Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Umm...what happened to blogger?

What happened to blogger?
I have been so busy, I haven't even been able to get on here for over a month!
Hopefully I will be able to continue blogging now?
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Don't give up Kevin. I love your posts!

  2. Not being mean, I love your posts and your quilts, animals, and esp your lovely family---but Blogger is going down the tubes now and obviously you don't have the time to relearn it's understandable if you give up.



  3. Honestly, Kevin, a smart guy like yourself can do this. I am an old lady with a brain that doesn't learn new things as easily as it used to, but my first experience with the new blogger did not leave me ready to quit. Just a few searches for the icons that weren't where they used to be, and a couple of "trial and error" experiences with photo placement, and I really don't feel like it is all that tough. You CAN do this! If you quit I am going to come hunt you down! Realizing I just admitted to being an old lady, I don't think I have you shivering in your boots. LOL

  4. Still praying for you :-) Hope you are safe and healthy! And sending love to all those chickens :-)

  5. My advice with Blogger --click on anything that doesn't move! It's not logical and some steps take longer but it is manageable.

  6. Welcome back, Kevin!! The NEW Blogger isn't as scary as it seems. Everything is there, but it looks different (and some things are hidden behind those 3 dots stacked on top of each other in the tool bar!)

  7. I worry about you out there. I know your trying your best to stay as safe as you can. How are the furry and feather friends doing? Will catch you when you get your down time!!!

  8. Hey Kevin, I was just wondering about you and what you were up to. I'm on Wordpress, so no help on Blogger, but Barbara at has done some posts on the new format, so you might find those helpful. Hope you are doing well!

  9. Hi Kevin. Don't worry about new blogger as it is really easy especially if you look at it as you would other things e.g. a new sewing machine. with a new machine you would spend time playing with it, finding out what each item does. Do the same with new blogger. Set up a new post and then click on all the icons and discover what they do. Take time to play with the photo bit as it's easy but presented in a different way. You're a bright guy so will soon have it sorted.

  10. Since I am only a reader of blogs, I have no idea of what you all are talking about--but I do know that a lot of you have been having problems. I get the majority of my blogs through Feedly, Have missed you Kevin, but thought maybe you were taking a "break/vacation" Hugs

  11. I was just wondering what happened to Kevin, hoping you had not been ill. Love seeing your posts and the chickens. Keep up the good work.

  12. No no no no noooo... you don't give up !! :)

  13. Just keep being happy and having fun, Kevin.
    One day when you are not busy, you can sit and figure it out, maybe winter. haha
    Enjoy your beautiful days

  14. As Peter Gabriel would say (or sing) ......

    "Don't give up
    'Cause you have friends
    Don't give up
    You're not beaten yet
    Don't give up
    I know you can make it good"

    I love this song he sings with Kate Bush - hope you and the family (and baby chicks) are all well and happy - keep trying; you'll get there in the end x

    1. Love this video -

    2. Kevin, missed your so funny messages and quilts, I know you have been very busy, but,Can't wait for your next mystery quilt. Hang in there bud.

  15. Kevin, I've really missed your blogs! The chicken blog cheered me up even more than the quilts (which I adore). Hoping you are well and can overcome the new Blogger format. Also hoping you can find time to feed your soul and create in the midst of your business.

  16. The new Blogger isn't as bad as it first seems, just different. If I - tech challenged - can figure it out, you can. If you want, call me and we can go through it together. I can talk you through where to find what to click on. Please Please Please don't give up blogging!!!

  17. Great to hear from you, even once a month!
    Your fans would miss you so don't give up on us, please!!
    Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

  18. There is way too much moaning and groaning about the new Blogger. Yes there are some things I can't do now that I did before but it is definitely workable. Great advice in one of the other comments, click on anything to find out what it is, experiment, play, but most of all DO POST!

  19. Adding to the chorus - DON"T LET BLOGGER GET THE BEST OF YOU. I have known for quite a while that my computer is old (2012) and my operating system old enough that several things don't work with various websites. When I tested the new Blogger, I found that my old computer did not like it at all. I mean 100% not. (I tried it from my husband's newer PC and it is different but then the last big change was, too). So, I now have a new computer sitting here beside me and I'll be transferring my files to it this weekend. We need you to keep blogging - please, please - experiment and figure it out or get someone like Jan to help you. Please don't disappear!

  20. Don't you just hate it if they change things? I know I do! I tried the new blogger twice but I can't seem to figure it out. Put it back to the old blogger and I hope we can continue using it.
    Hope you are doing okay, stay safe and healthy!

  21. If I can figure out the new blogger, so can you. The best place to start is with the orange circle with the + in it which is located in the lower right hand corner. That is the new post icon. From there just move the mouse over symbols and they should tell you what it's for. Good luck! Looking forward to the next post.

  22. Its easy! I just reverted back to the old version!! LOL

  23. Stay safe and healthy and come back when you can - we miss you!

  24. My last blog post was on old blogger. I'm not looking forward to the new blogger. Other bloggers are not happy with it. I hope you can figure it out (and me, too).

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  28. Miss you Kevin! Hope you can sort out the blogger thing.

  29. I'm very disenchanted with this new blogger interface.

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  31. Hi Kevin I hope you are doing well in Missouri. Please continue to stay happy and healthy.
    You are loved so much❤️🌼🌻

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