Thursday, July 25, 2019

Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt Clue #2

Summer time is flying by!
Can you believe we are ready for Clue #2 in our.....

How did the first clue go for you?
I know I heard a lot of foul language concerning the amount of cutting and number of 4 patch units needed for the first clue from some of you!
You all didn't think I could hear that from here? LOLOLOL

Let me address this......
I LOVE searching for fabrics for a scrap many different fabrics as possible.
I LOVE pressing and cutting fabrics for a scrap quilt.
I LOVE sewing easy units to make a scrap quilt.
I LOVE being in my sewing studio as much as possible.
Get the picture?
None of the aforementioned bother me in any way, and I am usually pretty enthusiastic about
all of them, and am happy to do them any chance I get.  So, if you get really technical, the sewing for clue #1 averaged out to be about 25 4 patch units for 8 days out of the month.  That is NOTHING for me.  Not bragging.....just a bonafide scrap quilter here through and through.  So, all I can do is cheer you all on!  The clues do get easier and easier!  (Clue 1 was pretty easy too.....just sayin'!)

Here I am cheering you all on!
All the way!

It isn't too late to join in!
Here are the previous posts with pdf links:

Keeping things simple.......
When cutting.......cut accurately and consistently.
When accurately, using a consistent 1/4" seam.
When seams the same way for all units made.
Please do NOT stress over seams not matching, or nesting.  When it comes to scrap quilting, perfection is highly over rated in my opinion.  Some of my seams are definitely not perfect!
Also, I do have to admit something to you all here.  I am human, and make mistakes on a regular basis.  Not just with quilting! LOL  If there are any mistakes within the directions of this quilt, please accept my apology right here and now! LOL

(Again, many thanks to my friend Joyce
for helping me with the PDF links!
The PDF for clue #2 is NOW available.
Your patience is needed and appreciated
while posting PDF links.  Thanks!)

Clue #2 goes something like this.....
We will be digging into Color 2 which are my neutral batiks.
Just as with Clue #1, pressing is your choice, and I do suggest you work from your smallest of scraps.
I have chosen to spin my seams which will make MOST, not all, seams nest in this quilt.

For this second month of Summer we will be making.......

4 patch units in Color 2!
132 in all!
(See, I told you.....easier!)

Using 2.5" squares will yield a 4.5" patch unit.

We will also be making the following:

2 patches in Color 2!
Make 4 of these units.
Press the seam to one side.
Using 2.5" squares will yield a
2.5" x 4.5" 2 patch unit.

And finally, for Clue #2..... 

Cut 164 squares of Color 2.
I used 2.5" squares, but, 
if you have chosen to use a different size
square, cut to that size.

Totals for Color 2 squares used:

Remember, this is a mystery......
perhaps we are done with Color 1?
Perhaps we are done with Color 2 after this clue?
It's a mystery!
Just enjoy the process!

I can't leave you all without sharing a few photos.....

The garden continues to provide wonderful
summertime veggies!
Thanks to all of you for your suggestions about
good pollinating plants to bring in some more
pollinators to the garden!

I know, I know........but, I can't NOT have a good
ole' blt with these tomatoes.....
sorry....the lettuce was being washed during this photo!

Do you see a kitten I am smitten with in this photo?
Salvador is going to be a helper in the studio for sure!

Supervised visits with Abigail Rose.......
you all know Salvador is boss! LOL
I couldn't be more proud of Abigail and the
gentle way she plays with the kitten.

Have fun with your Summertime sewing!

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, July 12, 2019

In the good ole' Summertime......

Summertime greetings from the Quilt Cave!

My little Sophia Annabella and I have been
 sewing the summer days away
in the Quilt Cave.

The quilters of
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
send you all a big hello!

Thanks for joining in with us for the......


Let's use the hashtag above when posting on
social media, shall we?

How is your first clue coming along?
I hope you are enjoying going through
your resources for the colors you have chosen
and using some scraps up!
Remember......this is not a race.
We have 2 more easy clues to make this
striking 2 color scrap quilt.
We may, or may not be done with Color 1???

Remember, the clues will be posted
on the 4th Thursday for the remaining
summer months of July and August.

Many have asked about the name of this quilt... put it simply.....LOL
Simple design and sewing,
Sensational effect,
Summer, one of my favorite times of the year to sew, all know I make SCRAP quilts!
Quilt!  Isn't that what we all love making???
Hopefully, this will clear everything up for everyone.

Here is one of my favorite quilting friends, Ree, and I.
Modeling these awesome t-shirts designed by my good
friend Tea of
If you are interested in purchasing one, she would be happy
to sell you one!
Please email me via the blog for sizes, price and shipping.

I recently participated in a double 4 patch swap between
my friend Lori of
and her friend Kathy in Ohio.
This quilt is an adaptation of 
the Red Crinoline pattern, Wilderness Road.
You can see Lori's version HERE.
I still need to decide on borders....
any suggestions for border style and colors from you all?

It was really fun digging into the strips and strings
for this one!
Working from these provided so much variety for
the blocks!

A lap tray, a good show, and a few other
needed items to figure out a plan for the
blocks I swapped.
Thanks Lori and Kathy for including me
in your fun swap!

Does this hat make me look cute??????
Abigail Rose is proving to be a ham!

My 4th of July was spent with friends fishing!
I love to go fishing......there.....another interesting fact
about Ole' Kevin the Quilter for you all! LOL

Some new chickens have been added to the laying
flocks here at the Quilt Cave.
These are Turken or Naked Neck chickens.
They will not be ready to lay for another few months.
You can read more about this interesting breed of chicken

Eggs have been abundant!
I am going to try to pickle some eggs this summer.

I am so pleased with how well my garden is doing!
Believe it or not, there are rows in between the
rows of plants for me to walk through.
From front to back we have
okra(still maturing)
and in the very back are cucumbers.
The tomatoes are taller than me,...
and those cucumbers are on a
trellis....and are growing up into the trees

I love being able to grow my own food!
I do have a pollination problem....
the pollinators are not abundant here.
I have been pollinating everything myself
using my fingertips.
I plan on making a pollinator garden around
the perimeter of the garden.
I would love to know what types of
perennials you plant as pollinator plants in your garden?
I am in growing zone 6b. 

And, share it with friends!
All of my former neighbors still request
some of my zucchini bread.
You can find the recipe for this 
beyond delicious bread

In closing.....
I have to share something with you all.....

Meet Salvador Vito!
This little guy showed up under my back deck
outside of my studio here at the Quilt Cave.
I believe his momma is a feral cat
I have seen infrequently on various parts of my
property.  I heard him crying on a few occasions
before I spotted him.  By chance, I was able to catch
this little booger.
He is VERY young and has been checked out
by my Veterinarian.  He doesn't need any milk
substitutes and is eating and drinking.
None of his siblings, if any, have emerged, 
and momma cat has not been back at all.
You all KNOW I am completely in love with 
this little guy now!  And he is in love with all
3 of the girls!
I have a feeling Mr. Valentino sent this
handsome boy to me and the girls!

Enjoy your summertime sewing!
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter