Friday, August 28, 2015

Ties, Needle & Thread Guild among other things..........

As promised, here are a few photos from the wonderful time I had with the Ties, Needle & Thread Guild in Glen Carbon, Illinois.  I had a wonderful time sharing my passion of quilting with this guild, and it was so nice meeting the people there!

I have lots of things to share in the back seat!

I was able to meet Heather of Peachy Pages !
Heather was so instrumental in helping me understand some items
about blogging when I first started.
It was WONDERFUL meeting you Heather!
(Heather, did you notice I didn't post the "funny" photos???? LOLOL)

And it was a pleasure meeting Judy!
Judy is the gal who made SOOOOOO many pillow cases for 
the Quilts of Valor block drive quilts from last year!
She contacted me before the meeting, and I asked her to make sure
to introduce herself to me!
Thanks again Judy for everything!

Many, many, many thanks to Marilyn and the Ties, Needle & Thread Guild for inviting me to speak!
I thoroughly enjoyed sharing with your guild!

In other news...........

I have been having SOOOOO MUCH.....

It's been great being able to play with these modern fabrics I don't normally get to work with!
My bow tie blocks for her block swap are almost done!

This layer cake is being turned into........

This easy peasy Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt

I made this quilt using the following tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company..... 

This is my go to quilt when I need an easy gift, or to use up 
a layer cake....or just need to sew something!

And this was happening on the plane this past week!
This serving tray has never looked better! LOL
De-papering all of the half-square triangle units from clue #2 for...

Mystery Quilt hosted by my friend Ann of 

Here is a little teaser for you all..........
Hmmm........I wonder what I am doing with all of these Kaffe prints....
along with a little Brandon Mabley thrown in there?????

Here's hoping you are enjoying this time of year!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Your joy for quilting is contagious and all the smiles show how much fun you bring to any gathering. Creative Quilting Bliss...

  2. Hmmm, what are you doing with all that Kaffe fabric??? Can't wait to find out! Love the bow tie blocks!! You are starting to look like Bonnie Hunter when she travels by van!!!

  3. That's quite a car load of quilty goodness! Love the modern bow ties. I have only used Kaffe in a doll quilt swap. I find them a little over powering, but curious to see what you do with them.

  4. Thanks to your post, I joined the Bowtie block swap. I have almost the 80 sewn. I would love to wrap it up next week. Thanks for all the wondeful photos.

  5. Your bow ties are fab-a-licious!! really great fabrics. Looks like you had a great group at your talk. How nice to meet people in person. your layer cake quilt is neat!

  6. Hi, Kevin, love keeping up with your blog. Love your positive, happy outlook, too. I am also working on a Double slice quilt right now, but I cut my own 10" squares. My 6 year old Grand wanted a butterfly quilt so I chose Michael Miller fabrics, several Tamara Kates Flight Patterns and some aqua Star Pods, with some Kona Snow thrown in. Such a quick quilt, and fun, but I am rearranging my blocks constantly, trying to spread out the lights and darks! I decided I am going to add a four inch border in a pink pindot to calm it down a bit, when I finally stop rearranging the blocks. I can see making lots of double slice quilts in the future, and it is a good one to teach others to make. Love Jenny Doan and Bonnie Hunter!

  7. Lots of wonderful quilty things going on in your world, Kevin. Keep up the good work because we love reading about it!

  8. I feel so stupid that i forgot about your presentation at Ties, etc. I had EVERY intention of attending, then the old senior moments joined hands and ganged up on me and it flew right out of my mind. Looks like a good time. Interested to see what you are going to do with the Kaffe & Friends fabrics.

  9. Once again I loved looking at all your photo's and reading about what you get up to every day. I love your 'bow tie' blocks and I wondered if you'd ever worn a real bow tie? :) I bet you'd look super cute wearing one ;p

  10. Hello Kevin !
    I know your blog since this summer and I decide today to write a comment because, every time I read a post, I'm in a good mood !! So thank you !! :)
    Congratulations for your bowties ! I participate to Barb's swap but with repro fabrics ! I love to do them and I think we'll going to have an awesome quilt !!
    I wish you a lovely Sunday !
    Hugs from France

  11. It's so fun to meet blogging friends in person! Glad you had the opportunity to do just that. I need to try that double slice pattern soon...I have a layer cake or two that I need to put to good use. :)

  12. I'll bet they felt so lucky that you came and shared your quilts! Looks like it was a great time. Your bow ties looks so fun, too. Good luck with that swap. And I love the mystery fabrics... Your tray table is also super clean!! VBG

  13. Your bow tie blocks are looking awesome!! Those blocks are going to make a great looking quilt.

  14. LOL, you make things fun wherever you go Kevin! Love the pics!
    Those bowtie blocks are awesome! i've never seen one done up in modern fabrics and it looks really cool, especially against the scrappy greys.
    Love the Missouri Star tutorials and plan to try a couple out myself someday.

  15. Those are some great pics Kevin..Lovely smiles everywhere!
    Oh, I Love, Love Primitive Gatherings fabrics!
    I'm doing the bow ties quilt now too..

    Debra in Ma.

  16. Those are some great pics Kevin..Lovely smiles everywhere!
    Oh, I Love, Love Primitive Gatherings fabrics!
    I'm doing the bow ties quilt now too..

    Debra in Ma.

  17. Sounds like the trunk show was a great success and a lot of fun. You've got lots of fun stuff going on. The Bow Tie blocks are my favorite of what your working on now.

  18. You're such a tease! AND I'm so jealous of all the fun projects. :)