Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soul Searching........

It happened to me again..........

I saw a quilt I love and feel as though I simply HAVE to make it!  NOW!

You can read about the first time this happened to me here.

I don't know what comes over me?  I see the quilt, and the desire to make the quilt ignites inside me, and I am like a crazed man!  All I can think about is getting that quilt top made!

Am I alone here?

I mean, it isn't like I don't have deadlines looming for other projects?  (Although, I did run out of some fabric I MUST have for another project.  And I am waiting for said fabric I ordered for this particular project with a deadline.)  Perhaps it IS good to cleanse the mind with a new project while working on something so fastidiously?  An "in between" project if you will?  A palette cleanser?

What am I talking about?????


OK, so a few weeks back I was reading Cardygirl's blog when she revealed this!

I shall give you a few moments to check both of those links out!

No, seriously.....check them out!

 Here are some paper towels for you!
I was seriously DROOLING too!!!!!!!!!

I learned that the pattern is called "Soul Searching" and is in Kathy Doughty's book:

 "Making Quilts, The Promise of Joy."  

I had to order this book immediately after seeing Cardygirls version!  Kathy's book is certainly making waves in the quilting world right now!  I am sure you have seen the "Fractured" quilt many times in blogland already?  (Another quilt I am bound and determined to make very soon!) Vicky Welsh is even hosting a "Fractured" quilt along right now!  How I WISH I could join in!  There are several other quilts in the book that I find intriguing and am putting on my bucket list, but, I digress.

"Soul Searching" is based on 2.5" strips, and has a "Delectable Mountains" kind of feel to it.  It was SO MUCH FUN going through my scraps and finding fabrics that I could cut into 2.5" strips.  This quilt is being made for a couple of my friends who are getting married next summer.  Of course I had to kind of make the pattern my own, so I chose my own color scheme.

The bride's favorite color is purple.

The groom's favorite color is blue.

I have a TON of neutral scraps, so that is what the background will be.  I am thoroughly enjoying this process, and the sewing is very easy and therapeutic.  I am sure this will be a flimsy in a matter of days.  

I can't thank Alison of Cardygirl enough for inspiring me to make this quilt!  I love your version of "Soul Searching" and enjoy reading your blog as well as Wish2Stitch's blog.  These two women are my new found Aussie friends!  Just two questions though.......

What is a Cardygirl???????


Where is the mailman with that fabric I ordered for my other project!!!!!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Oooh I like it! Going to have to add the book to my list. Keep us updated on your progress!

  2. Oh, you make me grin. :D You are so totally not alone with that phenomenon. Cleanse that palette!! ;D

  3. What is a Cardygirl??? If I tell you.....! Your Soul Searching looks fabulous, can't wait to see the flimsy! Happy to be your cheer squad. BTW, I might be heading off with dear wish2stitch for a sewing weekend soon....don't you wish you were here!

  4. That book has been on my Amazon wish list for a couple weeks, and next time I order, it's going in the cart. Your quilt is looking great!

  5. Hey,
    Cardygirl sent me the link to your blog and your Soul Searching project! Thanks for rave revue! It is a great quilt to make from your stash. I don't think you are alone on any points here. We all see, desire to make and then struggle to find the time/space ratio to get them made. I myself took the day off to make a quilt I literally dreamt of making the other night!!! No rest for the weary. I hope you put Material Obsession on your favorite Aussie list...and what is a flimsy? Guessing a top not yet quilted???? kathy doughty

  6. You're definitely not alone. Welcome to the club! I am doing better this year in making a conscience effort because let's face it, I can't do everything. Material Obsession is on my wish list at Amazon. Last week I bought 2 books off the wish list, but they were not quilt books! "500 Drives of a Lifetime", my travel obsession and "The Leadership Secrets of Santa Clause, how to get big things done in your workshop all year long. I need to read Santa's book and see if it applies to our quilting obsession. ;-) So cool that cardygirl sent your link to Kathy and she commented! You have another fantastic project!

  7. I SO know what you mean. I can be determined that I'm only going to work on my UFO's, but then I'll see a quilt that I just have to make right away. I haven't seen this pattern before so thanks for sharing it! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  8. Yep - I agree - that one is a "Gotta Make"!!! I pinned it so I can maybe make one too later on :*)

  9. Yep - I agree - that one is a "Gotta Make"!!! I pinned it so I can maybe make one too later on :*)

  10. Well I am about to make you very jealous. I have seen Cardgirl's Soul Searching quilt in real life and it is AMAZING. Quite a process in the making as I guess you are discovering. I watched as she agonised over various fabric placement. I would arrive at her house and see the next block hanging on the wall so she could glance at it during the day while deciding what to put where. Other reason why you will be jealous...I went to Material Obsession yesterday...AND they had a sale!!! About to post about that today. Enjoy your Soul Searching journey. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  11. Kevin, you are most certainly not alone in your "cleansing palette dilemma. I have seen that quilt or one very much like it before and it is one that I'd make in a minute, if only my WIPs were not so many. I look forward to seeing your wedding present quilt for your friends.

  12. You are not serious!!! THIS!! This is why I have so many Projects in motion!!!! I blame come cut my fabric!!!

  13. Love your posts, Kev! Always entertaining, and I can always feel your excitement for quilting and it makes me want to go and SEW! :) Thanks for sharing the links! I can't wait to see your results of your Soul Searching! :)

  14. I like the thought of a palette cleanser between projects.

    Your version of Soul Searching is going to be a bright and fun quilt.

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