Sunday, July 26, 2015

This week in photos......

Hey Everybody!

Here are some photos from this past week I thought you all may like to see?

My flight attendant work week took me to various locations across the U.S.
Don't tell the passengers I work on quilt stuff while they are asleep!
Seriously, it is RARE to find an open row of seats on the plane these days.
This was a SUPER light flight with some very content and sleepy passengers.
These are some paper foundation string pieced borders for "Talkin' Turkey"
I was de-papering.

Piecing the geese together for the border.

Getting closer to finishing the "Talkin' Turkey" quilt top!
My friend Bev and I have vowed to keep on each other so we 
will have FINISHED "Talkin' Turkey" quilts to show together
when Bonnie Hunter comes to visit in September!

Bev has also allowed me to practice long arm quilting using a pantograph
on her beloved "Miss Thang!"

Remember last week I told you all about my friend Ann 
hosting a mystery quilt named in my honor?
This quilt is jelly roll friendly, but, I used scraps.
I decided I would use my niece's high school colors
and make this for her high school graduation next spring.
Here is the entire quilt cut out.
For more information on the
please click: HERE!

Another quilt shop friend brought me scraps!
Chris came in for a visit, and she said, "Here's this junk I promised you."
This is definitely NOT junk!

While rifling through gadgets and gizmos I have collected,
I ran across this template I used to make my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Quilt.

"Golden Rings"

I will NOW be using this template to participate with Bonnie in this year's 
Leaders and Enders challenge at Quiltville!

I thought I would share with you all this afghan I crocheted for
One of the first things I ever made for myself!
I really love the size of it, and it looks great in my living room.

My friend Loretta of 
sent me this photo on Facebook!
I really, REALLY need to get this t-shirt! LOLOLOL

What have you been working on lately?
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Planting seeds.......

Planting seeds...........

Yeah, I know it is way past planting season here in Missouri........

But, it is NEVER too late to inspire others....

Help them uncover their potential.....

Allow them to discover their creativity.......

Plant seeds of creativity in others!

This time last year, the QOV Block Drive I hosted had ended, and the blocks acquired from it were being turned into quilts.  I am happy to say we are still quilting away here on those tops, and we have awarded so many quilts to deserving veterans.  I originally drafted the block drive so I could share with you all in the joy of presenting QOV's made by YOU!  The first quilts were to be presented at the River Heritage Quilt Guild at my first speaking engagement.

Thanks to all of you who donated blocks, through those presentations last year, seeds of inspiration were planted with members of the River Heritage Quilt Guild to make their OWN quilts to present this year!  How marvelous is this?  I am so proud of these quilters to do this I am absolutely busting my buttons!  From what I understand, they want to make this an annual event for their guild now!  WONDERFUL!  Many thanks to my friend Donna who shared this photo with me!  Your guild's QOVs are BEAUTIFUL!

Many of my long time blog readers know that my nephew, Curtis, (AKA Lil' Bubs) has expressed interest in sewing and quilting like his Uncle Kevin.  Recently, I was able to plant seeds of inspiration in him in various ways.....

Although it is hard for my sister to let go, she agreed to let Curtis stay with me for a few days.

While he visited, we were able to do a few things.......

I was able to take him to the 
Curtis is a history buff, and enjoyed learning about
the Civil War in Missouri.

The museum is located at 
Lil' Bubs was pretty much in awe  while viewing all of the 
soldier's graves.

I was able to introduce him to my award winning quilting friend Ann of
Attic Threads & Quilts, where he got to play with one of her long arm
quilting machines.  Thanks so much Ann for this wonderful opportunity!
Ann is hosting a mystery quilt named in my honor right now! LOL
I AM honored Ann!
Head over to her blog for the first clue and join in!

So, Bubs decided he wanted to make something while he was visiting me.........

Can I tell you all how much it makes my heart sing when he asks to sew something?
Planting seeds of creativity.......
Here he is using his Great Grandmother's Spartan sewing machine that 
I do all of my piecing on.
If MeeMaw could only be here to see him using it!
Curtis did an amazing job using the machine.

What did he make, you ask?????

This amazeballs pillow case!
He chose the fabrics, and did everything himself except some of the cutting.
He LOVES to hunt, and he said these fabrics were perfect for him!
I have to agree!
Dar.....if ever you need help making pillow cases.....Curtis is your man!

Curtis' ambition is to live in Alaska and be a conservationist!
He said he will take this pillow case with him when he goes!

But, for now, he will have to use it here......
it seems to be working out well for him.....
don't you think????? LOL

In other news........

My friend Lou gave the members of Perky Piecer's Quilt Guild
a tutorial on how to make these place mats.
There were many different fabrics used from Christmas to Thanksgiving.
All I have left to do on mine is bind them and I will show photos here on the blog.
Great job Lou!

My friend Vernie gave me these GORGEOUS blackberries!
The rains have really helped the berries this year.
These were turned into..................

this blackberry cobbler!
One of my summertime favorites!

I guess the duckies even need to refuel from time to time?
This was too funny at the gas station the other day!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Continue to plant seeds!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, July 11, 2015 that keep on giving.....

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday last weekend?

I certainly did!

LOTS'O'SEWING got done!

I am this far along on "Talkin' Turkey!"
Borders are well under construction, and I KNOW I will be able to get this completed
by the time Bonnie Hunter comes to St. Louis in September!

I was also able to get a couple of these "Star in a Star" blocks done for
Beth at her Love, Laugh, Quilt blog.  She is making a couple of 
quilts for the Wounded Warrior Project.
HERE is the link to the free pattern I used to make them.
The block was very simple to make, and I could see this done in various reds, blues, and neutrals used for different blocks? A scrappy version of this quilt block may be in my future?

 The "Quilt Patch" day lilies found their way into the garden.
I LOVE them Phyllis!

OK, so I have to be honest here.
When I started helping out at O'SewPersonal Fabric Shop, I had no idea all of the friends I would make?  I have been blessed with so many new quilting friends.  It is so fun sharing your personal passion with others, and being surrounded by people that love doing what they are doing.

I just met Lee Etta today, but, we are pretty much one in the same!
I have heard about "THE" Lee Etta from several friends, and I am so happy to have 
finally met her!


Ummm......because she is a BONNIAC TOO!  Some people call her the 
Scrap Queen!
Lee Etta is showing her beautiful version of  Bonnie's "Grand Illusion" mystery quilt.
This was during show and tell at the shop.
What a fun event this is for everyone!

I am not sure if it is written all over my face that I am a "scrap" quilter.  Yeah, I know "Quilter" is written on my shirt..... but, I have been gifted so many scraps!
This is Debby who heard through the grapevine that I love scraps........

Debby gifted me all these great scraps, and blocks!
And they aren't even all shown here!
Thank you so much Debby for this awesome surprise!

Then my friend Kelly who owns the shop pulled out this big bag of scraps for me!
Here they all are.... color coordinated and ready to be placed in their proper bin.
I have to tell you all......Kelly was hilarious when she told me she told her mom how she felt
sorry for me because I dig scraps out of the trash that she didn't think were usable!
So, she gave me these!
Thanks Kelly!!!!!!

That's another aspect of quilting I find fascinating.......
I find it so interesting what a quilter finds as a usable piece of fabric.
I suppose the saying is man's trash is another man's treasure!
What size of scraps do you throw away?

And just before I left the shop one day, Charlene, who is very sweet, but, don't say that to her face.....
gave me this entire quilt!
All of the blocks are made and ready to be assembled!
I think I will be making 2 quilts of valor if I can get the blocks to work out that way?
Thanks Charlene!

And many, many thanks to my friend Ree who crocheted these dish scrubbies for me!
They are made out of netting and are WONDERFUL!
She also made the bowl holder for me!
Her sister also made me this slumped bottle.
I love ALL of these goodies!
Thanks so much Ree!

All of the scraps are gifts, that will be turned into quilts that will be a, in my opinion, scraps truly ARE the gifts that keep on giving!

Helping out at a fabric shop................yeah, I dig it!
Here's hoping you are enjoying your days quilting, crocheting, or doing something you love!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

First and foremost.......


And thank you to all those who have served our country so that we may remain free.

Let's pray that it stays this way!

I have been flying a lot as of late, however, I do enjoy having the holidays off.  This year I am staying locked away in my sewing studio, and will watch fireworks on television.  Typically, I go to my sister's home and spend it with family barbecuing and making homemade ice cream.  But, this year, since my niece and nephew are older, and aren't as interested in shooting off fireworks, I am going to stay home.  I am hoping to finish up my 'Talkin' Turkey" Christmas top.

 2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge
"Soul Searching" by Kathy Doughty
You all may remember, I made this quilt thinking it would be for me during last year's
RSC2014 hosted by SoScrappy?
Plans changed when I was flying with my long time flight attendant friend, Chris.
He was interested in seeing some of the quilts I was working on, so I showed him several
photos.  When we came to this one he simply asked "How much?????"

Backing of quilt........using up that stash!
I had never sold one of my quilts, but, after much thought, I decided I would.
Chris requested a scrappy backing, so I went through my black bin and black with prints bin
and went to work piecing the backing.
I LOVE a pieced backing!  It kind of gives a quilt a 2 for 1 look!

My friend Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden quilted it beautifully in "Spiral Squares."
It is hard to tell in the photo, but, she used a variegated rainbow thread.
The quilt and quilting all work together to create a beautiful work of art in my opinion.

 Here is Chris on the left with his son holding his quilt.
Not the greatest photo I know, but, you can definitely tell they are pleased with it.
I have received numerous text messages from Chris thanking me, and telling me
who all he has shown his quilt to.  That is so AWESOME knowing how much someone
loves their quilt you worked on.
I am so glad I was able to experience this first sale with a friend.

I also have something to share that I am BEYOND pleased with and proud of!

You all remember my awesome cousin Phyllis!
We go to the AQS Paducah quilt show together and have a blast!
Well, we have a great time together, even when quilts aren't involved.
She made this AMAZEBALLS Cross Stitch wall hanging for me!
I am ABSOLUTELY in love with it!
It pretty much sums up my life!
I just haven't a clue how she makes all of these tiny little stitches to look like
they melt together!  That "QUILT" is so intricate and SCRAPPY!
Thank you so much Phyllis!
Photos soon after it is hung in it's place of honor in my home!

Phyllis and her husband Jerry came for Decoration at the cemetery where my 
maternal grandparents and great grandparents are buried.
Here, in Missouri, we call this "Decoration."
The 4th Sunday in June is designated as the official day to decorate the graves in this 
mountain cemetery.  I can remember as a child coming to this "get together" and there would be 
hundreds of people.  Not so much anymore.

 This is a photo of my immediate family members that came this year.
We had a great time reminiscing and telling the stories we knew to be true about
those gone before us.  We also had a wonderful picnic!

On the drive back to my parent's home from Decoration, we were able to stop at this
antique store which has several vintage quilts displayed.
The place was very small, and I couldn't get the quilts down to get really
great photos of any of them.  But, they looked really cool all hanging along the walls.

Phyllis is also a lover of day lilies like I am.
She brought me a variety of day lily named "Quilt Patch!" (not pictured)
I cannot wait to add them to my day lily garden along with these!
The rain has really made my flowers flourish this year.
Please keep those farmers and families who have lost so much
in your thoughts and prayers during the flooding in this area.

Here is hoping your holiday weekend is as awesome as you all are! 
(International readers included!!!)
Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter