Monday, April 7, 2014

Milestones...........and more.........

What a milestone week it was!  I am sorry I am a couple of days late with this posting, however, I hope you understand why after reading it!

Each and every person who has sent blocks to me for this block drive are, in my eyes, a hero!  We ARE making a difference here as will be evident when we start presenting these quilts!  I am going to do my best to photograph every quilt that is presented.  I stand amazed at the generosity of quilters.  What a force we can become when we join together for a purpose!

As I said before, I read each and every card or letter that accompanies the beautiful blocks in each package. I laugh, cry, and really have a sense of pride in what we are doing together here with this block drive. However,  I would like to share with you one particular letter that really tugged at my heart strings?

The letter reads:

Dear Kevin,
I think it is nice of you to commit all of your time to quilts of valor.  I made 5 blocks for your project.  These are the first quilt blocks I have ever made.  All my grandpa's have fought in the war and one is almost dead.
10 years old

Abby, it is my great honor and privilege to be able to serve in this capacity.  I admire you and your willingness to learn how to make some quilt blocks in order to be able to say "Thank you!" to a veteran. Your letter brought me great emotion and made me think back to when I was 10 years old and was learning to sew with my grandma and great aunts.  What wonderful memories were brought back to me!  Thank you for your kind letter and photos and for inspiring the many people who will see this!  And I hope you continue to keep on sewing and quilting Abby!

Yet another milestone for me to know something we all are doing here was able to help a young one make her first quilt blocks!

We are truly doing great things here people!  We have passed the 2000 block milestone...........

2,348 blocks received to date!

That's 78 quilts for Quilts of Valor!!!!!!!!

This weeks group of AWESOME PEOPLE include:

Linda in Arizona
Nancy in South Carolina
Donna in Virginia
Debbie with (Sit-n-Stitch Group) in New York
Bonnie in Ohio
Tonie in Minnesota
Bill in Texas
Eunice in Ohio
Christy in Kansas
Mary Jean in New York
Cindy in Ohio
Sophie in Ohio
Jeanne in Ohio
Paula in Ohio
Rend Lake Piece Makers in Illinois
Sue in Iowa
Amy in Iowa
Ellen in Iowa
Perez in Texas
L in Pennsylvania
Diane in Arizona
Mary Rose in Iowa
Martha CMSqt, Ret. in Michigan
Melody in Illinois
Nelva in Iowa
Jan in New Hampshire
Ora in Kentucky
Anne in Pennsylvania
Jan in Washington
Teresa in Florida
J in California
Jean in Florida
Tama in Kansas
Deb in New York
Ellen in New York
Delisa in North Carolina
Jeanette in Virginia
Debbie in South Dakota
Cindy in Missouri
Nancy in Florida
Pamela in Connecticut
Lela in California
Julianne in California
Karen in Minnesota
Abby in Ohio
Holly in New York
And if you live in the St. Paul area of Minnesota and sent me SEVERAL blocks, could you please contact me via e-mail in the corner of my blog?  Your name and address were damaged and not legible on your package? (All blocks were fine!)  I want to make sure I have the correct address in case you should win something???

Remember..........AWESOME People are those who have sent in blocks thus far and are eligible for the prizes in the prize drawings.  The more blocks you send in, the more chances you have to win!


I would also like to thank the following readers for the very thoughtful gifts included with their blocks!
Christy in Kansas sent the color catchers.
Nina of Quilts, Life, and Balance sent "The Practical Guide to Patchwork" book.
J in California sent the beautiful backing fabric.
Tama in Kansas sent a bazillion feet of binding and thread!
Delisa in North Carolina sent in a donation for batting and backings.


I simply can't thank you all enough!  All of these items are SO VERY appreciated!

If I may interrupt this block drive just for one moment of your time?  I would like to share with you all a milestone in my life that has happened this past week.  I have been teasing you all with some photos here and there of a project I have been working on for just under a year.  Perhaps you remember a few of these photos?

I was asked in the Spring of last year by my good friend Ann of Attic Threads to collaborate with her on a quilt she would enter in the Machine Quilter's Showcase in Wichita, Kansas.  She was very open to anything I wanted to create, she just wanted to be able to do some crazy, insane, amazeballs quilting on it.  She provided me with a box of fabric that included several black on black tonal fabrics, and 1 Moda Marble Citrus jelly roll.  So, without further adieu, I am very pleased to share, and present to you..................

1st Place, Tools of the Trade Category at MQS.
April 2, 2014

Ann is simply a beyond amazing quilter!
I cannot put into words how visually stunning her quilting is in person!
Please visit Ann's blog to read more about her miniature quilt she entered at MQS.

I am so honored, and happy you asked me to join you in this journey Ann!
You have been such an inspiration to me!

I was so blessed to be able to share this amazing moment in my life with my wonderful parents!

Thanks to my friend Alycia of Alycia Quilts for helping me with watermarking these photos!
What would I do without you!
You're never too old to learn something new! LOL

Thanks for indulging me for just a moment!
I will be sharing some of the process and inspiration for "Radar" in future posts along with my trip to Wichita.  I met some WONDERFUL people along the way, not to mention a FANTABULOUS quilt shop!  I will also be sharing more about the prize packages and our wonderful sponsors for the prizes!

Linking up at Linky Tuesday with Connie at Freemotion by the River.

Thanks for everything you do!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Hey Kevin, what a great blog today and the letter, oh my. Hey you should brag on yourself and that is insane quilting, WOW!! Congrats I am the crazy lady you met in CO at the QOV day when I couldn't place where I knew you from and then remembered!!

    Sharon in Windy Colorado

  2. It is stunning! I really, really love it! Way to go on the QOV Block drive too!

  3. You really are going to spend all your time with QOV now lol!! Congrats on the numbers. now your MQS quilt! FABULOUS!! YOu and Ann should be SO excited!! Thanks for sharing her blog too... you guys make a wonderful team!! Congratulations again!!

  4. I am blown away with this stunning quilt "Radar". WOW!!! Fabulous composition of colors and quilting extraordinaire. Sew many QOV blocks and more on the way. It really does take a village and this village is very generous. Great job by everyone. Creative QOV Bliss...

  5. "Radar" made me think of a pixilated photo (probably what you were shooting for, huh). Stunning. And the quilting -- beyond gorgeous. Congratulations to you both.

    PS: My blocks are on their way.

  6. Nice job Kevin. I admire you for taking on a wonderful feat to share with us and to the Veterans that will receive these wonder cherished quilts. Need to get blocks made for you. I am working on a set tonight for O'Sewpersonal. Then I will have to go shopping for your batch.

  7. Kevin, you just KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF with that amazing quilt!!!!! I absolutely LOVE all the color and movement - I could look at it forever!!!!! And the quilting - what can I say? Ann did Radar very proud and enhanced an already top notch work!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

    PS - I haven't forgotten my promise to send some blocks! (I can see that you might run out if I don't do it soon LOL!)

  8. Wowee - fabulous, and congratulations - how perfectly wonderful. Oh, I'd love to know how to watermark a photo like that... any chance your friend would do a tutorial???? That would be so terrific... Kate

  9. What a beautiful quilt!!! I'm still trying to master curls and meandering on my longarm.

    Your block drive is getting pretty close to my prediction of 100 QOV quilts! Way to go.

  10. Radar is an inspiration to me that I'm never too old to start something new........
    Congratulations Kevin and the proud parents too - special.

  11. I'm so glad to see so many quilters participating and it's still early yet. Imagine the number of quilts you'll end up with by your deadline. I'm sure it will be truly amazing. As for your quilt, it is just an explosion of color. What a wonderful design and the quilting is spectacular too.

  12. Your project is Absolutely Amazing!!!!!! Have you heard of the wonderful organization Stars For Our Troops? I'm adding a link to one of many articles.
    If you'd like I will send you retired American flag stars for inclusion with your wonderful quilts. I'm hoping I'll get some time for personal sewing in a week or so.

  13. Gorgeous quilt and quilting on Radar! Congratulations on the first place!!!! Wooohoooo :) Amazing that you are getting so many blocks for QOV! Lots of love pouring in to be shared with our veterans!!!

  14. You rock Kevin! Fabulous quilt

  15. That is THE most AMAZING quilting I have ever seen!! WOW!! Your quilt is so vibrant, just beautiful. Congratulations, very worthy of a prize. Well done.

  16. I think you are not giving yourself enough credit for piecing that fabulous top. The quilting is beyond fantastic, but she needed that quilt top to sew her designs on.

    Now, two thousand + QOV blocks and COUNTING! Jeez Louise. You are going to wear out your sewing machine.

  17. You just never know where this adventure will take you.
    I am so inspired to send more blocks, I hope I can get many more from my quilt group.

    Happy Sewing and congrats on the collaboration rocks

  18. The block stories are very heart warming! And your quilt, FABULOUS.

  19. wow! wow! wow! what a visually stunning quilt. you guys made a great team!

  20. Kevin, You and Ann did an amazing job on your quilt. Congrats all around.

  21. Well, you passed my goal. Now I'm looking for you to pass 100 quilts. I'll be sending you another 10 blocks from a lady in one of my guilds. Woohoo!

  22. Wow!!! What a great quilt! You and Ann make a great team. I love all of the color and your placement of it.

    Congratulations on your block drive too. So many people will benefit from this!

  23. What a beautiful, beautiful quilt Kevin and Ann's quilting looks awesome on it. What a great photo of you and your proud parents!! Congratulations on the quilt and also on all the blocks you have received for the Quilts of Valor!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  24. Wow! Love your award winning quilt. Congrats to you and Ann on that award, it's definitely well deserved.

    Congrats too on such a successful block drive. Any you are only about half way done. That's pretty amazing.

  25. Radar is simply amazing Kevin! I'm really behind on my blog reading, and this is the first I've read about your block drive. What a beautiful thing to do for our veterans!

  26. I LOVE your winning quilt!!! Just fabulous. I don't think my package from St. Paul area was damaged -- I sent only 5 blocks, and you already thanked me via e-mail. -- but if it was me, I'd be happy to send you my address. Was it me, do you think?

  27. First - the block drive - simply amazing! What an awesome outpouring of quilty love!! So very awe inspiring!

    Your Radar quilt - Honestly, I am speechless! It is stunning, the colors, the placement, the quilting, oh my the quilting! What an absolutely awesome piece of work!

  28. I LOVE your Radar quilt, Kevin!! I am looking forward to hear more about your creative process in conceiving of its design, etc. The quilting on it is totally amazing. Great collaboration!

    How wonderful to inspire young people with your QOV block drive, too. That's gotta make you feel good!

  29. Your quilt is beautiful. The quilting is WOW! The StL shirt is great also! Go Cards!