Sunday, June 7, 2015

Friends, fun, and Fatty McButterpants..........

The title of the post?

Oh, we will get to that.......

I was able to spend some time with good friends this past week, and we did have fun!

My friends Vernie and Bev and I decided to take a little road trip to Kansas City.
We HAD to visit Quilter's Station.
Rita is the owner standing to my right, and is ALWAYS so welcoming.
We had a blast at her shop being inspired by the beautiful works of art.
Rita has offered to teach me a few things later this year
as I am travelling through the area.
If ever you are in the Kansas City area, you MUST stop at this shop!

Vernie, on the left, is a scrap quilter, not to mention a BONNIAC!
Here she is showing one of her latest scrap busting quilts,
Bonnie Hunter's "Scrappy Trips."
We are converting Bev into a scrappy quilter as well......
it's only taken a few years for her to catch on!

But, look who learned how to use the EZ Angle Ruler and Companion Angle Ruler???
Bev decided she wanted to make "Talkin' Turkey" for a friend.
I invited her over to use the Accuquilt Studio to cut her scraps, and 
I taught her how to use the rulers.  I think she had an "AHA" moment!
It's neat to see it when that happens.

Here are few more photos of my version of "Talkin' Turkey" in progress:

And here are a few photos of things I have seen around my house....


If you have read my blog any length of time..........

You KNOW I LOVE to cook!  

Take for instance this delicious Zucchini Bread.
I make it for all of my neighbors and they actually beg for it in the summer.
However, eating things like this, and sewing for MANY, MANY, MANY
hours at a time have led me to become........


This is a nickname Doug on 'The King of Queens" was given by his
wife Carrie.  I watch TVland sometimes when I sew, and this name 
"stuck" with me......literally.

I am going on the Military Diet to see if I can maybe lose some weight.

Has anyone else done this diet plan?  Did it work for you?

We shall see if this helps me lose anything besides my mind!

What have you been working on?
Here's hoping I become Skinny McGinny!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Your Talkin Turkey looks great and it looks like you had a blast in KC. Did you beef up your stash a bit?? Now, about that Military Diet - that's not much to eat for 3 days. It's hard to be skinny when you cook as well as you do. Of course, you could always NOT EAT what you cook - but what would be the fun in that, right??

  2. Looks like you had a great road trip to Kansas City. Talking turkey is definitely speaking to me, it looks great.

    Good luck with the diet.

  3. Haven't tried the diet and wouldn't. It's way too much carbohydrates. That diet would just leave you hungry and stimulate your appetite. Did you know that 2 slices of whole wheat bread raises blood sugar higher than 2 tablespoons of sugar? You'd probably have more success on a low carb high fat diet. Check out Wheat Belly and Diet Doctor . On the second one, click on "Pages" on the right side of the page to see free articles about going LCHF. Wishing you lots of success in your weight loss journey.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  4. Wow! You quilt and bake? What a stud muffin! Your "Talkin Turkey" is looking awesome, that is going to be one great looking quilt! I see Bonnie in one week in Auburn, CA, I cant wait!!!!!!!!

  5. I could not do that diet!! I lost 20 pounds by walking 2 hours a night, 4 nights a week when I was in Florida - just walking the dogs with a friend and we weren't pushing the pace, just chatting up a storm. I didn't change my diet, but ate twice a day...kinda healthy but not really (don't really eat many fruits or vegetables). Hard to lose and so easy to gain. I need to get into walking an hour a day - moving just makes such a difference. Hope this is successful for you - much healthier!!

  6. Wow, if I went on that 3 day diet, I think all I would lose is 3 days. I think we Americans have become obsessed with dieting. I find that little changes (ie. cut out one "fatty" thing and add one "exercise per day) make a huge difference. I also like the reward system. Say no to that brownie and earn one "fat quarter". Belly gets smaller, stash gets bigger! Good luck with whatever you decide. And keep up the great quilting! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Too too funny. Kevin, you're just fine the way you are. Although if you insist, I may need to join you after traveling. It takes too much discipline to resist all of the regional delights.

  8. Too too funny. Kevin, you're just fine the way you are. Although if you insist, I may need to join you after traveling. It takes too much discipline to resist all of the regional delights.

  9. Good luck on the diet. I've found that if I go on a diet, then I get ravenously hungry! All I think about is food, then I binge eat. I'd rather cut back (trying to do that now that the wedding is over. At least that diet includes bread and protein. I'd starve without either of those.

  10. Go Bev!!! Looks like your trip was fun. Look at that sweet face on the pooch!! Did you wake him up, or is he just over the paparazzi? And the baby birds!!! The mouth is bigger than the rest of the bird. Speaking of big mouths, that is my problem. I could do with a few planned lower calorie days per week. When do we start? The only way to know if it works, is to try it,

  11. looks like you are having a lot fun with your project. Wow - that is like a zillion pieces!
    Fatty McButterPants - you are killing me!!! ha ha
    I did the Ducan Diet and lost 18 pounds a few years ago. Now I'm trying to be paleo when I can. It's hard in the summer.
    Good Luck - you can send me zucchini bread if you can't have it, lol.

  12. Now, Kevin, here's the big sister talk. You know in your heart of hearts that any diet that promises a 10 lb. weight loss in one week is a FAD diet. They probably call it a military diet because you will need a drill sergeant at hand to make you stay on it. It has no relationship to the military; it was not invented, used or vetted by our military. You may lose 10 lb. in a week, but it will either be water weight for the most part, or muscle weight, which is what you don't want to lose. Do something sensible, please. Something that you can do over several months, because that is what it's going to take. Like Weight Watchers or the Mediterranean diet.Farm Quilter has a good idea, too.

  13. Oh Kevin! It's been so nice being able to catch up on the past couple of months; you have so many wonderful projects going on. The Christmas Talkin' Turkey looks great!
    My $0.02 regarding the 'diet.'
    I wish you the best, truly truly! A sensible nutritional plan mixed with sensible exercise is often such an easy vision to say, and following through takes dedication and perseverance. I'm nodding my head a lil' bit with ^Mary Ellen; sensible, long-term goals take patience. I remember hearing from a friend (after my 2nd child)----"It took 9 months to put on the weight; give yourself 9 months to take it off." Ugh! Not what I wanted to hear, but...... it takes time. And there'll be bumps in the road (I'm on a big bump myself right now! After all, I've been stalled on the side of the road for the past few months on my way to your house via my virtual running trip. I gotta get those miles going again!!!!!)
    You can do it.

  14. Another eating plan is "". You can find more information directly on their web site. It helps to buy the books, so you have more information on the quantity of food needed for your 3 meals a day.

  15. I love seeing how much fun you are having with all of this. And your picture on Facebook finding out about your Bonnie class! Priceless! Bonnie is going to adore you. Just keep sewing...just keep sewing...

  16. Kevin, your Talkin' Turkey is marvelous. I really love the way the colors come together in it.

  17. Kevin, I highly reccomend my fitness pal. It is an app that you download for free, plug in your stats and how active you are. It is basically a food and exercise log. No pressure, just a visual of where you are and what you have accomplished. I have tracked for almost 200 days and have gone down 35lbs. It hs been slow, but it is progress. My daughter and friends have joined me, and it is working for them, too. We have built in cheer leaders! Good luck and I love your quilt of valor quilts. Great job! Julie in MS

  18. Kevin!

    Where is that zucchini bread recipe? Is it in a earlier post? It looks so good! I would love that yummy recipe. I have home grown zucchini on the counter right now and it needs a recipe.

    oh ..... and the quilt looks amazing! You are so talented! Pamela

  19. Good to know that you are tried Military Diet I hope you had seen best results after competing the schedule.