Friday, August 19, 2016

August continues.........

 Howdy all you quilting enthusiasts out there!

This summer has flown by, but, August continues.
I am quite surprised by this.
I did a lot of my flying in the beginning of this month so I could have a large chunk of time off to get
some things done around the Quilt Cave, and they are actually getting done!

Here are a few photos of the quilty things that have taken place around here.

It seems like all of my blogging friends are going through scraps these days!
Just scroll through the blogs I read to find out!
Myself included, of course, this is one of my favorite things to do besides sew them together!
If quilting were an Olympic sport, I definitely would get a gold medal in scrap organization!

Some readers and friends have asked what I will save from a bag of scraps that is 
given to me?  Well, I will save down to 1.5" squares.  Anything smaller is
allocated my crumb bins, or to dog beds  Pictured above are irregular strips from scrap pulls 
that I am going to use my AccuQuilt Studio die cutter on.

As you can see in this photo, this strip is alllllllmmmmmmmooooooooost 1.5" wide.
It's a little wonky on one side.

My AccuQuilt Studio can breeze through scraps like this and I can 
get a lot of nice accurately cut strips.

These are all 2.5" strips of patriotic scraps from various scrap bags I have pulled.
Together, they will become a beautiful quilt for a veteran!

They will go into quilts like Bonnie's Scrappy Trips pattern.
My friend Bev came over to have a sew day with me and use these strips I pulled.
She is in the process of making several of these for veterans.

And you all know how much I love looking through older magazines.
Here is a very easy pattern that can use these strips.
I love being able to use up every last inch of fabric that I can!

Our Scrap Club at O'Sewpersonal in O'Fallon, Missouri continues to grow.
I am so very proud of this group of quilters.
Many of them are scrap enthusiasts, but, some are not.
Some are new quilters, some are quilters that use all yardage to make quilts.
We have all been growing and learning from each other.
We have enough students now to have 2 different classes, and I couldn't be happier about it.
Call the shop if you are interested in joining us!

Students have been sharing what they are creating along the way.
Here, Chris shares the story about her grandmother's lovely antique quilt on the left.
Chris now has the confidence to take a quilt like this, and interpret it in her own modern way.
You can see her progress on the design wall.

Did I mention how proud I am of these quilters?????

And here is proof of my ladies labors.........literally!
I get a few more eggs each day from the chickens.
This is so exciting to be able to enjoy fresh eggs again.
The little egg on the bottom right is the first egg from my
little bantam hen, Henny Penny.
I wish you were all here to try these delicious "cackleberries!"
That's what my dad calls them.......think about it......LOLOLOLOL

In closing, I want to continue to urge you all to go through your scraps and use them.
Don't let them languish away in a bin, closet, or drawer.  You could be making not only a beautiful quilt for someone, but, you could be making a difference in the recipient, not to mention yourself!

Enjoy these last days of Summer!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, August 5, 2016

QOV and Family Time.........


This past week I was able to share about Quilts of Valor, and make some
presentations to 4 Veterans in Mexico, Missouri with the Prairie Pine Quilt Guild.

Many times when I am asked to present QOVs, I bring quilts from the BLOCK DRIVE
quilts.  But, this time was a little different.  When I was contacted by this guild's program chair, Lou,
she was so excited about the idea of presenting, she and 2 other quilters made 3 of the quilts
that were presented!  I hope I am able to encourage other quilters to take the time
to make a quilt for Quilts of Valor.

 Of course, Huffman's Hotties made a special appearance at the trunk show!

The guild generously donated unwanted fabrics to me.
This was a huge haul, and full of some great fabrics to be used in QOVs!
Thanks to one of the member's daughter, Winona, for helping me load it all into 
my vehicle!

I would like to thank Lou and the Prairie Pine Quilt Guild for the invitation!
I had a wonderful time with you all!

I have a question for you all......

Which of the following blocks do you prefer?

Block A


Block B

Both were made of scraps.....using the Circle of Squares
block tutorial by Toefeather's blog.

You all KNOW Block B screams my name!
But, I want to show quilters, you can make an entire
quilt from your scraps/stash and it doesn't have to be scrappy per se.
 I can't wait to get these finished and show both versions side by side!

Which block screams your name and why???

Sophia loves her daddy and her daddy loves her!
My little baby girl Sophia Annabella turned 10 years old on Aug 2nd!
Thanks to my friend Bev for this great photo!

And, if you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know the beginning
of August is family time for us around here!
We celebrate my dad's birthday, and my sister takes her kiddos
back to school shopping.

Here are a few photos of our family time!

Enjoying the fire pit on the outdoor patio.
I have been waiting to share this area of the Quilt Cave with my family.

As you can see, my mom on the far left and my sister are cracking up
about something while my dad methodically roasts some hot dogs.
(Disclaimer from my mother,....she was freezing and was wearing
a pair of borrowed socks and my sister's tennis shoes.) LOLOL

Smores anyone????

My dear old dad blowing out the candles on his cupcakes 
in celebration of his 76th birthday.
I am so blessed to have this good ole boy as my dad.

There was some sew time with my niece and nephew!
They wanted to make some pillow cases!
I am so happy to be able to share this passion of quilting and sewing
with them!

They did a great job picking out their fabrics and
sewing the cases together.
Hannah decided to use a scrap as a bow! LOL

For Dad's birthday dinner we went to Lotawata Creek Southern Grill
in Fairview Heights, IL.
I had never been there, and was really impressed!
GIGANTIC portions of food for a very reasonable price!

Here is dad with his country fried steak sandwich!

Not to be outdone by Lil' Bub's Plain Jane Burger.

We will definitely be going back to this place!

And to top things off, we all went as a family to an Antique Mall!
This is the FIRST time we have ever done this together,
and I hope it won't be the last time!
We all had a blast!

Here's hoping you get to enjoy some family time!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, July 22, 2016


 Hey everybody!

We as quilters are some of the most generous human beings on the planet.......
at least that is MY opinion.

As you all know, I LOVE giving quilts to people!

Quilts of Valor............

Anniversary Quilts.............

Memory Quilts........

Quilts for special occasions...........

The list goes on and on!

I LOVE sharing my art with others!

However, how does one who gives quilts, receive a quilt?


I literally was thrilled to death when my quilting buddy Bev gifted me
with her recent finish of Bonnie Hunter's 
Tumalo Trail!

This is my housewarming present from her!
It is beyond beautiful!
How fitting!
A beautiful quilt, from quilting friend to quilting friend!

This quilt shall be used and cherished the rest of my days!
Thanks Bev!!!!
You KNOW I love it!

Most quilters have heard of Dusty Farrell?
He is an amazing quilter with several accolades behind his name!
My friend Ann of  Attic Threads & Quilts recently hosted him
for several workshops with quilters from around our area.
Ann was nice enough to invite me over to meet him and
I was given a personal trunk show of his work.  He even 
showed me some of his work on the machine.  
Here he is quilting on some leather duds
for a biker babe!

Dusty and his wife Stephanie own
and attend virtually every major quilt show across the United States.
Here Stephanie is showing our group some of the 
templates she uses for domestic machine quilting.
The templates were really great too!

At the most recent meeting of Perky Piecers in Troy, Missouri, we had
our Officer's Luncheon.  And, along with it, we had our show and share
of the mystery quilt most of us participated in.
This was the quilt named after your's truly!

I think it is so cool to see all of the variations of the same pattern.
Please enjoy the following quilt show!

 Marcia's version........

 Helen's version.......

 Dot's version.........

 Susan's version.........
You may be asking yourself why Susan is holding a photo of her version.......
regrettably, Susan's quilt studio caught on fire, and it was a complete loss.
Could you imagine losing your entire quilting studio?
It boggles my mind how lost I would feel!
Susan has handled it with such class and grace though.
I really admire her!

 Judy's version..........

 Loretta's version.......


Lou's version!

They are all so different, but, yet they are they same.

For those of you who have contacted me concerning the Southwest system shut down, yes, I was involved in it.  After hours of delays, and a day of standing in line to get home, I finally was able to rest in my own bed, in my own home last night.  Was it frustrating?  Of course, but, things could be worse.......

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, July 10, 2016

WINNER!......and more............

Here's hoping you ALL had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

Thank you ALL for the beautiful comments you shared about "Red, White, and Blue" along with your favorite ways to spend the 4th of July!

I will be sharing my 4th of July celebration with everyone in just a moment........

BUT FIRST............

I want to thank Travis of 

for offering the wonderful fat quarter bundle giveaway in my last post.

 Since ole' Uncle Kevin here is technologically illiterate,
I did the drawing the old fashioned way!
I placed all of the names in a plastic container......

And drew a name at random.........

The lucky winner is........

Randy of Barrister's Block!

Travis and I congratulate you Randy, and hope you enjoy your new fat quarter bundle!
(I have sent you an e-mail so your fabric can be on it's way to you!)

Thanks again to EVERYONE for playing!

Now, how about a photographic view of my most recent activities?

I typically spend the 4th of July with my family.
My sister hosts a nice summer dinner, and then my niece and nephew, 
along with their father and his brother shoot off fireworks for all to see.
This year's show was a stunner as usual.  However, getting good shots of 
fireworks didn't pan out as I had planned.

While visiting the family, we were reminiscing about my Meemaw who taught me how
to sew, and quilt.  You all KNOW how influential she was to me and my
eventual love of quilting.  Her favorite quilt to sew was "Trip Around the World."
She had a particular quilt that she used daily, and spread across the back of her
couch, that I thought had been lost long ago........

 Lo and behold, my sister has it!
This is a very humble quilt made of double knit polyester!
It will last FOREVER!
I am just happy to know that it has remained in the family
and will continue to do so!

After viewing the fireworks, I brought my niece and nephew 
home with me to stay for a few days.
They know I will do whatever they want to do and
take them wherever they want to go.
Uncles are allowed to spoil their nieces and nephews a little!

The kiddos wanted to play miniature golf.
Something I am admittedly not very good at!
So usually, the game consists of the kids laughing at me!

They also wanted to go to the St. Louis Zoo.
I have to admit, I love going to the zoo as St. Louis has 
one of the best zoos in the country!

We decided to have a look alike contest with the great apes!

Clearly, I look nothing like these wonderful mammals!

I think Holly needs sunglasses on her head to
see the true resemblance to Hannah?

Hmmm.......Curtis is looking a lot like this gorilla!

The winner of the look a like contest this day was my friend Mike!
Don't you agree???? LOLOL

And, before you think the zoo and quilts have nothing in common......

Here is Curtis in the Insecterium with
the bug quilt!

I had a wonderful visit with the kiddos, and all too soon it was over.
Back home they went, and I went back to quilting........

I received this from the Missouri Star Quilt Company
unexpectedly, and thought someone was trying to surprise me?

It contained these goodies!
I called MSQC to see if I could find out if I had 
ordered something inadvertently or if someone had
surprised me?  They said that several of these were
sent out as a thank you to random customers.

I am still thinning out those strings and crumbs with a few new projects!
These new projects will be shared soon, I promise......and have made for
very easy sewing while I am flying!
 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Accuquilt Studio!

Perhaps you all remember the smaller group I am a part of
called Perky Piecers, and the Friendship Triangle Exchange we
participated in all of last year?  Each month we made half square triangles
in a different color to represent that month's birthstone color.
Well, all of the triangles have been sorted thanks to the help of my
friend Kim, and will be going to their new homes this week!
I can't WAIT to see what the members create with their
half square triangles!

And, I am very happy to say that the chickens are
FINALLY earning their keep!
The first egg is always so exciting to find!
When first laying, the eggs are not the prettiest, but, this egg
proves the gal that laid it will eventually be providing 
wonderful eggs!
At a little over 4 months, I am VERY surprised to already start
receiving an egg here and there.  However, it is not unheard of.
I think the ladies are very happy with their new home and are 
showing their appreciation!

And for those of you who made comments about what type
of barn quilt I should make for the chicken barn.......
I think I have made my decision.......

"Hen & Chicks" is beyond appropriate and doable!
These are some photos I found on google images that
helped solidify my decision!

Thanks to all of you who stop by for a visit!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter