Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quilts of Valor.....humbled......beyond words......



I truly can't believe how quickly this summer flew by, not to mention how fast 2013 is jetting on by!

Last week, I was humbled, .............beyond words.

Why you might ask?

I was honored to sit in on a meeting of the Quilts of Valor Eastern Missouri quilting day.  When my friend Dar asked me to visit the group, I didn't really know what to expect?  She told me that the ladies of the group were intrigued that a "guy" had made quilt tops to donate to the group.  I even received a very nice, hand written thank you in the mail from one of the group's leaders.  It says:

Thank you for the 3 quilt tops along with the binding, backing and pillow cases you donated to the Quilts of Valor Eastern Missouri.  These are the first quilts we have received from someone of the male gender........."

LOL  I just have to laugh at that!

It went on to say when and where the next meetings would be held, and that I was invited to come by and visit.  So, with great curiosity I went.  When I arrived at the venue, I guess I looked lost because one of the nice quilters asked me, "Are you lost?"  I stated that I had arrived for the Quilt of Valor meeting, and she kindly directed me the right way.  I met Dar at the door, and she was so excited not only because I actually came, but, also because one of the quilts I had donated had just come out of one of the quilting frames!

Jean, one of the QOV Eastern Missouri leaders, and me with the newly quilted QOV I donated.
(Does this quilt look familiar Bev?)

I was so impressed by this operation.  Every quilter there had a designated job, and they work, and work until they are done!  I simply stood in amazement as I watched a room full of 112 quilters donate their God-given talent to help those who sacrifice so much for our country.  As I visited with Jean, she could see how speechless I was.  Jean's words were, "it's really moving the first time you see this, isn't it?"  BEYOND!!!!

See what I mean?  And, this wasn't even the entire room of quilters!  

This organization is finishing up quilts to be distributed to a troop of soldiers returning from overseas.  They have already exceeded their goal of over 100 quilts!  WAY TO GO!

This group of ladies had just finished quilting this QOV!

Every time a quilt was finished on the frame a cowbell would ring to uproarious applause!  It was really exciting seeing the quilts quilted.  I was able to meet so many nice people there.  I definitely plan to attend again, and help out in any way I can.  

I even learned something from Dar............

How to hand stitch a binding down!
Thanks Dar!

As always,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. HOLY SCHMOLY!!! Go Dar... and send the tips this way!! Good for you Kev - I knew you were wonderful when I met you......

  2. I'd say that YOU need to learn to hand quilt so you can sit there with those wonderful ladies and help churn out the quilts! It looks like they have a lot of fun! :)

  3. What a wonderful group to be a part of! Your donation quilt is awesome, Kevin.

  4. Kevin, great photos. I know the group was thrilled that you took time to come meet them and see what they do. Some came up to me after you left and asked, "is he coming again to quilt with us?", "did he really make all those tops himself?". I really enjoyed your visit and hope you feel comfortable to come join us any time you feel like it. We do have fun (didn't I tell you) and we can always use an extra pair of hands. P.S. the desserts are always delicious too. You know, quilters make the best cooks!!

  5. Kevin, you're a true asset to the quilting community. I'm amazed at how much you give as you learn about the craft. And what an amazing group in Eastern Missouri. As a military spouse who's been through 2 Iraq and 1 Afghanistan deployment and years of separation, I'm grateful for all the public support for military veterans. A very different scenario than40 years ago!

  6. Wow! What an experience!!! And you got to meet Dar - I swear she is the sweetest blogger out there :*) I'm so jealous!!! Thanks for being such a supportive quilter of the QOV effort Kevin. It is a really worthwhile cause!!!

  7. Wow, I'm very impressed at the amazing turnout. I also didn't realize any of them were hand quilted either. Glad you learned how to hand stitch a binding down too. Sounds like a great experience!

  8. wow what a wonderful group of quilters ! bet it was a bit overwhelming for you, but fun!
    it is such a great opportunity to give back to those who keep us safe.

  9. Wow WOw Wow!!!!
    What an experience for you Kevin. I am so glad you were able to do this.
    My quilt guild also makes quilts of Valor and it is the most rewarding thing ever!
    I am so glad you were able to have your picture made with the finished quilt of yours.
    The memories you will look back on in the future.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    God Bless You Young Man!!

  10. I can only imagine what an amazing experience. To see so many people in one room, all working together. The photo of all of those quilters in one room working together, very moving. Good on you for supporting such a worthy cause.

  11. As a hand quilter myself, I'm in awe over what Dar's group does. I'm in a group in Ill, but, we hand the quilt tops off to volunteer long arm quilters. We make well over 300 quilts each year in our group (about 300/year go to Great Lakes Naval Base alone). We have a guy with no hands that comes to a sew-in each month and irons blocks for us. Keep on stitching for our troops!

  12. Thanks for sharing this with us! I love seeing this kind of stuff...I just bought some backing fabric for my next QOV...four yards of gorgeous flag covered fabric for 3.99...score for me and score for some solider down the line! :)