Monday, April 8, 2013

Have you ever........

Have you ever seen a quilt or pattern for the first time and was so moved and motivated you HAD to make it right then and there?  Maybe it was on some one's blog?  Perhaps you saw it on Pinterest?  You might have even seen it in person?  Or you could have been like me, and seen it on the cover of a magazine while browsing at a book store?

March/April'13 No. 150

I have to admit my original intention when looking for this magazine was to work with Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday mystery quilt.  And, I am still in the process of doing just that.  However, the quilt on the cover, Star Splitter, was absolutely eye-catching!  I had heard of Victoria Findlay Wolfe through various articles, and from who else, but, Bonnie Hunter!  Little did I know what I was missing out on?  Victoria's work is so fun to look at because she, according to the Star Splitter pattern in Quiltmaker: "uses an improvisational scrap-piecing technique to make her own fabric,".................SOLD! 

What do you do for someone who has blessed you with MANY SCRAPS?  I say, make'em a quilt!  And the Star Splitter pattern was a perfect match for this effort.  

Please enjoy the photos from this quilt making endeavor!

Piecing the stars from "made fabric."

MANY half square triangles for the borders.

Partial star segments laid out. 

Lots'o trimmings!

Beginning the lay out on my design wall, floor!


Awesome shot with the sky!

Stained glass anyone?????  Cool shot from the back side!


This quilt was made for my friend Bev who gave me the scraps from which I made this quilt.  When I received the bags of scraps from her and went through them, I noticed that she had an abundance of greens in various shades, prints, and hues.  When I mentioned something to her, she said, "you found me out.....I LOVE GREEN!"  I thought it would be interesting to see how this pattern turned out using one variable......GREEN!  I am pleased with the end result and..............

I think Bev and her husband Tom are too!  (Not to mention one of their dogs, Greta!)
(Nothing like a quick break from yard work to receive a quilt? LOLOLOL)
Bev will be quilting this quilt as she is a long arm quilter.  Her husband Tom just retired (CONGRATS) and they plan on doing a lot of travelling.  She informed me she believes it will travel with them in their motor home on the bed so they can enjoy it each day.  I hope it brings you both joy during your travels!

I loved the way this quilt turned out, and was eager to share it with the original designer, Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Much to my surprise she asked if she could share it with some of her blog readers at 15 Minutes Of Play.  Thank you so much for creating this pattern AND for the shout out Victoria! 

In other news, I attended my first marathon.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Amy, I didn't run in it!  Are you kidding me?????????? LOL  I had several friends that did though, and it was so exciting to see them run.......  

As usual, 
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Way to go an tackle that quilt! I'm PROUD to have seen it in progress and finished! Well done!!!

  2. WOW! I have drooled over VFW's quilt, but it's still a MIND for me. GREAT JOB! Green's my favorite color too. I'm working on 50 shades of green with blush right now. There are too many UFOs around here to just knock out something new. Congratulations! AND WOW I look up and VFW has commented already!

  3. Beautiful, Kevin!! What a transformation for a pile of scraps. I'm not sure my scrap pile every really goes down. When I try to use them I often need to buy just one more of something to finish the project and then you have....more scraps!

  4. Love LOVE LOVE it!!!! I can not imagine how you just *did* that and got it done!! Amazing. I signed you up for a 5K with me tho... in august - you'll be there right???

  5. Oh Kevin! You just knocked my socks off with that quilt!!! Love it in those happy yellows and greens! Don't you just love making a scrap quilt? There is just something soothing to me to know that I have virtually created something both beautiful and functional out of someone else's idea of trash! And you got down to business and got that baby done pretty quickly too, didn't you? You rock!!!

  6. This is beautiful. I love your "controlled scrappy" look with mainly two colors. You really finished it quickly.

  7. Beautiful job, Kevin! How nice to give it back to the one who gave you the scraps. Love the green and yellow together.

  8. What a phenomenal quilt and you made it so quickly! Thank you for sharing its story from inception to completion.

  9. Beautiful quilt! Bev is one lucky gal! I love Victorias process, its so fun! I did a QAL with her that was a color challenge where you were given a color a week to "make fabric" and then make a block, it was alot of fun! Great post!

  10. Gorgeous quilt! What a wonderful way to pay someone back for their "loan" of the scraps!

  11. Oh my goodness, Kevin, where have I been and how did I miss this?! It is stunning, and so very cool, and how did you get that done so fast? You're a miracle worker. I love scrappy things, too.. I might have to search out that mag and pattern! What a great finish and sweet gift. So gorgeous!

    And..what do you mean, you don't run marathons? (gasp!) I run them all the time. (not!) lol I don't know how people do it. Amazing. Way to go cheering them on.

  12. I have just purchased Victoria's book. While it is a little outside of my regular choices, I too was really inspired to step out of my comfort zone and I want to try it out. Will have to look out and see if I can purchase that magazine in Australia. Victoria recently held a workshop in Sydney last month. Unfortunately I didn't know about it until it was too late. Maybe next time. Your quilt looks awesome!!

  13. It's like a ray of sunshine Kevin! How incredibly sweet of you to make it for her! I've never made my own fabric before (I'm WAY too structured for that), but it looks great. How big did it end up? It looks like a king or queen size next to Bev and her husband.

  14. Oh yes, Kevin... I have definitely come across a pattern that 'called to me.' A couple summers ago, I walked to the mailbox, saw my Quiltmaker magazine, thumbed through it on the way back to the house....and you bet'cha! Got HOOKED immediately on a quilt in it; set everything else aside and started pulling fabrics. That quilt now resides on my daughter's bed. "Candace's Stars" {{in case you want to search on my site :) }}

    As for the marathon. Oh man! You caused my heart to leap for a second! LOL. Although you didn't run it, the support for your friends is just as important. In fact, I'm online tonight to update my blog with running and quilting posts. {{BUT, I had to come and read up on you first ;) }}

  15. Duh!
    Forgot to mention how AWESOME the colors are together (afterall, I AM a Green Bay Packer fan) :)
    The back-shot picture amazingly looks JUST like stained-glass. Cool!

  16. You put together that lovely quilt so quickly! What a fabulous gift that will be loved as your friends travel and enjoy their retirement. I haven't quilted for ages - study gets in the way LOL.

  17. This quilt is a real stunner. And I really enjoyed the stained glass shot!

  18. This quilt is a real stunner. And I really enjoyed the stained glass shot!

  19. Love your Packer colored quilt..Kathy actually has that pattern dog eared to make down the line, she loves it too!

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