Thursday, June 6, 2019

2019 Spring Session of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

Hey Quilters!
I want to thank all of you for the lovely comments you have left concerning my super amazing cat, Valentino.  You all are the best!

As usual, I want to share with you the wonderful final reveal we had recently at the 2019 Spring Session of Scrap Club, hosted by Kevin the Quilter.

This session the quilters had the freedom to do any type of quilt they wanted.  Pieced, applique, modern, traditional, art quilt and so on.  This gave each artist an opportunity to represent who they are as a quilter.

You know, they did NOT let me down!

Noooooooooooooooooo sir-eeeeeeee!

I never cease to be amazed by the talented quilters of this group that assembles in O'Fallon, MO.

We had 2 divisions for prizes, over 40"x40" and under 40"x40".
The only rule was, your project had to include a tree.
I realize this is going to be a super ginormous post.
And, I want you all to realize, I have very limited time in between flying and
other life duties that prevent me from having as much time as I would like to
make posts on the blog.  So please, just enjoy the beautiful works you are about to see.
I promise you, it will be well worth your time to scroll though all of the photos.
It is impossible for me to list patterns used, because I wasn't given that information.
Also, the tree inspired projects did NOT have to be quilted due to time constraints.

Come along for the Final Reveal of Scrap Club's "Tree Inspired" projects.

  The lovely check in ladies!

 The freebie table!

  Welcome Quilters!

  Thanking my quilters that help
make Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

 Work it for the runway Colleen!
Sporting her new
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

 Surprise prizes were given throughout the evening
in the photos above and below!
  Tammy's "Round Tuit"
UFO challenge was completed!

  Fun games......

 and, more prizes!

And then it was time to see all of the quilts/tops
in the under 40"x40" category!


(1 quilt by Pat Z was not photographed regrettably!)

  Helen B. won the drawing for the under 40" category!
She was the lucky winner of a 
$100 gift certificate to

 More prizes above and below!

And then it was time for the quilts from the over 40"

 My sister and brother in law's
25th Wedding Anniversary quilt.
This is "Tree Farm" by
Edyta Sitar.

  And the winner of the over 40" category,
recipient of a $150 gift certificate from
is Sharon N!

  From the bottom of my heart,
I want to thank ALL of the quilters
of Scrap Club, hosted by Kevin the Quilter
for letting me be a part of such
a talented group of artists.

Stay tuned for a very SPECIAL
announcement concerning an exciting
opportunity for you all
to participate along with
Scrap Club this summer!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. What fabulous quilts! I love that so many are participating!! Must have something to do with their leader!!

  2. What amazing quilts! This looks like a really fun group Kevin!

  3. What a talented and diverse group of artists!! You’re a lucky guy! Thanks for hosting! Hope to make it there some day��

  4. Hooray!!! Scrap Club for ALL!!! :o))
    Oh! And, those tree quilts were FANTASTIC!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, a lot of very talented ladies! What a diverse grouping of small and large tree quilts. Can't wait to see what scrappy clubbing you are going to offer us all.

  6. Wow - what a lot of amazing and unique tree quilts. The makers did a FANTASTIC job.

  7. So very impressive!! what a great group of quilts all featuring some kind of tree! I love the idea and I'm so very impressed by all the quilters (That was a LOT of quilters participating!!) who created such creative versions.
    Kudos to you for providing the inspiration!!
    My favorite? I think the one with the Christmas tree in the back of the pick-up...Buttermilk Basin?? Of course there are so many that are fabulous!
    You sue do give a lot to your friends!!
    Seriously you need to find a way to give up your day job and share your talents more regularly!

  8. I don't mind all the photos. Excellent Eye Candy! Wow, talented bunch of quilters. Some amazing quilts produced!

  9. What a wonderful group of quilts!!! I love the creativity each quilter brought to her quilt!! Fabulous job!

  10. Kevin you are amazing and it really shows how much you love what you do.

    Also...BRAVO for putting every photo on the of the ladies, you and their quilts. They all put many hours and are so proud of their work and better yet they get to have a pic with you holding it. That's a very proud moment for them and it shows in every sing photo.

    Great job hon, this makes me want to travel across the border a few 100km too join in the fun.

  11. Talent is right! What a group! So much wonderful variety and creativity. What fun! And, I love that first picture of you. You look like you are singing an inspirational song! Keep on singing my friend!

  12. What a wonderful quilt show! How fun... thanks for sharing this talent with the world!

  13. The quilts are amazing! Please thank all the participants for sharing their talents!

    Gina in Marshall, Missouri

  14. Terrific photo show today! I just finished repairing/quilting a Tree of Life for a friend (on the blog today). So many people having so much gosh darned fun! And revolving around quilts.

  15. What a super post, love all the great projects!!

  16. So much talent! Beautiful quilts!!

  17. Kevin, what a blast. I love all of the photos and quilts that you shared.
    You are a gem

  18. Loved strolling through this tree-lined post with you. What amazing variety!

  19. I always enjoy reading about your quilting group, sounds like so much fun! The quilts were all lovely!

  20. Great quilts. Hi Dar! I've been using more scraps, as I cut out some baby quilts (remember, anything less than a yard is a scrap in my book).

  21. Helen's under 50 tree was my pick before I even knew she won. It was fantastic! Thanks for sharing.