Monday, October 26, 2015

Photos as of late.......

My apologies to those who have messaged me, and haven't received a reply from me yet!

I am in a backlog, and you can only guess the reason why.........

This move has consumed my life!!!!

Although I am very happy that I sold my home, it encourages my thinking that my next home will be my last.  Moving has not been my favorite activity, and it has taken up a lot of my free time.  Not one stitch has been sewn in a couple of weeks!  YIKES!  That is except sewing bindings and labels. As I am preparing for some Quilts of Valor presentations in Kansas City next month.......

I had a dream the other night that I was getting ready to present the Quilts of Valor, and I had left home without them 4 hours away........I was frantic when I awoke.......thank God it was only a dream! This pretty much is the story of my life these in a home where everything is gone, and trying to find it in the other place I am moving to during my transition.

However, I would like to share some photos that have been taken lately.......
from other people's phones first........

 Is this not hilarious?
My friend Debby came into Osewpersonal one day last week, and brought me  
Debby is a super talented sewer, and she had brought in a shop sample
that I started playing with, and I said it would make a good pillow...... she came in the next day with "MUNCH!"
Thanks Debby!!!!!
Munch is going to be my mascot now! LOL

My friend Danielle brought to my attention she had taken this photo.....
These gals are true friends at the shop.....
I love when they come in to visit with me!
I couldn't help but crack up when Danielle shared this with me though!

My mother's family reunion was held last are a few photos
I took at it........

It's hard to believe my mom only has 3 siblings left.
There were 12 children in her family.

Better watch out what these guys have to say!
You will definitely get an ear full!

My cousin Kim with my  beautiful momma.

My beautiful cousin Carrie and me.

This little guy is such a love bug hanging onto my momma!
This is Victor, Carrie's little boy.

Me and my sis.

Here's my family!
Hey look!  We are all actually smiling!

And look who it is!!!!
Cousin Phyllis!!!!!
And guess what she was blessed to receive?????

Holy camoly!  What a great Craigslist find!!!!
A White Singer Featherweight!
Phyllis is smitten and in love!
She has named her June in honor of her mother.
Congrats Phyllis on such a wonderful acquisition!
I can't wait to sew along with you and June soon!

After the reunion, I drove my mom and dad back home with me
so they could help me with some things around the house......

Here dad is getting some work done.............

Can you believe it?  My dad is 75 years old, and I came in the back yard to find
him inside the coop!  We had to detach this section in order to move it......
I surely hope I am limber enough to do things like this when I am 75!!!!
I love my family! 

Well, folks, I am about to embark on the next chapter of my life......
I am almost done with my move, and the closing for this house is scheduled for Nov 5th.....
I am READY to have some fun with friends in Houston at the International Quilt Festival!
Please come speak to me if you see me there!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter



  1. Love the family photos - and look how svelt you are getting!

  2. Crazy time, moving is - hate it!!! So excited to hear about your new "forever" home when you get there. Have a blast in Houston...I'm still working on your quilt, but a couple with deadlines got tossed into the mix, sorry!!! I'll need a new address to mail it to!!

  3. Enjoying your blog
    Take care of your self moving is hugely stressful ......besides being a lot of hard work.
    Makes you want to
    1. Never move again
    2. Make sure everything in your house can be "folded down" so it can fit in a car
    3. Make you decide to live with less "stuff"

  4. Transition is only a season of life - hang in there! Love the Real Men Quilt shirt! Cousin Phyllis totally scored on that FW beauty. I hope you have a blast in Houston - unwind, de-stress, get inspired, have fun and shop til you drop!

  5. Make sure you give reports from Houston! I went last year, first time and would love to do it again sometime. It is overwhelming, I think I could handle it better this time. Great photos of your family! Now, go and sew.

  6. Hang tough! Moving is so many things--emotional, physical, financial. Your parents are just the best.

  7. Thanks for sharing the happy pictures. Have a super time in Houston. Wish I were going. Next year! Good luck with your new digs. The stressful part will be over soon and then - watch out!

  8. Good hearing from you, Kevin! Keep us posted on the move and have fun in Houston.

  9. LOVE the groupies photo - lots of other terrific photos/memories in this post, too. Good luck with the moving - and don't be afraid to throw away the stuff you don't need! (or donate it, etc.)

  10. What a lovely and nice family Kevin ! Thank you for sharing !
    Move house is not easy and very very stressful.... I did it 7 times in 17 years ! So i'm sure you can do it and succeed ! :)
    I wish you nice moments in Houston ! Enjoy.....
    Hugs !!

  11. What a fun time with your family ;-) And you have groupies - I love it!

  12. I'm impressed with how limber your dad is too! We can only hope to be so agile. Exciting and busy times for you. I totally agree, moving really is not fun, no matter what you are movIng on to next. Have fun in Houston and hopefully you will be back stitching soon.

  13. Great looking family! I feel your pain. My husband & I moved 2 months ago after being in the same house for 25 years. Let's not talk about stuff. And I'm not a "keeper." I play a mean game of "pitch & toss." Still....

  14. Moving will soon be a bad memory but now you get to start some new ones. Have fun in Houston.

  15. Moving will soon be a bad memory but now you get to start some new ones. Have fun in Houston.

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  17. I don't want to move again, either. Can you imagine how much stuff I'd have to pack up??? I went thru the sewing machines in my dining room this week (selling 2 as hand cranks), and I have 22 machines just in that room! Oh my!

  18. You have a chicken coop? Any chickens to go with it? Moving sucks. That's all I'm gonna say on that topic.

  19. Great Pictures and I hope you're having an amazing adventure in Houston!
    BTW, I'm back with a new blog, :)

  20. Hope you are having a great time in Houston and that the worst of the moving is over.

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