Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Highs and Lows............

Hey Quilters!
I have been Missing In Action......and I do apologize for that.
From the high of the International Quilt Festival in Houston,
to a very low point in my life after returning home.  Follow the
photos below and share in my highs and lows.

I had the wonderful opportunity of working with these
amazing gals in the
booth while in Houston.
Thanks so much to Sarah, Dolores, and Lori
for letting me play with fabrics and be goofy
with my quilting friends from far and near.

The booth was busy at all times.  AWESOME!
I cut through A LOT of fabric
at the cutting table.

Sarabeth was my partner in crime!
It was a pleasure meeting and working with her!

It was so fun meeting, or reacquainting myself
with so many talented quilters from all over
the world!

 Janet of Mrs. Sew N Sew blog

My lovely Cecile of 
along with her humorous husband
who accompanied her from France to
the Quilt Festival.

I think this is one of the ONLY photos I took with
Lori of Humble Quilts!

Lori hosted a meet and greet with
her Humble Quilts Facebook Group.

It was fun meeting fellow quilters in this group!

I was so blessed to share my experiences this year with
my good friends Tea of  Teaquilts,
It was fun meeting other quilters from
Teaquilts Facebook Group too!

Enjoy the video above to see many of the quilts
and some of the other highlights of the
2019 International Quilt Festival
through the eyes of Teaquilts!

 Judy in the photo above, won the grand prize
in the Kevin the Quilter, Quilt of Valor Block Drive
back in 2014!
It was so nice to meet her!

It's always exciting to share your passion
with so many like minded artists.

The Sapphire Quilts were amazing!

Bob Ross keeps popping up everywhere!

One last visit with Cecile!

Then we realized we had to bid farewell!

Mary Ellen Robison, and Paula Barnes
These gals are so talented.....AND nice!

On the road again!
What a nice road trip we had.

So many of you have reached out to me
and shared your kind words of encouragement
about my blog.  It's always nice to hear
positive feedback.
This is the story of my life and quilting.

While in Houston, Bonnie Hunter shared the devastating news
concerning the loss of her beloved dog Sadie.
You all know I have suffered my fair share of losing fur babies.
I was so saddened, and reached out to her to share my condolences.

When I returned home, the next day I was faced with some horrible
news myself.
My beyond beautiful, sweet, sharp as a tack, 13 year old
Boston Terrier,
Sophia Annabella
had a massive heart attack.
Oh, how I loved her......and I could feel her love for me.

She was ALWAYS smiling!

This is one of the last photos I have
of all 3 of my girls together.

My precious girl.........I have no words.....
Without the prayers, loving comments from
family and friends, and just knowing that Sophia
had an amazing life, and didn't suffer for
days on end at the end of her life, 
I wouldn't be able to function.
You all KNOW that I will have a
tribute on the blog for her.
She was such a bright light in my life.
One that has dimmed for me now.
I just can't process it all right now.

To take my mind off of things,
my friend Mike drove me to get the paint chips for
Quiltville's upcoming mystery

Mike and his wife Sherry requested I make this mystery
for them, since their youngest daughter claimed
the last quilt I made. LOL
They have opted to change the neutrals to light greys.
And the green will now be yellow.
All other colors will remain the same.

Another friend gave me 10 bags of scraps!
This has helped occupy my mind as well.
What a blessing to be able to enhance the
variety in my quilt making endeavors.
Thanks Reba!

You never know what you will get here
in Missouri!

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter