Sunday, July 26, 2015

This week in photos......

Hey Everybody!

Here are some photos from this past week I thought you all may like to see?

My flight attendant work week took me to various locations across the U.S.
Don't tell the passengers I work on quilt stuff while they are asleep!
Seriously, it is RARE to find an open row of seats on the plane these days.
This was a SUPER light flight with some very content and sleepy passengers.
These are some paper foundation string pieced borders for "Talkin' Turkey"
I was de-papering.

Piecing the geese together for the border.

Getting closer to finishing the "Talkin' Turkey" quilt top!
My friend Bev and I have vowed to keep on each other so we 
will have FINISHED "Talkin' Turkey" quilts to show together
when Bonnie Hunter comes to visit in September!

Bev has also allowed me to practice long arm quilting using a pantograph
on her beloved "Miss Thang!"

Remember last week I told you all about my friend Ann 
hosting a mystery quilt named in my honor?
This quilt is jelly roll friendly, but, I used scraps.
I decided I would use my niece's high school colors
and make this for her high school graduation next spring.
Here is the entire quilt cut out.
For more information on the
please click: HERE!

Another quilt shop friend brought me scraps!
Chris came in for a visit, and she said, "Here's this junk I promised you."
This is definitely NOT junk!

While rifling through gadgets and gizmos I have collected,
I ran across this template I used to make my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Quilt.

"Golden Rings"

I will NOW be using this template to participate with Bonnie in this year's 
Leaders and Enders challenge at Quiltville!

I thought I would share with you all this afghan I crocheted for
One of the first things I ever made for myself!
I really love the size of it, and it looks great in my living room.

My friend Loretta of 
sent me this photo on Facebook!
I really, REALLY need to get this t-shirt! LOLOLOL

What have you been working on lately?
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Wow! I loove that you are not sitting idle even while flying. Sewing is such a great sress reliever. Love that Wedding Ring quilt you made for your parents. And your crocheted afghan is lovely. High on Life July...

  2. I want to know HOW you sew while on the plane!!! Love everything you show!!

  3. Hey, I think I may have used some of that 'junk' fabric. One mans trash is another mans treasure! LOVE that t-shirt! How cool that you can crochet. I never got past the chain stitch (doubt I could do that anymore, it's been so long).

  4. I have some of that junk fabric too - how funny. LOVE the wedding ring quilt - awesome afghan,too. Yes - you need that shirt.

  5. Love all the different things you are working on. I think it keeps things interesting! Great work, keep going!

  6. Your afghan looks beautiful. Good job! I like how your Talkin' Turkey is coming along too. You should make you a t-shirt with left over scraps and add it to the one you were wearing at the shop last week. You would probably start a fad!

  7. Your Talking Turkey is looking Fabulous! The Golden Wedding Ring quilt is beautiful! The afghan makes me want to just sink in the couch and snuggle under it for a nap! And now you will be tumbling along - can't wait to see if you are going full scrappy or a planned colorway.

  8. Working on a quilting pattern for your quilt...while I finish up my two challenge show quilts!!

  9. So cool that you made something for you. Imagine that! So many great project going on. Looks like you have plenty of scraps to get started on a tumbler quilt. Your friends are keeping you well stocked.

  10. Okay, here's the run down: you need that t-shirt. Get it now! Secondly, how clever to think of using the double wedding ring template for Bonnie's tumbler leader/ender project. Thirdly, that afghan rocks. Isn't crocheting so calming? But only if it is a relatively simple pattern. And lastly, your mother is dressed to match the quilt you made for your parents!

  11. I would love to see a flight attendant working on a quilt! I LOVE it!! I actually like de-papering even though I don't do much PP
    Your Wedding Ring is amazing - I"m sure your parents treasure it.
    your really coming along on your Talking Turkey
    off to see your mystery links....

  12. oh and p.s. get the shirt!! too funny

  13. Ha! At first I thought you were machine piecing on the plane! So where did all the papers go "wink"! It is great that you can keep the latest project going while flying. No wasted time there. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  14. much to love in this post! You look very close to finish Talkin' Turkey!! Love it!

  15. Once again lots of lovely photos to see what you've been up to this week. My favourite was the 'wedding' quilt - such a lot of hard work but made with love )

  16. Wow! I'm tempted to send you a box of yarn. You are really speedy at crochet. I am in love with that Talkin' Turkey quilt (or at least as much as I can see). Also love your Mom and Dad's 50th quilt. Now I'm going to go back and click the link and check out your Mystery Quilt.

  17. Love the golden rings and the template you found. I'm choosing not to do Bonnie's leader and ender this year (at least that's the mantra I keep telling myself as I haven't yet fallen into the tumbler fan club -yet!) And your talkin' turkey is awesome! So glad you made the afghan for YOU! Thanks for commenting on someone else's blog on the Needle and Thread Network or else I may not have found you. ( I may or may not be clicking over to the mystery named in your honour ;) !)

  18. Haha! Love that t-shirt. :D Whoa - that's a LOT of flying geese!

  19. An open set on a plane? I wasn't sure such things existed any more. After being on 8 different completely full flights in three days, I was pretty sure there were no empty flights. Still glad you had one of those and got play with fabric for a bit. After those 8 flights, I had a lot of sympathy for the crews who have to deal with such full loads that make everyone grumpy.

  20. Absolutely get that shirt for sure!
    Love the photo of the quilt pieces cut out and ready to sew!
    Also love the photo of your parents dressed to match their special quilt :)

  21. Yes, you have had lots going on, but I simply MUST give you a big Whoooo-hoooooooo across the blogging lands for your afghan finish. Yay! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!