Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival..........

If you told me 3 years ago I would be an avid quilter, I wouldn't have believed you.

If you told me a year ago I would be blogging, I wouldn't have believed you.

If you told me 6 months ago I would be entering one of my quilts into the Blogger's Quilt Festival......
well, I would have probably laughed in your face......or at least LOL'd you via social media devices!

But, alas, here I am sharing the big news that I am going to enter my latest quilt into the Blogger's Quilt Festival courtesy of Amy's Creative Side.  I admit, I have followed this particular event and oohed and ahhhhhed over the wonderful works of art various quilt bloggers have posted over the past few years.  Hopefully this year, some of you will be oohing and ahhing over my work?  Please feel free to come back, visit, and comment again and again!

I recently was asked by my new found friend, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, to participate in a quilt swap betwixt each other.  There were no specific rules other than the quilt needed to be 12x12 inches.  Any technique, any color, any style of quilt, and any type of quilting.  WOW!  That's dangerous to give me that much leeway!

I wanted the quilt to embody the following for her:
- I wanted to try something new.
- I wanted to incorporate her "made fabric" technique that she inspired me to learn.
- I wanted to make a quilt that had humor in it.
- I wanted it to be thought provoking, and have various meanings.  (i.e title, composition, literal meaning, implied meaning)
- I wanted it to represent some of the work I do with Quilts Of Valor and other donation quilts to veterans.  

So, without further adieu, 

I present to you.................

  "She's Puttin' On Her Big Girl Panties"

Quilt Specifics:
Quilt measures 12"x12"
Techniques used: made fabric, fusible applique, straight line quilting
Quilted by:  Your's truly!
Blogger's Quilt Festival Category:  Art Quilt 

Here's a little peek at the process:

I selected this image and drew a 12"x12" square in which to narrow down my design.

I drew out various design plans.

I made pattern pieces of the layout, and began "making" fabric to fit the specific pattern pieces. 

"In her satin tights, fighting for our rights, and the old red, white, and blue!!!!!!"

After the top was made, I made a decision to piece the back as well. 

Foodie alert!  Quilt sandwich!!!!!!

After appliqueing Wonder Woman's torso, I used my applique foot as a guide to sew straight line quilting throughout the various portions of the quilt. 

 Straight line quilting can provide a great effect and is easy enough for a beginning quilter to do!  

And, the signature!

I hope you enjoyed my process and more so, my entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival?  I truly enjoyed the process of making this art quilt, and am thrilled with the results.  Perhaps I inspired YOU to make an art quilt of your very own?   Thanks for visiting, and make sure to visit ALL of the eye candy featured in the Blogger's Quilt Festival !

As always,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Right down to her big girl Panties! ;-) It makes me SMILE every time I see it! Way to go Kevin!

  2. Wow Kevin - way to go!!! Oooooohhhhh..... Aaaahhhhhh!!! It's AMAZING!!!! I'm wondering though how you managed to get a copy of that picture of me? *grin* I especially love that you pieced the sections with "made" fabric. That adds so much visual interest and excitement! You are sure to get lots of votes with this one my friend!

  3. Kevin, I will have to keep my eye on you, so in about 2 years or so, I can say "I knew him when......". I'm really looking forward to where you will be in 2 years!!! That piece is AMAZING!!! Way to go!

  4. That is fabulous, Kevin! How you managed to cram all the relevant details into that 12x12 space is a "wondrous" feat in its own right. She's a beauty, big-girl panties and all!

  5. One of my favorites sayings is "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!" Way to go, Kevin. fantastic!

  6. OH my goodness...THIS IS BEYOND PERFECT!! I love it!!

  7. You did good!!! Love it, you've inspired me to attempt one of my cowboy...would you please consider sharing this great pattern with us? My 18 yr old DD would love this, I can see it appliqued on the back of a jean jacket!

  8. SO FUN! Love looking into the process of how you made it!

  9. Fantastic!! I'm a big fan of making pieces of 'solid' fabric from smaller pieces of the same colour. It adds so much dimension... Plus, the inherent jolt of nostalgia at seeing Linda Carter again is gold. :-)

  10. This quilt is amazing! Maybe we should just call you the Scrap Master, oh wait, I already do!

  11. Wow! That is great work. So beautiful and creative. I guess I like it even more becuase I always wanted to be Wonder Woman :o)

  12. Utterly Brilliant! Thanks for sharing the whole process with us.

  13. Wow!! This is just too neat!! Great work Kevin!!

  14. LOVE IT. Now I have to go shopping.

  15. Hee hee, love the idea behind this!

  16. Very fun quilt! Neat to see your process!

  17. You did an amazing job! It's fantastic!

  18. A winner for sure! Love that you made your fabric. Glad to see another scrap-a-holic quilter.

  19. Wow! I think you hit every one of your goals with this project.

  20. I LOVE your Superwoman quilt! What a great job. I'm sure Victoria loves it. As a fellow Quilts of Valor stitcher, thanks for the quilts.

  21. You did a wonderful job on Wonder Woman! Thanks for showing the steps you took as well. I was led her from Alycia Quilts quilting your Easy Streets for QOV! You did a wonderful job on it as well. I also live in Colorado and follow Alycia and her love for QOV. Thanks for all you do for our soldiers!