Wednesday, November 20, 2013

STLMQG Riley Blake Challenge.......


I have been working on the Riley Blake Challenge we have been issued from the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild.  Here is what I have come up with thus far with the fabrics issued, along with the solids I selected.......

I love how some of the rows match up to create longer linear lines of particular colors.  I was able to get much of the sewing done at a little sewing get together hosted by my friend Ann. I am much more comfortable sewing with others now thanks to her and many friends I have met through her.  I have a definite plan of action for the quilting of this project.  It will all be in the execution!  I have to get through the holiday season before I can even think about quilting this though.  

In other news, I have been asked to make a presentation for a wonderful quilt guild!  I was a little gobsmacked when I received the invitation, but, I am really excited about it.  The presentation will consist of some of my "views" as a "guy that quilts."  But, the majority of it will be about my love of Bonnie Hunter's scrap user's system, and how I use many of her methods to create quilts.  And for those of you who are wondering, I have already contacted Bonnie, and she has given me her complete permission to discuss such items.  Quilts of Valor will also be discussed and I am in the process of making several samples to take with me. The focus on these quilts will be how to utilize stash, scraps, and crumbs to make a QUICK charity quilt.  Again, I am very excited and look forward to be able to share one of my passions with others that are like minded!  

I have received so much encouragement from my friends concerning this effort.  My good friend Bev has been instrumental in helping me design some quilts that are in the process of being made.  Moreover, she has helped me stitch some together!  

We decided that we work really well as a team!

We were really focused, and got this top done in a few hours!

You will have to wait to see it though!

OK, you waited long enough!

We are calling this "Git'R'Done!"

(((((I am unsure as to who designed this pattern?????  Can you help me?)))))

This (untrimmed) quilt top was made completely from scraps!  The majority of the neutrals used were made from backing scraps I found at a quilt shop somewhere that costed next to nothing?!  Bev and I had a great day laying this quilt out, and "Gitt'n'R'Done!"

This is just a peek of things to come!  I have so many other designs using scraps buzzing around in my head! Thanks Bev for being a great friend, and for all of your help! 

I am off to Georgia this weekend to judge the Miss Georgia USA Pageant.  And here comes a deep thought with Kevin the Quilter...........I have come to a conclusion.........quilt shows are a lot like beauty pageants?  I mean, everything/one is beautiful in it's/her own way?  Sometimes you agree with the judges opinions, and sometimes you don't?  Subjectivity IS a double-edged sword sometimes!?!?!?  But, having judged my fair share of pageants, I do have to give quilt show judges some credit.  It CAN'T be an easy job!

Thanks for ALL of the comments!
Thanks for ALL of the encouragement!
Until next time......
Kevin the Quilter  


  1. Your posts are just so fun to read! I smile and think...."yuppers! T'would be SUPER fun to meet up some day and quilt the day away, guilt-free and relentless!" :D I spy a little bowl of....Gardetto's next to your sewing setup?
    Excellent use of some scraps.

  2. I like your challenge piece. The longer rows draw your eye down through it. Did you plan it that way or was it a happy coincidence? FYI - Angela Walters has some great books on quilting modern quilts. I've been perusing them lately for some ideas myself. And congratulations on being asked to speak at the quilt guild. Sounds like some great topics. I'd love to be there myself. I'm sure you'll be great!

  3. BOZANGA! I call it playing truant. It's so much fun when you can whack off a piece of fabric or a point and just be random. Really liberating. WISH I could attend your presentation. Too funny, making us wait sooooooo long! So your being subjective, while they're are drilling into our heads at school not to judge and be objective. ;-) Enjoy!

  4. Love your challenge quilt. The colors really say "modern". If you start doing guild presentations, I may snatch you up for ours!

  5. Love what you're doing with your MQG challenge! So cool, and I wish I could hear your presentation too. And love the QOV that you and Bev made! Looking forward to the next post! :D

  6. Love the colors in your challenge quilt! Is the solid beigy one called Stone, from Kona? Not important, but I think I just used that in my grandson's baby quilt - I love it! Have fun at the beauty contest!

  7. That challenge quilt is AWESOME. Great job!

  8. Great use of color in your challenge quilt. It's stunning. Congrats on getting the speaking invite. Sounds like you have a great program planned. Good luck!

  9. The challenge peice looks great! How exciting that you will get to share Bonnie's scrap user system! It is hard to believe there are folks out there who don't know and love all things Bonnie! You will have to share how it went and how many of them change their ways after that! I know I did! :)

  10. You have no idea how glad I am you didn't make me wait to long. I LOVE that Quilt you guys made!!!! Have fun judging !!!

  11. Congratulations on the invitation to share your perspective. Both quilts look great.
    Cheers Pauline

  12. What a neat opportunity for you to share your perspective on quilting! I am really digging your challenge quilt. And how awesome is that to work with a buddy and knock out a fabulous quilt top so fast! How'd the pageant judging go?

  13. ooo - I really like what you're doing with the Riley Blake challenge. Fun movement happening in it. Thanks for making me laugh with your post :D

  14. Hi Kevin! Love you quilts. The Riley Blake Challenge quilt looks yummy!. I am also a Bonnie Hunter groupie! Congratulations on being asked to speak at a quilt guild. There are 2 men that quilt at our guild. You guys have a different eye. When I am stuck I sometimes ask my husband what he thinks. Quite often he hits it on the head. Other times his visions is so totally different that it gives me ideas for another quilt. You know we need more quilting ideas. Got to use them scraps!!!

  15. Your Riley Blake challenge quilt is great looking and why wouldn't it be -- you made it and you used purple in it!! Congrats on finishing a scrap quilt so quickly. Looks like you and Bev make a great working team. Can't wait to see how you quilt it. I have one of Angela Walters modern quilt book if you want to peruse it sometime.

  16. WOW KEVIN!!! I just LOVE your challenge quilt! So modern and totally cool :) The colors are perfect and the design is definite eye candy - so much to look at and notice! I love the way the line moves across the quilt with the square of black. YUM! Can't wait to see how you quilt it. Great teamwork on that Get'R'Done quilt - working together is the BEST and what I love MOST about quilting :*D