Monday, April 28, 2014

Quilters amaze me......

Quilters, especially you all reading this, amaze me.......

I am once again humbled by your generosity to the QOV block drive I am hosting!

So many quilters have contacted me asking what they may be able to do to help out!  I have been asked about long arm quilting for these quilts............bindings for these quilts...........presentation cases for these quilts...........backings and batting for these quilts...........the list really goes on and on!  This is a really selfless community we are a part of here.  Allow me to answer a few questions I have been receiving as of late:

If you are interested in long arm quilting a quilt or quilts from this block drive, simply drop me a line via e-mail in the upper right corner of my blog with your contact information and what you are willing to do?  I am compiling a list of those I have already been contacted by.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

These quilts will need bindings, and if you are interested in helping out in another way, we will be binding these quilts with 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" bindings.  The quilts measure approximately 60"x72", so 270" of binding will be needed for each quilt.  The binding doesn't need to be cut on the bias.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

If you are interested in making a presentation case or two in your spare time, we will definitely be using them! Here is the tutorial I use when making the presentation cases: Easy Tube Pillow Case  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

For those of you who have asked about backings, it takes 5 yards of fabric to make one backing for a quilt.  Pieced backings are absolutely perfect!  Battings must be low loft per QOV standards.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Please realize, I am NOT trying to be presumptuous here.......I am simply answering several questions that have been posed to me via e-mails.  I am NOT asking anyone to send these items on top of blocks they make.  This block drive has completely opened my eyes to the openly large bigheartedness of quilters, so I am just trying to answer some questions.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

As of today, we are now up to................


(Never in my wildest dreams did I ever anticipate we could ever do this!!!!!)




And it is ALL because of wonderful, unselfish, compassionate, and kind people like you and the following AWESOME people of the week:

Pam in West Virginia
Rosemary in Ohio
Mary Ann in Washington
Zosia in South Carolina
Pat in Wyoming
Toni Anne in New York
Karen in Minnesota
Holly in Indiana
Marva in Wyoming
Peggy in Maryland
Bev in Indiana

And the following quilter provided a block but cannot be entered into the drawings:
Nelson in Texas

HEY!  We heard from West Virginia and Wyoming!
Now if ANYONE knows a quilter in Nevada, Montana, or Hawaii, please encourage them to send at least one block our way before June 1st!

Zosia in South Carolina sent in this wonderful "Pathway of Valor!"
She says she is a relatively new quilter, but, you couldn't tell it by looking at this top!

Mari of The Academic Quilter sent this pieced "Pathway of Valor" quilt top in.  You can't see the variations in the different colors, but, trust me, there is some very nice variations!  Beautiful job Mari!

Mari of The Academic Quilter also sent me this mini quilt to commemorate this drive!
Thank you so much Mari!  I will cherish it forever!

Toni Anne in New York sent the quilting needles.
Holly in Indiana sent some beautiful scraps.

Holly in Indiana also sent in 5 beautiful presentation cases!
These are going to look great holding our Quilts of Valor!

Mari also sent the light backing and batting for her quilt top, along with some thread.
My blogging friend Teresa, of A Quilt and A Prayer, sent in the rich blue backing.

Coming up in the next few posts:
Prizes and Sponsors!
My trip to Paducah....the quilters there amazed me with their talents!!!!!!
And much, much, more!

Here are a few teaser photos from my Paducah trip for you......

Kinfolks having dinner!
Eleanor Burns........whatta hoot!
I converted my cousin into a quilter!!!!!


OH! Before I forget.............

I am all caught up with April's RSC14 challenge color!

Thanks again for all of your encouragement!
Wait until you see the eye candy from my trip to Paducah!
Until next time....

Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A very busy month......

Greetings all!
I would like to take this time to wish Easter blessings upon each of you and your families!

This is going to be a VERY large post full of photos, because, it has been
 A VERY BUSY MONTH thus far!

BUT, FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

This weeks group of AWESOME people include:

Liz of Scrap Basket
Loretta in Nebraska
Ginny of Brooklyn Quilter
Mary Jane in Georgia
Fran in Illinois
Peggy in Illinois
Kate of Life in Pieces
Doreen in Maine
Hetty in Georgia
Jean in Colorado
Jessica of Noguchi Designs
Judith in North Carolina
June in North Carolina
Marva in North Carolina
Ellie in North Carolina
Alycia of Alycia Quilts
Florence in Illinois
Jeanette in Illinois
Melinda in North Carolina
Cordella in Deleware
Cindy in North Carolina

And the following quilter generously donated blocks but cannot be included in the drawings:
KR in California

2,953 blocks received to date!
That's 98 quilts!!!!!!!!!!!
We have almost reached 100 quilts for Quilts of Valor!!!!!!!!

I have received blocks from almost every state with the exceptions of:
West Virginia

Does anyone know a quilter in one of these states?
Wouldn't it be cool if we could say blocks for these Quilts of Valor came from EVERY state in the USA???

 Liz of Scrap Basket sent in this beautiful completed "Pathway of Valor" quilt!
The colors are so vibrant, as is the quilting!  I LOVE this backing too!

Liz also sent in the presentation case to go along with this quilt!


Liz also sent the candy......ummm....DELICIOUS!
Kate of Life in Pieces sent the really cool layer cake fabric.
My quilting pal Alycia of Alycia Quilts sent the scraps....she knows me so well!
And Jean in Colorado shared a cup of tea with me!
Karen in North Dakota sent in a donation.
And Ginny of Brooklyn Quilter also sent in a donation.

Thank you ALL so much for EVERYTHING!


This block drive has far exceeded my expectations, and I am completely humbled by everyone's generosity on so many levels!  For some of you who are local and interested in attending the first sew day for this block drive, please contact me via message or e-mail!


How about a view of some of the things I have seen, and have been working on this month?

Let's take a little stroll down photo lane, shall we?

I have kept up with RSC14 at So Scrappy!
Linking up with Scraphappy Saturday.
I still have my scrappy maverick stars to get done this week.

I have been keeping up with Quilt Doodle Doodles 2014 Block of the Month.
I have April's stars finished, but, forgot to take a photo of them!

My friend Vernie and I decided to collaborate on a quilt together.  She chose Bonnie Hunter's
Star Gazing pattern from her first book Scraps & Shirttails.  My blocks are VERY scrappy!

I have also been string piecing some stockings.  
A group I am a part of is making these for a VA Hospital for Christmas.

I was able to piece this "Pathway of Valor" quilt from blocks that have been donated.
Can you see the batik on the left side? It will be a small border on this quilt.

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where this photo was taken during my work week?

 I was able to get some lines drawn for Bonnie Hunter's Leader/Ender Challenge on my layovers.

I am also all caught up on the entries for the drawings!
Never fear, this photo was snapped by my fellow flight attendant after beverage and snack service was completed and I was taking my union break! 

How about some eye candy in the form of antique quilts I found at an antique mall while I was in Wichita for MQS!  Let me know which antique quilt is your favorite?

None of these quilts found their way home with me though.  Too rich for my blood!

And now, how about the quilts from MQS in Wichita????
There were some BEAUTIFUL quilts to see!

 My friend Ann of Attic Threads and Quilts miniature quilt.

 Best of Show:  "Fern Rising" by Claudia Pfeil

 My friend Cheri's quilt that received a teacher's ribbon.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing some photos of some of the things I have seen and experienced this past month?  Will I be seeing any of you in Paducah?  Make sure to come say hello to me if you do recognize me there!  I love meeting all of you quilters out there!

Thanks for understanding my crazy work schedule!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Happy Easter!
Kevin the Quilter