Monday, November 28, 2016 photos..........

Well I hope you ALL had a glorious THANKSGIVING!

I certainly did!

Of all the many things I am thankful for, hosting my family at the QUILT CAVE for
Thanksgiving and being able to share it with you all is way up on my list!

Come along with me and view my
Thanksgiving in photos!

All of those dishes that were washed
made for a table that was ready to be used!
(I sent this photo to the lady that sold me 
her mother's dining room set.)

Cooking with family is the best....
Momma's mashed potatoes!
Dad is supervising of course!
Mom and Dad were able to stay with me the whole week!

Sis making the rolls....
the yeast rose!  YEEEHAW!

Special moments caught in a photo......

Lil' Bubs waiting for his plate to be filled......

Family meals are the best!

And, NO, these googly eyed babies weren't left out either!

Diets are DEFINITELY OFF the menu for Thanksgiving!
Fried Turkey, dressing, chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes and gravy,
sweet potatoes, broccoli and cheese casserole, green beans, layer salad, homemade rolls, punch,
cranberry dip, pumpkin pie, and my mom's streudle
were all on the menu!

We had a wonderful time together!
My Uncle Royce on my dad's side of the family
was able to join us, as were my sister's
mother-in-law Barb and brother-in-law Jim.


We took the rest of the evening to digest it all! LOLOLOL

The next day, we had to work it all off........

the ladies went shopping, looking for those Black Friday Bargains.........

while the menfolk did manly things like clear trees for my
future pasture!
Here we are looking really tough and macho
.......yeah right! LOLOLOL

I have to say, there is a visible difference after clearing
several dead trees, and some that were way too crowded.
This wood will be put to good use heating my
sis' family this winter!

Scrabble kept us busy at night.

And, as you all probably guessed.....
something else kept me busy at night after Black Friday.......

Bonnie Hunter's Clue 1
came out for

You may find everything related to this mystery quilt:

 Using it up!
As you can see, there isn't a lot left of these already cut
2 inch strips.  I LOVE being able to add variety by
including the smallest of bits!

 I love spinning seams too!
Remember, I am doing this mystery quilt in a patriotic color scheme.
I am linking up with Alycia of
Alycia Quilts
who is also doing the mystery quilt in patriotic colors.
Let us know if you are too!

These neutral 4 patches were just what I needed to end my
Thanksgiving weekend with!

Thank you so much Bonnie Hunter for being the
generous class act you are!
Linking up with Bonnie's
Link Up Monday Part 1

When I found this almost pristine Spartan sewing machine
at an antique mall last week, I named her "Bonnie"
in honor of my quilting rock star!

Thanks for sharing my Thanksgiving with me!
I appreciate you all!
Now, go SEW!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Hey Kevin, I love how you honoured the family that you bought the table from. And your gram's stemware and dishes. Such a traditionalist and it looks so good on you. I am so glad that you had that family time together and that you and your new friend 'Bonnie' are getting along so well; stitch and twirl, stitch and twirl.

  2. A Thanksgiving like is, is absolutely priceless! So thoughtful to send a photo of the table being used. Family is so important and spending time together. I miss my in laws and Grandma so much this time of the year. I hope to start the mystery quilt.

  3. I love that you sent the lady the photo of her mother's dining set getting loved and used!
    You folks really know how to put on a Thanksgiving spread--and we thought we had a lot of food. : )
    The women actually look happy to be going shopping on Black Friday.
    And you men look--well, manly.
    Oh, the timeless tradition of a Scrabble game. Mom and I have one every Tuesday afternoon.
    What a great new machine find. So you are sewing Bonnie's mystery on "Bonnie"?

  4. Family time and meal traditions are Priceless! The dining set is beautiful and what a blessing to see it used. Spartan? I am not familiar with this name but it looks like you got a real sweetie to sew with. Blessings and your tree clearing makes a big difference.

  5. Looks like a great time was had by all. And now for the mystery fun!

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us, love your blog. I have a Spartan too but I have not used her yet, I know what the heck am I waiting for lol

  7. Congrats! on your "new" machine!! And... please pass the chicken and dumplings. We didn't get any over here. :o((

  8. How wonderful you could share the holiday with family in your new cave. And the new machine is a beauty - perfect name and perfect project to start on her.

  9. LOVE all your Thanksgiving pictures! Can't wait to see what goes in your future pasture. Love your machine-- perfectly named too. Happy mystery sewing!

  10. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I know you will have fun with your new machine. The variety in your 4 patches is nice.

  11. What a wonderful family and a perfect Thanksgiving!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Your new Spartan is gorgeous, and Bonnie is the perfect name!
    Thanks for the peek at your Thanksgiving celebrations. Looks like even the logging was fun!

  13. Yay for another mystery in progress! Even better if a QOV! I am almost done w one for Alicia...I am behind in my donations, lol! Do you do a full size mystery for QOV?

  14. Great blog post! Your 'spun' and perfectly pressed 4-patches are stellar. I'm an 'open-seam' presser, I need them to lie flat so no spinning for me.I'll be watching your progress. Watch me and mine at

  15. What a wonderful Thanksgiving Kevin! Your blocks for Bonnie's mystery quilt look great!

  16. Looks like a very fun and family filled Thanksgiving. Chicken and dumplings is one of my Mom's specialties, but since Thanksgiving was with the in-laws, I'll have to wait for Christmas to get some of those. Looks like you got a good start on those 4-patches. It will be fun to see your version come together.

  17. Looks like a wonderful time with family! Lots of yummy food too! I am sure you all burned up some calories cutting that wood. Love the new machine.

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving beginning with family, good food ( need that chicken and dumpling recipe) fun and a little work. I haven't started on Bonnie's quilt yet but am planning on starting it this weekend.

  19. As if chickens weren't enough? You need a pasture for?? Cows???
    LOVE the family pictures. And the streudel?? I'm waiting for THAT recipe, Kevin. AHEM!!
    Love the new machine, too. Never heard of Spartan. But she sure is a beauty!
    Doing the mystery in red/white/blue?? GREAT idea.
    I'll follow along with your progress. I did make a bunch of 4-patches...
    Still working away on the QOV!!

  20. Enjoyed this post! You hit all of my favorites; food, vintage machines and BKH mystery. The little Spartan is a beauty.

  21. Looking good! Love your family photos as well. ;-)

  22. Your table is absolutely lovely! great family photos. and hooray for Scrabble! I love it. We'll have to play!
    have fun with the new BH project

  23. Your table is perfect!!! Love that you played Scrabble. In our house, we brought out the Kismet dice, a game like Yahtzee with a twist! Hooray for Family!!!!

  24. Chicken and dumplings. Honemade yeast rolls. Streudel. Wow! There are some ambitious cooks in your family. It all looks delicious. Family really is best. And the Mystery Quilt for dessert. Perfect.

  25. Can I be adopted into your family Kevin? I LOVE your family!!!! So glad you were all able to be together and enjoy the holiday - and the food :). You've shared with us just how multi-talented you are, but honestly - you chop down trees too??? Is there no end to your talents? Loved the "manly" photo by the way :*). I can't wait to see your patriotic En Provence come together - pretty sure it's going to be a stunner. I'm finishing up my 4-patches today and so enjoying working on another BHMQ. Friends are gathering at my house Friday to work on Clue #2 together. Life is Good!!!!

  26. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving menu. It is fascinating to me to see what different things we eat according to our area of the country. My menu is so boring. I'm going to amp it up next year.

  27. I still smile when i see "QUILT CAVE " knowing i had a hand in the naming 😊. You are so blessed to have your family around you, enjoy them while you can. Im on your team in thinking Bonnie Hunter is the most amazing generous quilter/designer out there, im still on clue 1 of the mystery but no hurry its all about enjoying the process. Keep smiling ❤

  28. I love your Spartan. A Spartan was my first hand crank (I converted it and still have the motor). Enjoy those family holidays. Our family is too far away.

  29. Lovely neutrals Kev, and what a wonderful, loving family you have. You are very fortunate.
    I have 'Victor' hand crank. a clone made in Japan. I love it!!

  30. What a perfect Thanksgiving you had!!! I want to be at your house for all the holidays!!! Please share mom's recipe for the strudel!!!

  31. That Spartan is gorgeous... enjoy!

  32. Looks like it was a fabulous Thanksgiving. Love the sewing machine.