Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Welcome September!

Welcome September!

Welcome Scrap Quilters!

Welcome Fall!  Well..........almost.........

This is one of my most favorite times of the year!

I recently had a blast with some quilters from the
St. Louis Star Quilt Guild
in a "String Star" workshop.

This is such a fun guild and I love spending
time with them.......
look at some of their work....

Pam is the guild president, and coordinated this
workshop.  I can't thank her enough for organizing this
fun group!

Organizational skills!  I love it!

String pieced units, starched, and drying.....

Sometimes you have to take out stitches......
the next two quilters were so lady like in doing that......

legs crossed......
We had fun!

Quilters hard at work.....
in a spacious and nice facility,
Salem Lutheran Church in Affton, MO.

A wonderful potluck was served!
Delicious!  Thanks quilters!

And after lunch.....

Ta Dah!  
Stars were appearing!

Stars started shining.........

Each one a little different....

each one beautiful.

You can't go wrong with Christmas!

And.....a quilter after my own heart.....
using up the leftovers from a 
Trip Around the World Quilt!
We ooooohed and ahhhhhed over this one!

Thanks so much for the fun workshop day
St. Louis Star Quilt Guild!

In other news......

I joined hair nation.........
Why? You ask????

When one of your friends won't take "no" for an
answer to attending a Def Leppard/Journey concert
and you are a product of the 80's,
.......you go with him!

Skeptical?  YES!
I had NEVER attended a rock concert!

OK.....so I didn't wear the hair.....
but, my friend Chris and I had a great time!
The weather was great for the concert at Busch Stadium,
and I even recognized some of the music! LOLOLOL

My friend Sue came over to try
out my Accuquilt Studio......
I talked her into buying one! LOLOL
Maybe I need a job with Accuquilt???? LOL

She brought me these goodies
she made from her garden!
Thanks so much Sue!

Recently, I found this little gem at an antique mall!
As you all know I collect anything Boston Terrier,
and this was a neat find!
I have never seen one of these Japan figurines in
the form of a pencil holder.

And lastly........

My flight attendant friend Judy has a farm
east of Nashville.  We love working together, and 
talking about our poultry.
Her Royal Palm Turkey mama hatched out
14 babies, but, wasn't being a very good
mother to the poults.

 So, Uncle Kevin the Quilter to the rescue.......
I drove 3.5 hours to meet her for the hand off of these
adorable little turkey poults.

So far, they are adjusting nicely and seem really sturdy.
Baby turkeys are very hard to raise......they are very susceptible
to a variety of things.  Here's hoping these babies will thrive
here at the Quilt Cave!


I hope I can meet you at one of these upcoming events!

September 27, 2018  6PM
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
Final Reveal
Lone Star Legacies
18 North Central Drive
O'Fallon, MO  63366

October 2, 2018  6:30 PM
Friends In Stitches Quilt Guild
Waterloo, Illinois
Lecture / Trunk Show
Annex Building
901 Illinois Avenue
Waterloo, IL 62298

October 9, 2018 6:30 PM
Stitch by Stitch Quilt Guild
Marshall, Missouri
Lecture / Trunk Show
1st Presbyterian Church
212 E. North Street
Marshall, MO  65340

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Why, yes.... Yes, I do.............


That woke you up didn't it?

I often get asked if my roosters annoy me with their crowing that morning has come here
at the Quilt Cave?

My answer.........
No.........this is the life I have always wanted!
And, besides, Roosters crow all day long, not just in the morning! LOLOLOL

From the coop..........
Recently, there have been many additions to the INDOOR flock!

Wendy in Minnesota contacted me and asked if 
I had room for this little girl to roost at my place?
Why, YES!  Yes, I do!
I can't wait to get it quilted!

Wendy also sent the 2 little chicken figurines in the foreground.
This is on my kitchen window sill.

As if that weren't enough, she also sent this chicken coaster
and Boston Terrier bookmark!
The friendship star is from Priscilla in Connecticut!

Thank you so much quilters!
This made my day when I came home after
flying 6 long days in a row!

The chicken goodies just keep on rolling in!
This is from my good friend Patty Cakes......I mean Pat!
She told me she was going through some of her
quilting items, and thought this wall hanging
 should come live with me!
Thanks so much Pat!  You know I love it!

My friend Ruth was at it again!
She received a bunch of scraps from various sewing friends of hers.
She contacted me asking if I needed some more scraps?
Why YES, yes, I do!

Are these pretty little reversible dresses scraps???
I found them in the boxes of scraps!
Hmmm......I wonder who could use these????
Obviously, these were sent to my friend Lori of
I contacted Ruth asking her about the dresses......
she said that the maker of the dresses designated them as scraps
and that she herself had kept some wondering what to do with them?
I am happy to say,
Ruth's dresses found their way to Lori as well!

Lilly Mae met a new friend on one of our walks!
I love this pic of her.....
it perfectly depicts her curious little nature!

Who doesn't love some fresh green beans from the garden?
My favorite way to eat these is cooked in a crock pot all day
with chicken stock as the liquid, a whole onion diced, 
and a whole smoked kielbasa sliced.
Salt and pepper it really good.....and then
throw in some new potatoes half way through the cooking...
when they are done.......
I am a VERY happy man...
at least my tummy is!

I have been able to complete a small project...
This is a table runner made for my friend Michelle in
Nebraska who I got to visit on my way to Colorado.
"Plum Creek Memories"
Believe it or not....this "strata" was in 
a scrap bag from my good friend Beth.
It was already pieced....all I had to do was quilt and bind it!

I tried to mimic the waves on the water with the quilting.
I love the way it turned out!
Another quilter's trash, is another quilter's treasure!
Do you enjoy turning quilting trash into treasure???
Why, yes.....Yes, I do!

Meet my friend,
quilt historian, appraiser, author, and lecturer
Hallye Bone.
She has been supporting me at Scrap Club
hosted by Kevin the Quilter
during our Summer session.
It has been so fun to get to know her even better!

She recently presented to Scrap Club, and was so 
informative about the history and making of scrap quilts.
Her trunk show was beyond amazing!
I wish you all could have been there!

Remember my friend Alycia of
putting out the call for

After returning from Colorado,
I put the same call out to the quilters of
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.

Are quilters not amazing??????
90 flag blocks will be making their way
to Quilts of Valor, Colorado now to honor our
Quilting Sister, Sue,
our U.S. Military Veterans.

Do I love quilting, and the quilting community?
Why, yes......Yes, I do!!!!!

Thanks to my blogging friends for helping me with my blogging problems!
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Thanks for being  a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, August 10, 2018

Out of the box........

Many boxes have been coming my way as of late.
GOODIE BOXES from many of you!

And before I go any further......
Thanks to all of you who continue to comment on the blog posts.
You all know Uncle Kevin the Quilter is  NOT tech savvy!
I must be doing something wrong in order to enable messages to come
to my email or something?

Red Cross Block
This was Scrap Club's July Block Lotto.
Look at all of the beautiful blocks that came in
during our meetings!
The winner was Lillie, and she was beyond thrilled!
I would be too!
Here is the pattern if you are interested?
To make this simple block you will need the following:
- 20(qty) 2" squares of reds
- 4(qty) 3.5” squares of neutrals
Construct 5: 4 patch units from the red 2" squares.  Units should measure 3.5" square.
Design block placing 3.5” red 4 patch units in a cross formation, adding 3.5” neutral squares to corners.
Piece block together in 9 patch fashion.
Unfinished block should measure 9.5" square.

Remember this quilt?
The happy couple were appreciative of their wedding gift from me.
I have known Christa (the bride) since she was knee high to a grasshopper.
This is Bonnie Hunter's 
free pattern.
Hey, the bride said MODERN,....so I tried something different! LOL

Dear old Dad's birthday rolled around and he turned 78!
Wow.....how is that possible?
I am so proud of my family!
Look at the interesting version of 78 my sis
put on his birthday cake! LOLOLOL Hilarious!
It looks like 7-11 to me! LOLOL
And, of course, my little Sophia Annabella
celebrated her 12th birthday along with PaPa!

My pretty little Sophia!

Try getting a photo in focus of 2 Boston Terriers
playing with a new toy!
There is a challenge for you......and ME! LOLOL

We are both turning a little gray!
Sophia had a check up at the vet, and she 
got a good report!
Thank you Jesus!
She was beyond ready to leave the vet in this photo!
She doesn't care for going there, bless her heart!

Here is another little cover girl!
I recently celebrated with my friend's Matt and Samantha.
Their second daughter, Charlotte, turned 1 year old!
Here she is modeling for her 1 year photos on top of 
the baby quilt I made for her.
I love seeing these quilts used!

This is my new normal.
How do you all like my bionic arm?
Tendonitis is evil!
My job as a flight attendant is solely responsible for this!
Many chiropractic treatments and sports wrapping like this
does help some.

Hmmm.........what came while I was flying????

Thanks goes out to Priscilla in Connecticut 
for the beautiful patriotic star blocks
for Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri!
These will be made into a lovely QOV!

Thanks so much for the beautiful scraps in these boxes!
You have been so kind and generous with sharing your
scraps with me!

And, what have we here?
Janet of
sent me these lovely chicken fabrics
along with one of her signature pin cushions!
I now have a JanetO original!
She also sent me some of her soap....and
it was used immediately...therefore not in the photo.

You quilters out there are just amazingly generous and kind!

Huh???? There's more?????

Unbeknownst to me.......
I was nominated as a
Quirky Quilting Angel on the
website for my work with
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
and Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.
I found out my friend Linda had nominated me......
thanks so much for your friendship Linda!

I received this wonderful prize package!
Skinny rulers, sqare templates, and a holding rack for the templates!

These are going to come in so handy!
Thanks again for the nomination Linda,
and to Martelli Notions for helping quilters
recognize other quilters!

I was able to spend the day with my friends Linda and Vernie!
We have so much fun going to this Mennonite store in Iowa.
A piece or two of fabric came home with me......
along with a lot of bulk spices and food!

Speaking of friends.......

Have you all seen the great Designer's Spotlight
in the most recent American Patchwork and Quilting magazine?
My friend Lori of
is featured!

This is what my studio table is looking like here lately.....

Why, you may ask?

I am in the midst of creating this wall hanging for my
parent's pastors.
They have been so kind to my family, and to me.....
and I have wanted to dabble with the colorwash idea
thanks to my friend Wanda of 
I KNOW this is nothing like Wanda can create...
but, it's been fun!

From the garden......

Okra is coming in strong from the garden now.
I realize okra is not as popular in some states as it is others.
I grew up with it, and I love to mix it with home grown tomatoes.


I also like it fried!
I love having a garden of plenty to 
eat from during the summer

And I will leave you with this funny.........

Ever hear about the quilter that had too much fabric?
Me neither!
My friend Mike found this t-shirt on the web and thought
it would be perfect for me...........

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Thanks for all of the goodies!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter