Friday, October 7, 2016



Things have been buzzing here at the Quilt Cave!

Are you all ready to see some of my last week in photos?

My blogging friend Randy at Barrister's Block recently hosted a pin cushion swap.
I thought I would try it out, since:
1.  I have NEVER made a pin cushion.
2.  It's fun to interact with like minded artists across the country.
3.  It was a challenge I issued myself to participate in online gigs like this one!

I was honored to receive my package of goodies from another blogging friend,
Wendy who blogs at The Constant Quilter.  You can see the wonderful pincushion(s)
and goodies she sent me here.  Thanks again Wendy!

So, to my surprise when Randy sent out our swap partners mine was revealed to be none other
than Jan of Rogue Quilter!

Now, anyone who has read Jan's blog KNOWS that she is an EXPERT at mini quilts and wool
projects.  And, to be honest, after Randy and Jan's reveals of their mini quilt challenge/swap
here and here between each other, I was somewhat intimidated!

I mean, here is this amazing miniature fiber artist making AMAZEBALL works that I can only dream of doing.........what on earth did I get myself into?????? LOLOLOL

Well, after a few e-mails back and forth between Jan and myself, I came up with a color scheme, and decided to attack miniature work for her pin cushion.  Jan has received her pin cushion and, thankfully, she likes it!

So, here it is...............

Jan's pin cushion ala her colors and repro fabrics:
purple, cheddar, and a little bit of black.
Definitely NOT perfect, but, I am pulling the Amish card here! LOL

I knew I wanted to make some stars.....and the cheddar worked perfectly here.
A 9 patch HAD to be involved somewhere......right???

Yep, this came together well.
I have to admit Jan, it does look like a Halloween color theme to me!
That doesn't mean I don't like it!  I was going outside my
box and working with a color pallet I had never worked with before.
We ALL need to challenge ourselves from time to time!
Don't become stale!

I was honored to be a part of this swap Randy, Wendy, and Jan!
Thank you ALL for your enthusiasm!

This quilt top was completed this past week at the Quilt Cave.
I have had the blocks done for a few weeks, but, I have been
working so much, there was no time to put it together.
This pattern is found in:
Fons&Porter's Quilting Quickly
Summer 2014

I really love the looks of it!
Super scrappy and easy to throw together.
And, it uses a ton
of 2.5" strips which I have a plethora of!

Speaking of scraps.............

My friend Ann of  Attic Threads & Quilts
has designed another mystery for all of us to 
participate in.

is the name of the quilt and is 
debuting on her blog right now!

I am in the midst of cutting and sewing the first clue.
I opted to do this quilt for Quilts of Valor.
I am using patriotic 10 inch squares, red 2.5" strips for the background.
and yellow for my shocker fabric.

I highly encourage you all to play along!

I visited Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri this past week.
I just wanted to show you all that the block drive quilts are
still going strong!

Lori at Humble Quilts
released the second clue in her sew along,
Pictured above is clue 1 completed.

I am honored to be the guest speaker at the 

in Ballwin, Missouri


October 25, 2016!

Please follow THIS LINK
for further information!
I would love to meet you there!

My calendar for 2017 is already filling up!
If your guild is looking for someone to come 
speak and share with them,
here I am!
Please contact me via e-mail on the upper right portion of my blog page.
Yes, I do travel! LOL

Valentino is interested in more scraps!

This was a HUGE, GINORMOUS, BOUNTIFUL haul of wonderful scraps
donated to me by Deborah via her friend Jessica this past week.
I met Deb at the Lake of the Ozarks this past May when
I visited with the Draggin' Thread Guild.

She asked me then if I took in scraps from others........

Here is some of the scrap organization in progress.

Getting close to being done with this one.
There are some really beautiful fabrics here!
Thanks again Deborah!
These will all be used to the best of my abilities!

Enjoy your week!
I know I will enjoy mine with scraps!
Valentino will too!

Keep on quilting!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I'm in Randy's swap, too! I've sent mine out, but haven't received one in the mail. (Probably tomorrow.) BOTH of your pin cushions are PERFECT... sent AND received!! LOVE your new quilt top and thanks for the heads up about Ann's new mystery.

  2. Hey, Kevin--I haven't stopped smiling since that pincushion arrived!!
    I know it looks like a modern Halloween color scheme, but I am still a Halloween purist and to me the colors are orange/black/green--no purple--as much as I love the color. : )
    That is a great quilt top. I love the off-set barn raising layout.
    Isn't it fun to paw through someone else's scraps? Like a birthday party in fabric.
    You are brave to jump on board the mysteries. Lori's is about as brave as I get. Now I need to go check out the next step.

  3. Now that you have a treadle (hope it's up and working) you need to join Treadle On and participate in one of our TOBE's (block exchanges). The next one will be next Spring. Great pin cushion. I've done 2 pin cushion swaps, with Treadle On (just mailed mine off).

  4. Congratulations on doing tiny and out-of-the box pallet. I don't have time right now to join in mysteries or swaps (commission season and it pays the bills).

  5. Yes, join Treadleon. I just finished a Batik Star swap. Unfortunately, the hostess had to evacuate as she lives on Tybee Island before the blocks get sent out. Thanks for sharing the scrappiness. I had my studio all cleaned and then I started sorting scraps from bags that people have given me and now it is all a mess. Love all the quilts you showed and the pincushion.

  6. Your pincushion turned out wonderful! You do seem to be the scrap magnet. Valentino is a handsome cat and aptly named. He has a few relatives over at my house.

  7. Your pincushion turned out great, Kevin. Such tiny work! Lucky you to get all those scraps.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  8. You did a beautiful job with the mini work on the pincushion!

  9. The pincushion turned out beautifully, love the colors! Looks like you are staying busy, which is good because it doesn't look like you are anywhere close to running out of scraps! Hope you get some good stitching in this weekend.

  10. Wow Kevin! I admire how you left your comfort zone and created such an amazing pincushion. You certainly got a lovely bunch of scraps. I love your enthusiasm.

  11. You did an amazing job on the pincushion for Jan. And as you know, I love that new quilt top you finished. Love all the scraps you are getting too. I know you will make good use of them. So glad you came to visit us at our QOV Eastern MO sew day this week. It was fun sharing the Vanna job with you during Show and Tell.

  12. I wrote to to Randy that her swap is a real success and you can be proud of your first pincushion ! It's very cute with a beautiful combo !
    The Log top is awesome ! And Mr Valentino very interested in fabrics ! :))
    I wish you a lovely weekend Kevin !

  13. Love the colors in your pincushion! Valentino looks like a twin to our Zeke.

  14. WoW, love the risks you took for that perfect little pincushion for Janet. Well done my friend. I love examining a new scrap bag too, there are always treasures in another Quilters cast offs. Keep busy with your little hen house.

  15. Can't believe you never made a pin cushion before. I am beyond FLATTERED that you chose to rise it and jumped into my swap! And boy, did you hit it out of the park!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Just love the new Quilts of Valor you're making...
    Didn't realize you like receiving extra scraps. I might have some to send your way...VBG
    ps: LOVE the cat. Who watches him when you're traveling???

  16. That pin cushion is simply amazing! In fact I'd say it is the "star" of the fleet! It is pictured on no less than 3 of my blog favorites on my sidebar. Good job! And speaking of "good job" the Quilts of Valor are sensational! I tried to finish one more this weekend but only got halfway through. I have to deliver it on Thursday so of course, no pressure! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Those are some fantastic scraps. The pincushion is wonderful!

  18. That pincushion is wonderful! So tiny and precise. I have been on a pincushion kick lately and I just love those tiny little blocks. Great job!

  19. Love the colors in the pincushion!!!

  20. Wow. Your pincushion is stunning! Your choice of colors is amazing. :-)

  21. That last photo of Valentino is incredible Kevin!
    You did a wonderful job on your teeny tiny pieces and the pincushion turned out amazing!
    Love the scrappy QOV too. "Shocker" fabric - a great way to describe the concept, LOL. It makes the quilt very exciting.

  22. Kevin, What a great patriotic scrap quilt that is! I, too, have a plethora of 2.5" strips, so I think I'll check and see if I can get that magazine at the library and use that pattern!