Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hey everybody!

I wanted to let you all know the move went super smooth!  I am in my transition home.....and think I may have found my forever home!  More details on that in the future.

I want to share some photos from the QOV presentations this past week at the Northland Quilter's Guild and Nitetime Needlers Guild in the Kansas City area.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with both of these guilds and meeting new quilters as well as spending time with some familiar faces.

Think I had a load full of quilts to share???

The QOV's await their Veterans, front and center.

Northland Quilters Veterans.

My "Hotties"  showing off after my trunk show!

 A wonderful lunch and visit with
Shirley and Esther!

Nitetime Needlers Veterans.

 Marci, my contact for this group
presented me with 2 huge bags of
delicious scraps!

 My parents and I stayed with my
Cousin Judy and we all had a
wonderful visit and stay!

 Judy, Tim, and their son Aaron with his family.

 Dad was able to talk cars with Tim.

And I was blessed to be able to take
a one on one needle turn applique class with
Rita of Quilter's Station.  Thanks so much for your friendship Rita!
What a wonderful time I had.....this is going to open a whole new world of quilting for me!
Thank so much Rita!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this brief post.  Blogging from my phone is a new world to me....and I am not very fast at it....but....I will try to learn more about it and post as I can.

Thanks for sticking with me during this exciting move in my life!

Thanks for being great friends!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. What a big tease... you think you found your new home but you won't tell?? You probably don't want to jinx it!
    Congrats to you and can't wait to hear the details!!!
    Love all the pictures of the donations and of your family!! Your parents are adorable!!

  2. What a great time had! Needleturn is my favourite form of applique...I love Sarah Fielkes Craftsy class!!! Fellow Aussie hehe

  3. Wow, so much going on for your right now! Best of luck finding your forever home. Hope it happens soon, but until then, looks like you have lots to keep you busy.

  4. Wow, giving quilts away and getting scraps--it doesn't get any better! Hope you found your new home. Love the photos with all the quilts loaded inside.

  5. I ran into Ann McN at a doctor's office last week. She clued me in about the possibility of your new place. Got my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Can't wait to see your new forever home!!! The quilt should be there tomorrow :) Please call me...I want to be on the phone with you when you open it :)

  7. Woohoo, you are getting closer to that forever home. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful veteran's quilts. I'm in charge of veteran's quilts for our group and you have inspired all of us to "ramp up" our progress. I had a chuckle at your last photo. It looked like you were getting a manicure - which is helpful by the way for hand work! Welcome to the world of needle turn applique, I promise it will be a fun journey. I like piecing too, but applique is truly "instant" gratification. Enjoy!

  8. Good job with your blogging!!! Loved your post, thanks for sharing all those beautiful veteran quilts you made-----"special treasures" for those veteran's!

    Hope you find your forever home soon and "Happy Thanksgiving", Kevin


  9. So pleased to read you had a smooth move and to know your forever home could be just over the horizon :) I'm already thinking about the photo's you will be posting, to share everything with your readers. Those Veterans look mighty pleased with their new 'back warmers' :p something they can enjoy over the coming winter months. Hope the next few weeks turn out to be everything you wished for!

  10. I wondered who's car those quilts were in, since it wasn't your Jeep. Glad you had a great trip, and time with family. Good luck with the forever home.

  11. Thank you for sharing with us these great and happy photos !!
    I wish you the best for your new life in your new house !!
    Hugs !

  12. I am apparently way behind on your news..backtracking through your blog now!

  13. It was fun to collect the scraps for you, I don't know just what is in those bags. We enjoyed your talk so much!

  14. A picture with you surrounded by women with rubber gloves.............hmmmm :) I hope your forever home happens.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Hope things are still on track with the forever home. With all you've got going on, when did you have time to house hunt?

  16. Kevin, we miss you! Hope all is going well in your new place and that you are keeping up with the Allietare clues. Sandy at

  17. It is just great to see these QOV presentations. It is really good that you enjoyed both of these guilds. My grandmother also attends such events with her friends. Recently she won prize in a quilting competition that had been organized at some domestic event space San Francisco. She was really happy to win the show!

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