Saturday, April 12, 2014

Still going strong......

Welcome to all of my new followers!

Thanks to all who have been so kind to send me personal messages, and comment here on the blog about "Radar!"  I promise to share my design process in upcoming posts.  I also have many photos to share with you all from MQS and recent QOV presentations.  This week has been really busy, and I am flying for the next 5 days.  Soooooooooo...............if you all can bare with me, I promise to share those items with you next week!

This block drive is still going strong!  Remember, I must receive all entries for blocks by June 1.  So, you all still have a little bit of time to get some easy blocks made so you can thank a Veteran.

I am going to share with you this week's group of AWESOME people:

Shirley in Oregon
Marianne in Florida
Mary Lou in Missouri
Jeanne in Missouri
Howard in Maryland
Marty in Michigan
Barb in Michigan
Marcia in Michigan
Judith in Oklahoma
Libby of Life on the Hill
Sheron in Missouri
Allyson in Missouri
Mary Ann in Missouri
Travis in Louisiana
Debbie in Kentucky
Sherry of Createology
Ruth in Louisiana
Kathi in Tennessee
Pat in Michigan
Sharron in Michigan

And the following quilter generously donated blocks but cannot be included in the prize drawings:
Jean in Missouri

That's 2,631 blocks received as of 4/11/14!!!!!



Judith in Oklahoma sent in this beautifully pieced "Pathway of Valor!"
Way to go Judith!  It looks AWESOME!
Gracie Lu and Sophia had to pose with it!

Many have asked if the "Pathway of Valor" is or will be a pattern?  Hmmmmmm................maybe?????????
Actually, it is in the works, and please feel free to share the pattern with your guild or family and friends as it will be a free pattern for charity purposes.  You may find the block instructions and block drive guidelines here.  I wanted a block for this drive that would be easy enough for beginners, and something that would go together really quick for those who are more experienced.  I think it is a very contemporary design and is quite striking!  A design that any veteran, male or female would love to receive.  Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words concerning the pattern!

My good friend Ann of Attic Threads & Quilts donated the yellow star backing fabric.
Libby of Life on the Hill donated the wonderful binding fabric.


Doreen in Iowa sent these WONDERFUL presentation cases!
I love the fabrics, and they really are going to be so nice to present our quilts in!


Kelly at O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop also received 60 more blocks at her store!
Her drive is still going strong, so don't miss out on her drawing as well!

Before I go, I would like to give a shout out to some WONDERFUL ladies that work at a WONDERFUL quilt shop I was able to visit on my way to MQS in Wichita last week.

Rita, Esther, and Ellen

Rita is the owner of Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  As most any quilter would do, I mapped out all of the quilt shops I wanted to stop at on my way to Wichita, and Quilter's Station was my first one on the list.  In all seriousness, after this stop, I might as well not have worried about visiting any others!  


These ladies were most accommodating, and so polite and easy to talk to.  The samples that hung on the walls of the shop were absolutely delicious, and left my mouth watering!  Rita makes most all of the samples that hang in her shop.  Allow me to quote my mother, who doesn't quilt......."If you spent much time in there you would WANT to make a quilt!  And, if you couldn't find what you wanted or needed,..... then, you're just too picky!"  Yep, that pretty much sums it up momma!  I HIGHLY recommend you visit this wonderful quilt shop and visit with these friendly folks!

See you when my feet get on the ground next week!
Thanks again for all you do!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter    


Monday, April 7, 2014

Milestones...........and more.........

What a milestone week it was!  I am sorry I am a couple of days late with this posting, however, I hope you understand why after reading it!

Each and every person who has sent blocks to me for this block drive are, in my eyes, a hero!  We ARE making a difference here as will be evident when we start presenting these quilts!  I am going to do my best to photograph every quilt that is presented.  I stand amazed at the generosity of quilters.  What a force we can become when we join together for a purpose!

As I said before, I read each and every card or letter that accompanies the beautiful blocks in each package. I laugh, cry, and really have a sense of pride in what we are doing together here with this block drive. However,  I would like to share with you one particular letter that really tugged at my heart strings?

The letter reads:

Dear Kevin,
I think it is nice of you to commit all of your time to quilts of valor.  I made 5 blocks for your project.  These are the first quilt blocks I have ever made.  All my grandpa's have fought in the war and one is almost dead.
10 years old

Abby, it is my great honor and privilege to be able to serve in this capacity.  I admire you and your willingness to learn how to make some quilt blocks in order to be able to say "Thank you!" to a veteran. Your letter brought me great emotion and made me think back to when I was 10 years old and was learning to sew with my grandma and great aunts.  What wonderful memories were brought back to me!  Thank you for your kind letter and photos and for inspiring the many people who will see this!  And I hope you continue to keep on sewing and quilting Abby!

Yet another milestone for me to know something we all are doing here was able to help a young one make her first quilt blocks!

We are truly doing great things here people!  We have passed the 2000 block milestone...........

2,348 blocks received to date!

That's 78 quilts for Quilts of Valor!!!!!!!!

This weeks group of AWESOME PEOPLE include:

Linda in Arizona
Nancy in South Carolina
Donna in Virginia
Debbie with (Sit-n-Stitch Group) in New York
Bonnie in Ohio
Tonie in Minnesota
Bill in Texas
Eunice in Ohio
Christy in Kansas
Mary Jean in New York
Cindy in Ohio
Sophie in Ohio
Jeanne in Ohio
Paula in Ohio
Rend Lake Piece Makers in Illinois
Sue in Iowa
Amy in Iowa
Ellen in Iowa
Perez in Texas
L in Pennsylvania
Diane in Arizona
Mary Rose in Iowa
Martha CMSqt, Ret. in Michigan
Melody in Illinois
Nelva in Iowa
Jan in New Hampshire
Ora in Kentucky
Anne in Pennsylvania
Jan in Washington
Teresa in Florida
J in California
Jean in Florida
Tama in Kansas
Deb in New York
Ellen in New York
Delisa in North Carolina
Jeanette in Virginia
Debbie in South Dakota
Cindy in Missouri
Nancy in Florida
Pamela in Connecticut
Lela in California
Julianne in California
Karen in Minnesota
Abby in Ohio
Holly in New York
And if you live in the St. Paul area of Minnesota and sent me SEVERAL blocks, could you please contact me via e-mail in the corner of my blog?  Your name and address were damaged and not legible on your package? (All blocks were fine!)  I want to make sure I have the correct address in case you should win something???

Remember..........AWESOME People are those who have sent in blocks thus far and are eligible for the prizes in the prize drawings.  The more blocks you send in, the more chances you have to win!


I would also like to thank the following readers for the very thoughtful gifts included with their blocks!
Christy in Kansas sent the color catchers.
Nina of Quilts, Life, and Balance sent "The Practical Guide to Patchwork" book.
J in California sent the beautiful backing fabric.
Tama in Kansas sent a bazillion feet of binding and thread!
Delisa in North Carolina sent in a donation for batting and backings.


I simply can't thank you all enough!  All of these items are SO VERY appreciated!

If I may interrupt this block drive just for one moment of your time?  I would like to share with you all a milestone in my life that has happened this past week.  I have been teasing you all with some photos here and there of a project I have been working on for just under a year.  Perhaps you remember a few of these photos?

I was asked in the Spring of last year by my good friend Ann of Attic Threads to collaborate with her on a quilt she would enter in the Machine Quilter's Showcase in Wichita, Kansas.  She was very open to anything I wanted to create, she just wanted to be able to do some crazy, insane, amazeballs quilting on it.  She provided me with a box of fabric that included several black on black tonal fabrics, and 1 Moda Marble Citrus jelly roll.  So, without further adieu, I am very pleased to share, and present to you..................

1st Place, Tools of the Trade Category at MQS.
April 2, 2014

Ann is simply a beyond amazing quilter!
I cannot put into words how visually stunning her quilting is in person!
Please visit Ann's blog to read more about her miniature quilt she entered at MQS.

I am so honored, and happy you asked me to join you in this journey Ann!
You have been such an inspiration to me!

I was so blessed to be able to share this amazing moment in my life with my wonderful parents!

Thanks to my friend Alycia of Alycia Quilts for helping me with watermarking these photos!
What would I do without you!
You're never too old to learn something new! LOL

Thanks for indulging me for just a moment!
I will be sharing some of the process and inspiration for "Radar" in future posts along with my trip to Wichita.  I met some WONDERFUL people along the way, not to mention a FANTABULOUS quilt shop!  I will also be sharing more about the prize packages and our wonderful sponsors for the prizes!

Linking up at Linky Tuesday with Connie at Freemotion by the River.

Thanks for everything you do!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Simply amazing...........

Majorly LARGE post coming up with LOTS'O'PICS!

The quilters new and old, who have been contributing to this Quilt of Valor block drive are simply amazing!

No, seriously......YOU ALL ARE NOTHING BUT SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ummm, that's 54 quilts folks!!!!!)


Here is the list of AWESOME PEOPLE for this week!

Sue in Tennessee
Elaine in Florida
Karen in Texas
Kathy in Wisconsin
Beverly in Maine
Kathryn in Rhode Island
Kathy in Washington
Jo Ann in Nebraska
Nancy in Idaho
Michele in Georgia
Sandy in California
Holly in Indiana
Carol of Giraffe Dreams
Esther in Florida
Nancy in Texas
Dee in Iowa
Laurie in Ohio
Caroline in North Dakota
Donna in Alabama
Julie in Iowa
Doreen in Iowa
Greta in Kansas
Diana (Northwest Quilters) in Oregon
Debbie in Missouri
Jackie in Missouri
Colleen in Missouri
Leatha in California
Connie of Artisan at Heart
Janet in Washington
Debbie in Pennsylvania
Delilah in Texas
Terri in Texas
Lynda in Illinois
Darlene (and granddaughter Jana) of Quilting Together
Celeste in Wisconsin
Pat in Virginia
Linda in Vermont
Kaye in Nebraska
Diane in Illinois
Marianne in New York
Anita in California
Nancy in Massachusetts
Sue in Michigan
Jean in Virginia
Peggy of Sew Enjoyable
Leslie in Virginia
Pam in Ohio
Mary Lynn in California
Linda in Texas
Prue in Maryland

And the following quilters generously donated blocks
but cannot be included in the prize drawing:
Jacqui in Australia
Maryke in The Netherlands
M in Texas
Dee in Missouri
K in Pennsylvania


(Thanks again for understanding that my blogging is sometimes limited to once a week!  If you haven't seen your name listed under "Awesome People" and you HAVE sent me blocks, PLEASE contact me!  Remember, there have been a few posts about the blocks being sent in, so go back a few posts if you are concerned?)

Your cards and letters are absolutely heartwarming!  I have read EVERY ONE of them!  Your kind words are SO encouraging, and you all better believe I am gonna make sure each and every one of these blocks is going to make it into a Quilt of Valor!  Why you may ask?  Well, just look at these photos.....and I think you may understand?

Here is a group of men including veterans from WWII, The Korean War, Vietnam, and a young man that just returned from Afghanistan, along with Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri leaders.  These quilts were awarded at our last meeting.  What a wonderful way to thank these veterans!

There are female veterans too!  Just like there are guys that quilt!
This young lady was helping out at the facility where our QOV group met.  She had no clue
she was going to receive a quilt that day, but, she was very grateful!

I am selecting three quilts from this block drive that will be part of my presentation in Cape Girardeau, and the rest of the quilts will soon be making their way into the frames of Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.  I can't wait to see them being quilted! My friend Dar of  Dar's Patchwork Garden is helping me organize a sewing day to make quilt tops from the blocks that have already came in.  We are going to be able to cover SO many veterans, and again, that is what this block drive is ALL about!

Here are a few gifts that have been sent along with blocks and quilt tops!

  Wendy in Maine sent me this AWESOME mini quilt!
I LOVE IT!  Thank you so much Wendy!

I can't thank the following quilters enough for their kind contributions and gifts!
Shirl in Pennsylvania sent the star fabric on the right.
P of the way i sew it sent the Essential threads!  It's already being used P!
Greta in Kansas sent a donation for backing and batting.
Cherie of QUILTED JONQUIL sent the delicious blue backing fabrics.
Pat of Life in the Scrapatch sent the ruler.

Thank you all again and again!

I really appreciate everything everyone is doing for this block drive!  Just so you know, although gifts are absolutely 100% appreciated, they are not necessary.

Sue in Tennessee sent me this BEAUTIFUL quilt to donate to Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri! She is the mother of an Air Force veteran, and pieced this intricate pattern to "pass the time" while visiting out in the rural West.  Thank you so much for your generous donation Sue!
Our QOV, Eastern Missouri members were in AWE of your work Sue!  Here are some "Vanna Whites" parading the quilt around.  As you can see, I had to revive my friend "Cupcake" with smelling salts after viewing your donation quilt!

My simply amazing quilting friend Ann of Attic Threads & Quilts has generously donated yet another prize!
The 4th place winner will receive this "A New Leaf" jelly roll by Benartex!
There are some really wonderful colors and prints in this collection!


(Ann and I will be travelling to Wichita, Kansas next week to view our collaborative quilt at 
the Machine Quilters Showcase!!!!!! Hopefully, I will be sharing some good news!!!!!!  I wonder if any of the teaser photos in previous blog posts refer to this??? HMMMMMM????)

I am preparing a full post of all of the prizes so everyone can refer to it and their wonderful sponsors!
To each and every person who has donated prizes, I just can't thank you ENOUGH!

Nor can I thank all of you who are donating blocks!!!!!

And this is what we are making here folks!  Feast your eyes upon these!

My QOV friend, Colleen, donated solid blocks, and then was inspired to make this simply amazing take on the "Pathway of Valor" pattern!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  Way to go Colleen!

Peggy of Sew Enjoyable sent in this beautiful version of "Pathway of Valor!"
Wonderful fabric selections, and placement Peggy!  Oh yeah!!!!!

Janet in Washington sent in this dynamic version of "Pathway of Valor!"
My beautiful sister and beautiful Momma are displaying Janet's quilt.
I LOVE the various shades of blue in this one, and that yellow just POPS!  

Kinda blurry (blame the photographer, ahem me), but, this is Kelly of O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop's first quilt!  She gave me the blocks, and I pieced them into this top!  SO FUN!

And, another quilt from Kelly of O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop that her customer Lynn pieced together!
I love this variation!  Kind of like "Streak of Lightening!"  Too cool!!!!!
Displayed by my handsome nephew and gorgeous niece!

The next three tops were pieced by me and my good ole' pal Mike!
He's getting good at a 1/4" seam!!!!
Way to go Mike!

There are some AWESOME fabrics in this one!
Displayed by my handsome nephew, and debonair Dad!

I really like the way this one turned out too!
My gorgeous niece and beautiful Momma display this version.

A "Pathway of Valor" in blue, you say?  Comin' right up!
An abundance of blue blocks made this striking quilt top!
I am guessing you know who it is being displayed by, by now?
(The bottom row is not fully displayed here.)

And Judy of Quilt Paradigm blogged about the AMAZEBALLS "Pathway of Valor" top she made here!
I neglected to give her, her DUE shout out last week!
Sorry Judy!

Again, I am NOT overwhelmed......SIMPLY AMAZED and OVERJOYED!

Thanks again for all of your encouragement!
Together, we are covering SO MANY veterans!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, March 22, 2014

NOT overwhelmed......OVERJOYED!!!........

The largeness of quilters hearts......


Thank you all for understanding I can't blog about the beautiful blocks I have received, when they are sitting at the post office while I am flying a gazillion miles away on a jet plane for work!  WELCOME to my newest blog followers!  I try to blog about my quilt adventures at least once a week.

All of these packages were waiting for me to open them when I returned from flying this week!

I am simply speechless at the kindness you all are bestowing upon veterans of the U.S. of A.!  I have read every note, card, and letter you have sent.  I have laughed, cried, and have felt SO good about what we are doing here for Quilts of Valor.  It truly is ALL about the veterans in our joint endeavor!  Simply by taking some time out of your personal sewing time, and devoting it to making some blocks, together we are making some BEAUTIFUL quilts!  Just wait and see!

Generosity is abundant in the following AWESOME people I have received blocks from:

Carol in New Hampshire
Diane in Tennessee
Radz in Massachusetts
Marsha in Pennsylvania
Pam in Alabama
Jan in Georgia
Barbara in NY
Sharon in Connecticut
Tanya in Missouri
Valerie in California
Janet in Michigan
Miriam in Texas
Debbie in Texas
Harriett of The Brick Sidewalk
Victoria in New Hampshire
Dotti in Connecticut
Roberta in Ohio
Jane in Illinois
Donna in Connecticut
Deborah in North Carolina
Ann in Alaska
Wendy in Maine
Laura in Arkansas
Veronica in Missouri
Nancy in Missouri
Marcie in Missouri
Katie in Pennsylvania
Dale in Pennsylvania
Sheila in North Carolina
Patricia in Maryland
Trina in Washington
Katie in Wisconsin
Margaret in Ohio
Donna in Michigan
Diane in New York
Inella in Idaho
Marilyn in Illinois
Vicki in Wisconsin
Shirley in Tennessee
C.J. in Michigan
Karon in Oregon
Polly in Texas
Dee in California
Mary Lou in Illinois
Pam of Sewing Wilde
Marti in Texas
Vera in Missouri
Karen in Michigan
Barb in Ohio
Judy in Arizona
Shirley in California
Lois in Kansas
Bonnie in Mississippi
Kathleen in New York
Tama in Kansas
Gwen in Massachusetts
Linda of Roscoe's Ma
Sabina in North Carolina

And the following quilters generously donated blocks
to be included in future QOVs, but, cannot be included in this prize drawing:
Denise in Canada
Marsha in Alabama
Helen in Virginia


(NOTICE:  Once again, if you are from Utah and you sent me 5 blocks, but, your name has not been published on the blog, please contact me with your information?  I have 5 blocks from someone in the Salt Lake City area that did not send any return info?)

Keep'em a comin'!!!!
Let's see how many veterans we can cover!?!?!?!?!

I have said it before, and I will say it again I am sure......I am NOT overwhelmed by the amount of blocks coming in, but, I am OVERJOYED!

MANY thanks to ALL who have helped spread the word about this block drive via social media, blogs, and word of mouth!

Look at what we are making here folks!!!!!

 My friend and partner in crime, Bev, pieced these blocks together.  She then quilted our FIRST quilt
from this block drive!

The quilting couldn't be more perfect!  Great motion throughout!
The pantograph is called "Seaweed" by Lorien Quilting.

Judy in Arizona sent her blocks in this beautifully pieced top!
Her color placement is wonderful!  Thank you Judy!
Gracie Lu HAD to pose with the quilt top!

I have been asked many times about pre-washing fabrics.  All QOVs MUST be washed before being presented to the recipient, so it doesn't really matter to me if the fabrics in the blocks have been washed or not.  MANY color catchers will be used when washing these quilts for those of you who are concerned. LOL  I have also received several e-mails referring to piecing tops and sending them in.  This is my answer:  If you feel so inclined, and have the time to piece together the quilt top, go right ahead!  My only request is that you keep the integrity of the original "Pathway of Valor" pattern if at all possible?  30 blocks will enter you 6 times into the prize drawings!  

Speaking of prize drawings.........
Look what just got added courtesy of Kim of Pokeytown Kim!!!!!
There will now be a 3rd place prize!
The 3rd place winner will receive a copy of one of my most favorite quilting books!
Bonnie Hunter's String Fling!
WOW!  What a WONDERFUL BOOK and what a wonderful prize!
I know you don't want me saying it Kim, but, THANK YOU!

To review a list of the 1st and 2nd place prizes, please look here.
And many thanks again to our fabulous 1st and 2nd place prize donors, Vicki Welsh and Susan in Washington who blogs at The Farm Quilter.

Kelly at O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop continues to cut kits for her block drive being held in conjunction
with mine.  She has received her first 30 blocks, and is receiving more each day.  Again, if you are in the metro St. Louis area, don't miss an opportunity to win a $100 gift certificate to her shop by submitting 5 blocks to her.  You are allowed to enter both her drive and mine, but, remember, you have to submit 5 blocks to her AND 5 DIFFERENT blocks to me by June 1st.

I have to share with you some items I have been receiving along with the blocks:

Jane of Jane's Fabric and Quilts sent in this LOVELY backing fabric!
This is going to make a WONDERFUL backing for one of our block drive quilts!

Thank you to Gina in Missouri for the Doily for Miss Bev!  Just in time for her Easter Bonnet!
Thank you to Shirl in Pennsylvania for the Teas and the star fabric (pic coming soon of fabric!)
And, thank you to Vicki in Wisconsin for this beautiful dishcloth!  How did you know my kitchen is gold?? LOL

I would also like to thank Marcie in Missouri for my AWESOME Kevin the Quilter purse, I mean
shopping bag, I mean pin cushion!  I LOVE IT!

And, one last shout out to one of the most talented long arm quilters I have ever met!
My friend Ann of Attic Threads recently received 1st Place at the "Fanfare of Quilts" Quilt Show in St. Louis.  She won best hand guided long arm quilt, and let me tell you, it IS fabulous!
And so are you Ann!

I have never been so happy to be a part of something philanthropic, such as this QOV Block Drive!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you ALL for your kindness!
Keep them cards and letters comin' in!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, March 15, 2014

HOLY COW....and......The Hallelujah Chorus...........RSC2014

Are any of you all baseball fans?

Well, being from the St. Louis area, you can probably guess I am a BIG-TIME St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan?  And with spring training in full swing, I can hardly wait for opening day!  When I was a kid, I would particularly like watching the Cards play the Chicago Cubs when the famous Harry Carey would announce the game and would throw in a "HOLY COW!!!!" every now and then!

I was repeatedly saying, "HOLY COW!!!!!!" every time I went to the post office this week!  You all are AMAZING and VERY generous!  I feel as though this QOV block drive has already been a great success just by "meeting" some of you through blogging and the kind notes you have sent along with some BEAUTIFUL BLOCKS!

307 blocks to date!

Please realize, when I started this block drive, I was very modest in my estimation as to how many quilters would participate?  I am BEYOND PLEASED with the turn out, and let's keep the ball rolling so we can make as many quilts of valor as we can!  Rest assured....I am NOT overwhelmed, nor will I be!  After all, this block drive is ALL ABOUT THE VETERANS!  ALL, and  I do mean ALL blocks received WILL be turned into Quilts of Valor and distributed to veterans by Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.  (I have even been receiving offers to help me from some quilting elves!)  I will be keeping a running total of blocks received during the block drive, and I will post photos of all quilts made from them.  This is my passion, and I want to make you all proud to be a part of it!

Cue the "Hallelujah Chorus" please.........

Here is a list of the AWESOME people I have received blocks from this week:

Debra of Feathers In My Nest 
Sandy in Texas
Adele in Louisiana
Sharon of Vroomans Quilts 
Andee of The Modern Diary
Peggy in Illinois
Megan in Washington
Jeanne of Loving Retirement
Wanda of Exuberant Color
Brenda in Kentucky
Gina in Missouri
Susan in Wisconsin
Pat in Wisconsin
Wanda in Texas
Donna in Wisconsin
Paula in Nebraska
Karen of Moose Bay Muses
Shirl in Pennsylvania
Pat in Washington
Paula in Michigan
Lynn in Missouri
Beverly in Kansas

(If you sent me 5 blocks and your name is not listed and you are from the Salt Lake City, Utah area, PLEASE contact me!  I received 5 blocks from someone who did not give me any return info?)

I can't thank Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville and Kim of Pokeytown Kim for believing in this block drive, and thrusting it to so many quilters attention!

A few things to remember:
- Quilt blocks should measure 12.5" (12 1/2") UNFINISHED.
-I realize computer monitors are different, and the colors on the sample quilt and blocks may look darker, but, please mix and match colors in the following families so we may remain consistent:

Blues from Navy to Light Blue.....please stay away from blue greens and turquoise.
Reds from Arrest me Red to deep rich reds, try to stay away from pink- reds or burgundy.
Neutrals from whites to tans, no browns please.
Golds from bright yellow gold to darker ocher gold.

- Patterned fabric is different than printed fabric, here are a few examples of patterned (tone on tone) fabrics that are perfectly acceptable to use:

All of these fabrics will read as a solid when placed in the quilts.
Please click on the photos to view them larger.

Please refer to the following link if you have any questions about anything concerning this block drive:
You may also contact me by commenting, or e-mailing me from the top right corner of the blog.

REMINDER:  If you are a no-reply blogger and you do not leave your e-mail address, I CAN'T reply to you.  I would love to be able to reply to everyone that asks a question. 

Please refer to the following link to view the prize packages:

for donating to the prize packages!

And remember, if you are in the metro St. Louis area, Kelly at O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop has some great kits that are ready to be made into blocks!
Make 5 and enter O'Sewpersonal's block drive!

And, other things going on in my world......

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color this month is:

Soul Searching block

Crumby Maverick Stars
Linking up with Scraphappy Saturday.


I wonder what these three photos are of and what they are for?
Where is it's/their destination?
Is it all of the same quilt, or three different quilts????

I WONDER??????????

Thanks again for your continued encouragement!
I look forward to showing you many more blocks and quilts next week!
I am very thankful for having met IN PERSON some fellow bloggers this week!
Kevin the Quilter