Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm having fun..........

I'm having some fun here folks...........


Don't forget my trunk show and lecture at the Ties, Needle, & Thread Quilt Guild in Glen Carbon, Illinois on August 18th.  E-mail me for time and venue.  I can't wait to meet the members, and talk about my passion for all aspects of quilting.


I am going to really have some

Did you all hear the news?
My blogging friend, Barb, is hosting her much anticipated block swap!
This will be the FIRST time I have ever participated in one, and I am 
very excited about it!  For more details, visit:

There are still a limited number of spaces available!
I just had to get started on it!
These blocks are SOOOOOOO fun to make!

There are still a limited number of spaces available!

Come join the fun!

Another fun dress to make for the dress drive for Bolivia!

hosted by Lori at Humble Quilts.

It has also been fun going through my 2.5" strips for 
Bonnie's "My Blue Heaven" class coming up in September!
I can hardly wait for this as you all know!
I have opted to not make a blue quilt.......details after the class!

And, can you see the look on these girls faces?
Yeah, they are mocking me because I gave the SAME exact look when these
3 bags of scraps were given to me by Kelly at O'Sewpersonal!!!
The scraps were left at the shop by a very talented sewer!
I will give proper credit when I have permission from her.
Lot's of goodies in these bags!

And believe it or not............

I even had fun at work last week!
How could I NOT when I was flying with these fun gals!
Work truly isn't work when you fly with a fun crew!

And, I was overjoyed when I ran into my long time Captain friend Linda!
We used to commute together out of St. Louis all of the time, but, she moved
to Florida after her daughter graduated high school.
It was wonderful being able to reconnect with her.

Whatever you are doing this week, I sure hope you are having fun!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I want to know why I never have flight crews who smile like yours do??? Maybe it's you!
    I find the bow tie swap tempting especially doing it in the bright color line.
    Can't wait to see what colors you're using in Bonnie's class. How much fun!!

  2. The swap looks like fun, but lately I cannot stop reading long enough to sew...seems like I meet my monthly challenges and no more! I look forward to seeing your bow ties though!

  3. Your bow ties look great! I love your enthusiastic smile! Aren't they fun and easy to make? So glad you joined the swap this year! I love dress for Lori - I'm hoping to make some today!
    I LOVE your puppy photo - wow that is a lot of scraps!! have fun - I know you will :)
    Wish I could see your presentation!

  4. Oh, I am coming and raiding some of those scraps! You are going to have such fun 'dumpster diving' into those bags. And someone looks a little lighter in those photos, too.

  5. It's always fun to come to your blog. You are such a happy person and you seem to celebrate something every day! Your friends are lucky to have you in their lives.

  6. You look so happy Kevin you are twinkling! Glad you have been having such a fun time with friends and quilting! Love you wearing that "bow tie" LOL!

  7. You are a bad influence... I had to sign up!
    Your friend Linda looks like she could be your sister!

  8. Yes, you are having a lot of fun. Lucky you for getting those bags of scraps. That is always fun looking through someone else's scraps left from projects and wondering what the original project looked like. Another cute little dress. It looks like a fancy one! The girls look like they want to play in the scraps, but someone beat them too it!! Sorry I can't make your presentation this time. I know it will be s good one.

  9. You, my friend, have lost weight!! And you are so tan!!! Looks good on you!!!!! Have a blast with your trunk show...when are you coming to Spokane???

  10. Yes indeed you are having a great and fun summer! Looks like you little girls are enjoying your fun right along with you. Love your bowtie/s.

  11. I had fun reading about all of your fun. It appears from the pictures that you have lost weight....Congratulations! Wish that I could be in Illinois tonight. Hoping to take our youngest son to "The Book of Mormon" tonight.

  12. Look how tan you are!! And that bow tie - way spiffy!!!! Glad you are having a great time!!

  13. TNT members loved your talk and you. You inspired us. Thanks so much for trekking our way.

  14. Hope your trunk show was a lot of fun. You have a lot of fun projects going on. Your company has some of the best flight crews in the industry. I've sat through a number of very entertaining "to buckle your seat belt" instructions.

  15. Looking at your pictures, I think you've lost lots of weight. Your face is thinner. Congrats! I know you've been trying, and, it's worked.