Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Little Things......

Holla from the Quilt Cave!

You all are amazing blogging friends!
I am honored to have met several of you in person.  Of course, I have several personal friends and family members that read here as well.  Little things like sending blog messages, emails, and texts about my mother's surgery mean SO much!  They really do!

I was able to share several of the messages with my mom and dad.  They were in awe of how thoughtful you all are!  Momma came through her surgery just fine.  She is walking very well, and getting around with precautions in mind.
This is the ONLY photo I am allowed to share with you all.
You see, my Momma's hair isn't fixed......ummmm.....she is VERY particular about her hair.
But, there is my Dad right behind her and the therapist.
He has been there every step of the way.  He wouldn't even leave her side at the hospital to
come home with me.  I guess 53 years together does that to you.

I am happy to report I was able to take Mom home after 2 days in the hospital, and she is recovering well.  Her home health nurse, and her physical therapist come to my parent's home.
Mom gave me the go ahead to come back home so I can work.........bigger house, bigger mortgage!
Thanks again and again for all of your thoughts and prayers!
It's the little things that mean so much!

Is anyone else going to Paducah this year??????
I met several people last year, and would love to meet YOU this year!
Little things like meeting like minded artists who are passionate about their medium
does my heart good!


Little chicks, become big chickens and need a proper coop!
This little shed, in need of a good paint job, will be a wonderful place to house my brood.
Little things like digging a trench and filling it with concrete will help ward off
animals of prey from digging under the fence.
Trust me, I am going to make this as predator proof as possible!
Try saying that 5 times fast! LOL

Here are some little things found in my studio as of late......

Turning into even smaller things...........

I wonder what I am up to now???????

A little smile to brighten your day!

Thanking God for all of the little things!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. So happy to hear your mom is doing so well. And, I can totally understand her not wanting a "bad hair day" to be on permanent display (although that rarely bothers me!). Love the little "units" you are working on and can't wait to see what they become. Have fun with the chickens!

  2. Hey, Kevin. Currently planning to drive up to Paducah on Thursday and return home late Friday.

  3. So glad to hear your mom is doing well. And 53 years together is AMAZING!! I will be in Paducah Wed-Sat....hope I run into you :) I might have a thrifted shirt surprise bundle for you ;-) Btw, did you see the awesome velvet string quilt on Bill Volckening's post today? Wouldn't it be a great in in RWB/G for a QOV quilt? Mmmmm.....I think I NEED to make one.

  4. Glad to hear your mama is doing well and bless the both - 53yrs! I wish I was going to Paducah - will have to wait for the Syracuse show - so much closer.

  5. Howdy stranger! So sorry to go "rogue" for so long, but I haven't had time to do much visiting in Blogland lately. This afternoon I decided to read up on your posts to see what shenanigans you've been up to - and of course I find that you are a very, very busy guy! I knew from FB about your mom's surgery and prayed for her - so glad to hear that she is doing so well!!! Looks as though you are enjoying your new Quilt Cave and filling it with new toys like sweet Dixie - what a little beauty! Congratulations to both of you for finding each other :*). And of course the little chickens!!!! I'm riding a bus to Paducah with our guild on Thursday of the show - maybe we can find each other and finally say hi. Will you be there that day?

  6. I will be in Paducah all day Thursday and will be speaking in the Author's Showcase at 11 am - hope you can stop by and say hello! (look for the free pieced four season barn sampler from my new book Build a Barn).

  7. Glad to hear that your mom came through the surgery well and is home and on the road to recovery. I'll be in Paducah on Thursday with some friends. Hope to run into you then. You are such a tease posting those tiny units and keeping us in suspense! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  8. Wonderful to see your mom is on the mend. God bless her healing and full restoration!

    Have an amazing time in Paducah! Yeah and what are you doing with those tiny units! They are so cute! I imagine something amazing is going to be happening with those.

  9. Kevin, your Momma may look like a delicate little lady, but clearly she is a trooper! So glad that her surgery went so well and that she is back in her own cozy home again!
    A Perfectly Predator Proof Pullet Palace! :)
    Hope you have a great time in Paducah! I bet you meet a lot of friends there!
    Hmmm... what are you up to? It's patriotic, that's for sure, LOL.

  10. So glad to hear the good news about your momma!! Fabulous to see her walking down the hall! I love Lara's name for your new Pullet Palace - you need to paint that on the Perfectly Predator Proof Pullet Palace...you can make a logo with 5Ps!!! Have fun in Paducah, one of these years I'll get there!

  11. Such good news about your Mom! Thanks for sharing.

    Love your little units and can't wait to see what happens with them.

    I love little.
    I will be in Paducah on Weds and Thurs. I have a miniature in the show!!! If I spot you I'll say hi as I will recognize you from your blog.

  12. I will be in Paducah on Thursday and Friday. Would love to meet you in person.

  13. I'm glad your dear Mom is going to be better and better...I hope you will meet many quilters friends in Paducah... As you know, during the same week, I will be at the Quiltmania show in Nantes so, I propose you that each of us take many pics and share them onto our blog !!

  14. Great news about your mom Love seeing your dad's got her back. Are you going to put a barn quilt block on your chicken house? It looks so pretty back there.

  15. I can't wait for the Paducah show! So much to see and do! It is great to see your Mom up and on the mend. See you soon!!

  16. I too am glad to see your momma up and walking down the hall so soon after surgery. It's so sweet that your dad is watching from behind, just in case he is needed. I love the 5 P name for the chicken house. AND a quilt barn block is an absolute necessity.!

  17. Glad your mom is healing quickly. Have fun in Paducah.

  18. I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well!!!
    Love seeing your home-improvement pics/updates!
    Can't wait to see what you are doing with those RIDICULOUSLY small blocks! ;)

  19. Good news all around! Hug your Mom - glad she is feeling better. and go Dad - what a trouper! I won't be going to Paducah but I will be glad to ohh and aww over your photos. Hmmm the little pieces - interesting.....

  20. so happy to hear she's doing well - keep us updated on the chickens - more photos!!

  21. Kevin, it sounds like your mom is a bit of a trooper so I'm sure she'll be back to those nice long walks before too long. Yesterday I visited my daughter and guess what her husband was building....a chicken coop. Seems to be a trend. Love those fabrics in your photos. Happy Stitching!

  22. Happy to hear that your mother is doing so well after her surgery. It's amazing how quickly they get going on the physical therapy these days. Looking forward to seeing what you've got going in the sewing room.

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