Friday, July 12, 2019

In the good ole' Summertime......

Summertime greetings from the Quilt Cave!

My little Sophia Annabella and I have been
 sewing the summer days away
in the Quilt Cave.

The quilters of
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
send you all a big hello!

Thanks for joining in with us for the......


Let's use the hashtag above when posting on
social media, shall we?

How is your first clue coming along?
I hope you are enjoying going through
your resources for the colors you have chosen
and using some scraps up!
Remember......this is not a race.
We have 2 more easy clues to make this
striking 2 color scrap quilt.
We may, or may not be done with Color 1???

Remember, the clues will be posted
on the 4th Thursday for the remaining
summer months of July and August.

Many have asked about the name of this quilt... put it simply.....LOL
Simple design and sewing,
Sensational effect,
Summer, one of my favorite times of the year to sew, all know I make SCRAP quilts!
Quilt!  Isn't that what we all love making???
Hopefully, this will clear everything up for everyone.

Here is one of my favorite quilting friends, Ree, and I.
Modeling these awesome t-shirts designed by my good
friend Tea of
If you are interested in purchasing one, she would be happy
to sell you one!
Please email me via the blog for sizes, price and shipping.

I recently participated in a double 4 patch swap between
my friend Lori of
and her friend Kathy in Ohio.
This quilt is an adaptation of 
the Red Crinoline pattern, Wilderness Road.
You can see Lori's version HERE.
I still need to decide on borders....
any suggestions for border style and colors from you all?

It was really fun digging into the strips and strings
for this one!
Working from these provided so much variety for
the blocks!

A lap tray, a good show, and a few other
needed items to figure out a plan for the
blocks I swapped.
Thanks Lori and Kathy for including me
in your fun swap!

Does this hat make me look cute??????
Abigail Rose is proving to be a ham!

My 4th of July was spent with friends fishing!
I love to go fishing......there.....another interesting fact
about Ole' Kevin the Quilter for you all! LOL

Some new chickens have been added to the laying
flocks here at the Quilt Cave.
These are Turken or Naked Neck chickens.
They will not be ready to lay for another few months.
You can read more about this interesting breed of chicken

Eggs have been abundant!
I am going to try to pickle some eggs this summer.

I am so pleased with how well my garden is doing!
Believe it or not, there are rows in between the
rows of plants for me to walk through.
From front to back we have
okra(still maturing)
and in the very back are cucumbers.
The tomatoes are taller than me,...
and those cucumbers are on a
trellis....and are growing up into the trees

I love being able to grow my own food!
I do have a pollination problem....
the pollinators are not abundant here.
I have been pollinating everything myself
using my fingertips.
I plan on making a pollinator garden around
the perimeter of the garden.
I would love to know what types of
perennials you plant as pollinator plants in your garden?
I am in growing zone 6b. 

And, share it with friends!
All of my former neighbors still request
some of my zucchini bread.
You can find the recipe for this 
beyond delicious bread

In closing.....
I have to share something with you all.....

Meet Salvador Vito!
This little guy showed up under my back deck
outside of my studio here at the Quilt Cave.
I believe his momma is a feral cat
I have seen infrequently on various parts of my
property.  I heard him crying on a few occasions
before I spotted him.  By chance, I was able to catch
this little booger.
He is VERY young and has been checked out
by my Veterinarian.  He doesn't need any milk
substitutes and is eating and drinking.
None of his siblings, if any, have emerged, 
and momma cat has not been back at all.
You all KNOW I am completely in love with 
this little guy now!  And he is in love with all
3 of the girls!
I have a feeling Mr. Valentino sent this
handsome boy to me and the girls!

Enjoy your summertime sewing!
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I know there were words and picture and lots of good things before that kitten, but I don't remember any of them. Because! I know he will have a wonderful home with you and your menagerie and I hope you found him young enough to build the trust needed. (We adopted a feral, abandoned 12-week-old kitten almost two years ago, and it took her a while to come around, but she did and we adore her!)

  2. Great photos - lots of good things happening - AND a darling kitten. What a terrific post.

  3. Ok, the kitten just has me tearing up. He just shows up, how funny. He is adorable. Oh, by the way the quilts are also.

  4. Salvador is so cute! He sure knows a good home when he sees it ;) When it's ready, eat some fried okra for me. It's not something you can find up here very often.

  5. Love your double four - I'm a no border gal with heritage quilts. What ugly chickens!! No garden for me, I'll support the local farmer's market this year. Oh, certainly Salvador was sent by a very special angel.

  6. Your Double 4-Patch quilt top turned out beautifully! Borders? Just say no. A binding will finish it off nicely. Congrats! on the sweet new addition(s) to the family.

  7. Could you use a little paint brush to help pollinate? That s how I do for my lime tree when it flowers in the winter indoors. It's small and tedious but so is using your fingertips. I vote no border on the Double 4!

    Haha, you watch, a year from now Big Sal is gonna be the boss of you all, esp the doggies!


  8. OMG, Salvador Vito is adorable. Yes, I think a sweet soul from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge probably had a hand - er, I mean PAW - in his appearance. We planted a pollinator garden in a can from some free plans in Mother Earth Living magazine. here’s a link to the site:
    We are in zone 6 here in the Salt Lake Valley, and we’ve planted coneflower, lavender... oh heck, the aforementioned article includes a list of plants, too. Best of luck!

  9. Your sweet babies are always so very happy!! Salvador definitely was sent to need him and he needs you!! Are your naked necks Na/Na or Na/na+? Will you use them for meat as well as the eggs? They are very interesting unique pets!! Your double four patch is beautiful just like it is!! If you don't need it to be larger, I wouldn't put a border on it!! Your garden is amazing!! Will you can any of it? When my zucchini produced way more than I could even give away, I shredded a bunch and put it in zip-lock bags (2 cups per bag) and froze it so I could always make zucchini bread. Enjoy your produce!! Maybe next year you could add beans...pickled beans are amazing!!

  10. Love your new furbaby! As for finishing that gorgeous quilt, I agree with others before me--no border!! Choose something bold and beautiful for a binding--maybe some of that bright yellow/gold, or a bright reddish-orange?

    Gina in Marshall, MO (feeling bold today!)

  11. What a darling baby kitten! I am sewing four patches...having fun here too. Your garden is spectacular! I have been really nursing along a bee hive, so I have my own pollinators!!!

  12. Fun post as always Kevin !!
    Your double four patch is awesome ! Congratulations !
    Mr Vito is cute cute cute (and lucky !) !! I know why you fell in love with him !!

  13. Love the 4 patch quilt! How about a narrow 1" finished black border with a 3" - 5" border on the outside? But then it's your quilt, you do what you want. Your garden looks great. I look forward to the next step in your mystery quilt. We've started the crazy busy season here on the farm. Getting into my sewing room sometimes doesn't happen for several days in a row so the mystery is going to have to wait. That's what winter is for. I did get 25 broiler chicks this week, I like getting them when it's hot out, don't have to use the heat lamp so much. Happy Stitching!

  14. You are having just too much fun Kevin. The kitty reminds me of Ms Kitty that we used to have, but she has passed on. She was adopted by Clay at the Fire House in the 1990's Good outdoor cat and stayed on the 5 acres! Spoiled also. Like your quilt! So striking and not so busy that it bothers my brain (migraines) I am finishing up a small quilt today and will do a post, then it is on to your mystery quilt and 2 other ones that I learned about from Kathy! Have a great week-end and that fishing looks fun! I miss our boat and our 36' fifth wheel, but as we get older......changes are made!

  15. Can I live near you? You are so fun, Kevin.❤️
    Okay, there are fun people here, and my hubbs is fun, most of the time.... :-D
    I spend most of my time with my 95 y/o dad and he is not into kittens, sewing, or gardening.
    I used to love gardening but now that I am 60, the heat and the bugs are killin' me. I do not know why bugs like chewing on my old decrepit skin.
    I love reading your blog. I need to make a cinnamon cake, but you are so sweet to bake zuccini bread for your neighbors. I bet they love that.
    I hope you have a super fun week-end with that adorable kitten. DO NOT let it go outside ever again. Kitties should never run free. ­čś▒

  16. Fabulous photos and stories. I love that I found your site. Hello from a Canadian Quilter....I also live on a farm.

  17. What a great post. And just look at all that yummy goodness coming from your garden. Up here on our island off the Washington coast my squash, cukes etc are just forming from the blooms. Can't wait.

    What a great bunch of quilters. Such creativity.

    Speaking of creativity, CONGRATS on having your piece chosen as a finalist in the Cherrywood Bob Ross challenge. Well deserved.Your creation is fantastic!!!!!

  18. Abigail Rose is just too adorable, and Salvador is precious too. Did you make deviled eggs for your picnic? Great projects underway!

  19. Awe Kevin I just love seeing your pics and reading the stories of your home front. You live a beautiful life and it shows in your smile. What a sweet kitten, I think is also going to grow into the boss of the yard!

    To attract pollinators plant some native flowers, just look up Native Flowers in your area and you will get loads. A lot of the time you can take a walk in the spring and dig a small amount of new plants...this won't take away from the forests, they will grow regardless...but it will give you a nice bunch of plants that the bees will love. . Even "weeds" are the best pollinators. But if u want to keep the garden away from the weeds (I have a side garden that is mostly weeds,,,, full of wild flowers and I love it) you can plant Bee Balm, Coneflower, Lambs Ears ( the Bees and butterflies love this in my garden), any type of Phlox and Sunflower. Anything bright and sexy to those little pollinators will be great. ❤️

  20. Fun tshirts!
    Great job on the double 4 patch quilt!
    Enjoy the summer fishing!

  21. I have been so out of touch on social media this summer! I don't even know how to use a hashtag so I will have to find a five year old to help me. The good news is I spent all weekend on my Kevin Mystery and I am finished with clue #1. I know, I can't believe it myself! Now I just need time to post it. I love the new chickens and it is such an interesting breed. Your garden looks magnificent! My daughter has bees and they lost a hive last year, possibly due to a lack of good pollinating plants. So.. this year they have added several butterfly bushes, bee balm and veronica. The hive is thriving! Gardens or not, we all need to do more to ensure the safety of our bees. No bees - no food! Thanks for your help and thanks for a great clue #1! (And, kiss that kitty for me - so cute!)

  22. I wish I was close enough to share in your garden bounty!!
    Interesting about you pollinating your garden. I like Wendy's suggestion. Have you tried planting flowers to bring in bees and butterflies?

  23. Booth of your pooches make me smile--so cute. And don't even get me started on that adorable kitty.
    Look at that wonderful double 4-patch. If I was a well-mannered Southern lady I wouldn't even ask, but I'm not, so I will--are you able to leave the blocks turned the wrong way, or are they bothering you and you will have to change them?
    That is a passel of eggs! And such a variety of colors.
    Your garden looks so well organized and healthy.
    The acre next to our home is a pollinator heaven, or "bee garden." The owner worked with the local university extension to identify hardy (we are zone 4) native flowering bushes and trees and planted then in rows so they could mow and irrigate between them. We do not lack for bees in our yard. :)
    Your bread makes me want to go make a moist quick bread. I have no zucchini or bananas, so it may have to be pumpkin.

  24. amazing eggs! and wonderful garden
    congrats on your new kittie~ he's so cute and has face marking like my little Nutmeg.

  25. LOVE your double 4 patch! Is there a pattern for this?

  26. hi Kevin - the kitty is purely wonderful ! My best kitten advice - teach him now to let you handle his feet... hold them, wiggle his toes, spread his toes apart, all happy good stuff - and occasionally reward with a treat... then he will be more comfortable then having his nails trimmed - and you will be needing to do that............. enjoy !

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  28. You definitely stay busy! Love the double 4 patch quilt. Stay cool, safe travels and happy stitching.

  29. 4th Thursday, Hey that is today. I thought I had another week.

  30. I recently found this phrase:
    Pardon my weeds
    they're feeding the bees.

    Though I have several gardens and try to pull 100 weeds a day, I've noticed that the bees are more attracted to the natural flowering weeds than to my perennial flowers, and that includes bee balm (Monarda). Typically I'll include marigolds in the veggie garden as they're known to detract mosquitos & black flies inhabiting near the area when they're around. THough I'll also plant zinnia,s petunias etc for a spot of color and to attract pollination. Nice yields both in the garden and the quilting.