Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thanking Veterans..........

Thanking U.S. Military Veterans............

It's what I enjoy doing most,
especially where the art of quilting is concerned!

My Uncle Lee whom I have told you all about before was a Baptist Minister for over 50 years.  He always told us kids growing up, "the highest compliment that can ever be paid to a speaker is an invitation to come back."  Well, I have to agree with him, as I was asked to return to the Stitch'N Time Quilt Guild in Warrenton, Missouri to award some Quilts of Valor, courtesy of Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.

"THANK YOU!" is the only way you can caption this photo.
I love how this quilter is reaching out to a Veteran,
with a Quilt of Valor in the background.

I was honored to award the
quilts made from the quilt blocks
donated by the Missouri State Quilters Guild
to these deserving Veterans at the Stitch'N Time Quilt Guild 
in Warrenton, Missouri.
These quilts were quilted by the following guild members:
Kim, Marcia, Cheri, and Joan.
They all did a beautiful job on the quilting of these!
The gentleman on the left was awarded his
quilt courtesy of his loving niece, Judy, who made
his QOV for him.

It was a wonderful presentation.
There was a receiving line of thanks afterward
which was VERY touching.

In other news..............

I hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!?!?!?
No trick or treaters came out to the
Quilt Cave.  I didn't expect any to
as my abode is quite secluded.


I did work with this character on the plane this past weekend!
GOOOOOOOOOOO BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is wonderful when I get to work with a fun crew like this!

Half square triangles are adding up..............
I likey! I likey!!!!!
We will see where this goes with the addition of several other colors!

These fun patriotic blocks were donated by my friend Dot.
Her sister in law, Barb, passed away this past summer.
Dot and some of her friends had the painful task of going through
Barb's sewing room.  When Dot found these, she knew she wanted
them to go to Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
It will be an honor to put these blocks to good use in 
honor of Barb!

A few months ago my friend Cheri asked if I would take 
some blue fabrics off of her hands..........SURE!
This is what she gave me!
These will be perfect for a multitude of uses!
Thanks so much Cheri!

I leave for the International Quilt Festival in 
Houston in a couple of days!!!!
Make sure to come up and introduce yourself
if you see me?
I will be pretty hard to miss!
I have already made some plans to meet some of you!

Keep on Scrap Quilting!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I just love it when you share the QOV presentations - thank you. Do love those HSTs - stun much! What a beautiful pile of blues - never met a hue of blue I didn't like.

  2. You make my head spin with all you accomplish! And, I cry every time I see your photos of deserving servicemen wrapped in their quilts. Have fun in Houston!! My quilt is in the Primitive Quilts and Projects display so if you get anywhere near it, I'd love a photo of Kevin the Quilter with my quilt! Have a blast!

  3. Great QOV photos! Have a great time in Houston. I went once 2 years ago, but it is an expensive proposition to go from Buffalo, NY. Those blue fabrics are gorgeous. Hope you get tons of inspiration from the show and only buy great stuff from the vendors.

  4. Kevin, your pictures of the presentation of the quilts to the veterans is extremely poignant. My favorite is the first one with the hands and the quilt in the background. So very moving. BRAVO to you.
    Have a wonderful time in Houston. I wish I was going!! I'll enjoy it vicariously!

  5. Your photos are great!! I get so caught up in the presentation I sometimes forget to take a photo!! Glad you did!! Enjoy Houston SO SO much!! Share with us all the great goodies you find ( whether they come home with you or not!) Enjoy!!

  6. Quilts of Valor are truly heartwarming and it is truly wonderful to see the veterans receive their quilts. Heartfelt Thank You Kevin and your entire team of volunteer quilters. Mr. Bacon is lots of fun. Enjoy Houston Quilt Market...

  7. Aww, what a wonderful thing to do for our Veterans. Bless you.
    Those Blue fabrics are right up my Alley!
    You had me chuckling in your costume...oh Kevin, to be as happy as you would be wonderful.

  8. Love seeing the veterans with their quilts. So much love there!
    Oh, that bacon guy is a hoot!
    Loving the HST blocks!
    You have been the recipient of some great blocks and yardage. No doubt they will all be put to good use. : )

  9. What a nice touch to have a receiving line to say Thank You to our veterans. Great pictures. I do like what you are doing with your HST blocks. Can't wait wait to see it all put together. I don't have to tell you to have fun in Houston, I know you will. Will be watching your blog for pics on your blog when you get back, cause I'm not on FB you know. :)

  10. Beautiful QOV presentation! That stack of blue fabrics gifted to you made me extremely jealous.

  11. It's so fun to see the pictures from the presentations. Lots of fun stuff in your sewing cave. Enjoy Houston.

  12. I love those half-triangle squares, Kevin. Browns, blacks, tan/creams: perfect! I'm looking forward to seeing your layout for the quilt.

  13. Is it OK that I use your ideas/colors for the mystery quilt? I have always wanted to do a QOV.. What size is required? Thank you...