Sunday, January 22, 2017

Scrap Club.....

Hey Everybody!

It seems that there is so much going on in blog land these days.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO many projects to whet one's creative appetite!

I have been questioning myself........
Should I add to the many, many, many avenues of artistic undertakings that are out there?

(Some piecing I have worked on this past week.)

I have heard from several of you that would be interested in me sharing Scrap Club via my blog?

I would be happy to do so, however, I would really want a show of hands (so to speak) so I know I wouldn't be wasting my time or yours?  The last thing I want to do is bore anyone here!

If there is a lot of interest, I will share a post of everything that Scrap Club is about.
You certainly can participate from where you are and utilize your scraps!
I also don't want to dissuade anyone who is local to not come because of this?

Please REPLY to this post so I know whether to follow through or not?

Thanks again for your nice comments and response to Scrap Club!

In other news.........

Here is an interesting video on
chicken embryo development.
I find this utterly fascinating!
The eggs are at day 14!
1 week left before hatching!

My long awaited parcel arrived in the mail!
Bonnie has had an overwhelming response to 
her most recent publication, "Addicted to Scraps."
I wanted to wait to order mine until she had received
her latest shipment, because I wanted to buy from the author herself!
I can't wait to use the amazing "Essential Triangle Tool" she 

I was also able to visit with my blogging friend Cheryl of
as she was driving through St. Louis this past week.
Here we are, posing for our close up
You can read all about her road trip and
the items she found along the way here.
Thanks for having dinner with me Cheryl!

Don't forget to reply to this post if you are interested in me sharing Scrap Club via my blog?
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Salutations from the Quilt Cave!

You all are just great!  You know that?

I have so enjoyed reading your replies to my most recent post.

Thanks so much for the insights behind using a cone and stand.

Also, I would like to thank you all for your concern during the recent ice storm......
About that.........well...........I didn't really receive anything where I live Thank God.
I know several others have been affected, and my prayers are with you during this time.

With that being said...........

I was able to finish the En Provence quilt top!
I loved being able to use up a lot of smaller
scraps of neutrals in that border.
I am pleased with the results and this will make
a United States Military Veteran a great 
Quilt of Valor!
Just a reminder, Bonnie will be retiring the
directions on how to make this quilt in February.
If you are interested in printing out the instructions and steps,
my advice to you is to do it now before you forget!

Click this link to find the clues.

I know so many of you are excited about my first experimentation with chicken egg have to tell you, I am equally as excited, and I am pleased to share some news with you concerning that!

The second and final candling of the eggs has been done!
Although hard to see, there IS a baby chick in this tiny egg!
If everything goes as planned, I should get around 6 chicks from this
first experiment!
That may not sound like a lot of chicks to you, and frankly, it isn't.
But, it is more than enough for this first go around, and they will
be welcomed additions here at the Quilt Cave!
A little over a week, and my new arrivals will hopefully make their appearances!

And a slew of Civil War Reproduction strings!
What is this all about?
What could it be turning into?

Please join me for my
I host in O'Fallon, Missouri and find out!
The first meeting will be January 26.
A session starting at 1PM, and another at 5PM.
E-mail me for details!
I'd love to see you there!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fashionably late.........


Well, hello there!

Pardon me for being late...........

Truly, I didn't mean to be late to the party...........

You see, my job as a flight attendant tends to not let me do what I would like to do at times......

I have had the best intentions of getting my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt En Provence pieced.

However, flying, re-routes, appointments, weather, and other things beyond my control have prevented me from doing so.

So, I will show what progress I have made, and will have to accept being fashionably late and under dressed (top not complete) to the party.........

 Blocks in rows.
I always chain piece whenever possible.
So, here are all 16 blocks in their individual rows
stacked on top of each other.

I like piecing the "shortest seam" way, so I usually
break a quilt up into quadrants.
En Provence is easy to do in this manner since it is square.
I am in LOVE with that scrappy neutral border!

And, this is as far as I am folks.
The top left quadrant is pieced, and I am working on the right.
The predicted Ice-Pocolypse, AKA Winter Storm Jupiter,
 is happening this weekend in my area.
So, hopefully, this top will get pieced.
I have soup and cornbread made to eat.
I pray the electric stays on!

Linking up with Bonnie's
Mystery Monday Link Up, Parts 6 & 7

Tension issues?  Ya think?!?!?!
This is what happened when I tried to sew with 
a cone of thread with a stand.
I know I could fuss over the tension and get it right, but,
I think I will just stick to using my regular spools,
and fill bobbins from the cone.

So, now that En Provence should be a top by
the weekend, what's up next?
Several scrappy projects are in the works......

Bonnie Hunter's
This is going to be a wedding gift.
The quilt will be done barn raising style with a row 
of yellows/gold alternating with greens.
All neutral backgrounds.
Yellow is the groom's favorite color,
green is the bride's favorite color.
I love working from color schemes
 like this for wedding quilts.
It makes it so much easier
than trying to figure out a color scheme for a quilt!

Something else is on the horizon..........

Can you guess from this photo????


I am incubating eggs for the first time!
This is more or less an experiment in my flock's fertility.
I have a feeling I will get very few chicks from this.....
but, it sure has been fun so far.
I have candled the eggs and have seen more activity
than I originally anticipated!
You KNOW I will keep you up to date on this!


In other news.............

This beauty is courtesy of my quilting friend Kim.
She recently finished this gorgeous quilt done with
Daiwabo fabrics.
We had a sew day together, and she finished the binding.
Just scrumptious Kim!

I went antiquing one day recently and came across this.
It is a portion of a quilt framed on point.
I LOVE this idea.
WAY too expensive to purchase, but, if ever I find
a quilt that is shredded and I can afford it,
perhaps I can display part of it in this manner?

And lastly,
I bid farewell to my quilting buddy Bev last month.
She and her husband Tom have retired and moved to
South Texas.  They are so happy there, and I do plan to visit.
They both were more than generous clearing out their home
here, and offered me an abundance of items to
enhance the Quilt Cave.
I truly appreciate their friendship.
Best wishes in your new home Bev and Tom!

And.......just a few words of wisdom.........

This is so true......

I have heard from so many of you regarding the
Scrap Club I am hosting in O'Fallon, Missouri.
It is free, and is open to all quilters that would like to come.
Please e-mail me for more information.

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Until next time......
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New year............

Happy New Year to all!

As you all probably guessed, I have returned to flying after my
self imposed Holiday Hiatus!  (AKA accrued vacation lumped together!)

I returned to flying after Christmas, and flew right into New Years.

Thus, I have been trying to play catch up, unsuccessfully!

Clue #6
and the final reveal 
was presented by Bonnie Hunter for:

All clues and information about this mystery quilt may be found

It truly is a lovely quilt, and as soon as I can catch up
and complete the last clues, the top will be pieced together.

Thanks again Bonnie for sharing your time and talents with
quilters from all over the globe!


I thought I would share a few photos of Christmas gifts I presented
to others that were of a quilty nature.

These little flying geese

This little pin cushion for my friend Dar of
Her block drive for Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
has been most successful!
Truth be told, I really owed this to her for all of the help
she has given me this past year.
When she saw the pin cushion
I made for Janet for the pin cushion swap hosted by
Randy, she expressed how much she liked it.
I knew Dar's colors, and this is what I came up with for her.
I think she liked it!

I was blessed to receive this bundle of 
reproduction fabrics from Dar as my gift!
Thanks so much Dar!
I love them and they will be used very soon!

And, here is the "Moore Family Quilt."
My friend Mike was persistent in his efforts to convince me
to make a quilt for his family to enjoy.
We go way back, and he has helped me with
some things I needed help with, so, 
 I obliged.
Thankfully, he and his wife were pleased with the results!

I did return home from flying on January 1st, just in time to eat my
traditional meal of black eyed peas, and greens.
Some of you may not know that consuming these
foods on the first day of the new year will provide you
with good fortune, and prosperity!
One can certainly hope at least!

Many of my blogging friends have come up with a word
for this new year.

I really haven't come up with a word, per se,  but, a state of mind.....
I would like to be able to share this mentality with
ALL quilters........

I ran across these words of wisdom for scrap quilters
some time ago, and have wanted to share it with you all.
I hope you can take it to heart.
Even if you have never made a scrap quilt.........try it!
You may like it!

I am hosting my Scrap Club once again this year!
We begin on Jan 26th!
If you are in the Metro St. Louis area and are
 interested in joining me, please let me know.
I will send you all of the information about it!

Let's all have fun and create some beautiful quilts this year!

I am sending my very best to you this year!
Keep on Quilting!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Recap.........

Hey Everybody!

I surely hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as me and my family did!

Come along with me as I recap!

I feel so blessed to be able to go home to such wonderful parents.
The girls LOVE going to Grandma and Grandpas too!

Christmas Eve found us reading the Christmas story
at my sister's home.

We had a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner courtesy
of my friend Mike.  He loves sharing this with our family,
and we LOVE eating it!
Here he is cooking up the flounder, shrimp, and scallops!

My dad practically dove into the mounds of seafood!

Santa found Mom's and Dad's stockings!
He also found Sophia's and Gracie Lu's......
but, there was no chance of getting clear photos of 
those little girls with their new Christmas treats
and toys!

We woke up and went to church and then came back
to a delicious Christmas dinner my mom prepared.
Christmas ham, deviled eggs, broccoli and cheese casserole,
mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, rolls, 
my chicken and dumplings, and a delicious salad my sister made.
For dessert we had my mom's cherry streudle,
and my sister made her famous Red Velvet Cake.
(See how my brother in law photo bombed this pic???)


it was time to open some gifts!

I must warn you, I am going to be showing some
pretty hilarious photos.........
In the spirit of full disclosure,
if you are offended by practical jokes....
you probably don't want to read any further!

You also may want to put your cuppa down,
and not eat anything......
I don't want you to choke from laughter!
I am laughing right now as I type this post!

First off.............
my sister is the best...........

She had this wonderful sign custom made for me!
It is already hanging in my studio!
What wonderful thought went into this, and I will 
treasure it forever.

Good sister, right?

And, you are probably thinking here, well what 
did you get your lovely sister in return?

Well, you see............

playing tricks on my sister......
it is something I have done
ever since I can remember?

Do any of you out there have
a brother that finds joy in
playing practical jokes on you?
It truly is a sign of love!

OK, so, I digress......
Since Mike was coming to spend Christmas
with our family, he asked what the family members
would like for the gift exchange......

My darling sister suggested she would like
a new night gown......


My sister is going to tell my best friend she
wants a night gown???????


NO NO NO NO NO She isn't easy!
The practical joke!!!!!!

You see where I am going with this???????

Merry Christmas Sis!!!!!!
If you can't tell, that is a little risque nighty!
Here she is thinking this is for real......
not knowing it was all a joke!

you get the point!

Needless to say, when Sis did find out that it
was all a joke, you could hear us laughing
from miles around!
My Sis promptly dug a hole in the floor and crawled away!

Thanks for letting me share this Christmas gift prank with you all!
I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
And just to let you know,
I did get some very nice gifts for my sister!

So, what else did Ole' Kevin the Quilter receive?
Regardless of my pranks.......I was a good boy this year!

Oh yeah!  A cone of Aurifil!

A great pair of gingher scissors
so I can cut through that scrap stash!

Look at these little gems!
I can't wait to start reading them on the plane!
Clockwise starting from top left.....
"Strip your Stash" by Gudrun Erla
"Savannah" pattern by Red Crinoline Quilts
"Treasures from the Barn" by Linda Collins
"Small & Scrappy" by Kathleen Tracy.

I also received the following 2 shirts.....

"I quilt because the voices in my head
tell me to"


"Quilting is cheaper than therapy"

And before all of this merry mayhem.....

You may find everything about this mystery by clicking

Bonnie gave us clue 5 early as a gift!

64 half square triangles done!

To see what quilters from around the globe
are making with this mystery quilt, I am
Linking up with Bonnie's

I am also linking up with my QOV quilting buddy,

I am curious if there will be a fast and furious end to 
this mystery as in year's past, or if Bonnie has
something else up her sleeve?????

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
We certainly did!
Especially my sister! LOLOLOL

Have fun!
Go Quilt!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas........

To all of my blogging friends worldwide.............

I would like to wish..........


May there be...............

Thanks for being a friend!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Monday, December 19, 2016

En Provence Clue #4

Seasons Greetings from the Quilt Cave!

I hope you all are staying warm if your weather is cold!

Most importantly, I hope you are staying safe while making outings!

I hope EVERYONE is quilting no matter where you are in the world!

En Provence Clue #4
For the dark purples I have chosen to do navy.

Keep these easy clues coming Bonnie!

More tri-recs units for this weeks clue.

80 to be exact!

I have found En Provence
extra enjoyable due to the ease of the clues thus far.
Of course, I always challenge myself to stay on top of
the clues.  It's just a personal challenge to myself.
I know, I know, it isn't a race, and trust me,
I am enjoying myself!

You can find all of the clues, and everything you need to know about this mystery quilt

To check out my QOV quilting buddy's progress,
check out my patriotic mystery link up with

Also linking up with Bonnie's

It's so much fun seeing what quilters from all over the globe
are doing with this mystery quilt!

My area was recently gifted with a surprise black ice storm!
I was out Christmas shopping, and was only 25 minutes
in normal traffic and road conditions from my home.
It took me 2.5 hours to get home!
Thank God, I was safe.
On a funny note, while stuck in traffic, I was next to
a semi, and I could see he was talking on his radio.
I waved him to roll his window down to see if
he had any info on the road conditions ahead.
He looked REALLY familiar!
Come to find out, I had graduated high school with him!
I hadn't seen him in 25 years!

When Bonnie posted THIS blog post the other day.....
I HAD to laugh!
I have been going through my red scraps all week
enhancing my 2.5" strip bin that was empty of
reds from making Ann's mystery!
We scrap quilters are truly cut from the same fabric!

In other news..........

This little stinker found her Christmas present!
My Sophia Annabella!
She wanted to open it, but, I told her
she has to be a good girl until Christmas morning!

I truly hope you are finding peace this Christmas season.
I know I am!

Merry Christmas to all!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter