Friday, February 16, 2018

Full Throttle February......

Hey everybody!

Those of you who have read my blog for the past few years KNOW that February is a non stop month for me.

Even more so than most months are!

SO APPROPRIATE for a flight attendant!
Being poked, gouged, hit, or swatted at by a 
passenger on the plane is one of my least favorite things
in the entire world!
A fellow flight attendant was wearing this pin on her
apron, and I had to share it! LOL

While doing my flight attendant re-certification training
I was able to visit with my friends Sam and Dan.
They treated me to Lou Malnati's
deep dish pizza in Chicago.
Although it was good, I prefer Girodano's
when it comes to deep dish pizza.
Which is your favorite???

And this is Twinkie!
This is Sam and Dan's bulldog!
Whatta sweetie Twinkie is!

Birthdays are abundant for my family throughout February!
How on earth is my mother 39 again, and my Bubs 14????????
I think it is so special they share their birthday....
what a nice gift my sister gave my mom that year! LOL
Did you notice my nephew's birthday cake he decorated himself?
I think that may be subliminal messaging!!!!

I was treated to a gift in the mail from Rosemary!

All Purpose cards handmade by her!
These are so nice!
This is from a photo I posted on my blog
that my friend Alycia of
took of Lilly Mae when she visited 
last summer.

Lilly Mae says thank you too Rosemary!

The repro blocks for Barb's
Churndash Swap Blocks
are completed!
I can't wait to see what I will get in return!

And you all know how handy my Dad is!
He made me this wonderful top for my ironing board.
I still need to get it covered, but, what a wonderful
ironing surface it is!
Lilly Mae is personally thanking PawPaw in this photo! LOL

And here are a few photos from my design wall.......


And I leave you with this funny........

How many of you does this apply to?
I know it does me! LOLOLOL

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Hey there, Kevin! No opinion on the pizza--never had either, but they both sound good to me. :)
    Great post. Thoughtful gift of those cards, churn dash blocks look good, your Dad could market those ironing tables!
    Loved the funny. I get all out of sorts when my fabrics aren't sorted!!

  2. I prefer very thin crust pizza and don't like to mix a lot of toppings. Plain Jane! Love the churns and what a great gift of the cards. I'd like an extra wide pressing board - once the 'studio' is set up. I think most of us scrappers are in the 'insane' catagory.

  3. I cannot believe people would swat, poke, prod- That's just plain rude! Of course, some folks think they are the center of the universe and the world revolves around them.
    Looks like you had some fun time even with the work.
    Great big ironing board now! Too cool!
    The cards are very special.

  4. Kevin this is a wonderful, fun and family update. Those greeting cards with your little sweetie, are just to thoughtful. What wonderful friends you have. I am loving the colours on those bowties. Keep on, keep on, keep on having your great life.

  5. Fabulous February and Happy Birthdays. I think you will have a goat in your future with Bubs. LOL. Love your design wall with sew much inspiration!

  6. I like any pizza I don't have to make, just as long as it's not one of those frozen cardboard things called pizza from the grocery store. If you think you love your wide ironing board now, wait it is actually in use, they're wonderful! Hope your life slows down somewhat do you can sew more. Blessings!

  7. Thanks, Kevin, I needed a cartoon laugh! I could have used that button in my recent hospital stay, it will probably take a month for my arms to recover. Good thing February is a short month for you. Great family photos! You have a great sense of humor, thanks.

  8. Great cartoon! You are a busy bee right now! Twinkie is a sweetie, kiss Lilly Mae for me.

  9. Great post, Kevin -- so much good happening during your busy month!

  10. Even though you are so busy, I'm glad you had a few moments for a post. Love the spread of Twinkie's toes ... LOL! And your Lilly Mae is a beauty! I always appreciate the Lockhorns. To me, they are so representative of my husband & me -- they keep me in stitches! *pun intended, sorry*

  11. Happy birthday to your mom and nephew. How special that they can share their special day. What a special gift of your precious Lilly Mae gift cards. I love and will eat any kind of pizza, but prefer the thin crust. You have lots of pretty eye candy on your design wall. And I am really envious of your beautiful big board that your father made you. Does he need a quilt in exchange for a big board?? :) I can handle that!

  12. My mom had her first child (my oldest brother) on her birthday. I just celebrated my 32 x 2 birthday last week. I have never had either pizza. Hope you get a breather in March. Just remember, you are rushing to Spring.

  13. I've never had either pizza but I prefer thin crust. Love the card and that ironing board will be amazing. Love the funny at the end, I tried to explain my scrap storage to my son who was looking for something 'interesting' to do and basically got the same response. I hope you have a bit more space in March.

  14. Looks like fun birthday time and what a cute doggie. My favorite pizza is from Slater’s in Bolton MA, wood fired thin crust and best of all it’s just a few minutes down the road from one of my LQSs, the Quilted Crow;). Great looking churn dashes - I’m finished with mine too and can’t wait to mail them in to Barb! Ha ha on the comic - we quilters do love to putter in our sewing spaces!

  15. Hilarious cartoon... and exactly true for me! I'm going to post it tomorrow!
    You're done your churn dash blocks already?!?! I'm planning to finish mine at retreat this week.
    Hope March is more relaxing for you!

  16. Girodano's! John made me a ironing board similar, and I love it. John read your cartoon, and said that he just doesn't say anything sometimes, so he doesn't get in trouble ;) Considering your age, I think your mom needs to be celebrating her 49th birthday.

  17. What a fun post as usual !!
    Happy birthday to your dear Mom and nephew !
    Great swap blocks. I can't wait to receive mine..... I make my own pizzas ! I have an Italian recipe and it's....awwww !!! 😊 delicious !!!

  18. It's always a hoot to read your blog! :) Love the handmade cards!! Love the quilts on your design wall...can't wait to see them finished!
    My DH made a top for my ironing board, too, out of plywood. Handiest thing ever!!!

  19. Every time I read one of those crazy stories about someone trying to bring a peacock or pig on a plane, yesterday it was a demon child crying on an eight hour international flight, I think of you and hope you weren't an attendant on that flight!!! Your mama looks fabulous for 77!!!!! Love that ironing board!

  20. I will be flying this week on your airline. I wouldn't think of touching - much less prodding or poking -anyone and certainly not the flight attendants. Sheesh! My destination is San Diego to see my brother. Guess what? QuiltCon is going on in Pasadena while I am there! Getting there will be a challenge given the traffic. I will try to get there.

    You will love that big ironing surface. It's a game changer. Your Dad is very handy, as mine was. Hope to see you at the Bits show next month. Hugs!

  21. Mental illness is right!! I think we all suffer a little from fabric overkill. I love that button and I could really us it for a friend of mine. She really is a dear friend, but I find myself checking for bruises after she leaves she is such a "poker"! And she is a friend, I can't imagine being poked by nasty plane travelers. I'll leave a could of quilting needles in the seat of a nasty customer the next time I fly - wink! Can your Dad visit my house for a few projects?? Have a great day!

  22. You are going to LOVE your big ironing board! I made one for myself when I was in Florida and it traveled all the way home to Washington with me. I forgot to bring it to Nevada with me and definitely miss it! Easy to cover with a couple of layers of batting and canvas using a manual stapler. Love your note need to frame one to keep forever! Would you believe that the creator of Pickles, Brian Crane, had a daughter (one of them) in my class one year??! Such a nice guy :) and so was his daughter. Have a blast with the rest of February...too bad you can't use a cattle prod on people who poke you!!

  23. You must have the patience of a saint to be a flight attendant these days. I have some business travel coming up next month and am completely dreading it (at least I managed to avoid O'Hare in my flight plans). Love the cards, those are so sweet. Glad to see you are still getting in some stitching too. Safe (and peaceful) travels.

  24. I am from Chicago and I actually like thin crust pizza the best, ha ha
    Great looking churn dashes!!! and I see you are playing with the bow ties :)
    great post and your dad board is wonderful!

  25. Your whole post made me smile. And I laughed out loud over the cartoon!! Thanks for the smiles. I'm more of a thin crust pizza lover, but when in Chicago, I'm happy to sample the deep dish version.

  26. POKE!! We nurses get pokes too...You will get a churn dash block from me!

  27. I cannot imagine a passenger even so much as touching a flight attendant! Sheesh. You have some fun things on your design wall. (And love the cartoon!)

  28. Your whole post made me smile. And I laughed out loud over the cartoon!! Thanks for the smiles. I'm more of a thin crust pizza lover, but when in Chicago, I'm happy to sample the deep dish version.


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