Monday, September 28, 2015

DREAM! COME! TRUE!...........

Were you all able to hear the angels singing this past weekend?

Well, it was more than likely me that you heard because a DREAM! CAME! TRUE!
Actually...........SO MANY dreams came true!!!!!!


My quilting heroine Bonnie Hunter came to St. Louis!!!!!

I know several of you have followed photos of this past weekend on social media and Bonnie's Blog, but, I want to share everything here on my blog too.  This is going to be a seriously photo heavy post. 


I was literally giddy on my drive to pick Bonnie up for our fun day with Mary Ellen!

We decided a picnic in historic Forest Park would be a PERFECT way to greet Bonnie!

Bonnie with Mary Ellen on top of Mary Ellen's version of Celtic Solstice.

I was officially designated the CEO of Bonnie's visit.
CEO = Carry Everything Out

Still in disbelief I had the opportunity to share time with Bonnie!

Bonnie was also able to visit with the staff of  O'Sewpersonal.

An Antique Mall with Bonnie??????
Let me make this clear here.  I frequent this antique mall, and NEVER have I seen 
the amount of antique quilts and sewing machines I did this day with Bonnie and Mary Ellen!
I think they follow Bonnie!


As Bonnie always teaches, "Antique Malls are like history museums where you can
touch everything!"

Inspiration from antique quilts.
Sister's Choice

Bow tie blocks!
This is going to be an inspiration for me from the bow tie 
blocks received from Barb's block swap!

Mary Ellen found herself a treasure!
A Periwinkle Stars top, also known as Humming Bird.
Mary Ellen plans to get this one quilted!
So cool!

I have seen this particular quilt many times at this antique mall.
It has been very worn over time, but....

definitely was deserving of a closer look.
I learned from Bonnie that she would date this quilt
somewhere around the early 1900's by the fabrics and quilting!

We all melted when we saw this beautiful Double Wedding Ring!
This has some beautiful quilting and LOW VOLUME arcs... right Bonnie?! LOL
It had never been washed, and would have come home with me.......but...
look at that middle yellow piece just left of the center.
Someone had taken some kind of staining agent to dye the fabric!!!!!!
It was almost paint like!  Good eye Mary Ellen, and what a shame!

Bonnie is unstoppable in an antique mall!
I think she would stand on her head if she had to in order to inspect a vintage machine!

So much knowledge was obtained from Bonnie about vintage sewing machines this day!


Saturday was the workshop with Bonnie.  If you have never taken a class with her
or attended her lecture.......GET THYSELF TO ONE!!!!!
Wonderful tips and tricks can be learned from her on a variety of
sewing subjects!

Bonnie posing in front of the beautiful quilt!
She also has great taste in baseball teams don't you think?

Demonstrations are VERY informative!

 My quilting buddyVernie with her first alternate block!

Not to be outdone by my quilting buddy Bev and her first alternate block!

And here are me and my new found friend Ora, who traveled from Kentucky with our first blocks!
We were working with the same colors, but, I decided to reverse my placements.
YES, on purpose! LOL
You know me..........I never can go with the flow!
There were even some quilters from Indiana at the workshop!
It was a pleasure meeting everyone!

During Show-N-Tell I was able to show these off......

 My version of Geese on a String.
Quilted by my friend Alycia of Alycia Quilts which will be a Quilt of Valor!

I was able to debut my completed version of Bonnie's Talkin' Turkey ala Christmas colors!
I LOVE this quilt and it is gonna be mine!
My friend Kim finished the quilting up for me and I LOVE IT!

Bonnie even signed my quilt label!
How incredibly special this quilt will be for me and future generations!

Taking a class with Bonnie Hunter......DREAM! COME! TRUE!

But, something else special happened during class.........
Bonnie spotted a quilter using a black Singer 301...SQUIRREL!!!!
I had mentioned to Bonnie and Mary Ellen I had been on the lookout for a 
Singer 301 for well over a year, and Mary Ellen agreed they are VERY hard
to come by in St. Louis.  Mary Ellen is in search of one as well!

Cindi, the quilter using the 301 discussed with me that she had something I 
may be interested in?  Really????? What could it be????

Cindi attends auctions and estate sales weekly.  She said she came across this Singer 301
and was the only bidder left around to even place a bid.  She walked away with this beauty for $5!
Yes, that's right........$5!!!!  After Cindi found out about my work with Quilts of Valor, she asked if
I would like the machine?  Uh.....YEAH!  ABSOLUTELY!  However, while speaking with her I found out her husband is a veteran and has never received a Quilt of Valor!  Well......guess who is getting one now?  Oh, and I reimbursed her for the $5! LOL
This machine shall be so special to me for so many different reasons and her name will be Cindi!
You should see and hear this machine stitch!!!!!!!
Pedal to the metal baby!

Smile Quilters!  You are on Bonnie's Camera!

Finding inspiration in the University City Loop.

Selfies with another new found friend Robin!

Sodas at Fitz's in U City!

The Quiltin' Blues with Bonnie!
Although that seems a little like an oxymoron!  
This guy made up a song for Bonnie off the top of his head!

Bye Bye beautiful quilts!
Packed away until another lecture and trunk show!

This was seriously a DREAM! COME! TRUE! Bonnie!
Thanks for your friendship and inspirations!
I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life!

Before I leave I MUST thank my quilting friend Cherie of 
Quilted Jonquil for the wonderful donation of backing fabrics
for the Quilt of Valor Block Drive Quilts!
It was wonderful spending the weekend with you and thank you so much for everything you and your husband did!

And....I must give a shout out to Sara on her Honorable Mention award for her
Mariner's Compass quilt she entered in the Quintessential Quilt Show!
Sara is one of the many wonderful customers at O'Sewpersonal!
Congratulations Sara!

And...........last but not least......after 9 days on the market.....
my home is officially under contract!
Dreams DO come true when Bonnie Hunter comes to town!

I shall relish this past weekend's memories for a lifetime!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Less than a week.........


Can you all believe it?????

Less than 1 week until I get to be with THE Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame!!!!!!

I am beyond excited as you all know, and I am feverishly working to get everything together for
the My Blue Heaven workshop I am taking with her.  I also can't wait to see and hear her lecture!
This will all take place during the Quintessential Quilt Show sponsored by the Circle in the Square Quilt Guild of University City September 26th & 27th.  If you are nearby, or will be worth the time and travel to come and see!  Bonnie in particular!

I just HAD to share this photo with you all!
This is little Amelia on the quilt her "Unkie Kevin" made for her!
It looks as though she really appreciates it and is really checking her quilt out! LOL
I used Bonnie's pattern, "Emery's Stars" .

And if you didn't get your fill of "cuteness" from the first photo, here is another 
one that will hopefully give you your daily dose!
Thanks Samantha and Matt for sharing these photos with me!

The following photos are of the "Perky Piecers"
Quilt Guild working on our Honor Flight quilts.
We got a lot done at our last meeting!
Photos coming soon of those quilts!

And here is your link to

For the "Look Kevin!  I Can Do Scrappy!!!!"
mystery quilt my friend Ann of Attic Threads & Quilts
is hosting.  She also has some VERY EXCITING
news to share on her blog!  Go check it out!

Here is a photo of my completed clue #3

Keep in mind, I switched my light and dark fabrics intentionally.

My blogging friend Lori of Humble Quilts
is hosting another Mystery Quilt Along called 

Here is the link to

The following photos are of my fabric selections
and the completed Part 1.

This quilt will finish at 23" square and is going to be a lot of 
fun in these colors!  Thanks Lori for hosting this!

O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop hosted a book signing with local artist
Her book "Modern Rainbow" is truly exceptional!
The quilts in the book are so modern and colorful.
It was really fun meeting and visiting with her.
Hope to see you again soon Rebecca!

And here I am on my Union Break on the plane de-boning ties for my uncle's memory quilts.
Please disregard the sloppy shirt I have on.....I have ordered smaller shirts now!
Yep......I am losing some weight! OH YEAH!

And just an update for those of you who are interested....
The house has been on the market for less than a week, and there 
have been MANY showings already.  I hope that it sells soon so I
can focus on clearing out this house, keeping what I want for my
next home, and get down to business finding my forever home!
(I kind of sound like a shelter animal??? LOL JK)

Here's hoping your week is full of creativity!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Catching you up to speed.....

Did you all miss me?

I have missed you!

My friend Katie asked me at the quilt shop the other day, "Why haven't you posted to your blog?"

Well, friends.........let me tell you all what has kept me from blogging for the past 2 goes a little something like this...........

I have been VERY busy working on this shop sample using Kaffe!
As you all know I am a huge fan of Wanda who blogs at Exuberant Color.
Kelly, the owner of O'Sewpersonal asked if I would be willing to do
a "color wash" type quilt for the shop.

We used this easy pattern using Thangles.

I think it turned out great using the selection of Kaffe fabrics we carry at the shop, although, I still have a lot to learn from Wanda!

I have also finished all of my bow tie blocks for the block swap my friend 
Barb of Fun With Barb is hosting!
These are on their way to you Barb!

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend, and that usually means a camping trip for
me and my family!

I took this opportunity to go through a gazillion quilt magazines!
(OK, maybe not a gazillion, but, a lot!)

My Dad provided live entertainment for us all to enjoy!

And, Lil' Bubs learned how to fillet some fish!
"Give me a fish, I eat for a day.  Teach me to fish, I eat for a lifetime!"
I am so thankful my Dad taught me how to fish!

After I came back from camping, I had big plans to make a blog post!
That is, until my new neighbors decided to have a fence put up.
Unfortunately, the lines were not marked properly, and the workers ended up
digging right into my underground cable lines!
I am happy to report, I am back online!

I was able to visit with this lovely lady!
Pat Knoechel, sister of Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day.
She recently spoke at the Stitch-N-Time Guild.
She shared many great patterns.
Please remember Eleanor as she is undergoing heart surgery!

Let's see...........what else.......what else.............

Make SURE to check out this


My blogging friend Susan of Farm Quilter
is quilting one of my most favorite works as a Quilt of Valor
for my speaking engagements.
Seriously, she is outdoing herself here!
I can't WAIT to see it finished!

My home is officially going on the market!
Hopefully it will sell quickly so I can decide where I need to go next.

While cleaning things up a bit around here, I introduced my friend Mike to string piecing!
He has decided he wants to make these wonky string pieced beds for 
local animal shelters!
What a novel idea, and I am pleased to be using up some strings
not to mention scrap batting!

I am getting things ready for Bonnie Hunter's workshop later this month!
I can hardly wait for this as you all know!

And here are my next projects on the horizon......
Memory quilts for my cousins out of my uncle's shirts and ties.
My uncle was a Baptist Minister for many, many years, so there is quite a selection of
shirts and ties to choose from!

There it is folks!
You are officially caught up to speed on the life and times of Kevin the Quilter!
I hope you all are quilting something today!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter