Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day and finishes...........

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you quilters out there!
You know....you don't have to have given birth to have been a mother to someone!

You all KNOW who I was with on Mother's Day!
My Sis and I are so blessed with the parents we
were given.  Momma taught my sister how to be
a really good mother herself!
I am so thankful to have spent another Mother's Day
with my momma, especially after her health scare
last September.

Here are a few finishes for your viewing pleasure.

This is the doll quilt I sent to my partner
Laura in Massachusetts for my friend
Lori of 
Doll Quilt Swap.
I wanted to use some of the smallest pieces of fabric I had
left from various projects this past year.
I love the way the quilting combines everything, and
I even tried to be humble in my piecing!

Just take a look at what I received......

I was overjoyed when I learned my blogging friend
Cecil of 
had my name as her partner!
She sent this beyond beautiful doll quilt.
She also sent some French chocolate in
an egg carton! LOLOL
How appropriate Cecil!
She knows my love for my chickens!

The blocks are expertly pieced.
And, the color scheme is very appealing to me.
is a link to her post containing
some great photos of the work 
she sent to me as well as the quilt
she received.

A closer look reveals Cecil's gorgeous hand quilting!
Cecil, I truly love it, and it is hanging by the door to my
studio so I can see it every time I enter it.

Isn't it interesting Cecil and I chose to use that
poison green color in our quilts without even
knowing the other quilter was using it!

Linking up with 
Humble Quilt Exchange
Linky Party!

Abigail Rose has chosen to be my sewing buddy.
She loves to be at my feet in my studio!

She recently had her very first grooming
and did really well!
Having never had a large breed dog,
I hadn't a clue they grow so quickly!

I have also been able to finish up my
"Tree Inspired"project for
Scrap Club hosted by
Kevin the Quilter.

My Sister and Brother in Law are
celebrating their Silver Anniversary
this month.
They didn't want a party, but, I think it 
is a milestone that is overlooked, and, not often
achieved these days.
So..........I killed two birds with one stone
so to speak.

From the looks on their faces, I think
they like their anniversary quilt?

"Birches at Midnight"
Quilted by my friend Kim.
My friend Heather of 
suggested I do a flange binding.
I made a larger flange, and 
really like the way it frames this quilt.
Thanks for the suggestion Heather!
Two color scrap quilts really demonstrate
how diverse a color range can be.
And, this quilt demonstrates how proud I am
of my sister and brother in law.
Congrats to you both!

If you are opposed to seeing
food like you would see in a grocery
store, please pass by this next pic.

Here is your chicken pic!
These beautiful broilers were grown here
at the quilt cave and harvested by me.
I know I have said it before, but, I am
so happy to have a place where I can grow my
own food.
And, I am happy I know how to process them myself.
Just so you know, I say a prayer of Thanksgiving
over each one!

And, I just have to share this story here.
I have been a commuting flight attendant for 18 years now.
Commuting to and from my base in Chicago has always been
a challenge, but, anymore, it is downright impossible.
As you can see in the pic above, I am in a car, 
not a plane, with my
fellow friend and flight attendant Collette.
The driver of the car is Joey..........
Collette and I were trying to get home after flying.
I can't tell you what a horrible feeling it is
to complete work, and NOT be able to get home due
to full flights, and occupied jump seats.
This is happening more and more.
Fortunately for Collette and I, Joey happened to 
be driving from Chicago to St. Louis
for personal reasons I won't share here.
An Operations Agent knew we were trying to get
home, and said it never hurts to ask......
so, you KNOW I asked Joey for a ride.

He was nice enough to give us one!
I share this story, because, sometimes, I need to be
reminded there are nice every day people (aside from quilters)
 willing to help those in need.
Collette and I made sure Joey's gas tank was full, and 
that he was well fed for his trouble.
It was a blessing getting home.
Thanks Joey!

I am looking forward to spending time with
quilters from Northern Illinois later this week!

I hope to meet YOU at one of these

May 16, 2019
7PM Lecture/Trunk Show
Zion Lutheran Church
11007 Book Road
Naperville, IL  60564

May 17, 2019
Crazy Crumb Stars Workshop
Zion Lutheran Church
11007 Book Road
Naperville, IL  60564

May 18, 2019
Wego Quiltin' Quilt Guild
String Star Workshop
Oswego Presbyterian Church
1976 IL 25
Oswego, IL  60543

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Yes, all mother's are special and should be always remembered. Those of us who still have a mother are truly blessed. 'Love the quilt you made for your sister and her husband, gorgeous! Two beautiful doll quilts as well. The Swap is always so much fun. I must say, your upbeat positive attitude is always cheerful.

  2. I tried to find some poison green in my stash to include in my swap quilt; I came close ... Your Silver anniversary gift was a perfect choice. My Folks hosted a 25th anniversary party for theirs, but for some reason (I still don't understand) The Mamma didn't want anybody to know their 25th was the reason for the party. One of the neighbors brought her famous Southern-style, exceptionally moist coconut cake and when it leaked out that it was a silver anniversary, in her "well-oiled" condition the neighbor kept saying, "at least I wrapped it in foil!"

  3. BIG, beautiful chickens, but that anniversary quilt? WOW!!!

  4. Oh, my, that quilt you made for your sis and brother-in-law is absolutely gorgeous! Love your Doll Quilt. I participated in the swap too. It was a lot of fun. Lori is such a gracious host.

  5. Lovely photo of you, mom, and sis. Perfect silver anniversary gift - beautiful.

  6. I didn't participate in the swap, but I've been drooling over the photos of the little quilts going back and forth. That poison green is so pretty. You've got some nice plump birds there; I'm sure they will be tasty! Great job on the 25th anniversary quilt too! I can't imagine making the trek back and forth between St. Louis and Chicago -- yuck. But thank you for your dedication to your work, Kevin!

  7. Hopefully things will work out you can soon quit your 'day' job and concentrate on quilting gigs. Love the anniversary quilt. Happy Stitching!

  8. Wow, you packed a lot into one post. I know Laura and I know she will be thrilled with that little beauty! How lucky you were to have Cecile as your swap partner. She is a gem. I think this year's swap was the best yet! I love the quilt you made for your sister and her husband. You are so right, 25 is a big year and it it getting more and more rare for couples to reach that point together. (I'm happy to say we are in our 41st year!) I don't know what you feed your girls, but those are the plumpest chickens I have ever seen. And how wonderful is it that you know they are not injected with nasty chemicals or force fed junk food (although that sounds pretty good right now..). Thanks also for the reminder that there are nice people in the world who are willing to lend a helping hand. Keep your feet on the ground and have a great day!

  9. Ugh, I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be to be based in one city and live somewhere else, especially these days with overbooked flights. Your chickens look good, and you know how they were raised too. Wonderful anniversary quilt!

  10. I was very surprised to discover the green fabric on your doll quilt too ! Ah Ah !! Your little quilt is absolutely beautiful ! Congratulations Kevin !! It was a fun swap !
    Congrats again on your present for your sweet daughter ! Wow !The quilt is awesome....
    My husband is a pilot in Air France company and working on the Airport of Roissy/Charles de Gaulle.
    He has 2 hours and 30 minutes to come back home... I understand you..not fun !

  11. Kevin, your work is getting better and better. The Anniversary quilt is stunning. When I was young, we used to have fresh poultry delivered and it was so much better than what is in the store. Keep going on the quilting- can't wait to see what you will come up with next.

  12. Great Mother's Day photo!
    And it looks like you had a good experience in the doll quilt swap. You were lucky to get Cecile's little creation, and Laura was lucky to get yours.
    Abigail Rose looks adorable showing off her "spiffing up".
    The Anniversary quilt is gorgeous. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.
    How did the chickens feel about the photo being on display? They are rather exposed, you know. :)
    My grandpa was a chicken farmer and the scariest thing was when they would chop off the chicken's heads. If you have never experienced it, you have no idea what the saying "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" really means. And as a child it terrified me to feel chased by headless chickens.
    I enjoyed the story of you finding your way home.

  13. Looks like you Mom had a great Mom's Day. Fun stuff going on in your Quilt Cave. No fun not being able to get home after work. I complain when My Guy ends up having to stay late (we drive to work together) and I don't get home for an hour or so. Hopefully the getting home part of the job gets better soon.

  14. So much in this post!! you have just the best time with what ever you are doing - I love it!!!

  15. I always love your family pictures and stories. The Huffman clan is amazing and your parents obviously did a fantastic job of raising you! I love the quilt you made for your sister's anniversary.
    And your new doggie is looking adorable! Did I tell you that we've talked about getting a golden doodle when our real golden passes on (he's nearly 11)...I like that they don't shed and have the amazing personalities of a golden.
    Loved your story of hitching a ride back home with Joey. At first I thought you were doing car karaoke like James Corden does!! VBG
    I'm still looking forward to meeting you in San Jose... you need to figure out how you can fly in. The big quilt show is in October PIQF... Well worth the trip! Have fun teaching in Illinois. those lucky quilters!

  16. Great stories with happy endings. The quilt for your sis and hub is truly beautiful. And, it was made my someone with a heart of love! BTW, I got a little self conscience looking at those chickens.

  17. Your sister and BIL looked delighted with that beautiful quilt!!
    Both swap quilts are so sweet- I"m glad you participated, even if you get nervous about it!!
    Somehow it seems the airline needs to get their employees back to their home base! It doesn't seem right at all. Glad you found a lift:)

  18. love the quilt you made your sister and brother in law - glad you got a lift home!

  19. Sew glad Joey got you both home. I'm loving my fresh eggs! Thanks for coming to my guilds. What a fun weekend.


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