Friday, May 29, 2015


Greetings everyone!

Prayers for those of you who are having weather woes!

Here is the reveal of the quilt I made for Humble Quilts Doll Quilt Swap.

"V" is for "Vermont"

My swap partner is Lorraine who happens to live guessed it....Vermont!
Again, many, many lessons were learned in the making of this quilt.
I appreciate Lorraine's kind comments regarding the quilt.
We have become friends on Facebook, and I think we will be long time quilting friends!

I just received my quilt from Carolyn of Lee Prairie Designs.

Carolyn selected some really great blue fabrics, and the over all feel 
of the quilt is quite masculine and I love it!  She hand quilted it as well!
She and I have become Facebook friends too!
Thank you so much Carolyn!

In other news...........

It's beginning to look.......AND TASTE.......a lot like summer!
Caprese Salad with fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, olive oil, 
kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper!

I am still working diligently on "Talkin' Turkey" which will be my very own Christmas quilt!

Bonnie has given us plenty of notice to check the Errata page on her
blog for any corrections that need to be made to patterns in her books.
Well, guess who didn't!
We are all human, and we are bound to overlook things.
Thank goodness the goof up I made will work itself out in the end.
However, if you are going to make this quilt, please follow the link I gave to 
see the changes that need to be made.

The geese are literally flying out of the machine at this point!

Geese droppings.........

So here are all 67 gazillion flying geese units and some can't keep their wings from flapping!
Here is the problem........the border unit geese call for the goose center to be red.
I just followed the number of geese to be made in the pattern.
Oh well, Bonnie provides the easy fix....just sew the units together and flip it.
The seam will be running through the red instead of the neutral (my green).
Again, I am not mad, or upset at me!  I thank her for sharing her beautiful
creative patterns with us!
I should have paid more attention to the actual quilt photo!
It'll all work out just fine!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Whoot! Love the doll quilt - super job on your first 'tiny' quilt. The the one you received is cute too. ' Geese Droppings' - lol!! Oh so sorry for the huge oops - how frustrating and all that work. Glad there is a work around.

  2. So what machine did all that sewing? All those pieces look terrific!

  3. Just be glad those geese droppings are not reindeer droppings! With Christmas quilts you just never know, right? Glad you mentioned checking the errata on TT Kevin! I started a TT a couple years back and remember there being a difference between the photo and the pattern instructions, but I would have forgotten if you hadn't reminded me. Watching you work on your quilt has given me a hankering to get back to mine. Those tomatoes look good enough to eat - which I'm sure you did - swiftly!!!!

  4. Love all the quilts!! What are you going to make with the goose droppings??? They would really make a great "modern" applique by being put on a quilt while it is being quilted!!! Raw edge love!!

  5. Just looked at your tremendous list of blogs you follow. When do you find time to quilt? I stole a couple, if you don't mind.
    Enjoy your blog about your activities and seeing your beautiful quilts.

  6. Went to bed early last night with a migraine. Now I am wide awake and catching up on blog reading. I love your Christmas quilt. While I have all of Bonnie's books, I have only made her mystery quilts so far. I have my eye on several though and someday....right now I have a few baby quilts to get done. Lately I have gotten into checking for errata on publishers' web sites before starting a project. Some are better than others about this.Glad your error had an easy fix!

  7. I fell in love with Caprese salad in Rome; yours looks even better. Cute doll quilt. You could use the goose droppings to make more doll quilts.

  8. mmm, Caprese Salad--can't wait for the tomatoes to get ripe. Love your little doll quilts-how big are your half square triangles--they look teeny, tiny. Goose droppings--too funny. Can't wait to see this in Christmas colors -- your color interpretations of Bonnie's quilts are always wonderful.

  9. That's a pretty minor problem. It's going to be fantastic!

  10. I hate having to 'read directions first' on any project. You will remember this quilt more, because of the errors. As long as it looks nice in the end, it won't matter at all. Only you will know.

  11. Kevin, your doll quilt is super cute! Love the way your geese are flyin'. That's going to be a very cool quilt! The caprese salad looks luscious. Darn my dairy intolerance! Tofu just wouldn't be the same!

  12. Oh! I'm so glad your quilt will work out right.It is so easy to over look instructions. SO many geese. It's going to look fantastic. I have never tried Caprese Salad, but it looks delicious. I do grow herbs and happen to have basil in my garden. So, I think we must try it.

  13. Those are the prettiest geese droppings ever hahahahh. Wow that is a lot of geese.
    That is a really wonderful mini you made for your swap Kevin! And they are quite a bit trickier than regular size blocks, so kudos to you!
    Caprese is a mainstay during the summer here too.

  14. Kevin...your projects are looking great!!! Thought I'd share a quick hint with you that I do. As soon as I order Bonnie's books, I go to her errata link and print all of the info for each pattern in the book on little post its. That way I can place the sticky toes at the beginning of each pattern in the book and when I go to work on a pattern, I have the correct info already there!

  15. Geese droppings! LOL! Too funny! Watch where you step!

  16. Your Talkin Turkey is going to be fantastic! What a great assortment of scrappy goodness! Lovin it!!

  17. Found your blog not long ago and spend some time reading it, thanks for being inspiring!

  18. Found your blog not long ago and spend some time reading it, thanks for being inspiring!

  19. Kevin,
    I love all the Christmassy goodness on your blog and am so glad you are making it for you. Thanks to all about the tips to print the errata a when you buy the book - great idea! I love the little doll quilts too, I haven't tried one yet.
    The salad is making me hungry....on to pancakes for breakfast! Are you still flying? You sure get a lot sewn!!
    Mary in New Mexico

  20. dang it! at least there is a solution. wow that is a TON of sewing! wow good for you.
    your salad looks fresh and delicious, just missing the Pino Grigio
    What a great little doll quilt! perfect for her

  21. V for Vermont is Awesome!! I think it's great you are making a Christmas Goose Droppings quilt for yourself - LOL! I will be anxiously watching for progress pictures in this one. Wish our tomatoes up here looked that delicious. Your picture made my mouth water! Maybe more minis in your future?

  22. Thanks for the hint about the errata link. I really never think to do that, nor did I know that Bonnie had one. I guess I should mark my pattern in her book too. Those tomatoes for your Caprese salad look scrumptious. I know they aren't from your garden .... YET. Hopefully by summer we will be getting some good ones. Love how your TT is turning out. You will have it finished in no time and can show Bonnie in person when she comes.

  23. Hi Kevin
    Love the Vermont doll quilt! Ya, I save those tiny triangles too......
    Just returned from St Louis on Sunday night to MKE on Southwest. I was hoping to spot you in the airport or on our plane, darn I didn't spot you.
    Our niece was married in your wonderful Forest Park at the Jewel box. That park is amazing! We had five hours to kill on Sunday afternoon so we went back to the park to the History museum and the art museum which was fabulous!
    Hubby also took me to a really nice quilt shop, The Quilted Fox on Clayton Av in St Louis.
    What a nice shop. The owner Louise was manning the shop on Sunday and she provided such excellent customer service, beyond and beyond.
    And of course I bought fabric! I filled my carry on to be a checked bag!
    Anyway, if you get a chance to go there tell her Donna from Wisconsin mentioned the shop on your blog. She's the bees knees!

  24. Kevin your Vermont doll quilt is precious......lots and lots of teeny tiny pieces too! I keep seeing that salad and I'm going to have to try it....looks yummy! You are really going to town on your Talkin Turkey quilt and what neat colors! Glad you were able to find a work around for the error!

  25. I CANNOT WAIT to see your Talkin Turkey Christmas quilt! I have not working on my rainbow one in so long...really thinking about getting back to it...I need to make like 14 more blocks though! Those tomatoes look absolutely delicious! Fun quilt swap, I love those myself. Have a few beauties here that I cherish from friends I have never met! Great job on yours!

  26. Fun doll quilts. That's certainly a lot of flying geese!

  27. Yikes! That's a lot of geese! Leave it to Bonnie! lol
    Love the quilt you rec'd and sent.
    Caprese salad...yum!

  28. Both doll quilts are beautiful. I participated in that swap also. Now following your awesome blog :)

  29. The Talkin Turkey quilt is sure keeping you busy.
    Thanks for sharing your swaps.

  30. What a neat idea using the V for Vermont. Thank-you for sharing!

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