Saturday, March 26, 2016

A quick update.....

Hey everybody!

I am trying to get into a regular blogging schedule again.
However, flying more has made this difficult.  And of course I need the funds for the house now! LOL

Flying with friends makes work a little easier!
Sally has been one of my most favorite flight attendants and friends!
Look how tired we look after flying 6 long days in a row!

There have been some fun things going on around the new house though......

I had a nice get together with the neighbors from my old development over
to see the house.  We celebrated Mike's birthday with roasted hot dogs and smores in
the fire pit.

I came into the house for something and I found my friend Mark
behind my sewing machine!
He is asking....."you really cut things apart to sew back together again????" 

There are some new additions here!
I am working on their coop now, because these little ladies will get big 

Perhaps you all could help me think of a name for my new abode?
I have been pondering what to call my little piece of heaven here.....
the best I can come up with right now is "Quilter's Homestead?"
Anyone have anything better than that???

Remember me telling you all in the last post about the mystery quilt
I was hosting at the quilt shop?
It has been such a wonderful group to be a part of!
I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with these quilters once a month 
the past three months.  I have learned so much from all of them!

Late last year as I was waiting to get a seat on the airplane to fly home,
I was bored, and asked the gate agent for a piece of paper, and she handed me this.
I needed to doodle!

On the inside I started drawing and playing with my pen, and came up with this.
I kind of liked it, and shared it with Kelly at the shop as she had been asking me to
come up with a mystery quilt and start a scrap club.

After planning the quilt top out, and the clues, we met, and have had a fabulous time!
We had a ton of newbie quilters in the club, so we had to be somewhat elementary with
our piecing.  I am happy to say several of the quilters, old and new have shared with me how much they enjoyed various aspects of each class.  It may be because I fed them each time! LOL
The big reveal was this past week!

Here is the mystery quilt top reveal from the shop!
It is called "Going Home."
It has special significance to me since I LOVE to go home after work......
especially NOW with my NEW HOME!
For those of you who are interested, I will work up a simple to use pattern and post it here on the blog
in the future, however, for those of you who are more experienced, you can probably make it yourself.  Everything is based on 2.5" squares and strips.
No borders are on the quilt, because the quilters were asked to use
techniques learned in the class to come up with their own borders.
Get those creative juices flowing and use up some of those scraps!

I was sweating to death! LOL
You can get an idea of the type of borders I am working on for my version of the quilt.

I had so much fun with this class!  Who knows?
Maybe there will be another one down the road?

In closing, for those of you who are willing......
Sadness and tragedy struck my extended family recently.
My cousin's son, Lanny, pictured here with his wife and 4 children
was suddenly taken from this earth in a freak logging accident.
He was a good man with a good heart, and a 3rd generation logger.
Please, if I may ask, remember his wife Dottie and their children
in your thoughts and prayers?
This has been a devastating loss for our family.

Again, I want to thank ALL of you for your continued concern
in all I do!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, March 11, 2016

I am finally home........

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

I truly feel the support and encouragement you all have provided during the past few months, not to mention, this past week.  I am slowly responding to all of the comments you all left about me being back AT LAST!

Never in a million years did I think finding "THE" home of my dreams would have taken so much time and effort.  I suppose you could say I was naive to the whole real estate game as I had my first home built, and I didn't deal with anyone but the builder.

The sale of my home went faster than I ever anticipated, which was a good thing.  However, finding a new place to live that provided everything I wanted turned out to be, well, next to impossible.  There was a lot of "drama" with my realtor, that in my opinion was completely unnecessary, and almost made me break contract with him.  TWO, count them TWO homes I had contracts on fell through due to the seller's end.  Why would someone put the time and energy into placing their home for sale, only to not follow through with things that need to be done in order to sell the home?  GEESH!  I was NOT going to settle for just anything.  Did I concede on a few things?  Yes.....however, I have no regrets on those concessions.

Finding a home took almost 4 months to the day.  Had it not been for some amazingly gracious and generous friends allowing me to stay in one of their beautiful homes, I don't know what I would have done?  You live and you learn, and I certainly did my fair share throughout this home buying process.
All of this, to say, I AM FINALLY HOME!  I feel it!  I know it!


You all want to see it?




Here is my new home, and I love it.
It is nicely secluded on about 4 acres of land.

It has a small front porch that I can put a swing on eventually.

The back of my home has an upper and lower deck which will be perfect for entertaining.
The lower deck leads into my sewing studio.  I have a feeling some sewing may get done
out on that lower deck during some nice weather.

Beautiful mature trees thrive in the front and back yard.  Most of the acreage is wooded.
Eventually, some wood will be cleared for pasture, but, that will be down the road.

I am not sure how well you can see the birds and bird feeders in this photo, but, one day I counted about 20 Cardinals out there!
And there are more squirrels than I can even count sometimes!

I also have this wonderful detached garage with bays on either side.  The back side of the garage
also has a large bay.  This will eventually be turned into a pole barn of sorts.
Don't you think some quilt blocks need to go on the front there somewhere???

There you have it!  A looksy at..........oh.......huh?
You want to see the inside too????
Well, OK!

The living room from the front door.
Paint colors and lighting fixtures are definitely going to be changed.

A view from the fireplace into the kitchen and dining space.
Again, colors and light fixtures will be changed.
I do love the granite counter tops, but, the cabinets and appliances will 
eventually be changed.  These cabinets are destined for my sewing studio!

A descent sized master, with even better walk-in closet and bathroom.
Baby poo brown is NOT my color......paint is an easy thing to change.

Downstairs family room.

There is a nice little bar with fridge and microwave hook up.
Perfect for entertaining!


You can see the door in the far corner that leads to the deck.
I haven't gotten everything figured out 100% yet, but, when I do, you all will
be the first to get the grand tour of my new creative space.

See what I mean?
This is still a work in progress.....but, I am happy to say, I have been sewing here in this space!

These little girls have made themselves right at home in my studio!
Precious lil' stinkers!

I plan on doing all of these things.....especially QUILT here!
Thanks Cousin Phyllis!  Your work of art finally has a home in my new studio!

Again, I want to thank ALL of you who have remained so supportive during this
time of transition in my life.  I appreciate your concern and constant encouragement!

To bring you up to speed on a few other things that have transpired as of late.......

Momma and Lil Bubs celebrated their birthdays!
Lil Bubs is getting so big!
And my little Momma is just as pretty as ever!

My Sugardoll turned 18!!!!!
How did that happen?????
Graduating high school in a few short months!

And word certainly does travel around quickly!
I have been hosting a Scrap Mystery Quilt Class at
O'Sewpersonal in O'Fallon, Missouri.
This has been such a joy for me as it is my first foray into the teaching side of things.

The turn out has been great, and these quilters are a hoot to be around!
Yes, I did design this mystery quilt myself, and wait until you see it!
The name of the mystery quilt is "Going Home."
I will be able to share more about it's conception after the class is over with.
But, it looks like there is enough interest to have more scrap quilting classes sometime in the near future!  Thanks to Kelly, the owner of the shop for allowing me this wonderful experience!

Thank you all for being my friend!
I appreciate you all sooooooooo much!
It's good to be home!
Until next time,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, March 4, 2016

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helloooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (echo echo echo)

ANYBODY OUT THERE??????? (echo echo echo)

Kevin the Quilter is back AT LAST!!!!!!!

SO MUCH time has gone by.......TOO MUCH time has gone by.......

However, I have finally at last found the home of my dreams!  Well, most of my dreams!

I can't wait to share EVERYTHING with you!!!  SO SO SO SO MUCH has happened!
However, I am STILL in the moving phase, so I ask for your patience once again.

I just got the ole' computer up and running, so I wanted to check in with least those of you who stuck around! LOL

I will be remedying the SPAM that has infiltrated the blog as of late ASAP.

Thanks to all of you who have sent encouraging words during the last few months.  Please realize, I was unable to respond, and I apologize for that.

Let's wipe the slate clean, and start all over, shall we?

It's good to be back!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter