Saturday, March 29, 2014

Simply amazing...........

Majorly LARGE post coming up with LOTS'O'PICS!

The quilters new and old, who have been contributing to this Quilt of Valor block drive are simply amazing!

No, seriously......YOU ALL ARE NOTHING BUT SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ummm, that's 54 quilts folks!!!!!)


Here is the list of AWESOME PEOPLE for this week!

Sue in Tennessee
Elaine in Florida
Karen in Texas
Kathy in Wisconsin
Beverly in Maine
Kathryn in Rhode Island
Kathy in Washington
Jo Ann in Nebraska
Nancy in Idaho
Michele in Georgia
Sandy in California
Holly in Indiana
Carol of Giraffe Dreams
Esther in Florida
Nancy in Texas
Dee in Iowa
Laurie in Ohio
Caroline in North Dakota
Donna in Alabama
Julie in Iowa
Doreen in Iowa
Greta in Kansas
Diana (Northwest Quilters) in Oregon
Debbie in Missouri
Jackie in Missouri
Colleen in Missouri
Leatha in California
Connie of Artisan at Heart
Janet in Washington
Debbie in Pennsylvania
Delilah in Texas
Terri in Texas
Lynda in Illinois
Darlene (and granddaughter Jana) of Quilting Together
Celeste in Wisconsin
Pat in Virginia
Linda in Vermont
Kaye in Nebraska
Diane in Illinois
Marianne in New York
Anita in California
Nancy in Massachusetts
Sue in Michigan
Jean in Virginia
Peggy of Sew Enjoyable
Leslie in Virginia
Pam in Ohio
Mary Lynn in California
Linda in Texas
Prue in Maryland

And the following quilters generously donated blocks
but cannot be included in the prize drawing:
Jacqui in Australia
Maryke in The Netherlands
M in Texas
Dee in Missouri
K in Pennsylvania


(Thanks again for understanding that my blogging is sometimes limited to once a week!  If you haven't seen your name listed under "Awesome People" and you HAVE sent me blocks, PLEASE contact me!  Remember, there have been a few posts about the blocks being sent in, so go back a few posts if you are concerned?)

Your cards and letters are absolutely heartwarming!  I have read EVERY ONE of them!  Your kind words are SO encouraging, and you all better believe I am gonna make sure each and every one of these blocks is going to make it into a Quilt of Valor!  Why you may ask?  Well, just look at these photos.....and I think you may understand?

Here is a group of men including veterans from WWII, The Korean War, Vietnam, and a young man that just returned from Afghanistan, along with Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri leaders.  These quilts were awarded at our last meeting.  What a wonderful way to thank these veterans!

There are female veterans too!  Just like there are guys that quilt!
This young lady was helping out at the facility where our QOV group met.  She had no clue
she was going to receive a quilt that day, but, she was very grateful!

I am selecting three quilts from this block drive that will be part of my presentation in Cape Girardeau, and the rest of the quilts will soon be making their way into the frames of Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.  I can't wait to see them being quilted! My friend Dar of  Dar's Patchwork Garden is helping me organize a sewing day to make quilt tops from the blocks that have already came in.  We are going to be able to cover SO many veterans, and again, that is what this block drive is ALL about!

Here are a few gifts that have been sent along with blocks and quilt tops!

  Wendy in Maine sent me this AWESOME mini quilt!
I LOVE IT!  Thank you so much Wendy!

I can't thank the following quilters enough for their kind contributions and gifts!
Shirl in Pennsylvania sent the star fabric on the right.
P of the way i sew it sent the Essential threads!  It's already being used P!
Greta in Kansas sent a donation for backing and batting.
Cherie of QUILTED JONQUIL sent the delicious blue backing fabrics.
Pat of Life in the Scrapatch sent the ruler.

Thank you all again and again!

I really appreciate everything everyone is doing for this block drive!  Just so you know, although gifts are absolutely 100% appreciated, they are not necessary.

Sue in Tennessee sent me this BEAUTIFUL quilt to donate to Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri! She is the mother of an Air Force veteran, and pieced this intricate pattern to "pass the time" while visiting out in the rural West.  Thank you so much for your generous donation Sue!
Our QOV, Eastern Missouri members were in AWE of your work Sue!  Here are some "Vanna Whites" parading the quilt around.  As you can see, I had to revive my friend "Cupcake" with smelling salts after viewing your donation quilt!

My simply amazing quilting friend Ann of Attic Threads & Quilts has generously donated yet another prize!
The 4th place winner will receive this "A New Leaf" jelly roll by Benartex!
There are some really wonderful colors and prints in this collection!


(Ann and I will be travelling to Wichita, Kansas next week to view our collaborative quilt at 
the Machine Quilters Showcase!!!!!! Hopefully, I will be sharing some good news!!!!!!  I wonder if any of the teaser photos in previous blog posts refer to this??? HMMMMMM????)

I am preparing a full post of all of the prizes so everyone can refer to it and their wonderful sponsors!
To each and every person who has donated prizes, I just can't thank you ENOUGH!

Nor can I thank all of you who are donating blocks!!!!!

And this is what we are making here folks!  Feast your eyes upon these!

My QOV friend, Colleen, donated solid blocks, and then was inspired to make this simply amazing take on the "Pathway of Valor" pattern!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  Way to go Colleen!

Peggy of Sew Enjoyable sent in this beautiful version of "Pathway of Valor!"
Wonderful fabric selections, and placement Peggy!  Oh yeah!!!!!

Janet in Washington sent in this dynamic version of "Pathway of Valor!"
My beautiful sister and beautiful Momma are displaying Janet's quilt.
I LOVE the various shades of blue in this one, and that yellow just POPS!  

Kinda blurry (blame the photographer, ahem me), but, this is Kelly of O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop's first quilt!  She gave me the blocks, and I pieced them into this top!  SO FUN!

And, another quilt from Kelly of O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop that her customer Lynn pieced together!
I love this variation!  Kind of like "Streak of Lightening!"  Too cool!!!!!
Displayed by my handsome nephew and gorgeous niece!

The next three tops were pieced by me and my good ole' pal Mike!
He's getting good at a 1/4" seam!!!!
Way to go Mike!

There are some AWESOME fabrics in this one!
Displayed by my handsome nephew, and debonair Dad!

I really like the way this one turned out too!
My gorgeous niece and beautiful Momma display this version.

A "Pathway of Valor" in blue, you say?  Comin' right up!
An abundance of blue blocks made this striking quilt top!
I am guessing you know who it is being displayed by, by now?
(The bottom row is not fully displayed here.)

And Judy of Quilt Paradigm blogged about the AMAZEBALLS "Pathway of Valor" top she made here!
I neglected to give her, her DUE shout out last week!
Sorry Judy!

Again, I am NOT overwhelmed......SIMPLY AMAZED and OVERJOYED!

Thanks again for all of your encouragement!
Together, we are covering SO MANY veterans!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I'm so happy that the drive is going so well!

  2. Fantastic !!!! 54 quilts - yippee..........Kate

  3. WOW!!! I just spent time today cutting my fabrics and preparing them for sewing. It takes a village is certainly true here with the amount of generous quilts and backing fabrics and threads and help you are receiving. Thank you Kevin and all of your family and friends. Creative QOV Blessings...

  4. Absolutely unbelievable! I am so happy for you, thank you.

  5. Keep up the good work, Kevin! Thanks for letting me know you received my blocks ... :) Pat

  6. Nice job! I love all the variations of the quilts and the cominations of blocks!! Lovely quilt holders you have there!

  7. Well done! It is exciting to watch the number of blocks you get each week.

  8. Way to go. Maybe my prediction of getting enough blocks to make 100 quilts was kind of low. You are going to be seeing these blocks in your dreams. The nice thing about this block is that it's easy enough for a lot of beginners to make.

  9. Way to go. Maybe my prediction of getting enough blocks to make 100 quilts was kind of low. You are going to be seeing these blocks in your dreams. The nice thing about this block is that it's easy enough for a lot of beginners to make.

  10. AMAZING! I'm doing the "HAPPY" Pharell Williams song and dance for you. OMG, I would be so overwhelmed, but I think you have a fantastic network of friends and quilters there to assist you.

  11. Oh wow! I don't even know where to start! THAT was quite an Ah-MAZING post of lots of Ah-MAZINGNESS!
    First---Yes! Sue's quilt is breathtaking! If I didn't already have a bazillion projects on my current WIP and hope-to-make someday lists, that baby would be added! Then Kelly's quilt top... I LOVE the coordinating blocks, specially with the use of the rich "old-gold" yellow!
    Oh Kevin! The goodness of the world is pretty amazing, huh?!
    Thanks for the time that it obviously took to type up this post!

  12. Keep up the good work Kevin, you are a inspiration to everyone!!

  13. What a wonderful response you are getting from this drive! And you still have 2 months to go! You ROCK, Kevin!

  14. The quilts are looking great! So many variations from one pattern!

  15. Simply Amazing! Wonderful post Kevin,there is going to be a lot more photos of Veterans with quilts in the future...

  16. And you were just hoping for a handful of quilts. You have wwaaayyyyy more than a handful so far, and more coming. What a great thing! Good luck in Wichita!

  17. I am so happy you have had such an overwhelmingly positive response to your quilt block drive! Doesn't it just make your heart swell with joy? Think of all the veterans who will be honored by those 54 and counting quilts. Amazing!

  18. Oh my goodness your block drive is a huge success! That is so incredible!! And such wonderful QOV quilts! I still need to get my blocks finished. My accounting business has really been demanding lately - not complaining but do miss the purr of my sewing machine. Congrats on your successful mission. Thanks for visiting too!

  19. You are AMAZING and INSPIRING!!!

  20. Hope you and your family and friends are safe from all of the storms.

  21. Wow! Bountiful blocks and beautiful quilts! My blocks are off the design wall and should be in the mail next week! What an awesome effort!

  22. Totally AMAZING! I never imagined this drive would produce the results that it has. Quilters are such a wonderful community. I noticed you listed me as Cardine in ND, it should be Caroline, please. Keep up the good work!