Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August....a month of celebrations.....

First things first.........

What a celebration....literally and physically!
"Talkin' Turkey" is finally a completed top!
From start to finish of the quilt top, it took about 3 months with stops and starts.
Now to quilt it, bind it, and get it all ready for Bonnie Hunter's visit in September!
That will be a celebration getting to visit with Bonnie!

And my friend Bev finished her version as well!
You should have seen her happy dance when she finished this quilt top!
We are so excited to be able to share these quilts with Bonnie in person!
As Bev said, this is a lifetime achievement quilt to piece! LOL

For those of you in the St. Louis area who are interested...
I will be doing a trunk show/lecture at the Ties, Needles, and Thread Guild in
the Metro East on August 18th.  If you are nearby and interested in
attending, please drop me a line on the blog or e-mail via the blog
and I will provide you with the information.
I am really looking forward to meeting with this guild!
Thanks for the invite Marilyn!

I was recently acquainted with these lovely ladies.
"The Louisville Ladies" from Louisville, KY!
We had a great time visiting at O'Sewpersonal.
They were celebrating a road trip doing the "Row by Row" Experience.
Many of them are "Bonniacs" as well!
Thanks for stopping by to visit and shop ladies!

As many of you know, August is the time to get things ready for the kiddos to head back to school. Many parents celebrate this.........I digress......
The beginning of August is also a celebration of birthdays around here!

Look who turned 9 years old?!?!?!?!
My beautiful little Sophia Annabella!
She celebrated with a delicious cookie from Treats Unleashed.
(Her name got somewhat smooshed on the cookie, but,
she had no problems eating it!)

And the whole family (minus my brother in law due to work)
was here to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday!
I am so proud to call this man my dad!
He certainly doesn't look NOR act his age!
God blessed me with a wonderful family!

We had a GREAT visit!

I recently had my bathroom floors tiled, and needed the bottom of my doors trimmed.
My dad can do just about anything.......seriously!
The house is going on the market soon!
Many of my blogging friends, and neighbors are selling their homes.
Now is the time for me to do this as well.
Not sure where I will end up right now, but, I am not going to rush into anything.

I took my beautiful momma "glopping" while the family was here...........
Oh,......glopping???????  You don't know what that means?????
Glopping = Glamorous Shopping!!!
I love taking her shopping......she just loves to!
Even though I try to dress her up like this.....she just keeps on looking at things!

It has become a tradition to play Scrabble on my great aunt's vintage
Scrabble board while the family visits.....
I usually win...........NOT THIS TIME!
Who in the world draws 5 E's??????
Evidently, I DO!!!! LOL

And, to end a day, sis, the kids, and myself took a long walk
along the Mississippi River.
I love this photo!

Here's hoping your August starts off with a celebration or two!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Well Happy Young Birthday Dad!! How nice to spend family time (love Scrabble-always lose) and super photos - thanx for sharing.

  2. Congrats on your monumental finish! Looking for a new place? How about Middle Tennessee? Lots of SW flights out of Nashville BNA!

  3. Love Love Love that last picture Kevin!!! And the Scrabble tiles LOL - that happens to me a lot - I think my luck mojo is seriously out of whack :*) CONGRATULATIONS to you and Bev for finishing up your Talkin Turkey quilts!!!!! WOWZERS! That most certainly is a major accomplishment. Mine is still in the box in pieces - someday maybe I'll get up the nerve and energy to go tackle it again :0 And happy birthdays all around - you are indeed very blessed my friend!

  4. WOW!!!! The talkin Turkey came together quick!!! I am impressed!!!!

  5. Wow, it seems like you just started the Turkey. All that de-papering while in flight paid off.

    I may try to catch your trunk show at Ties, etc. Email me details, please.

  6. Talkin Turkey turned out beautifully. Looks like you Dad had a wonderful birthday. Looks like the whole family had a good time.

  7. Congratulations on finishing your quilt!!! Wow so many many pieces. Loved seeing your friends, it is so different.
    Happy B-day to your father. Love seeing your family photos. Looks like you have such a fun time together.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Sophia Annabella. What a super cutie!!!! woof woof

  8. Congrats on your finished turkey! That is an amazing accomplishment for sure!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous Talking Turkey quilts! My dad is a lot like yours - can fix anything. He is the handy-man in my home town. So now that you are selling your house, are you planning to simply move across town or to another state altogether? If you give us a hint, maybe your avid readers will have suggestions on where to look and LOQS to check out.

  10. Great finish! Hope all goes well in getting the house on the market. I hate moving (too much stuff to pack).

  11. Love Talkin' Turkey!! Bonnie was at my Spokane guild this spring so I know you are in for a treat!!! I even got to sit across the table from her at dinner :) The celebration here is that I have internet at home again!!! Only took a month to figure it out, but I sure missed it!!! Great pic with your sis and the kids! Happy Birthday to your fabulous dad!! 75 is YOUNG!!!

  12. Kevin, the quilt is gorgeous. Do us all a favor and go take a stunning picture outside or somewhere with great light and so the quilt can be flat. Thanks for sharing your family.
    Think hard about a house. Think about what you are looking for- proximity to friends and family, space requirements, how much time invested in getting the way you want, the mechanics- plumbing, electrical- and what you are looking for the most out of a house. Don't go on emotional impulse or whatever others are doing. You are unique and have specific needs, write them down.
    And keep quilting.

  13. Love your blog! It is like a visit with you and the family! I vote for moving to Kentucky! Buy a little farm and live off the land while you quilt! The quilts are beautiful!

  14. Congrats on finishing the Bonnie top. It looks amazing!! And Bonnie will be delighted! Love the stories about your family. Where are your parents moving to? And you?? How fabulous to have such a loving family. Lucky you!!

  15. Congratulations to you and Bev on finishing your "Talking Turkey" quilt tops! It looks like you've had some fun celebrations already this month.

  16. LOVE the Scrabble table! Have never seen one of those before! I lucked into finding the anniversary edition with the rotating turntable at Goodwill for $2.00 in like-new condition! :)

  17. Congratulations on finishing Talking Turkey in time for Bonnie's visit! That's a lot of puecing. And happy birthday to Sophia Anabella. She certainly doesn't look her age. It looks like you had a great time celebrating with your dad. I agree it's nice having a handy dad. Good luck with the house!

  18. Congratulations on finishing your "Talkin Turkey" quilt top. You're going to love your visit with Bonnie. Happy birthday to your Dad & Sophia too. Good luck on wherever you decide to go in due time.

  19. So much to celebrate! Your family is so terrific Kevin! Happy birthday to your Dad and to little Sophia Annabella!
    Love the way your Talkin' Turkey turned out! And Bev's too! Hooray for finishing the flimsy!
    Best wishes in selling your house and resettling. And congratulations on your trunk show - that is super cool!