.5"x2.5" neutral rectangles

Here are the 6 sets of 5(qty) 2.5" squares.
Please place 1 of each set of 5 aside for now.
So you will be working with the 4 remaining 2.5" squares
of each of the sets at this time.

You will also be working with your 10 random 2.5"
squares as well.
(Sorry, no pic of those.)

Next, take your 68 1.5" squares of neutral
and draw a diagonal line down the back of each one.
I used a small ruler, and a mechanical pencil
to mark my lines.

Place a 1.5" neutral square right sides together on top of 
a 2.5" Brilliant/Royal Blue square
and sew on the line.
Trim the excess off as I have done in the pic above.

Press toward the neutral.

Take your remaining 1.5" neutral squares
and place them on the corner closest
to the one you just sewed.

Chain piece them through your machine.

Trim excess.

Press toward the neutral that
was just added.
Sliver trim to 2.5" if needed.
Here are my 6 sets of 4.....remember to leave the 5th 
of each of those 2.5" squares of Bright/Royal blue alone for now.

And here are my 10 random 2.5" Bright/Royal Blue squares
with the neutrals sewn onto them.

I am calling these.....
"Up on the Housetop" blocks!
They look like little rooftops to me....
perhaps barn blocks?????

We are not quite done yet.....

Remember those 1.5"x2.5" neutral rectangles?
It's really easy to cut these if you have some
2.5" strips or 1.5" strips of neutral laying around somewhere!

We are going to add these to the bottom of our
previously made blocks.
(These are not all of my blocks...just a sampling of them.)

And there we go!
I pressed my neutral rectangles toward the blue,
however, it really doesn't matter.
Quick as that, we are done with this surprise clue!
(Again, these are not all of the completed blocks..
just a sampling.)

After this surprise clue,
you should have:
- 6 sets of 4 Bright/Royal Blue "Up on the Housetop" Blocks with a 
1.5"x2.5" neutral rectangle sewn to the bottom of them.
(The remaining 2.5" Bright/Royal Blue square from each set
 should remain untouched.)
It will help to keep these sets together with the remaining 2.5"
square of Bright/Royal blue.
- 10 random Bright/Royal Blue "Up on the Housetop" Blocks with a neutral
1.5"x2.5" neutral rectangle sewn to the bottom of them.

You can do it!  You can do it!  You can do it!
We are almost there!!!!!
The final steps for this mystery quilt
are in sight!

Thank you all for your kind words and enthusiasm!
I hope you are enjoying this mystery?

Here are the links to previous clues:

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, September 1, 2017



Lilly Mae wanted to check to see if you all are paying attention?


This is NOT the surprise clue post.
I just wanted to share a little update.
Did I get you????? 

(Laughed in an evil scientist sort of way again!)

Isn't that an incredible photo of Lilly Mae???
My amazingly talented friend......
well, she has many talents, but, I digress.....
Alycia of Alycia Quilts
sent me an awesome thank you card with this
little stinker's photo on it!

I have been able to host a few workshops
in my home studio, The Quilt Cave as of late.
I am LOVING the fact that I can share my studio
space with other quilters that want to learn
various techniques that I love and use in my quilts.

"String Star" progress by some students........

And here they are with some completed tops and pieces!
These quilters were a hoot!
We had so much fun!

I love seeing quilters have an "AHA!!!" moment!

I had the most wonderful privilege of meeting a 
very popular scrappy quilter that resides in the Metro St. Louis area.
This is Tea of TeaQuilts.
We have corresponded for a while now, and she
surprised me with a visit during our last 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
meeting in August.
Please check out the link I provided where Tea shares
videos and tutorials about quilting on YouTube.
This is the beginning of an awesome friendship Tea!

I took a little road trip with my friend Linda, and we
happened upon an auction and saw some quilts hanging
on the clothesline out back.
Isn't this an interesting pattern in chrome yellow and indigo prints?
Anyone want to give their opinion as to the name of this
quilt block?
It looks like a bear paw variation to me?
Also look at the altered layout?
Interesting.....but, the auction was nowhere near the quilt,
so we left it there.

Having a lot of poultry here at The Quilt Cave
means I have a lot of feed bags.

I ran across the tutorial below and have been making
some of these bags as of late.

Enjoy the video!

Here are a couple I have made.

And last, I want to express my heartfelt
prayers for those of you living in and around
Houston, TX.  I want each and every one of you
to be safe, and well.
Like Bonnie Hunter says, "things" can be replaced.....YOU can't!

Be on the lookout for a surprise clue!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sapphire Stars Clue #3

Hey "Sapphire Stars" Scrap Quilters!

Is your link to the Introduction of
"Sapphire Stars"

Is your link to Clue #1

Is your link to Clue #2

Let's all stand and applaud Heather of Peachy Pages
for her wonderful PDF skills!

I'd also like to thank my friend Ann of 
for helping me design Sapphire Stars in EQ7!

We have finally made it to Clue #3!

I now have the permission from Alycia  and Wendy, so we shall continue......LOLOLOLOL

Truly, I have loved seeing all of your progress with this mystery quilt!

Let's use #sapphirestarsmysteryquilt when using social media so we can all go to one place to view it.
My personal instagram is @photokevin74

In Clue #3, we will be using........
The Tri Recs Triangle Rulers 
by Darlene Zimmerman

I personally feel it is good to have a plethora of useful
tools in my quilt making arsenal.
I use these tools A LOT due to their versatility.

Let's start out with a refresher's course in how
to use the Tri Recs Rulers, shall we?

I can't think of a better quilter to share with us
how to use these tools than the quilter that
taught me how to use them......

You guessed it..........

Bonnie has given me permission to link to her very useful
tutorials on her website sharing how to use these rulers.

Bonnie is demonstrating in DIFFERENT unit sizes than we will be
using for our "Sapphire Stars" Mystery Quilt!
This is only for reference purposes!

After going to her video tutorial site, the link is below,
 scroll down and select:

"Cutting With Tri Recs Rulers"
"Sewing Tri Recs Units"

To watch these videos,


I hope you have watched Bonnie's video tutorials now.
If you haven't, please go and watch them.
We will wait for you.........

Welcome back from watching Bonnie's 
helpful videos!

For Clue #3 we will be making:

 48: 6 1/2" Tri Recs Units
using neutral backgrounds (triangles)
navy star points!

You will need to cut the following:

48: 6 1/2" neutral background triangles
48: navy 6 1/2" left side star points
48:  navy 6 1/2" right side star points

You can do this by using 6 1/2" strips of fabric,
similar to the way Bonnie was using 3 1/2" strips
of fabric in her video tutorial
you can use the rulers as templates like I did.

Allow me to demonstrate.....

How many of you have scraps in your stash that
you would consider odds and ends????

Perhaps like this?

As you can see.....the Tri Recs Ruler/template
fits on these oddly shaped scraps easily!
I am sure some of you are concerned about bias....
well, we are already going to be dealing with
bias using this tool as it is.
Just think in terms of depleting scraps
and using it all up!

I use an old, smaller cutting mat so it is easy
to turn without having to move the fabrics
or rulers with each cut.
You could also use a rotating cutting mat,
I just need something a little larger for

I personally LOVE being able to use up scraps this way!
It adds so much variety to my scrap quilts.
It was my goal to make every piece different, and with this step,
believe it or not, I was able to use 48 different navy fabrics for 
the left sided, and 48 different navy fabrics for the right sided star points!
The Tri Recs Ruler star point has to be placed upside down to make the left 
sided star points.  That is why I have 2 different piles of 48 different fabrics
in the photo above.

Let's go step by step, shall we?

Go through your scraps in the colors needed
with your rulers in hand
and match your Tri Recs Ruler/template to each scrap
making sure it will fit for cutting.

Press these fabric scraps before cutting.
I use a pressing agent such as Mary Ellen's Best Press.
It helps to keep the fabrics to "hold" together for
more accurate least it does for me!

Here is a very special message concerning this clue
yours truly,
 Uncle Kevin the Quilter.....


Here, I am using odd and end scraps of neutral fabrics to 
make the triangle backgrounds.
I feel comfortable cutting 5 layers at a time with my 60mm
rotary cutter.
By cutting in 5's, I can also keep track of the number of units I have 
already cut.

Don't forget to cut off that tip at the top!

I turn the smaller cutting mat around in
order to obtain an accurate cut.
Don't forget  to cut that bottom off either!

48 different neutral background triangles done in no time!


.....on to those right sided star points.
Another stack of 5 different navy scraps 
 that will work!

Notice they are placed on a smaller
cutting mat that I can turn as I need to 
in order to make the next cut.

Don't forget to cut that little notch!
It helps so much when aligning these units 
when sewing!

Rotating the smaller mat as I cut.........
NOT moving the fabric or Tri Recs Ruler/template.

Isn't this fun??????
Who else uses these rulers as a template
so you can bust some scraps/stash???

And there ya go!
Another 5 units cut, just like that!
Obviously, I discard everything except those
cuttings on the right side....those are saved for 
future scrap endeavors!
They will go into my blue crumbs bin.

Don't FORGET to turn the Tri Recs Ruler/template
UPSIDE DOWN when cutting for 
the left sided star pieces!
Like so!

After cutting all of your pieces.....

Go to your sewing machine and place your units like this.
This helps me keep things correct... sewing one side at a time.

As you will recall in Bonnie's demo, that notch is so important
in aligning these units correctly for sewing.
Like this!

Feed the units one by one through your 
machine like this.
And, NO.......I am NOT ashamed to say
I use a seam guide! LOL
Since using one, my accuracy 
increased so much!

Here is another view of a unit ready to go through the machine.
Sewing these units may feel strange to some of you who are new
 because the star point exceeds the top of the background triangle.
But, that is the way it works.
I highly suggest you practice cutting a few, and sewing 
a few before you dive into this clue.

Add the left sided star point and align
using the notch again.
Feed through the machine from that notch.

Here are some finished units!
The one on the left is before trimming dog ears.
The one on the right is after trimming dog ears.

Make sure to trim those dog ears off
when finished with this part of the clue!

If your cutting is accurate,
your 1/4" seam is accurate....
these units should be accurate!

there's one more little item we need to 
do for Clue #3..........

Cut 24: 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips of Royal/Brilliant Blue
Cut 24:  1 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips of Light Blue

I may have a trick up my sleeve coming up sometime in 
the near future.......
perhaps a surprise clue of sorts????
Be ready!!!!!
You never know what I may do........
It's a MYSTERY!!!!!!
(Laughed in an evil scientist sort of way!)

As always, if you are more comfortable making these
units another way, I encourage you to do so.

Thanks for playing along!

Until next time,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter