Saturday, November 15, 2014

Veteran's Day Week.........

I truly feel this sentiment every day of the year!
But, I am thankful that we designate a day to specifically honor our U.S. Military Veterans.

Did you all know my friend Alycia of Alycia Quilts is hosting a block drive for Quilts of Valor?
Well, she is!  And, this is a super duper easy block that will help you use up some of your 2 1/2" strips!

Here is a sampling of some of my blocks!
You need to turn your blocks into her before November 30th!
There is still time to participate and win some great prizes!
To learn more, go to this link:  Alycia Quilts 2014 Block Drive.
Best wishes with your drive Alycia!

What else happened this past week????

After an assembly for Veterans at my niece's high school, the students were let out for the day.  I have long awaited the day I could take my niece shopping to buy her first formal!  It has been a deal in the making with my sister since she was a baby!  You all know I am a pageant fanatic!  The closest I am going to get to see my niece in a pageant is by her wearing a formal for her Junior/Senior Prom. She just didn't inherit the pageant bug like I did!  I realize you all may be is REALLY early to be shopping for a prom dress?  Please realize, my niece has NEVER tried on a formal, so we had no idea what size to be looking for or which colors would look good on her.  And there is usually a pretty lengthy lead time if you buy something custom.  So, I loaded up my niece, sister, mom, and friend Mike, and away we went into the world of evening gowns!

My niece, Hannah, and my long time pageant friend, Peggy.

Of course I have a few connections in the pageant world, so I had to take Hannah to go visit one of my long time pageant friends, Peggy.  Peggy owns The Bunny Patch in Dexter, Missouri.  She has a great selection of gowns for all ages and sizes.  She is in the middle of a magnificent renovation.  Her shop is going to be........AMAZEBALLS!  Thanks to Peggy, Hannah had a really fun time trying on her first formal and seeing all of  the lovely gowns.  This was a special memory we will all be able to savor. 

We were also able to have lunch with someone who is very special to me and my family.  My dear pageant friend Flo.  Once you meet Flo you have met a friend for life.  She has taught me so many lessons about pageants, not to mention life in general!  She has endured more in her life than most could handle, and ALWAYS has a positive attitude.  I have definitely learned from her, the glass is half full!  I am so glad that Hannah has someone like Flo to look up to as well!

What do the next two photos have in common?

Well, they were both  MAJOR purchases I made recently!

One not so fun, and the other one REALLY fun!  

My washer of 16 years decided it wanted to retire!  I had it since I was in college.  Was that really 16 years ago?  REALLY?????  Anywho......I went to purchase a new matching set.  I will reserve judgment on how well I like this new set until I simmer down from the annoying delivery process!  I was delivered 3 damaged units before I finally received ones without scratches and dents!


Now onto my Accuquilt Studio..............which I am in love with by the way!  When my blogging friend Wanda of Exuberant Color informed me that AccuQuilt was having a tremendous sale on start up bundles for the Studio, I bit...........HARD!  I have long wanted the Studio, and love to work with strips.  I just had to..........really, I had to!  I have been having so much fun playing with it.  Now, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty and really cut some of my stash up for future projects.

I can't believe I am showing this image, but, this is what I am going to attempt to tame!
In the process, I am redoing my sewing space.  I need it to be more efficient, and more
appealing to my eye than just bare basement walls.  Storage boxes, more shelving and such.  
I am very thankful that I have this space.  It is just time to spruce it up!

My mother asked me what I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas this year.........

Happy Veteran's Day EVERY DAY!
Happy sewing!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. If you bought from one of the big box stores, I'm not surprised by your delivery experience. We did that last time and I've not been happy. I'm going back to the small single owner appliance store, they've always done well by us.

    Enjoy the gown shopping. Dexter would not be high on my list of places to go for formals, but shows you what I know. I've not been back there in years. I need to get Drama Teen going on finding a formal for her Winter dance. She's really not into dresses and put off shopping last year till the weekend before.

  2. You made me smile, Kevin, you are all over the board with this post! I'm happy for you to get the studio cutter, that's wonderful! I still find it easier to rescue my scraps with my Go! cutter, than to cut into the larger pieces...hope that works differently for you ~

  3. I hope you are having fun with the Studio cutter. Mine really keeps my scraps under control as well as cutting for many quilts. Good luck on sprucing up the sewing space.

  4. Your washer and dryer look very nice. Hope they function better than the delivery process was. Your letter to Santa is funny. Let's hope he heeds your message. Your niece is a very pretty girl. Did she find what she wanted?

  5. You have had a great week... I want to go prom dress shopping with you!! And thanks for making the blocks!! you are awesome

  6. Too funny! What an awesome uncle you are. Wish I could have taken you shopping with me a few weeks ago. Let me know what you think of your new toy. I see you have posted a new badge for the mystery quilt. Still debating to do, or not to do.......Hope Santa is good to you.

  7. I'd love to hear how you like your new washer after using it for a while. I was looking at one just like it the other day. I have a front loading one that I don't think is going to last much longer and I definitely want to go back to a top load when it dies. It's not a very exciting purchase, but your AccuQuilt looks like a lot more fun. I hope you make a lot of progress taming your scraps.

  8. I think Santa mixed my request up, too. Funny, I've been trying to 'tame' my stash, too. Mine will take months.