Thursday, October 27, 2016

Patriotic parade.......


Almost November already!

How this year has flown by!

I know a lot of it has to do with my moving to the Quilt Cave and working more.......

Time certainly does fly when you are having fun!

And, this past week was really fun!

Awarding Quilts of Valor from the block drive
through Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri is A LOT of fun!
I have said it before, and I will say it again, and again!
This NEVER gets old!

What a nice assembling of quilters at the
Quilt Guild!
129 quilters came out to see the QOV presentations
as well as my lecture and trunk show!

I love seeing these smiles after a QOV presentation!
The daughter (second from left) of this Viet Nam Veteran
 was especially
moved and overcome at the presentations and
was so thankful.
This is what we can do when we come together as quilters 
for a common goal!

This World War II Veteran had a large portion of his
family present when he received his Quilt of Valor.

Another happy Viet Nam Veteran
with his family.

And a cousin that honored her Iraqi War hero.
These two are really close!

It was a really great presentation for these Veterans.

then it was time to talk about 
scrap quilts and have some fun with............

Huffman's Hotties!!!!!
Oh my!  These gals were an absolute hoot!
I was so pleased to have my good friend Dar of
at the meeting there with me!
Dar (on the right) is one of the reasons I became so involved with
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
So it made things even more fun and special!
(My apologies to one of my hotties for not being in this photo!)

Bonniacs at this meeting!

And speaking of my quilting rock star Bonnie...........

Bonnie announced the intro and colors to:

Those of you who know me...............


I will be making the mystery in a 
patriotic color scheme!

I am substituting:
Navy for Purple
Baby Blues for Lilac
Grays for Green
I will use a Red constant in place of the Magenta constant
And the Yellows and Neutrals shall remain the same!

I will follow guidelines of QOV sizes
and will construct the quilt appropriately.

I am linking up with my friend Alycia of

because we are both going to do patriotic versions of this
mystery that Bonnie so generously offers to quilters.
Let us know if you are going to do a patriotic version as well!

Gotta go to work now!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Scrap Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Kevin these photos really warm my heart. Seeing the Vets receive their Quuilts of Valor is amazing. Thank YOU and all of your helpers who make this possible. You so look like you and the ladies are having lots of fun. Blessings Dear...

  2. It is just so pleasing to see that those blocks are still giving. What an honor to be able to present them. Like your change out of colours for BH's new mystery - that pallet I have on my shelves, so just may change it up for our local Wounded Warriors group.

  3. Very moving to see the Vets and their families receiving their quilts with joy. This is such a good thing you do!
    I have made a couple of Bonnie's mysteries AFTER the reveal. Lori's SAL is the only true mystery I do. Small quilts fit in my schedule better. Haven't made a Bonnie mystery quilt since Easy Street--and even that isn't finished. : )

  4. The smiles say it all :) Wonderful contributors and amazing recipients love the photos and those hotties look like gals full of fun and cute cheekiness :)

  5. Love your mystery colors! I'm thinking of substituting blues for the purples also, so was glad to see how well yours were working.

  6. have fun with the mystery
    great QOV presentation photos!

  7. Your just so awesome!! It's going to be great to make this in Patriotic Colors - Thanks for the lead!!!!

  8. Love your blog. I had been toying with the idea of patriotic colors as well. My daughter-in-law is studying for her citizenship and I thought a quilt would be a nice gift. Never thought about the gray though. Nice idea and more subtle than black. Thanks for the idea. I've never deviated from Bonnie's colors in the 4 mysteries I've made so this will be a first for me. (and I do like the original colors quite well and probably have enough of all except a constant)

  9. I don't have time to start anything new, but, I'll collect all the clues. I'd already figured to substitute blues for purples, and red for magenta. Not sure what I'll use for the greens. I had a QoV presentation on Wednesday, and another, much larger one on Saturday afternoon.

  10. You've given so many people reason to smile and feel special Kevin!!! So proud of you and all you do to use your skills to bless others :*). Tell Dar I said Hi!! It's been ages since I've read any blogs and I miss my friends. Love your color choices for the Mystery. I've decided to play along making a small quilt, but haven't decided yet about colors.

  11. What a special evening to present those quilts to those veterans. You are amazing!!! Love your different color scheme for Bonnie's mystery. You ROCK!

  12. What a touching post Kevin ! In France we don't offer QOV to veterans because this not our cultural tradition and i think it's a pity....
    Have fun with the mystery of your friend Bonnie ! Did you know I was born in Provence and all my family still lives there ?

  13. Awesome QOV presentations! Yes! I am doing the new mystery in patriotic as well! Thought I might change the greens to reds and have the magenta/constant be the grey. That idea may change though!

  14. You captured the veterans and the family so well. Loved that there were so many present to see your presentation and trunk show. Being one of your MANY Hotties was an honor, although I think the Hottie in front was your favorite and I understand why. She really got into the part!!! I like your color substitutions and if I can swing it, I may start this mystery on time, or just collect the clues and see if it is an easy one that will fit into my busy schedule. Still have lots of quilts to finish before Christmas, you know.

  15. The quilts are beautiful and the recipients really look happy. Nice to see Dar in a photo!

  16. Very nice presentation! I'm looking forward to Bonnie's Mystery, too.

  17. Such fun QOV pictures. Love all the smiles. I'm considering patriotic colors for Bonnie's mystery quilt this year. I'm going to let the stash determine the palette, hopefully I'll have enough of the right colors.

  18. You are just having too much fun Mr. Quilter! Wish I could see the whole production in person... looks like a blast!
    I love your ideas for the mystery fabrics...have to see what's in the stash

  19. I've never followed a Bonnie mystery but this year the colors spoke to me so I thought I would try it. Now you have me thinking R,W & Blue! You are an inspiration! Maybe I'll have to make two??

  20. What is the required size of the QOV? Thank you.