Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Happy Belated Mother's Day.......

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you who are....

or take the role of Mother in one way or other.

My Mother's Day was spent with my most precious Mama!

So thankful for my wonderful mother, and my
wonderful sister who is also a 
wonderful mother.

It was the first time we were able to be in church
together since the quarantine.
Nothing makes my Momma happier than
having her children and grandchildren in church with her.

Mom won "eldest" mother at church.
And, no, she doesn't care that anyone knows that.
She is beyond happy to be where she is, and
is thankful she can do what she can do
at 79 years of age.

Mom and Dad's pastors are so very nice.
Isn't the orchid beautiful?
Almost as pretty as my Momma!

We all had a nice meal together after church.
Pardon my glazed expression! LOLOLOL
I was delirious with happiness!

The happy recipients of Mother's Day goodies.

It was a big day for my niece, (aka Sugar Doll) also!
We celebrated her college graduation!
She graduated with her 
Bachelor's of Agribusiness:  Animal Science
degree and is headed to the University of Missouri,
College of Veterinarian Medicine.
Lilly Mae is volunteering to be Sugar Doll's first patient
while she is using her brand new stethoscope.
We couldn't be anymore proud of her!

Do you all recognize this girl?
Abby got her summer "do"......
She went in as Abigail the Golden Doodle and came out as
Zsa Zsa the Poodle!
I know she is comfortable, but, if a new "do"
can change your attitude.....it certainly has this gal's!

Mother Mabelle is back to her coop doing her
normal chicken duties, like eating bugs
and laying eggs.
Here are the 4 baby chicks she hatched out.
They are thriving.
At this point, I believe 2 are hens, and 2 are roosters.....
to be continued......

Lil' Bubs who is almost as tall as me now has been
incubating his own chicken's eggs.
He has had great success......
a chip off this ole' block! LOLOLOL
I'm really proud of him too!

Well......I thought my Featherweight, Miss Bev, had bit the dust.
Enter my Super hero Dad!
I couldn't get the foot pedal to work at all....
Leave it to my Father, Mr. Fix It........
Miss Bev was up and running in literally 5 minutes!
Sheeeeeesh!  I wish I had inherited some of my dad's 
know how when it comes to fixing things!

And, if this isn't a great site!
Momma is helping me piece a quilt for my sister!
I think it is so special that Mom's hand and name
will be on this quilt!  My sister will be so excited!
You all KNOW I always participate in my friend
Lori's Doll Quilt Swap.
I got this idea from an antique quilt I found on social media.
No name to attribute it to.

Here is a close up of it.
I really enjoyed making this for my swap partner
Pat in Wisconsin.

And, this is the beautiful little quilt I received from
Linda in Virginia.
I love the butterscotch and chocolate colors!

It has already been hung in my home....
right outside the entrance to my studio, next to 
the doll quilt I received from Cecile
last year!
Thanks Lori for hosting another great Doll Quilt Swap!

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Thanks for all of your encouragement and support!
Stay safe in these uncertain times!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Kevin, you do have a beautiful mom and sister. I love the pictures of your family.
    I had no idea your dad was so handy.. good to know! VBG
    Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day and got to go to church.
    Your doll quilt that you sent to Pat is great. I know her and know she'll LOVE it...
    Love the chicks and hens!!
    Stay healthy.
    Are you flying these days?

  2. How nice that you got to see family and attend church. We won't get to attend church for a while, and our family trip (was supposed to be this week) got cancelled. I am planning on coming to Missouri for the TOGA in June. It's time to get out of the house.

  3. Yay! QUILTS!!! :o))
    Congrats to Sugar Doll on her graduation, to Abby on her fancy new do, and to YOU, too! You ended up with another lovely mini in this year's swap.

  4. Wow, back to church! I can only dream of that in New York State. Kind of heavy handed here. Learned how to do Zoom to continue our Bible classes. Congrats to your wondeful mom and sister. Congratulations to your niece. She has a hard road ahead yet. Lovely quilts. Good to see you are well.

  5. So happy for you that you have been able to get together again in this uncertain times. Spending time with loved ones is the best. So great that you are making a quilt for your sister together with your Mom, it will be cherished I am sure.
    Your swap quilts, given and received, are both darling!

  6. It's always nice to read you Kevin !!
    Happy belated Mothers's Day to your sweet Moma and sister !
    In France it will be on 7th of June !
    Thank you for hanging the quilt I have made for you last year ! Love the picture :)

  7. Kevin, I enjoy your blog update. I love you and your family. I am so happy all of you are so close. I am envious really. I am very close with my daddy (and mom, always, even now that she is in Heaven) and my daughters, and my hubbs family.
    My sister lives in Maryland and she is wonderful but always busy. My brother and his wife do not enjoy being around us. They are very political and you do not agree with them, they hate you.
    So there is that. I do pray for them. Life is so very short and so precious.
    I love that your mom and dad are busy with machines too. Congratulations to your mom for being the elder-est at Church. It is an honor.
    The baby chicks are so cute.
    Keep enjoying your days of family and ease. Stay healthy. You are loved

  8. What a happy, full post! You definitely have some good peeps in your family :-) Congrats to your niece! That is quite an accomplishment.

  9. You've had lots of good family moments - here we are still social distancing and staying at home unless absolutely necessary (supplies). For the annual family milestones in May (DH's birthday, our 45th anniversary, younger son's birthday, and Mother's Day) we've had Sunday front porch (us) and driveway (elder son, DIL, and Little Man) picnics (they bring their food, we supply ours) - no hugs (which is so hard for Little Man to understand) but lots of outdoor voice conversations and laughter. Take care and stay safe.

  10. Happy Family Time... but that hair cut for Ms Abby..... Oh boy... haha!! Congrats to Doc Sugar Doll - large or Small Animal or both? Love it!!

  11. Always enjoy seeing your wonderful family! Congratulations to your niece! She can get lots of practice with all your animals! All females get an attitude when we get a new do!

  12. Hey, I just realized that IF church had been held on Mother's Day here, and IF Mom had felt like attending, she would have been the oldest mother in her congregation. Your Mom looks beautiful! :)
    Such a happy thing to get glimpses into your family and your furry (some not as furry as they used to be) and feathered friends. Kudos to your niece!
    You had a great swap. Lucky the quilter who has your handiwork in their possession. And you got a great quilt in return!

  13. Both your Momma and Sis are beautiful ladies indeed! Oh my that is a bit much of a make over. Just a trim down next time - more labrador than poodle please. A lot of my chicky friends are hatching their own broods this year and I hear all about them - with photos attached. Two great minis - coming and going

  14. So glad you had the opportunity to be with your mother for Mother's day and to spend time with your family. These are precious moments indeed. Happy stitching!

  15. So great you all could attend church together. Your mom looks great!
    Congrats to your niece!!
    Thanks for participating in the swap.

  16. So happy that you got to spend Mother's Day with your beautiful mother and family! No churches open in Maine yet or much of anything else either. One step at a time I guess. I think the two hardest parts of this whole pandemic are 1) not being able to being able to hug my friends and family and 2) learning NOT to lick my fingers when I turn a page! You must be over the moon proud of your niece. What an accomplishment! Soon she will be your resident veterinarian!

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