Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Quilty Visits Part 3: A Hometown Visit

In the last episode of Quilty Visits with Kevin the Quilter.........
I had just ended a wonderful visit with the
Colonial Quilters Guild of Bethlehem, PA.

In talking with Beth, she shared that she had driven the
entire distance from her home in NJ, all the way to St. Louis.
So, I thought, if she can do that.....while hauling a horse trailer,
(Beth showed horses) then surely I could?????

So.............I did!
I drove all the way from Bethlehem, PA to Troy, Missouri
in one day.  With several antique mall stops along the way.


Because I had a workshop with the Dixie Lee Quilt Guild in
my hometown of Fredericktown, MO!

A little bird told them
my birthday was coming up,
so they had a birthday cake for me
during lunch!
How sweet!

It was a String Star Workshop kind of day!
Mom and Dad peeped in to make sure
I was doing things right! LOLOL

You all have seen me share this workshop
many times now.
Enjoy the photos and my day with these
fun quilters in my hometown.

We had a lot of fun together!
Thanks again for inviting me
Dixie Lee Quilt Guild!

You know........
making a String Star is NOTHING new
in the quilting world!
They have been around for quite a while!

Take for instance this antique String Star
quilt I found in Ohio.

Pieced in backgrounds in 
contrasting colors makes this one really fun.
The solid colors REALLY
stand out in this version.

You can choose to use a 45 degree diamond
template, or 60 degree like I use.

While in Fredericktown, I was able to
celebrate my birthday with my wonderful family.

Another birthday cake!  WOW!
It matches my shirt!

Taking mom and dad out for ice cream
at the local ice cream shop in town.

How is this even possible?
Lil' Bubs is driving!!!!
Since he isn't so little anymore,
I guess I will just have to start
calling him "Bubs!"

My Sis did it again!
Look at this awesome
"Welcome" sign she made for me
for my birthday!
I see a couple of pooches
staring out that door! LOL

You all may or may not know
my love of all things
"Bob Ross"
or the "Golden Girls" for
that matter.....
I found these
"Happy Little Tree Mints!"

Here is a nice look at the quilting on the
"Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt."

My friend Kim quilted
leaves all over, and I LOVE it!

This is going to be perfect for this fall..........
if it ever arrives!
Still 90 plus degree days here in Missouri!

Lovely texture on the back.

Kim does an amazing job with pantos,
and I am happy to share her talents with you all as she is
taking new clients!
Please contact her directly by e:mail.


Contact her about her quilting services,
and pricing info.
Make sure you tell her 
Kevin the Quilter sent you!

We recently held our Final Reveal for the
2019 Summer Session of 
Scrap Club 
hosted by
Kevin the Quilter.
We always have so much fun!
That post will be coming soon!

My quilting friends are the best!
Patty gave me this awesome insulated
cup with my name on it
for my birthday!
She knows I LOVE my coffee!
Thanks Patty!

Some Fall decorating has taken place around here!
Doesn't Bonnie Hunter's
"Good Fortune" mystery
from last year look great on my railing?
I love the way this one turned out,
and I am looking forward to this year's

Upcoming Events

October 12, 2019
Missouri State Quilt Guild
Fall Retreat
"Gracie Lu's Rail Fence" Workshop
Capitol Plaza Hotel
Jefferson City, Missouri

November 16, 2019
"Gracie Lu's Rail Fence" Workshop
O'Fallon Township Building
801 East State Street
O'Fallon, IL  62269

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Happy Birthday my friend! And, I should have known you are a Bob Ross fan. Such a gentle soul. I miss his happy little clouds! I hope when you get tired of driving around the middle of the country you will stop stringing all those quilters along and come to New England!! I envy your students for sure! I am sorry to say that my mystery quilt is still in stage 2 in the box, but hope to remedy that soon.

  2. Happy Birthday Kevin! You are always having so much fun. I love those string stars.
    No chickens? I miss the chickens, lol

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like some very thoughtful quilters!! 2 cakes!? Yes!! Yum!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Kim did a great job on your quilt! Beautiful!

  5. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Looks like you had a fantabulous day!

  6. Happy Birthday, Kevin!!! Looks like you get to just keep on celebrating the wonderfulness that is you!!!

  7. Happy birthday Kevin! You are definitely telling your age by being a Bob Ross fan! My mom and I both loved to watch him paint! Walmart has a cute Golden Girls T-shirt in hot pink and it’s in the men’s department!

  8. Happy birthday, Kevin and thanks for sharing your latest adventures with us!!

  9. Happy Birthday!
    I never tire of seeing the variety of stars made by your class members. And the vintage star quilt is fascinating to me.
    Oh, gotta love Happy Little Tree Mints!! LOL

  10. Kevin, you are a doll. I wish I lived nearby
    Happy Snappy Birthday

  11. Belated Birthday greetings to you Kevin - looks like you had a good one with your family and quilting friends. I love seeing all the colourful versions of the string stars - something I hope to try when I can find the time :)

  12. Target has Golden Girls Halloween costumes for sale. I wonder if they have them for pets, too? Not sure the kitty would like being dressed up for Halloween ;)

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Kevin! Looks like you got a lot of cake and fun goodies. Have fun with the workshop and retreats. Safe travels.