Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year........O! M! G!............

Happy New Year to you all!

O! M! G!

I simply cannot believe we are in a new year already.  Moreover, I cannot believe we are 8 days into the new year, and I have NOT:

-blogged since before Christmas
-finished storing my Christmas decorations
-stuck to my diet (well, this isn't all that unbelievable!)
-completed Celtic Solstice!!!!!!!

You will simply have to forgive me.  I worked the week after Christmas and over New Year's Eve.  Weather, delays, reroutes and long days prevented me from being able to complete clue #5, and I completely missed the New Year's Eve reveal of Celtic Solstice!  I truly thought there may be another clue?  I was snoring in the new year as several Bonniacs were celebrating the unveiling of this year's mystery from our beloved Bonnie!  

So, how about a few photos of my progress thus far?

I like both layouts of the chevron blocks, so I have decided to incorporate them into my version of Celtic Solstice.  I realize this isn't a contest of who gets done first, but, I simply must accept the fact that I am going to have to post unfinished photos of the quilt top, so..........

 Some sections are sewn, obviously the blocks on the right haven't been trimmed or sewn together yet.  Borders haven't been touched yet! :-/

I really love the pattern Bonnie!  You are so talented to create such a wonderful FREE pattern for your loyal followers!  I am working yet again this week, and this project won't travel well with me.  Therefore, I will take some other items to work on along with some books I received for Christmas.

There is some great inspiration in these books!

And, here are some photos taken during Christmas.  I know there are a lot of them, but, I hope you enjoy them none the less.

She loved her memory quilt!

He loved his memory quilt!

He loved his memory quilt!  He immediately began hugging and cuddling it!
Warms the heart, doesn't it?

She loved her memory quilt!

There were tears shed.

But, he really loved his memory quilt!

I was able to embellish some kitchen towels for my sister from her father in law's shirts.

I modified this tutorial to make these towels.

And, finally, I want to give my new found blogging friend Shanna, of Sparrow in Flight a HUGE thank you!
We have been keeping up with each other's progress on Bonnie's mystery, and she GENEROUSLY sent me...........

this huge lot of fabric to be used in Quilts of Valor!

Thanks again Shanna........the fabric is greatly appreciated and will be used to make more quilts of valor!

Hopefully I can get on a better blogging schedule when I return from flying this week.
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Yay on an update of Celtic Solstice! I know there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done! Love that everyone was happy with their memory quilts! Way to score the QOV fabrics..

  2. Kevin,'re going to use work as an excuse for not blogging and all the other things!!! LOL, just kidding, I can imagine how busy this time of year must be for you. It looks like everyone loved their gifts....nothing is better than a memory quilt. Looks like you have some great books to read and you'll get your Celtic Solstice done soon but.......I just started quilting mine.....hehehe!

  3. Welcome back - so nice to see you back in Blogland! I missed seeing your progress on your CS quilt. It looks Great!! Everyone looks so touched by the fabulous memory quilt gifts. They turned out beautiful. Happy New Year & Happy Quilting!

  4. Hey, we all deserve breaks from our blogs, and the holidays are a great time for that. :) Wonderful shots of the memory quilts going "home" to their people!

  5. Wow, your sewing machine must be smokin' after making all those quilts for Christmas. BTW, just because I finished all the parts and pieces of CS before you doesn't mean I will get the top pieced together before you (not that it's a race, as you wrote). Once it gets to this stage, it's all mechanics (and boring) to me. I am forcing myself to do a row a day. It's torture.

  6. I LOVE your colors!! I figured you were probably working but was anxious to see your blocks and you certainly didn't disappoint! I'm sure work has been stressful this time of year. I finally reached my brother today. He left Monday morning from Washington state on route to his home in Indiana traveling through Detroit where he ended up spending two nights, one in the airport and one in a hotel with room prices double the norm. But he was happy to find a room. He was told that the hotels were filled for a 12 mile radius around the airport. After determining that he wouldn't be able to fly out until Friday, he rented a car and drove to the airport he had left from to claim his car which was now buried in a pile of snow. He couldn't have driven home any sooner though since all the roads in Indiana were closed due to the poor road conditions. But he made it back safely and after some sleep tonight he'll try to blow his driveway clear of the knee deep snow that has accumulated while he was gone!

  7. Okay, ASIDE from the fabulously ahh-MAZING Celtic Solstice layout and fabric selection.....
    HOLY QUILTS BATMAN! Alright, have you completely been keeping them under wraps?? When on EARTH did all of those amazing quilts get made????
    You are simply awesome!
    Enjoy the new year; enjoy some down-time with your FUN reading materials, and enjoy the moment when you get to finally play with all of those wonderful fabric goodies.

  8. OMG! So many memories from all your gifts. You done good kid! Your Celtic Solstice looks fantastic too. Safe travels

  9. Yay! How awesome! Love that everyone was so happy with their quilts..thats the best! Celtic Solstice is looking great!

  10. Well, Kevin, it's about time that you posted your Celtic Soltice!! LOL! I've been waiting to see it and it is gonna be fantastic!!! Love the colors!

    What great memories in the pics to go along with the memory quilts! Wonderful!

  11. CS will turn out great, and the memory quilts are just gorgeous!

  12. Wow! You sure accomplished a lot Kevin. Everyone looks very pleased

  13. You have been very busy making all those quilts! You are very creative. I love how you changed the chevrons. I also made my celtic solstice in patriotic colors. Keep sewing you are doing amazing things. Tanya from Springfield, MO

  14. After talking to all my co-workers who flew over Christmas about their travel travails, it's amazing you are as far along on CS as you are. It must have been brutal. CS is looking great. Hope you find some quality stitching time this week.

  15. Wow! I didn't realize how many memory quilts you had made. It's nice that they were each so different. I'm sure they're going to be used and loved and cried into over the coming months and years. As for your Celtic Solstice, it reminds me of confetti. I like the color combination and hope you find time to work on it again soon.

  16. Such emotional moments Kevin! I know you had to have felt like your heart was bursting when presenting such sentimental quilts! THAT's what quilting is all about!!!

    Also LOVE that you are using both chevron designs in your quilt - it adds pizzazz to the MAX!!! Your colors are working together so perfectly - love it!!!! And I can't wait to see your new creations from those yummy books :*)

  17. So pleased your family were so thrilled with their beautiful quilts. Very special treasures made with love. Celtics Solstice looks AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing which projects you make from your new books. I purchased Sunday Morning Quilts a while ago and hope to start some projects soon.

  18. Your Celtic Solstice colors are wonderful. I especially like your use of gray. Beautiful quilt gifts, too! Lucky recipients. Happy New Year anyway... 12 days late!

  19. Love ALL of your memory quilts AND those TOWELS are fantastic!!!
    I love seeing how productive you are. I need to become more productive like you!

  20. LOVE your Celtic solstice.... but the little boy... oh my - that made my heart so happy. You did good Kevin!! Enjoy your books and new fabrics. ( how do you meet all these people!)

  21. I knew there was a good reason you were so quiet lately. Your CS looks wonderful. I don't have mine together yet and I don't have your good excuse either! So glad your family loved their memory quilts. You did an amazing job on all of them. Looks like you received some great quilting inspirations in those books. I know you will find some great quilts to start. Lucky you to get so many fabrics for QOV. They will be put to good use, I'm sure.

  22. All the memory quilts turned out great. Hope you get some well earned rest soon.