Friday, August 5, 2016

QOV and Family Time.........


This past week I was able to share about Quilts of Valor, and make some
presentations to 4 Veterans in Mexico, Missouri with the Prairie Pine Quilt Guild.

Many times when I am asked to present QOVs, I bring quilts from the BLOCK DRIVE
quilts.  But, this time was a little different.  When I was contacted by this guild's program chair, Lou,
she was so excited about the idea of presenting, she and 2 other quilters made 3 of the quilts
that were presented!  I hope I am able to encourage other quilters to take the time
to make a quilt for Quilts of Valor.

 Of course, Huffman's Hotties made a special appearance at the trunk show!

The guild generously donated unwanted fabrics to me.
This was a huge haul, and full of some great fabrics to be used in QOVs!
Thanks to one of the member's daughter, Winona, for helping me load it all into 
my vehicle!

I would like to thank Lou and the Prairie Pine Quilt Guild for the invitation!
I had a wonderful time with you all!

I have a question for you all......

Which of the following blocks do you prefer?

Block A


Block B

Both were made of scraps.....using the Circle of Squares
block tutorial by Toefeather's blog.

You all KNOW Block B screams my name!
But, I want to show quilters, you can make an entire
quilt from your scraps/stash and it doesn't have to be scrappy per se.
 I can't wait to get these finished and show both versions side by side!

Which block screams your name and why???

Sophia loves her daddy and her daddy loves her!
My little baby girl Sophia Annabella turned 10 years old on Aug 2nd!
Thanks to my friend Bev for this great photo!

And, if you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know the beginning
of August is family time for us around here!
We celebrate my dad's birthday, and my sister takes her kiddos
back to school shopping.

Here are a few photos of our family time!

Enjoying the fire pit on the outdoor patio.
I have been waiting to share this area of the Quilt Cave with my family.

As you can see, my mom on the far left and my sister are cracking up
about something while my dad methodically roasts some hot dogs.
(Disclaimer from my mother,....she was freezing and was wearing
a pair of borrowed socks and my sister's tennis shoes.) LOLOL

Smores anyone????

My dear old dad blowing out the candles on his cupcakes 
in celebration of his 76th birthday.
I am so blessed to have this good ole boy as my dad.

There was some sew time with my niece and nephew!
They wanted to make some pillow cases!
I am so happy to be able to share this passion of quilting and sewing
with them!

They did a great job picking out their fabrics and
sewing the cases together.
Hannah decided to use a scrap as a bow! LOL

For Dad's birthday dinner we went to Lotawata Creek Southern Grill
in Fairview Heights, IL.
I had never been there, and was really impressed!
GIGANTIC portions of food for a very reasonable price!

Here is dad with his country fried steak sandwich!

Not to be outdone by Lil' Bub's Plain Jane Burger.

We will definitely be going back to this place!

And to top things off, we all went as a family to an Antique Mall!
This is the FIRST time we have ever done this together,
and I hope it won't be the last time!
We all had a blast!

Here's hoping you get to enjoy some family time!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Love the QOV preentation photo. The new blocks look grand - either way (but I am partial to scrappy). Glad you are enjoying family time.

  2. Kevin, I love your quilts and the energy you share. But best of all to me, honestly, is your love for your family!! It's obvious in every picture. Lucky you!!

  3. I would do Block A (that's the OCD in me) but make each one different, maybe even mix up the color placement which could give a secondary design.

  4. Hafta say im quite partial to block A, just seems to make the circle pop better. Your family is so beautiful Kevin and you are a credit to them, glad to see they are enjoying the "cave" as much as you. Cherish time with them as we all know how short life can be.

  5. You certainly don't let grass grow under your feet. Block B- it has so much interest and sparkle. Your family looks like it has so much fun together! So much wish I had a QOV group near me in Buffalo, NY.

  6. Last weekend my SIL had aleerted me to an opportunityto participate with a QOV project in her area in TN. A 24 bed veteran's home will be opening there sometime next year. She is feeling led to provide quilts for the beds to make it more homelike enlisting the help from her guild, me and problably my mom since we both quilt, other quilting friends, etc. This is the very block that immediately sprung to mind, Kevin.

    A friend had pointed me to it a few months ago. I drew it up in EQ eliminating a superfluous square (rectangle on those corner sections, not sewing the same background squsre to another just like it!). I also pumped it up to 18 and even 21 inches as a possibility, depending on what size quilt my SIL was asking for. I'm going to do it! Another friend pointed me to your blog since I was talking to her about my plans.

    I would probably pick A but only since I have the white yardage I need on hand. Nothing wrong with your B version though. I've made a lot of scrappy quilts since donation quilts came into my life! I had not thought about putting a solid blue at center though, still thinking of toefeather's original drawing but I might put gold there instead since R, W, B, gold are requested but go scrappy on the rings themselves.

    Looks like a wonderful time with your family. Wow, those sandwiches looked amazing! The birthday boy certainly looked as though he was enjoying it anyway, LOL.

  7. No doubt you spent wonderful moments with your family ! We all have to cherish these moments ...
    The work you've done for the QOV is amazing... bravo Kevin !

  8. My goodness, I bet you all created a riot in that antique shop! No doubt a great time was had by all :*). It's always heartwarming to see the QOV presentations - and I love that you are always inspiring others to want to sew quilts. Love the pillowcases! That's the first thing I taught my granddaughter too :*). Tell your mom she's GORGEOUS, no matter what she wears, and she has probably already started a new fashion trend - I expect it to go viral any day now!

  9. Definitely Block B. For those of us who have been making quilts for many years (me, over 50 years), block A would be so boring. We have been there, done that so many times over the years and now we need variety, all of the red scraps, all of the light neutral scraps. 100 different fabrics in a quilt is so much more fun than 3 fabrics.

  10. I like block A better and Sassi above said what I was thinking. Maybe the next block would have all the same "white" but different than the one before. Just a thought... You have such a great family...lucky you.

  11. Oh, you know I love B best :). All the donated fabric looks like hours of sorting fun!!!! Happy, happy birthday to your Dad.

  12. So hard to decide. My eye likes Block A better but my scrappy heart likes Block B.

  13. Great post! You know it's Block B for me. I can't imagine taking my family to the antique mall! How special!

  14. It looks like you had a great time with both the veterans and your family. Such fun! I think both blocks look great but I like Block B the best. But I think a quilt with both would look great, too.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  15. I see you had a blast for your dad's birthday celebration. Lots of special moments being stored. Really enjoyed the QOV photo. I gave my thoughts on the blocks, but either will look great in a quilt. You know I'm partial to scrappy quilts too. Thanks for the fun visit today and letting me cut on your amazing machine.

  16. Love family time! We had a wonderful time in Amish Country here this past week! We (all 20 of us) went to "The Farm At Walnut Creek" then dinner at an Amish Restaurant. Fun, fun, fun! Love the scrappy block best, but I can also see the advantages of the non scrappy block too, can't wait til you're done with both quilts to see how they turn out!

  17. Kevin...hello! I'm new to your blog and love your genuine spirit! So glad I found it and will be a regular follower. V:)

  18. Your family looks like at HOOT! So glad that you got to spend some time with them! :) Thank you for all you do with QOV!

  19. Block B, natch. Not even a close call. But as a Bonniac you already knew that.

  20. As always, lots of great photo's of you enjoying your wonderful life and family, and not forgetting Sophia woof woof! I prefer block #1 and maybe you could add a hst to each corner, 2 blue 2 red, to give it a secondary design. I can just hear your Mom now 'don't share that photo of me wearing socks' haha - lovely photo's :)

  21. Definitely block the scrappiness. I can't believe you are anywhere that is cool enough for socks.....and a fire in the firepit!? We are in South Carolina......the lowest temp might be 81 at 3am......otherwise in the 90s and heat index has been in the 100s. Your dog is just too cute! And your family too! So glad you are back to posting on your blog!

  22. We are so honored you came to the guild and we had a BLAST! My daughter is the one pictured and she is super excited to be on your blog!

    I am a block B girl!!

  23. I love the scrappy look block, but, I'd be more likely to make the top one. I'll do scraps one of these days...... I had to pull out socks this past week. We were in Alaska with our youngest son and his wife, and it got chilly.

  24. My preference is the first. I'm not a big fan of the completely scrappy, controlled scrappy is more my speed. Looks like you got off to a good start with your August activities. Happy birthday to everyone. Hope you've had lots of time to stitch.

  25. Block B for me all the way... the scrappier, the better (but then I'm from the Bonnie Hunter school of quilting!)
    I just finished my 3rd circle of squares block this week and they are FUN to sew!
    Have a great August!

  26. Both the blocks are great and they give off a very different vibe!! Of course B is you *grin* Love all the pictures of your family - your fire pit area is a perfect place to roast hotdogs and make s'mores!!!

  27. I'm so glad that all of those quilt blocks we sent you two years ago are still finding their way into Quilts of Valor. Way to go. How many quilts have you given away so far from your block drive?

  28. Better late than never! Block B is my choice!