Saturday, July 11, 2015 that keep on giving.....

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday last weekend?

I certainly did!

LOTS'O'SEWING got done!

I am this far along on "Talkin' Turkey!"
Borders are well under construction, and I KNOW I will be able to get this completed
by the time Bonnie Hunter comes to St. Louis in September!

I was also able to get a couple of these "Star in a Star" blocks done for
Beth at her Love, Laugh, Quilt blog.  She is making a couple of 
quilts for the Wounded Warrior Project.
HERE is the link to the free pattern I used to make them.
The block was very simple to make, and I could see this done in various reds, blues, and neutrals used for different blocks? A scrappy version of this quilt block may be in my future?

 The "Quilt Patch" day lilies found their way into the garden.
I LOVE them Phyllis!

OK, so I have to be honest here.
When I started helping out at O'SewPersonal Fabric Shop, I had no idea all of the friends I would make?  I have been blessed with so many new quilting friends.  It is so fun sharing your personal passion with others, and being surrounded by people that love doing what they are doing.

I just met Lee Etta today, but, we are pretty much one in the same!
I have heard about "THE" Lee Etta from several friends, and I am so happy to have 
finally met her!


Ummm......because she is a BONNIAC TOO!  Some people call her the 
Scrap Queen!
Lee Etta is showing her beautiful version of  Bonnie's "Grand Illusion" mystery quilt.
This was during show and tell at the shop.
What a fun event this is for everyone!

I am not sure if it is written all over my face that I am a "scrap" quilter.  Yeah, I know "Quilter" is written on my shirt..... but, I have been gifted so many scraps!
This is Debby who heard through the grapevine that I love scraps........

Debby gifted me all these great scraps, and blocks!
And they aren't even all shown here!
Thank you so much Debby for this awesome surprise!

Then my friend Kelly who owns the shop pulled out this big bag of scraps for me!
Here they all are.... color coordinated and ready to be placed in their proper bin.
I have to tell you all......Kelly was hilarious when she told me she told her mom how she felt
sorry for me because I dig scraps out of the trash that she didn't think were usable!
So, she gave me these!
Thanks Kelly!!!!!!

That's another aspect of quilting I find fascinating.......
I find it so interesting what a quilter finds as a usable piece of fabric.
I suppose the saying is man's trash is another man's treasure!
What size of scraps do you throw away?

And just before I left the shop one day, Charlene, who is very sweet, but, don't say that to her face.....
gave me this entire quilt!
All of the blocks are made and ready to be assembled!
I think I will be making 2 quilts of valor if I can get the blocks to work out that way?
Thanks Charlene!

And many, many thanks to my friend Ree who crocheted these dish scrubbies for me!
They are made out of netting and are WONDERFUL!
She also made the bowl holder for me!
Her sister also made me this slumped bottle.
I love ALL of these goodies!
Thanks so much Ree!

All of the scraps are gifts, that will be turned into quilts that will be a, in my opinion, scraps truly ARE the gifts that keep on giving!

Helping out at a fabric shop................yeah, I dig it!
Here's hoping you are enjoying your days quilting, crocheting, or doing something you love!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter 


  1. I laughed - I scrounge thru the wastebasket after everyone leaves our sewing classes and pull out the scraps that got tossed.

  2. Yes, yardage is real nice, but scraps are the best. The are the seasoning and the leavening in my quilts. Great post and photos!

  3. Ha ha....I guess all real scrap quilters check the trash cans. Victoria Findlay Wolfe told me to be sure to check the trash cans when I went to a class with the Gee's Bend quilters.
    you are being spoiled with "riches" from the ladies at the quilt shop.

  4. I guess if Lee Etta is the "scrap queen" then you are certainly the "scrap King". Lots of great gifts and treasures there. Looking forward to seeing lots of quilts coming out from your studio when you put these all together.

  5. Scraps are a quilters paradise! I once was the winner of a sraps givaway and it was like christmas morning when they arrived! Great progress on your quilt, it will be a beautiful one!

  6. Wow, you've got a great new palette to play with. Talking Turkey is moving right along. Hope you can find some time to get in the sewing room and make a dent in all those new scraps.

  7. Talking Turkey is looking great. How cool to be gifted finished blocks! Have fun with all of your scraps (stitched and unstitched ones).

  8. How lucky you are to have such generous friends who share your love of quilting and share their scraps. I don't have many scraps, so I save anything from thin selvedge strips right down to anything that is an inch square. I do have plans for these, even though I haven't posted about them yet. I love Talkin' Turkey, it almost shimmers. It reminds me of the way light reflects off gem stones. It is fun working in a fabric shop. I had the chance to do it occasionally when we had a lovely shop in our town. Sadly it closed down. But it is such a great way to meet like minded people.

  9. DANG Kevin! You scored! What a fun batch of scraps, you must be in hog heaven! Bonniacs RULE!!

  10. I can see the pure JOY on your face and read it in this post. Scraps of LOVE that you put to such great use and generous giving. Quilt on Kevin. High on Life July...

  11. Wow! Looks like your Talking Turkey is ready for Christmas. What a great quilt! Love your new scrap additions, such great additions to your collection. I used to toss anything smaller than 1.5 inches until I started making string blocks. Now I can't seem to get rid of anything.

  12. Less then 1.5" is in the bag to be gifted to a quilter who makes quilts for charity and is in to applique. OK, larger scraps make their way into the bag as well...I have so many scraps that there is no way I will use them all AND I have enough yardage (I like to buy bolts) to stock a small quilt shop. I need to get it made into quilts because I would always prefer to be quilting rather than piecing!!! I expect to go home tomorrow...will there be a box waiting for me???

  13. Your Talking Turkey made me "ooo!" out loud when I opened your blog just now. :) You are going to love that Bonnie Hunter visit, aren't you? Scraps are awesome, and I love your point aout it being the gift that keeps on giving. :)

  14. Lovely quilts! And I'm not surprised that you have made so many friends. My grandmother always said "you get out of life whatever you put into it".

  15. You are just a pile of scrappy happy fun! Tell Etta her 'Grand Illusion" is fabulous. I wanted to post a picture to this comment. Not possible. I may just do a temporary blog post, just for you. If you lived closer, there would be a whole lot more scraps coming your way...............

  16. Wow! And I mean...W.O.W!!!! I wish I had friends like that!!!!!!!
    What a thrill to play with new-to-you scraps!!!!!
    How small of a scrap do I keep?.... I actually keep them all, even the crumbs (anything <1.5"), although I don't really use crumbs. I toss them into a mailing envelope, and when the envelope gets full, I give them away. Looking for some crumbs? I'm almost full!! Let me know. Serious ;)
    When I hear about quilters tossing 'trimmings' (which are GINORMOUS in my eyes), I feel like I need to save them. I mean.... 3"+ trimmings as toss-able scraps?!?!?!!?! Are you KIDDING?!?!!?

  17. You must have a very contagious personality. It comes through on your blog. You look so happy with these quilting ladies and they sure have taken a liken to you! Always love visiting your blog! You are amazing quilt maker!

  18. You are the King of Scrap - you have tamed a million pieces for your turkey quilt! How awesome to connect with so many Bonniacs and make new friends. I love the pink and greens in Lee Ettas quilt.
    What nice gifts and scraps you received - how fun! I have to research the melted bottle - so interesting. is it a spoon rest? very cool.
    Looks like you having a ton of fun this summer!!

  19. You may never want to leave your sewing machine now! What fabulous treasures. I am so glad you are having such fun !!!

  20. Wonderful quilts , Kevin ! Félicitations pour votre travail ! Friendship of France

  21. Talkin' Turkey is looking fabulous Kevin! It reminds me of my very favorite Christmas plaid.
    You have such a good time with your quilting pals - that is great! It's wonderful how they gave you such scrappy treasure! My sister in law makes those dish scrubbies for us. Um... It looks intriguing, but what is a slumped bottle?