Friday, July 22, 2016


 Hey everybody!

We as quilters are some of the most generous human beings on the planet.......
at least that is MY opinion.

As you all know, I LOVE giving quilts to people!

Quilts of Valor............

Anniversary Quilts.............

Memory Quilts........

Quilts for special occasions...........

The list goes on and on!

I LOVE sharing my art with others!

However, how does one who gives quilts, receive a quilt?


I literally was thrilled to death when my quilting buddy Bev gifted me
with her recent finish of Bonnie Hunter's 
Tumalo Trail!

This is my housewarming present from her!
It is beyond beautiful!
How fitting!
A beautiful quilt, from quilting friend to quilting friend!

This quilt shall be used and cherished the rest of my days!
Thanks Bev!!!!
You KNOW I love it!

Most quilters have heard of Dusty Farrell?
He is an amazing quilter with several accolades behind his name!
My friend Ann of  Attic Threads & Quilts recently hosted him
for several workshops with quilters from around our area.
Ann was nice enough to invite me over to meet him and
I was given a personal trunk show of his work.  He even 
showed me some of his work on the machine.  
Here he is quilting on some leather duds
for a biker babe!

Dusty and his wife Stephanie own
and attend virtually every major quilt show across the United States.
Here Stephanie is showing our group some of the 
templates she uses for domestic machine quilting.
The templates were really great too!

At the most recent meeting of Perky Piecers in Troy, Missouri, we had
our Officer's Luncheon.  And, along with it, we had our show and share
of the mystery quilt most of us participated in.
This was the quilt named after your's truly!

I think it is so cool to see all of the variations of the same pattern.
Please enjoy the following quilt show!

 Marcia's version........

 Helen's version.......

 Dot's version.........

 Susan's version.........
You may be asking yourself why Susan is holding a photo of her version.......
regrettably, Susan's quilt studio caught on fire, and it was a complete loss.
Could you imagine losing your entire quilting studio?
It boggles my mind how lost I would feel!
Susan has handled it with such class and grace though.
I really admire her!

 Judy's version..........

 Loretta's version.......


Lou's version!

They are all so different, but, yet they are they same.

For those of you who have contacted me concerning the Southwest system shut down, yes, I was involved in it.  After hours of delays, and a day of standing in line to get home, I finally was able to rest in my own bed, in my own home last night.  Was it frustrating?  Of course, but, things could be worse.......

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Hooray!! I've been WAITING for a new post and this one was AWESOME!!! Your housewarming gift is gorgeous and I absolutely LOVED all of the version of "Look, Kevin..." (Especially Lou's rainbow-esque quilt!)

  2. What an amazing friend, it truly is a "House Warming" gift, what a creative group of gals :)

  3. Bev's quilt is gorgeous ! Lucky youuuu !
    Thank you for sharing the pics from the quilt show and I'm so sorry for can't imagine that in my quilting studio ! Poor Susan....

  4. Gorgeous quilt! Is there anything we can do for Susan? A supplies shower? Fabric restash? All of the versions of the quilt are stunning. It is great to see the same quilt in different fabrics. Heard Southwestern cancelled more flights- hope you are not stranded!

  5. Aww!! your Housewarming quilt is Ah-Mazing!!! I Love it! And the "Look Kevin I can do scrappy's" turned out great. So Sorry for Susan. What can we do to encourage her? I know when my friend lost her house, the biggest thing was replenishing her thread.... let us know ;-)

  6. What a wonderful and lovely house warming present. Perfect for the quilter. I was gifted a quilt for my birthday a couple of years back. That quilt lays across the railing in my loft area. Special gift from a special friend. I wondered about you, with this Southwest thing. Great mystery quilts, sorry about your friends quilt studio. That would be very hard to lose.

  7. Friendly people are usually surrounded by good friends - and you dear Kevin deserve all the great friends you have! Such a wonderful housewarming gift - yes, you will treasure that always :*). I loved seeing all the different versions of the "Kevin" quilt! Poor Susan! I hurt for her - probably a quilter's worst nightmare....

  8. What a beautiful and thoughtful housewarming gift from BEV. She did an amazing job on her quilt. Why didn't I think of that!lol I liked seeing all the different colors on the Hey Kevin quilts. I think that is one of the prettiest mystery quilts I've ever seen. Ann did a great job.

  9. Love that mystery quilt in every color, is there a pattern available?

  10. A good friend indeed! NO one deserves it more! I know you will cherish it forever.

  11. What a wonderful gift! You and I both have been wanting to make Tumalo Trails, and now you have one. I'm so jealous. Congrats on the successful pattern. I definitely like it!

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