Sunday, September 7, 2014

Some really FUN stuff.......

Hey ya'll!

I  have some really FUN stuff to share with you!

The first FUN thing?  Some results from our very successful block drive thanks to ALL of you!  Rest assured, I give FULL credit to all of you who sent in blocks, fabric for backings, thread, pillowcases, and color catchers!  I am gearing up to speak at the Thimble and Threads Quilt Guild of Greater St. Louis this Friday, September 12th at 7:30PM.  The meeting is held in the Fellowship Hall of Concordia Lutheran Church, 505 S. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, Missouri.  For those of you who may be interested in attending, there is no fee to come if it is the first time you have ever visited their guild.  I will be talking about the block drive, presenting some Quilts of Valor to some deserving Veterans, and talking about my personal quilting story while encouraging others to make quilts out of their scraps to give to others.

We have surpassed 100 COMPLETED QUILT TOPS!!!!!  Look at all of the FUN we have been having putting the tops together in a variety of color schemes!

Our little group has shared a lot of laughs.... and FOOD during our 4 meetings.
We have been able to accomplish a lot having made 25-30 quilt tops each time.
I also would like to thank the Perky Piecers Quilt Guild for helping make several tops!
They have agreed to assemble tops at their October meeting!  YEAH!
We should have all of the tops assembled by the end of the year!
Thank you ALL!

I actually was able to take a little vacation with my family over the Labor Day weekend, and we had a lot of FUN camping!  While growing up, my family always camped throughout the warmer months from Memorial Day weekend, through the summer, and our last camping trip was usually on Labor Day weekend.  This trip brought back some wonderful memories, and I got to make some new FUN ones as well.......

During our down time.......we sewed quilt blocks!!!!!!
As I mentioned in a previous post, my little bubs (my nephew) has really expressed an interest in making quilts.  Here he is making some half square triangles for a quilt I am making for.......ME!  So it will be extra special knowing he and others helped to make it!

My niece had to get in on the act, and here she is getting tickled because her little brother was sewing straighter lines than she was!  Everyone has to start somewhere!

And low and behold, I go for a bike ride, and come back to find my sister working on some of the half square triangles!  She didn't share a love of quilting and sewing with our grandma and great aunts, although she LOVES quilts.  I guess we both look very stern and serious when we are concentrating????  Family trait!

After camping, fishing, and sewing it was time to run into town for a little treat!
Just so you know, eating ice cream is a family tradition and is A LOT of FUN!

Here is Lil' Bubs showing you all how to eat an ice cream cone!

I helped my friend Kelly out at her shop, O'Sewpersonal and tried to drum up some business by walking out on the sidewalk and wave at people.  Sadly, I think I scared business away, but, it was FUN none the less!

And, last but certainly not least............meeting Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville in person at the Hands All Around Quilt Guild of Central Illinois was SO MUCH FUN!  My friend Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden suggested we go make a day of it.....fortunately, I had the day off!  We shop hopped our way from St. Louis to Normal, Illinois to see Bonnie's lecture and trunk show.  Bonnie surprised me as I was signing in by putting her hands over my eyes.......what a wonderful surprise it was!  I was a little star struck!  All of her classes were full, but, I will at some point take a class from her!

All of her quilts are absolutely breathtaking to see in person!  Here I am touching her quilts!
All of her points match perfectly, and the quilts are so flat!  I was completely and utterly impressed!

Definitely my bucket list quilt!  Bonnie's Pineapple Crazy quilt!
Whatta FUN one this will be to make!

I hope you are having FUN wherever you are, and whatever you are doing!
Thanks for visiting, and thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Wow! So Awesome! Love all those Quilt of Valor quilts, they look amazing! Meeting Bonnie in person? Lucky you! I am a Bonniac....and I might get to see her next year here in California...I gotta get all my Bonnie quilts finished!

  2. Oh my goodness! This post is filled with so much fun stuff! Sounds like you've been having a blast! And I love that pineapple crazy quilt, too! And I'll say it again....I love that you and your friends have put together so many Quilts of Valor!

  3. congrats on making all those quilts for the Quilts of Valor, how generous of you and your friends spend your time doing this.
    trying to catch up with blog reading since my blog break and OMG how busy and productive you have been.
    loved the pictures of your family sewing hst for you. how special
    meeting Bonnie on my bucket list for sure and that pineapple quilt, YES its a must make in the very near future

  4. How fun Kevin!!! Your family sure knows how to camp and enjoy life :) Why am I craving ice cream right now I wonder? And isn't Bonnie a sweetheart??? She's a star in my book, mostly because there is no diva in that girl - just down home people like you and me! I bet you and Dar had a ball at the quilt shop. I'm so jealous - wish I could have joined in with you that day :)

  5. Those quilt tops look amazing! What a perfect block you came up with - each quilt has its own personality! Bonnie is fun, isn't she? I got to attend her trunk show and lecture when I was in Florida house/pet sitting for my daughter when she was deployed to Afghanistan. You are right, the quilts are amazing in person!

  6. Love all the beautiful quilts that have been made! The block that you designed for these quilt really make them pop! Lil' Bubs ice cream mustache is really cute! Thanks for all the hard work you put in for our veterans! (((Hugs)))

  7. So fun to see you with Bonnie. She's just the best. Friendly, kind, and an awesome teacher. Someday you will get to have a class with her.

  8. COngrats on so many tops! I love all of the variations. I really like the mostly blue one.... LOVE it!!

    And the bolts of fabrics - the one with pink!! Yum!

  9. QOV tops are looking fantastic. It must be so heart warming to have so many hands to help stitch them altogether. So nice that you are also fitting in some family time. Camping is one of families favourites past times as well. Oh! And bonnie Hunter's quilts are amazing.

  10. Oh I wish I could be there on Friday night, but, I'm teaching a table runner class the next morning. Isn't Bonnie sweet and fun? I got to take a class with her 2 years ago (still need to work on that quilt). She's supposed to be back here in 2016, I think. They scheduled her during the 2012 class. She was booked until then.

  11. I took a class from Bonnie last September in Texas, where I was living then. She is a wonderful teacher and the patterns in her books are so well written. I enjoyed the class so much and since then made one of her quilts for my grandson's HS graduation and have started another one (just barely). Maybe you can take a class from her some other time.

  12. Quilts, family and Bonnie? It doesn't get much better. Looking forward to seeing what you are working on for yourself.

  13. Do you do programs for other guilds? Maybe in Kansas City?

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