Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pre-Paducah Quilt Show..........

Greetings from the Quilt Cave!

 My friend Katie got this luggage tag for me!
Isn't it perfect for me???
I have it attached to one of the bags I fly with.
Thanks so much Katie!

I flew this past week so I could visit my momma before my upcoming
 trip to Paducah with Cousin Phyllis.
Thanks again for all of your well wishes for my beautiful little momma!
She continues to recuperate, and is gaining more and more strength every day.

Again, I would LOVE to meet YOU in Paducah next week!
I have a few meetings already in the works!
I will be really hard to miss!
I will be the big guy with the beard that is actually looking interested in viewing 
the quilts!  LOL I suppose I shouldn't say that......I think several men there
take a vested interest in looking at the beautiful works.

So how about a little antique quilt show to prepare us for the things we will see in 
Paducah?  This quilt show is brought to you by the estate of a family member.
I have been asked to see if any of my readers may be interested in acquiring these antique
quilts?  If you ARE interested, please contact me for pertinent information such as type of piecing, type of quilting, binding technique, size, and overall condition regarding
each quilt.  Everything will be on a first come, first serve basis.
Again, if interested just contact me via the blog, or my e-mail in the upper right corner
of the blog.  Any quilts that are not spoken for are going to be taken with me to Paducah
on the chance that someone may be interested in them there.

I will be showing a full size version, and a close up of each quilt.

Pieced Quilts

Fan Quilt  

Baby 16 Patch Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Hexagon Quilt

Star Quilt
(Not sure of the name of this star????)

1000 Pyramids style of quilt

X-Block Quilt

Applique Quilts

Pink Applique #1

Red Applique

Pink Applique #2

Pink Applique #3

Gold and Green Applique

And one last category,
 Double Knit Polyester
Double Knit Polyester Tied Quilt

Did anything speak to you?
Did anything whet your appetite????
If it did, let me know ASAP!
Please use the description I used for each quilt when contacting me.
Trust me, the prices are extremely reasonable and fair!

Here's wishing you a wonderful week full of quilts and inspiration!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Did you send this info to Bonnie Hunter? She not only collects (as you know), but she knows a lot of people who also collect. Good luck. My family will be in the same position when I "pass". Wish there was a way to take them with me :-) Glad your Mom is doing great, and I am so happy that you have found your "forever" home, along with a "chicken coop" :-)

  2. That is a whole lot of awesome sauce. Antique quilts are the best! My mom has a double knit one that she made from old scraps, and they are sooo warm. You practically suffocate if you sleep under it. ha :D Have fun in Paducah! I wish I could go!!! So glad to hear your mom is on the move to a speedy recovery.

    1. Love the green and gold applique!!! What are they selling them for??

  3. Fabulous collection. Be sure to give my friends at Legacy Quilts (usually booth 1200) a shot at any you have left.

  4. These quilts are stunning !!
    Enjoy your trip in Paducah Kevin !! I hope I'm sure you will meet lots of wonderful quilters !!
    Oh ! I adoooore your label on your luggage !! :)

  5. Great to hear your sweet mother is on the mend. Id love all these antique quilts but i think the exchange rate and postage to Australia would prove a bit too much. Oh how I wish i could get to Paducah, sigh maybe one day 😊

  6. The quilts are nice! Hopefully I will get to meet you in Paducah. Have fun with the quilts. I know I plan to.

  7. Oh how I wish I was going to Paducah! Next year for sure. I want to meet all my blogging friends in person. I have a small quilt int he show this year so do say hello to it if you walk by "Pan Blacked Applique". I have way too many quilts in my possession, but I will show these lovelies to all my collector friends. Good luck and have a great trip!

  8. I'd be interested in finding out size and pricing of that Star Quilt and the 1000 Pyramids Quilt. Those quilts are AWESOME!!!

  9. Lovely quilts! My spare cash went to plane tickets for trips over the next few months. Have fun in Paducah.

  10. What lovely quilts. I think the 1,000 pyramid quilt would be perfect for my home. So let me know the details...size, condition, quilting, price.
    And I wish I were going to Paducah... have a blast!
    Love the new luggage tag! Bet your bag doesn't mixed up with others'!

  11. I would be interested in the details for the pink appliqué 1 and 2; and the red appliqué. Thanks.

  12. Hope you enjoyed Paducah. Beautiful quilts, hope you find them outstanding homes.