Saturday, July 18, 2015

Planting seeds.......

Planting seeds...........

Yeah, I know it is way past planting season here in Missouri........

But, it is NEVER too late to inspire others....

Help them uncover their potential.....

Allow them to discover their creativity.......

Plant seeds of creativity in others!

This time last year, the QOV Block Drive I hosted had ended, and the blocks acquired from it were being turned into quilts.  I am happy to say we are still quilting away here on those tops, and we have awarded so many quilts to deserving veterans.  I originally drafted the block drive so I could share with you all in the joy of presenting QOV's made by YOU!  The first quilts were to be presented at the River Heritage Quilt Guild at my first speaking engagement.

Thanks to all of you who donated blocks, through those presentations last year, seeds of inspiration were planted with members of the River Heritage Quilt Guild to make their OWN quilts to present this year!  How marvelous is this?  I am so proud of these quilters to do this I am absolutely busting my buttons!  From what I understand, they want to make this an annual event for their guild now!  WONDERFUL!  Many thanks to my friend Donna who shared this photo with me!  Your guild's QOVs are BEAUTIFUL!

Many of my long time blog readers know that my nephew, Curtis, (AKA Lil' Bubs) has expressed interest in sewing and quilting like his Uncle Kevin.  Recently, I was able to plant seeds of inspiration in him in various ways.....

Although it is hard for my sister to let go, she agreed to let Curtis stay with me for a few days.

While he visited, we were able to do a few things.......

I was able to take him to the 
Curtis is a history buff, and enjoyed learning about
the Civil War in Missouri.

The museum is located at 
Lil' Bubs was pretty much in awe  while viewing all of the 
soldier's graves.

I was able to introduce him to my award winning quilting friend Ann of
Attic Threads & Quilts, where he got to play with one of her long arm
quilting machines.  Thanks so much Ann for this wonderful opportunity!
Ann is hosting a mystery quilt named in my honor right now! LOL
I AM honored Ann!
Head over to her blog for the first clue and join in!

So, Bubs decided he wanted to make something while he was visiting me.........

Can I tell you all how much it makes my heart sing when he asks to sew something?
Planting seeds of creativity.......
Here he is using his Great Grandmother's Spartan sewing machine that 
I do all of my piecing on.
If MeeMaw could only be here to see him using it!
Curtis did an amazing job using the machine.

What did he make, you ask?????

This amazeballs pillow case!
He chose the fabrics, and did everything himself except some of the cutting.
He LOVES to hunt, and he said these fabrics were perfect for him!
I have to agree!
Dar.....if ever you need help making pillow cases.....Curtis is your man!

Curtis' ambition is to live in Alaska and be a conservationist!
He said he will take this pillow case with him when he goes!

But, for now, he will have to use it here......
it seems to be working out well for him.....
don't you think????? LOL

In other news........

My friend Lou gave the members of Perky Piecer's Quilt Guild
a tutorial on how to make these place mats.
There were many different fabrics used from Christmas to Thanksgiving.
All I have left to do on mine is bind them and I will show photos here on the blog.
Great job Lou!

My friend Vernie gave me these GORGEOUS blackberries!
The rains have really helped the berries this year.
These were turned into..................

this blackberry cobbler!
One of my summertime favorites!

I guess the duckies even need to refuel from time to time?
This was too funny at the gas station the other day!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Continue to plant seeds!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I love the star and scrappy block quilt layout they used - kuddos! I knew what he was sewing from the photo - the hotdog roll pillowcase pattern in an oldy. And a lesson on a long arm! What a treat. You know I have to do the mystery.

  2. I have taught my grandkids how to start sewing (5 and 3). I use a hand crank Spartan so the foot controller is not a problem. I also did pillow cases with them. I glued the seams with washable Elmer's glue so we did not have to use pins or worry about the fabric not aligning. I also made those drawstring backpacks with them, found a tutorial on line. I keep looking for more ideas. I have more pillowcases just waiting for them to say yes.
    In one week is Camp Purple at Camp Pioneer in Angola, NY on Lake Erie (south of Buffalo, NY). A lot of quilters got together guided by two sisters, Kris and Kathy, and made over 100 quilts for the children of servicemen/women who are deployed right now. They attend a week of camp for free. Next Sunday, they will choose the quilt they will sleep under and take home.
    Thanks for the updates. Can taste those berries!

  3. Your nephew is so cute! I imagine a few days with him is a blast.

  4. Oh your nephew is so cute! He looks a lot like you! I bet your nephew is having a blast. Love the duckies who are refueling! Black raspberry pie is my favorite! I always pick some up at the faremers market when they come in season.

  5. What a great holiday experience for Curtis. I can see there will be many more stitching retreats at Uncle Kevin's house in the future. How rewarding to see the QOV become an annual event at River Heritage Quilt Guild. Well done for inspiring them.

  6. Excellent seeds of inspiration you are planting Kevin and you shall reap what you "sew". Such a myriad of heartfelt goodness going on here. Love your nephew's pillowcase and life's ambition. You are a wonderful uncle!!! High on Life July...

  7. This post is full of way too much goodness!!! From quilting to cobbler..... seriously - LOVE!!!

  8. What a great opportunity to spend time with your nephew. Looks like you made the most of your visit.

  9. Hey Kevin!
    what an inspiring post from start to finish! I loved seeing your nephew enjoying time with you. I remember how special it was for me to spend time with my aunt. I love his finished pillowcase and that he already has life goals! what a cool dude - and he looks a lot like you -
    What QOV quilts - loved the photo. Thanks for a super inspiring post

  10. p.s. Oh.....My.....Gosh - that cobbler looks amazeballs too - where's the ice cream?

  11. I bet your nephew wants to visit more often after you showed him such a good time - history, sewing and baking - no wonder he fell asleep on his new pillowcase, showing off his lovely long lashes :) Thanks for another good post with lots of photos.

  12. I can just imagine how great it makes you feel that Curtis is enjoying making things, especially with the family sewing machine! Great post, as usual, Kevin :)

  13. This was such an informative post. Love that Curtis is getting to bug to sew and his pillowcase is perfect. Yes, I would welcome his help next time he comes to visit. I still have 25 more of those bright orange/black dragon pillowcases to make.!! What a fun time he had while visiting you. He is such a cute kid and does really resemble you. Your blackberry cobbler looks delicious! You need to instill your love of cooking into Curtis the next time he comes to visit.

  14. Fabulous to introduce another family member to quilting!!! I can't see what he creates in the future!!!

  15. Such wonderful photos of the seeds you are planting in the life of your nephew. What a gift you are to him!

  16. Little seeds grow into giant sunflowers. We just finished off a blackberry cobbler with berries the size of a very large thumb. Must be all the rain.

  17. How special! What a great uncle. He will remember your time together forever and you just may have sparked a new quilter!

  18. Perfect pillowcase for Alaska. :D Way to go, Curtis! Quilting is for all walks of people - super neat that he got to get a taste of it with you.

  19. Sew glad Curtis used the Spartan. Looks like you guys had a great time together.

  20. I love that your nephew was inspired to learn how to sew by watching you! :)

  21. I'm very jealous of Lil' Bub's getting to play with the long arm machine. You are a true inspiration to quilting. And darn you for posting the link to Ann's Attic Threads. There's no way to resist a mystery quilt titled' "Look Kevin I Can Do Scrappy!" Seriously, Ann's schedule over six months rather than six weeks (that will go through exam time) will help me to make a charitable quilt for this year. Thanks for sharing......I think. :)

  22. Sounds like you had a fun time with your nephew. My mouth is watering after seeing that blackberry cobbler. My aunt in Oklahoma had a field of blackberries. She had to pick constantly when they came in season because her dogs would sneak in to gobble some right off the bush/vines. - Sandy at

  23. :So fun to see your nephew's pillow case. Even if he doesn't get into as much as Uncle Kevin, it's a good skill to have.