Sunday, September 25, 2016

Party Time!!!!!

Howdy from the Quilt Cave!

Have I ever got a post for you all this weekend!

Just so you all know, this is a seriously HEAVY photo post........

And, just so you all know, I LOVE IT!  

There is just too much I HAVE to share!

I was able to host my very first quilt gathering
at the Quilt Cave
with the
Scrap Club Quilters!

Come along and join our party and 
Log Cabin Quilt reveals!

When the quilters convened at the house, the first thing
most of them wanted to see were the chickens!

Some were brave enough to go in and hand feed them!

My friend Hank, known as
Mr. Dars Patchwork Garden, helped 
with roasting the hot dogs, not to mention 
my friend Ann of 
Thanks for all of your help!

While Ann and Mike were helping the quilters park,
Dar helped organize the food as it came in.
Boy, oh boy!  Was the food ever good!

Then it was time to chow down and visit!
Thank God the weather was beautiful!

We had such a great time!
Then, it was time to reveal the 
quilter's Log Cabin creations!

Here are the reveals for the Small Log Cabin Project.
My friend Mike helped hold the quilts
while Dar took down the quilter's info
to be placed in a drawing for a gift certificate.
Each completed project had to be
quilted, bound, and labeled in order to be
eligible for the gift certificate.
I was so impressed with how many quilters
finished in 4 months!

Ree's beautiful wall hanging.

Linda J's patriotic wall hanging for her family members.

Pat made 2 small projects!

Dot came to share in the fun even though
life intervened and she wasn't able to
completely finish her project.

Sue made 4 of these!
(And was nice enough to share one with me for my new home!)
Thanks Sue!

Kelly brought some projects from
quilters who were not able to come to the party.

Verna's almost completed project.

Sue's 2 color version.
I love 2 color quilts, because, anything in those 
2 color families can go!

Sandy's wall hanging.

Lynn has really stepped out of her comfort zone and
designed this herself!

And Sue's name was drawn at random as the lucky winner 
of the small projects category!
Congrats Sue!

Then it was time for the Large Log Cabin Projects.
Again, in order to qualify for the gift certificate,
all completed quilts had to be quilted, bound, and labeled.
This was done in 4 months time!
Pretty impressive if you ask me?!?!?!

Karen's down to the wire finish!
So graphic and modern!

Annamarie's....and this is her 4th quilt she has ever made!

Katie's super scrappy Circle log cabin.
Such variety of colors and tones here!

Sue's version that she had to take off of
her bed because she has already been using it!

Chris' very modern take on Log Cabin.
This version came out of trial and error....this was her 3rd version! 
Persistence pays off!

Sandy is a Tula Pink fan......can you tell?

Brenda hand quilted this!
She is donating it to Quilts of Valor!

Pat has been busy with Log Cabins lately!

Lou's purple batik version.

Barb was unable to attend, but, is
donating her rectangular Log Cabin to
Quilts of Valor!

Sharon was unable to come, but,
colored our world with her version!

Ree got creative with her Easter Bunny version!

Linda had a new grand baby to be with, but, 
sent her Log Cabin to share with us.

Linda E recently had foot surgery, but,
sent her Christmas version for us to see.

Sue S. made herself a patriotic summer version.

And here is Carol's very masculine looking version.

Very happy and stunned, Lou's name was drawn at random and
she won the gift certificate for the large project category.

Like I have said many times before,
I couldn't be any more proud of these quilters!
Some have really stepped out of their box making
scrap quilts that may not have been made, simply
by playing with their scraps.

I look forward to sharing many more scrappy
projects with these quilters.
By the way, if you are interested in joining our
Scrap Club, we are opening our group up.
We are NOT a guild!
If you would like more information on 
joining us, just e-mail me via the blog.

Don't be a chicken!
Make a SCRAP quilt!
These were the party favors I made for each quilter.
I COULD NOT, I repeat, COULD NOT have
finished these without the help of Dar and Hank!
Thanks again for all of the help!

What could be a better party favor than
a Log Cabin Chicken pin cushion for this event?

And, well, I have been a party animal the past 2 weekends!

Last weekend I was able to celebrate my birthday
with my amazing family!
Momma cooked a big dinner for me of some of my favorite foods....
stuffed peppers, fried potatoes, fried okra, deviled eggs and a layer salad.....

And my sis made my favorite cake for my birthday.
Red Velvet Cake!
Not store bought, not from a mix, just good home cooking!

And just to leave you with a laugh........

My Sis and I decided to recreate one of my Momma's 
favorite photos of us..........

Thanks for reading to the end!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I do so enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing. Liz

  2. What fun and what fabulous quilts! Wish I lived closer ....

  3. What FUN!!! There were SEW many fabulous Log Cabin Quilts that I couldn't begin to choose a favorite... and then you threw in the chicken pin cushions, too!!!

  4. Every single Log Cabin creation was amazing!!! Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to the participants!

    Your thoughtfulness on the chicken pincushions was not only thoughtful and probably unexpected, but also another proof-positive of YOUR creativity, joy, & humor. I'm sure they'll think of you often when sticking pins in them! hahahaha!!!!

  5. What a great few week's you've had. Looks like the party was fun. I had red velvet cake last weekend, but, I'd love some fried okra (they don't have it around here). Everyone made great quilts. Cute pin cushions, too.

  6. What a fun time you all had!! And I am glad you did a drawing - I would not be able to pick a favorite - they were all so great!! and creative!! Glad you had fun!

  7. Looks like a great time. I love the idea of chickens as party favors.

  8. You hang with a very talented group of quilters. Thanks for the impromptu quilt show. I couldn't pick a favorite out of that set. Happy belated birthday. Hope you got some cool stuff for the Quilting Cave.

  9. It was a fun party, the food was excellent, the Quilt Cave looked fabulous and I know everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks for allowing Hank and I to be a part of it all. It was fun closing up those chicks after their operations. lol If you ever need a chicken stuffed in the future, be sure to call Hank. He's an expert in that category now!

  10. I so enjoy your blog posts. I know the things you do take up a lot of time and planning be sure to take time for you I'll get to read many more posts

  11. Today's post is one more reason to live closer. What fun !!!

  12. As usual you wrote a very funny post and I love to read it !!
    All the quilts are stunning and this was certainly a wonderful and special day at the Quilt Cave !
    I'm sure some ladies asked you...what's the next day at your home ?? :)
    The pincushions were soo beautiful too... what a work !
    I wish you a lovely week with lots of stitches Kevin !

  13. What a great post of Log Cabin inspiration!

  14. Great post is right! So happy to see your friends enjoying your new digs. What a lot of activity! So many beautiful quilts. Good job everyone!

  15. Omg! What a great pic of you and your sister! Hysterical! Your favorite foods--fried okra and red velvet cake! Are you sure you're not from the south!!
    I enjoyed your entire post, as always! Great projects.

  16. I too enjoy your posts. Loved all the quilts and especially the chickens! I sure wish I lived closer so I could join the fun!

  17. This was a delightful post, right down to the last! Kudos to you for making quilting fun! And happy belated birthday! I had a Sept. birthday, too, but it was a much quieter event.

  18. Oh my! What can I say except what every other commenter has said - What FUN!!!! It's a joy to see how much inspiration you have poured out in your little portion of the world my friend! So many beautiful quilts and even more beautiful smiles :*). You seriously know how to throw a party, and kudos to your lovely friends who helped out (Hi Dar!!!). The chicken pincushions were the perfect party favor too - a timeless favorite. I'm still smiling over the fun way you and your sister "recreated" your mom's favorite photo. As many of us have suspected for a while, it seems the insanity is in the genes LOL!!!!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your party-animalness! LOL Log Cabin is probably my favorite block. It's so versatile!

  20. Hi Kevin. I'm not a blogger, but I do follow lots of blogs and yours is one I always look forward to reading. I enjoyed all the log cabin quilts that you shared with us and I fell in love with Karen's navy & white graphic quilt. I've never seen a log cabin quilt like that before. Did she use a pattern or is this her own design?

  21. Kevin, you are AMAZING! I love your blog! AND... all the topics that you cover, always giving others credit... so, needless to say, another awesome blog! can't wait to read next months blog ... have a great FALL, Kevin!
    Ida Palmer

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