Monday, August 10, 2015

Blow me over........

 Yeah, well......

You could have BLOWN ME OVER........

When my friend Bev came to see me while I was working at O'Sewpersonal this past week!

Bev with her QUILTED "Talkin' Turkey!"


She definitely surprised me with this!

Well, guess who got HIS "Talkin' Turkey" on the frame ready for quilting?????

I can't wait to have this one done!

After the quilt top was loaded, Bev started reminiscing about several of the green scraps
I used.  Many of them came from her!
Scrap quilts definitely do tell a story of our lives!

I have been cutting 10" squares out of patriotic fabrics for a service project.
The group I belong to, Perky Piecers, is making honor flight quilts for veterans.

Have you all heard about the 

project my blogging friend Lori at 

is hosting?

Never in a million years did I think I would be making little dresses for little girls.
But, I have to say,blogging friends really do push you to do things you 
never thought you would?  Plus, the fact I really admire Lori for her 
humanitarian efforts through the mission trips she has made.

These little dresses are SUPER DUPER easy to make.
You could have blown me over again after I made the first one
and realized how simple they are to make!
My personal goal is to send 10 dresses to Lori.

I used 

to make all of these dresses.

It has been the perfect opportunity to use up some large scale print fabrics
that don't play well in quilts.  At least not in the quilts I make. ;-)

I timed myself, and I can make one of these dresses in around an hour.
I challenge you all to please take an hour of your time and help
a little girl in Bolivia.

Please go to Dresses for Bolivia for more information.

Here's hoping you have a great week sewing something!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. These dresses are adorable... great job!
    I don't sew clothing, but it you promise that they are easy, I might be brave enough to give it a go!

  2. The quilt on the frame!! Hoorah!! Those little dresses are adorable and well done to you in stretching your wings.

  3. Yay Bev! The quilts look stunning. Yay for Kevin too!

  4. You did a great job with the dresses!!! Can't wait to see your Talkin' Turkey quilted and bound...all ready for Bonnie Hunter's visit to your neck of the woods!!!

  5. Those dresses all make a statement. The little girls who get those dresses will be thrilled.
    Looking forward to seeing your talking turkey all quilted and bound.

  6. Boy, have you ever been busy! And you work a "real job" too! How do you find the time to do it? Great job on the Talkin' Turkey. And now I want to make some dresses.......

  7. your dresses are adorable!!!! I plan to make some too - maybe even today.
    the turkey quilts look great

  8. You're amazing! I think you just started a movement to get a whole lot of people stitching up dresses for Bolivia. Love the "Turkeys" gobble gobble.

  9. As I mentioned before, your little dresses are adorable and I'm super impressed with your abilities to stretch your limits to other venues. Bev's Turkey quilt is beautiful as is yours. Do you want to quilt my BH quilt too since you've become an old hand at it? What designs did you and Bev use on Talkin' Turkey?

  10. Wow...what a wonderful thing to do, the dresses for Bolivia! You're an inspiration. Love your Talkin' Turkey too!

  11. HI! Kevin, Every time I call in you are busy with some new deserving projects , Some little girls are going to have big smiles when those pretty little dresses go to Bolivia. Your Talking Turkey quilt is beautiful.

  12. Your dresses are adorable and thank you for reminding us to get busy and send them off to Lori!

  13. WOW Kevin I am uber exccited your TT is on the frame. Helps motivate me to keep on keeping on with mine!

  14. Good luck with getting Talkin' Turkey quilted! And thanks for the heads up about the pillowcase dresses. The fabrics you used are adorable! Of course, almost all of my fabric is in storage until November but there are plenty of fabric stores around and I'll be on the lookout for cute pillowcases as well. They look like fun and easy enough to make.