Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's March already.......

It's March already?  I cannot believe how quickly time flies by anymore!  I KNOW it has nothing to do with my age.......or does it?  Anyway, I have several projects in the works here.  Not just quilting projects!  I have to get some taters in the ground if ever the weather will cooperate?  Trust me, I am not complaining!  After last summer's drought, we need any and all types of precipitation we can get!  However, I haven't been able to till the garden soil just yet.  St. Patrick's Day is still 12 days away, so, hopefully there will be a day in there that I can get some things done in the garden.

Every fall I put on a nice layer of, well, there's no nice way to put it...........chicken poop on top of my garden soil.  I let it compost as much as possible between October and March.  I have had great success with this method, and don't plan to change it.  What kind of chickens do I have?
  Ameraucana Chickens
This is my niece holding one of my favorite hens, Zadie.

I have kept chickens for several years now, and have enjoyed it immensely!  I wish I had the property to have a larger flock, but, right now, my flock consists of 9 Ameraucana hens.  No roosters here!  I wish I could have a rooster, but, right now it just isn't possible.  Did you just ask if this breed is also known as the "Easter Egger?" 

Yep!  They sure are!  My hens lay mostly green eggs, but I do get some blue variations, and one pink egg!

My neighbors love receiving fresh eggs, and by the way, if you have never had a fresh egg compared to one you buy in the store, just ask my neighbors about the difference! LOL  Truly, there is no comparison in my opinion, even if you are buying organic.

I take very good care of my chickens and they take very good care of me and my gardening efforts.  They are extremely entertaining as well.  

I will keep everyone posted on my garden this year.
If you have any questions about chickens, I will do my best to answer them.
Thanks for all of the encouragement!  

Kevin the Quilter (and Chicken Keeper)  


  1. Good that your chickens give you both eggs and fertilizer (meat too, eventually?). For a few years now, I have been buying eggs every week from a coworker who has chickens, and you're right, there is no comparison to fresh eggs.

    Love the "Easter" egg colors!

  2. So a man of many talents!!! I sometimes get eggs from a friend who keeps chickens - they are so yummy! But we live in a neighborhood so we can't have anything like that of our own. I did tell my hubby I'd like to plant a few things this year though, jsut a small area with a few tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers... one or two plants each... that kind of thing. We'll see if he decides to take on the challenge :*)

    I love all the soft colors of your chickens' eggs! I've seen the green and blue but never a pink one. Cool!

  3. You can leave some eggs in my file at work :) Pink ones please. XOXO

  4. You are so lucky to have room to have chickens and a garden. You are sure right about fresh eggs! There is a blueberry farm near here where you can pick your own berries, and she also sells eggs. :) Have a great weekend!

  5. How cool. I don't think I've ever had fresh eggs! But if it's similar to the difference between home-grown tomatoes and store-bought, I can only imagine how yummy they must be. My husband (who grew up on a farm) is the gardener in our family. He's always itching to plant veggies before it's warm enough.

  6. Lots going on at your house. Love those eggs, especially the pink one. I'm a city girl, so white eggs are about all I've ever seen.

  7. We have farm fresh chicken eggs delivered every week. We can TOTALLY tell the difference between them and store bought. I call them "happy chicken" eggs, cuz they were laid with happiness, not stress!

    Thanks for your encouraging words about the dog! I will take your advice about Chester to heart! I can't wait to get into my garden (all flowers). I don't have chicken poop, but I do use manure compost.

    The sandhill cranes have arrived in central Nebraska. It is a wonderous time of year! xoxoxo- michelle

  8. Your chickens and eggs are lovely! What fun to have pastel coloured eggs every day. We'd love chickens but unfortunately they bring snakes which isn't great with young kids around. Looking forward to your gardening updates.

  9. Gardening...already? Still so far away from or minds with a foot of snow on our ground yet.
    And no doubt about it; "home grown" eggs vs store bought... The "homies" will win every time!!! I always say, if there is one animal that I'd have to choose to survive some catastrophic disaster, it'd be the chicken! Eggs, meat and fun companions. Do yours come'a-runnin when you call them for treats. Ours are trained better than our dog :)

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