Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just in time.....

I made it just in time for May's color of green for RSC14!

 Modified Maverick Stars

Here are all of the Maverick Stars playing together!

And here is the green "Soul Searching" block.
I am LOVING these black backgrounds!

Linking up with soscrappy.

And here are a few stockings in blue I have made for another Veterans sewing group I am a part of.

No blocks came in today, so, we have ALL of our entries for the big drawings!


Check back on Monday to see if you are one of the winners in

Kevin the Quilter's Quilt of Valor Block Drive!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I'm loving those black backgrounds too Kevin!!! That is going to be an amazing quilt :) And your Maverick Stars are a little like you, am I right? Kinda different and going in their own direction, regardless of what anyone thinks.... too cool!!!! I got my green Hootie done just under the wire too, but Soul Searching will have to get done in June.

  2. Did Nevada ever get some blocks to you?

  3. Whoo hoo for you to be all caught up! I didn't quite make the RBSC Soul Searching block for May. Will have to double up in June. I love your little blue stocking blocks. Too cute.

  4. Your Maverick stars are awesome! Thanks again for organizing the Quilts of Valor block drive :) You rock!!

  5. I want to make modified maverick stars now!! Those are gorgeous!!!

  6. Wow those mavericks really are scrappy

  7. Wow! Your modified maverick stars are marvelous! What a stunning quilt you are going to have.

  8. LOVE you modified Maverick Stars! I've made them the traditional way that Bonnie has on her site, but I love the way you've crumb pieced yours!!! You are like me in that I can't throw a scrap away! LOL

  9. What bold use of colour. Love the Maverick blocks. It's so nice to see even the smallest crumbs put together into a slab and cut up like regular fabric. Souls searching is very dramatic.

  10. I missed this post. Love all of your scrappy projects, especially the green.

  11. Love the stars they are so cute. Great soul block and socks. I need Red to be next for some blocks, yellow it is.

  12. Love the Maverick Stars blocks, Kevin! I may "borrow" this idea ... :) Pat