Saturday, September 12, 2015

Catching you up to speed.....

Did you all miss me?

I have missed you!

My friend Katie asked me at the quilt shop the other day, "Why haven't you posted to your blog?"

Well, friends.........let me tell you all what has kept me from blogging for the past 2 goes a little something like this...........

I have been VERY busy working on this shop sample using Kaffe!
As you all know I am a huge fan of Wanda who blogs at Exuberant Color.
Kelly, the owner of O'Sewpersonal asked if I would be willing to do
a "color wash" type quilt for the shop.

We used this easy pattern using Thangles.

I think it turned out great using the selection of Kaffe fabrics we carry at the shop, although, I still have a lot to learn from Wanda!

I have also finished all of my bow tie blocks for the block swap my friend 
Barb of Fun With Barb is hosting!
These are on their way to you Barb!

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend, and that usually means a camping trip for
me and my family!

I took this opportunity to go through a gazillion quilt magazines!
(OK, maybe not a gazillion, but, a lot!)

My Dad provided live entertainment for us all to enjoy!

And, Lil' Bubs learned how to fillet some fish!
"Give me a fish, I eat for a day.  Teach me to fish, I eat for a lifetime!"
I am so thankful my Dad taught me how to fish!

After I came back from camping, I had big plans to make a blog post!
That is, until my new neighbors decided to have a fence put up.
Unfortunately, the lines were not marked properly, and the workers ended up
digging right into my underground cable lines!
I am happy to report, I am back online!

I was able to visit with this lovely lady!
Pat Knoechel, sister of Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day.
She recently spoke at the Stitch-N-Time Guild.
She shared many great patterns.
Please remember Eleanor as she is undergoing heart surgery!

Let's see...........what else.......what else.............

Make SURE to check out this


My blogging friend Susan of Farm Quilter
is quilting one of my most favorite works as a Quilt of Valor
for my speaking engagements.
Seriously, she is outdoing herself here!
I can't WAIT to see it finished!

My home is officially going on the market!
Hopefully it will sell quickly so I can decide where I need to go next.

While cleaning things up a bit around here, I introduced my friend Mike to string piecing!
He has decided he wants to make these wonky string pieced beds for 
local animal shelters!
What a novel idea, and I am pleased to be using up some strings
not to mention scrap batting!

I am getting things ready for Bonnie Hunter's workshop later this month!
I can hardly wait for this as you all know!

And here are my next projects on the horizon......
Memory quilts for my cousins out of my uncle's shirts and ties.
My uncle was a Baptist Minister for many, many years, so there is quite a selection of
shirts and ties to choose from!

There it is folks!
You are officially caught up to speed on the life and times of Kevin the Quilter!
I hope you all are quilting something today!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. You have been busy. I may be 'out of internet' for a while, but, not for the same reasons. I love pinwheels! Hubby's brother is a Baptist minister. Hey, what quilt shop do you work at? I'll be thru there on the 21st.

  2. You have certainly been very busy. Love your Thangle Quilt of Many Colors. Yes, that fishing quote ia a very powerful one to teach people. Sew Happy to get caught up and all that you are busy doing.

  3. i Kevin. Good luck on the sale of your house. We just did that a year ago, and it sure wasn't the most fun I've had. I love your Kaffe quilt shop sample. Your friend Mike has inspired me to use some of my strips to make little quilts for the cat cages at Pet Smart. I used to crochet little blankets for the cages, and when the cat was adopted I requested they send the blanket along. I'd never thought of using strips. Sounds like you've been busy and having some fun. It's good to hear from you.

  4. WOW!! Kevin, you did a great job on the pinwheel colorwash!!! I love it!

  5. Your colorwash is stunning. I can understand your not blogging as you have been super busy.

  6. I LOVE camping! Sitting around the campfire, singing along to the guitar. Brought back great memories looking at your photos. We haven't done that for so long. Your colour wash version of the pinwheel quilt looks so effective in Kaffe fabrics. Selling your house? Sounds exciting, hope it goes well for you.

  7. Love your color wash quilt!! Simply gorgeous!!! You have been a busy man and I hope your house sells quickly!!! What part of the country are you thinking of moving to???

  8. You did a great Wanda impression! I thought it was her blog when I opened it. Have you decided where you are going?

  9. Holy cow, what a whirlwind of activity. Congratulations on the pinwheel quilt. The camping looked like golden moments to treasure.
    You will so love the Bonnie Workshop! I took one last fall when she came near Buffalo. I took the crumbs one and she is just so genuine. I told her she needs to pace herself as she goes all out every day! You will have a blast and learn new things.
    Hope the house sells quick. It looks lovely. Start thinking of where you are moving now, it will be a blink and you will need to move. No pressure, just make some concrete lists or something.
    Love all you shared today, thanks for the photos- I know it takes time!

  10. Well, okay, since you have shown adequate evidence of your busyness during your absence you are excused - but just this once!!! And only because you wowed me with that gorgeous Kaffe colorwash and provided my daily dose of eye candy LOL!!! I am always impressed by your well-balanced life - quilting, family, friends, community, and world - a little bit of all, and heavy on the most important ones (family and quilting!) Good luck on selling your house - it should go quickly in today's market. What an exciting adventure, the joy of taking stock and deciding what's next .... can't wait to see where you decided to land :*) And I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing what your creative genius does with those shirts and ties - such riches! Wishing you well in all your upcoming adventures my friend!!!

  11. OHHHHH - love the Kaffe piece. Family time is very important - well done. A memory quilt can be an emotional ride. Luck with selling the house.

  12. The Kaffe Color Wash is gorgeous! You've definitely been busy. Glad to hear that it was just a service interruption, even though those are so annoying. Hope your house sells quickly.

  13. I don't know where my first post went! Yes, we missed you! LOVE the quilt! Love everything you make!

  14. Writing a little blurb on the post it note and then marking the page in the magazine is such a great idea! I mark my magazines with post it notes but still have to open to look to see whats marked. Such a great idea to write a little something so I can easily find the pattern in the magazine I am looking for. thanks!

  15. Wow you have been busy and good luck on selling your home. The shop quilt is very pretty. Funny I do the same thing to my mags and books.

  16. I love the Thangles quilt! Great use of color! And good luck on the sale of your house!!!

  17. You have been busy! So exciting you are soon to see Bonnie (me too in October!) and I cannot wait to see your project from that day! Your bow ties are going to rock too!

  18. Hello Kevin !
    Love love love your quilt !! It'is soooo amazing with its colours !!
    I wish you "good luck" for the sales of your house !! ;)

  19. Wow have you been busy Kevin and we always, always miss you!!! Love the color wash quilt.....perfect! Looks like camping was fun and the best of luck selling your house!!

  20. My yes, you have been busy! I feel like a blog slug these days too. Happy to see you are having fun and quilting up a storm. I did have a bit of a laugh while reading the captions and wondering why your were sending Barb 4 cooked hotdogs. I guess I read too fast and comprehend too slowly! I'm sure she will like the bowtie blocks better than the hotdogs!

  21. I'm exhausted by just reading everything you have been up to. Good luck on the sell of your home and future endeavors.

  22. That is a gorgeous shop sample you made, Kevin! Just so colorful and compelling with the Kaffe fabrics. Good luck on the sale of your house. Do you have to move for work, or just want to relocate?

  23. Wow, you have been a busy guy. Love that Shop Sample!!! Sew many quilts, sew little time :). Great to spend time with your family and best of luck with the house sale. Moving closer to the quilt shop?

  24. what have you been doing! Ha ha Looks like a lot! your shop example is amazing. What incredible colors~~
    I CAN'T wait to get our bow ties they look so fun!!
    I know you're excited about the Bonnie workshop - looks like you've pulled great fabrics.
    What a lovely family tradition - camping complete with guitar music - did you have s'mores? What a fun post!!

  25. Gosh, you sure are a busy Guy....Oh,and to be able to see Bonnie! Lucky you...Your Kaffe quilt is out of this World Fabulous.
    I do Love your Family photos, it's a Beautiful thing to be close to them like you are...I'm sure your House will go quickly too.

    Debra in Ma....also a Bonniac.

  26. Definitely saying prayers for Eleanor Burns! Thank you for letting us know about her surgery Kevin.
    Your Thangles quilt looks great - you did a terrific job with the Kaffe fabrics and color washing them, which isn't easy when they have so many colors.
    Hooray for your friend Mike, making beds for shelters and learning to string piece. That is a really fun thing to start with .
    Glad you had such a great Labor Day weekend! All the best parts of camping: good people, good food, and music under the stars.
    Best wishes on your house sale!

  27. you are just on a roll - getting things done and having a grand ol time!

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  29. This was such a fun posting of all that you've been up to. I'm still catching up with reading blogs and I don't have as many things to blame my tardiness on. Where did you camp? I didn't know that was one of your favorite things to do. This is another reason that we are friends. Great eye candy on your quilts.

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