Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm a WINNER..........

Kevin the Quilter!  Come on down!
OK, so it wasn't really like I was a contestant on the Price is Right, (although, I would LOVE to be) but, I am a winner and am jumping up and down just like I would be in contestants row!  Connie at Freemotion by the River hosted a great batik giveaway along with her friend Vicki from the Quilting Lodge earlier this month.  I am always amazed at Connie's works of art, and how much work she gets done!  She is quite prolific!  Anywho, I found out much to my surprise I won her batik giveaway!  YAHOOOOO!  I can't wait to see the fabrics I will be receiving!  Thanks for hosting the giveaway Connie!  I am delighted!  On a side note, I found out Vicki and I grew up 40 miles apart!  SMALL WORLD!

So, as promised, I am going to share more about another win, and the quilt I made my friends Jamie and Ted.  When I first started quilting, I was on the look out for deals!  Clearance fabric being the main deal I was in search of!  I found a great fat quarter bundle in autumnal colors in a clearance bin at a fabric store.  The first thought that came to mind was my friend Jamie.  She and I have been friends for quite some time, and I know how much she loves an autumnal color scheme.  Well the fabrics were perfect!  Next, I had to choose a pattern which took a while to decide upon.

As I was going through some of my grandmother and great aunt's sewing items, I found an old piece of cardboard.  I wasn't quite sure of what to think of the shape?  But, on one side it said, "5 inch Dresden."
My old Dresden template.

What on earth was a Dresden?, research began, and I found out about Dresden Plate quilts.  AHA!  I remembered seeing quilts like that, that my grandma had made!  THIS was the pattern that must be used for Jamie and Ted's quilt!  After all, they are lovers of all things vintage, and they love to entertain!

I loved how the colors and patterns came together, and decided which layout I liked best with each Dresden petal. But, I was in need of some sashing, and border fabrics.  Enter this wonderful woman........


This is Donna standing in front of her beautiful civil war quilt, and she works at a great quilt shop close to where I grew up.  Being new to quilting, not to mention being a man that quilts, I was a little intimidated shopping in quilt shops, so I took my mommy with me! LOL  Dad was there too, but, had found a very comfortable chair to fall asleep in!  As is the case most of the time, Donna thought my mom was the quilter until my mother informed her that I was.  I had brought one of my Dresden blocks with me to match some colors up, and Donna was so enthusiastic,  interested, and willing to help.  Upon seeing the block, she asked if I was entering the quilt in the River Heritage Quilt Guild Show?  The theme for the quilt show happened to be Dresden Plate!  I just looked at her in my best "WHATCHYOU TALKIN' BOUT WILLIS?"  face, and then laughed hysterically!  A quilt show?  Really?  Yeah, RIGHT!  I just KNEW she was kidding until I turned around after I had been looking for some sashing fabric, and saw a bunch of ladies gathered around the cutting table talking about my block.  Donna requested that I come over and tell the story I have already been telling here on the blog, to the ladies gathered there.  The ladies began asking questions, and they were so encouraging.  It really lit a fire in me to want to enter this quilt show!  I thought.......what do I have to lose?  I can add this experience to the "bucket list." 

I do have to tell a funny story about that first visit with Donna.  As we stood at the cutting table talking, a lady in the quilt shop kept looking at me very strangely.  She came over to us and said, "I apologize, I don't mean to stare, but, I have never seen a man that quilts before?"  LOLOLOL  Too funny!

I continued working on the quilt, and talked some things over with my long arm quilter, Ann.  Ann is an award winning quilter with AMAZE-BALLS skills that I happened to find by chance.  That is another blog post in itself.  Ann was also very encouraging of me entering the show, and gave some invaluable advice concerning the quilt.  So, it was a done deal.  The quilt was destined to be named "Autumn Dresden" and would be appearing in the quilt show.
This was my first photo of "Autumn Dresden" after receiving it from quilting.
I love pieced backings.
Upper right corner of Autumn Dresden.
Ann's quilting is beyond phenomenal!
There are some really great textures on this quilt!

When the time came, I hand delivered the quilt, and low and behold, there was Donna helping out!  She literally had tears in her eyes seeing me entering the quilt.  The day of the show came, and my dad and one of his friends had gotten to the venue where the quilt show was held earlier than me and my mother.  I saw him whispering to my mom, and I had a feeling something was up?  Yep, he was letting my mom in on something he saw attached to my quilt.........
 THIRD PLACE!  Not so bad for a first time entry?

I was so pleased!  I couldn't believe I actually placed especially after seeing the absolutely stunning quilts that were in my category!  Donna's included!  Yep, there I was in a category with Donna, the woman that encouraged me to enter!  Aren't quilters the best!?!?!?

Donna and me at the River Heritage Quilt Guild show!

I am sorry for being so long winded, but, I do hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed living it!  This was just the you honestly think I can settle with third place now?

I'll BE BACK! 

Thanks for all of the encouragement! 
Kevin the Quilter 


  1. Kevin I can't wait to see the batiks that Vicki will send you.....even I don't know what she picked! Wonderful story about your Dresden quilt and congrats on winning a ribbon! Knowing you.....I can see more ribbons in your future!

  2. Well done Kevin! Your quilt is lovely and congratulations on winning a ribbon.Your grandma and great aunt would be proud of you!

  3. Wow! Great job! Lots of new quilters seem to be intimidated in entering shows, and they shouldn't be. You are such inspiration for them! And I have to concur--your quilter IS stupendous!

  4. Congratulations Kevin. That was a great story I really enjoyed reading and you made an awesome quilt! I can't wait to hear about (and see) your next quilt show entry.

  5. Hey, cool!! It's an awesome quilt. Glad it got a ribbon, and what excitement for you and Ann. :D

  6. Oh my - what a GREAT story Kevin!!! You are not only a wonderful quilter, you are an amazing story-teller too :*) Quilters are the best! It was people like Donna who encouraged me to jump into quilting head first too. Enablers is what I call them LOL!!! You really deserve kudos for believing in yourself and your quilt, and entering that quilt show! Your quilt is awesome - even more so now that I can see the amazing quilting better - and it deserved the win! Quite a cute little ribbon there too :*) I've won ribbons, but they are only the silk ribbon type.

    Looking forward to hearing the story of how you met your long-armer now too .....

    And congratulations on the fabric win - batiks!!! Whoohoo!!! Can't wait to see your next gorgeous creation made from them :*D

  7. That is an awesome story!! What a great start into the quilting world!!!

  8. Congrads! Can't wait to see the pics of the prize. You deserve it! God Bless.

  9. Congratulations on your win! That quilt is awesome and totally deserved to win. There are two men in my local quilting guild. One is very involved in both managing membership duties and quilting. He was one of the demonstrators for making flying geese. Have fun with those batiks!

  10. What a great story! Congrats on that third place ribbon! It's a gorgeous quilt! Congrats on your new fabric acquisition too. Batiks are so fun to sew with.

  11. What a GREAT story! I love the template you found. Congrats on winning a ribbon!!! I've never entered any quilts into a show. I'm very impressed! :)

  12. I loved your story. How special to be using templates from your aunty and grandmother. Congrats on the ribbon! I'm sure there is a 'first' somewhere in your quilty endeavours! Ann's quilting is amazing. Keep writing these stories - YOU are an inspiration!

  13. Congrats Kevin! new bloggy background!

  14. Wow, talk about all the pieces falling into place for this great quilt! What a great story, Kevin. Just imagine all the stories you'll have in the years to come. Every quilt has one, though ones like yours here are indeed very special. Quilt on!

  15. Oh. Wow. Kevin!
    STUNNING and gorgeous!
    I'm sure that I would also find myself staring a bit too long at you, too, just like the other lady. I also do not know of any male quilters. LOL.
    Your work is DEFINITELY deserving of the ribbon!
    Doing a dance with you over your win, too :)

  16. This is only your first competition? OMG, Kev, I'd have thought by the quality of your work, you'd been entering these for years! I love Autumn Dresden. But I'm you just design it and someone else sews it? Or you design and sew? I feel like such a dummy compared to the other commenters on your site. I love quilts (snuggling in them and looking at them), but I'm not much of a sewer. I'm always out and about in the flea market world. Is there anything in particular you're looking for? I love finding stuff for people! Miss you. Love your blog!

  17. Thanks for sharing this great story! So what quilt are you entering into a show next? (I love your reference to "Whatchyou talkin' bout Willis?")

  18. Congratulations on your ribbon! How exciting! Beautiful quilt, too!